Chapter 1

February 1st, 2020

IN SPACE – Thunderbird 3 approached the International Space Station. Piloting the space ship were Alan Tracy and Kayo Kyrano. They had rescued an astronaut stranded in space and were returning him to the ISS. They docked with the world-famous space station. Just before going aboard, their rescuee turned to them and said, "Thanks again, International Rescue."

"Yeah, thanks," added a voice over the intercom from the ISS.

"You're welcome," Kayo responded.

"Yeah, piece of cake," Alan added.

After the astronaut boarded, they disengaged and turned around to go home. "This is Thunderbird 3," Alan radioed into his home base, Tracy Island. "Mission complete. We're on our way home."

GENEVA, SWISS PROVINCE – A private jet from Tel Aviv, a city of the stubbornly independent State of Israel, made its final approach to Bern. It completed its landing and the passenger disembarked.

However, this was not your regular private jet. It belonged to none other than Benjamin ben Gurion, the Prime Minister of Israel! He was there (with plenty of bodyguards, of course) for a meeting between himself, US President Donald de Jersey (whose presidential plane, Air Force One, would be touching down soon), and Galactic Emperor Edward IX and his Prime Minister, David Southern, on the tension between their countries. Particularly, whether or not they would be willing to join the Empire.

Neither ben Gurion nor de Jersey had any particular interest in the meeting, but their chiefs of staff (who had been acting rather funny lately) insisted. Besides, it might be an opportunity to make peace (although they both doubted that).

"God," ben Gurion prayed as he entered the airport, "I pray that You will give me strength."

BRITISH PROVINCE – at a secretive military base several kilometres outside of London, a jet landed. Four gagged and handcuffed individuals – 2 males, 2 females – were taken from the jet and let at gunpoint into a warehouse. A few minutes later, another jet arrived, and gagged two individuals – a male and a female – were escorted at gun point from it into the same warehouse.

TRACY ISLAND – just off the coast of Australia, Alan Tracy and Kayo Kyrano returned in Thunderbird 3. In the main HQ, the seat that lowered to TB3 lifted back into place with the 16-year-old Alan and the 19-year-old Kayo (whose real name was Tanusha) on it.

"Well done," Alan's father Jeff congratulated them. "You're just in time for breakfast."

"Great! I'm starved," replied Alan as he and Kayo went into the kitchen.

Jefferson "Jeff" Tracy owned International Rescue. He was a former astronaut who had served on several Moon and Mars bases. He was staunchly opposed to the Illuminati and the evil World Government. He had five sons: Scott, Virgil, John, Gordon, and Alan.

Kayo's father, whom everyone simply called Kyrano, was Jeff's manservant, although he helped sometimes with the organisation. He was the son of a Malaysian man named Bela Gaat and his wife Tin-Tin. Kyrano also had a half-brother on his father's side, who lived in Britain, although he had little to do with them and used his mother's surname (his parents were never married, and his existance was kept secret for several years).

GENEVA AIRPORT – Benjamin ben Gurion, after passing through the screening everyone went through, tried to ring his wife Margaret to let her know he had arrived safely. However, no-one answered. He left a voice message instead.

Ben Gurion walked out the front of the airport, where a limousine was awaiting him. "Mr Ben Gurion, sir?" asked the chauffeur.

"Yes, I am," ben Gurion replied. The chauffer held the door open for him, and ben Gurion stepped inside with a "thank you".

The driver stepped inside. "Your destination is the Warwick Geneva, correct?"

"Yes, thank you," the Prime Minister replied.

Just as they left, another jet entered – Air Force One, the private plane of the American President. He, too, disembarked, made his way through customs, before heading out the front to find a limousine waiting for him.

"Your destination is the Warwick Geneva, wasn't it?" asked the chauffer after President de Jersey had sat in the car.

"Yes, it is," was the response. And they headed off in the same direction as ben Gurion's limo.

WARWICK GENEVA – Benjamin ben Gurion's limo pulled up, and his chauffer got out and opened the door. "Thank you," ben Gurion said.

The chauffer carried the luggage as be Gurion walked up to the desk. The man behind the desk immediately recognised him. "Ah, Mr ben Gurion," he greeted. "I'll escort you to your room. The bellboy will bring the luggage." He rung a small bell, and a bellboy came and took the luggage from the chauffer. "This way, sir," led the concierge.

The chauffer waited until they were in the elevator, then quietly walked behind the desk and looked at the list of guests. He took a mental note of what rooms – and floor – ben Gurion and de Jersey were staying on. They both, by coincidence, had booked rooms on the same floor – in the same hallway, in fact.

The chauffer immediately left the building and entered the car. He failed to notice a pink Rolls Royce parked nearby. Inside was a famous arisocrat, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, her dog Sherbert, and her chauffer Parker.

Lady Penelope and Parker were not your average aristocrat and butler; rather, they were both secret agents of International Rescue. In fact, Lady P's sister, Lady Isabella, was married to John-Michael Mustchin, the head of IR's Mars base.

"Well," Penelope commented, "the Prime Minister has arrived safely."

"Yes," Parker replied, "but I don't like the looks of his chauffer. If I'm not mistaken, he was one of the best criminals in the business: Bloody Bert, a murderer, burglar, hacker, etc. He was recruited by MI6, and subsequently by the World Intelligence Network and the World Government."

"Oh dear," remarked Penny. "How very distressing. I'd better report this in soon."

As they talked, Bloody Bert drove away – only to enter an alley a short distance away, then walk back to entrance and start watching the hotel. "And things just got more interesting," Parker remarked.

De Jersey's limo appeared, and parked in front of the hotel. The same thing happened – except that de Jersey's chauffer really did drive away.

A few minutes later, two black cars pulled up. One's license place read MIB1, the other MIB2. Two men from each got out, dressed entirely in black with dark sunglasses to boot. They walked inside.

IN HIS HOTEL ROOM – Donald de Jersey was resting and freshening up. His security guards were posted near the door, having come with him in the limousine.

There was a knock at the door. One of the guards opened the door. And was immediately shot in the chest. The other quickly felled one of the two attackers, before being felled himself. The remaining Man In Black pointed his rifle at the couch de Jersey had dived behind and told him, "This military gun can fire through that couch. Come quietly."