Bella age 6

My name is Isabella Marie Swan, but everyone calls me Bella. I live in Forks, Washington. My daddy is Charlie; he's a police officer—the chief as everyone calls him. I used to have a mommy, her name was Renee, but she got sick, and now she lives in Heaven with all the other angels. I don't really remember her, but I have a picture next to my bed of her and me. I have my mommy's music box; it has a ballet dancer that spins around while the music plays. Daddy said that the little dancer is my mommy. She was a ballet dancer when she was small like me, in Italy; that's a country a long way from us.

I'm going to be a ballet dancer like my mommy, and daddy said he will find somewhere for me to learn.

Mrs. Thomas, the lady who used to live next door—I call her Miss. Grace—she used to look after me and take me to school while daddy went to work. Sometimes when daddy has to go to work in the night time, I stay at her house. But she has now gone to live with her son, James. Daddy has to sometimes help her, as she kept forgetting things; she left me at school once and in the store another time.

Now Heidi comes over to my house to look after me. I don't stay at Heidi's house at night time like I did with Miss. Grace. When Daddy works at night Heidi sleeps at my home. She stays in the bedroom next to mine, across from Daddy's room.

Daddy told Grandma on the phone that Heidi was a drop off from school, or something like that. But Mrs. Cope, from my school, said that Heidi couldn't look after a dog, never mind about a child. I didn't ever see a dog with Heidi, though, so maybe she lost it.

Heidi takes me to the park to play on the playground; she always sits, and plays with her phone. Her kissy friend, Jared, drives us to the beach at a place called The Rez. They let me play in the sand while they just kissy all the time. Maybe Jared doesn't know about cooties. Micky from Kindergarten said that's what you get when you kiss girls. So, perhaps, Jared should go and see the doctor; he will get a sucker for going, but only if he's good and brave.

I heard the lady who takes the money at the store say that she likes to get my daddy's pants. Grownups are silly sometimes. She should just get her own pants; Daddy's will be too big for her. I have pretty pants; they have a butterfly on the pockets.

Daddy told me that another girl my age will be living in our next-door house, and I waited every day in forever for her to come.

Daddy has just gone to work, and Heidi has come to stay with me. She lets me play with my dolls, on the grass near the front door, while she's talking on her phone.

A big truck pulled up to the house next to mine. They were taking out all kinds of furniture from it. The men who are taking things in the house really need to put some money in the curse jar in my kitchen; they curse bad.

Heidi bought me a juice box and a cookie; she is sitting outside watching the men in the next-door garden. They must be doing something funny because she keeps laughing and twisting her hair around her fingers. The men took off their shirts. I was going to tell them not to forget to put on sunblock, but they are grown up, so they should know.

I watched a big car pull up, and two girls climb out of the back. I heard them laughing as they ran up to the house. But it started to rain, so I had to go in. I watched the girls from my room taking boxes and bags from the cars, into the house. I was supposed to be having a nap. I'm too big to nap, but Heidi always makes me go up.

My bedroom looks into the window next door; that was the room I used to sleep in when I slept at Miss. Grace's house. When I looked over at the house, I could see a girl with black hair waving to me. I waved back. Daddy said it's rude to stare, so I went to lay down on my bed.

Daddy stayed home today, so we are cutting the grass and making the garden look nice.

"Hi, what's your name?" a voice from the other side of the fence says.

I walk up to the fence, and look through the gap; it's the girl from the room across from me.

"My name is Isabella Marie Swan, but everyone calls me Bella. What's your name?" I ask.

"I'm Mary Alice Brandon. I like being called Alice. I'm six-year-old. This is my big sister, Cynthia. She is eight," Alice says.

"Hi, Alice. Hi Cynthia. I'm six as well. Are you coming to live here for always?" I question.

"Yes, my mommy and daddy got a divorce. Mommy said Daddy was a bad man, and he had to go away. She got me a new daddy. We used to live in Mississippi, but my mommy didn't want to stay there anymore; she wanted to live somewhere little and quiet," Alice tells me.

"My mommy died, but daddy has never got me a new mommy. He said he has no time." I shrug.

