The year is 2020. Man has advanced greatly in technology and space travel. The Moon, Mars, Titan and several other solar systems and constellations have been successfully colonised, with permanent settlements and many terraformed (or partly terraformed) atmospheres, thus (in some but not all cases) eliminating the need for space suits, oxygen tanks or sealed bases. The military, however, still maintained sealed bases.

However, man (or at least a relatively few highly-placed men) had greatly advanced in evil. And this evil knew no bounds.

On January 13th, 2020, the world leaders (who were mostly members of a secret order known as the Illuminati) united almost all the nations of the world into one World Government, ruled as a totalitarian dictatorship. The British king, Edward IX, became the World King and Galactic Emperor. The British prime minister, David Southern, became the World Prime Minister and Galactic Chancellor. However, he ruled in name only; the King-Emperor secretly wielded all power, and the PM was merely a pawn.

Earth was governed by a World Parliament centred in London – with no real choice in candidates, all carefully vetted by the Illuminati. A Galactic Parliament ruled the galaxy from the same city. Each "country" (on every planet) became a province with a Premier and Parliament – who exercised little to no real power.

Christianity and Judaism were outlawed and ruthlessly suppressed. Anyone suspected of being one of them – or of simply opposing the Government – was arrested and usually killed (unless they could absolutely prove innocence – which was usually impossible). Voting was compulsory and not private. Those who didn't vote (or messed up their vote) were punished by the state – and not always seen again.

All the worlds' military were united into the Galactic Defence Force, with branches on every planet and even in interplanetary and interstellar space.

However, there was still hope. A group of people opposed to the Illuminati and the World Government founded International Rescue, a top-secret organisation devoted to publicly rescuing people and privately opposing the Government. It had very advanced technology and was run mainly by the Tracy and Mustchin families (related by marriage), along with many other volunteers and friends.

Moreover, not everyone joined the new Government. The United States of America (led by President Donald de Jersey, staunchly refused to allow his country to join the empire. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ben Gurion refused to allow his country to join, either. And the entire Pleiades chose to remain independent.

However, the Galactic Empire had sinister plans for all these people. They were building up to an invasion of the Pleiades, but first Israel and the US had to go...