"My new daddy is a teacher. He's going to be a teacher here. My mommy is a nurse. She said she is staying at home with us for now until I get a bit bigger," Alice informs. "I have another sister called Vera, she will only come to stay with us on holidays for a while. She lives with her mommy."

"I don't have any sisters. It's just me on my own with my daddy," I tell Alice. "He's chief of the police and keeps us safe from the bad people."

"Can I come and play in your garden?" Alice probs.

"Daddy, can Alice come and play with my dolls?" I beg.

"Of course, Bella, but stay on the front lawn," Charlie shouts after me.

I run through the house picking up my dolls on the way. I open the front door to find Alice standing on the porch waiting for me. She's a bit smaller than me, but she has a strong hug.

"I think we are going to be best friends always," Alice declares.

Edward, age 7

My name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, I live in a big house in Manhattan, New York. I live with my mom and dad. My mom is called Elisabetta, she is Italian, but everyone calls her Lizzy, and my dad is called Carlisle; he has always lived in New York. I have a younger brother named Emmett. I am two years older than him, but he is bigger than me. He is annoying. Whenever I have friends over to play with my Xbox, he always tries to take the controller. When I tell him to get out he stands in front of the TV; he's that big no one can see a thing. Mom said I must let him play with us. My friends don't come over much anymore.

My dad works in the city. he owns lots of businesses, or so I hear him saying from his office in the house. I'm not allowed to go into his office, or the west wing of the house. I really want to know what they do there. It has its own doorway. We have a lot of men come to our house; they call my dad "Boss."

Dad keeps telling me I'm the heir to the family business, the prince. But Mom said I only had to work at the business if I wanted to. I don't know what the business is, but if it means I can buy the new PlayStation, I think I will work there.

Dad goes out late every night—well, after we go to bed. That's when he does most of his work, or so my mom said. All my friends at school say their dad's work during the day.

I think that's why we have a driver to take me to school, or if I have a playdate. My dad is always in bed when we leave for school.

My friend's mom and dad's drive them to school and play dates. I've never seen Dad or Mom drive a car, so I don't think they can.

My driver is called Marcus. He has a brother named Aro, who built Emmett and me a tree house and cool playground. They put a swing tire up as well near our pool. They live in the east wing with the housekeeper, Miss Carman, and her husband, Uncle Ali.

Mom and Dad haven't been getting on too well these past few weeks. Uncle Ali said I shouldn't worry about it, as it's what grownups sometimes do.

Dad has a new friend called Goomah, and Mom doesn't like him, at all; especially, as dad keeps having sleepovers at his house.

This past month has been a sad time for my mom and dad. There have been six friends that used to come to our house who have died. Emmett and I had to go to see them in their coffins. I don't like to go, but I was told it was expected of us.

I don't understand why people never said "sorry for your loss" to their wives, but say it to my dad. It's funny when people kiss dad's hand.

All this started when Caius left home to go and live in the big house. I don't know where it is, but I do know that Dad, Marcus, and Aro were angry. Dad was shouting at a man called Jenks, who comes to our house sometimes.

Marcus came to get Emmett and me early from school. He picked up Demetri, Tanya, Jessica, and Lauren, as well. When we get back to my house, everyone's rushing around, packing our clothes up. We're getting on our plane. I'm not sure where we are going, but I hope it's somewhere nice. Last time we stayed at a house in the woods. I was bored, and I hated that Tanya wouldn't leave me alone.

We are in lockdown. I'm not sure what that means. I know I can't go over to my friends, and they can't come over to my house, but I'm not happy that Tanya comes with us; she is always trying to kiss me. Then Jessica and Lauren do nothing but whisper to each other and giggle.

Mom said that their moms are coming with us as well.

I like Auntie Sasha; she's Tanya's mom, and she is a lot of fun. We will get some good food as Miss. Carmen and Uncle Ali are coming with us. As well as Aro and Marcus. Dad is sending soldiers on the plane with us. I didn't know Dad knew people in the army.

Dad wanted his friend Goomah to come with us. Mom said it will be over her dead body. My dad was angry about that.

I think if dad's friend Goomah came with us, and then with Tanya trying to kiss me all the time, this trip will be worse than sleeping in the same room as Emmett after we have chili.

I hope we are not away from school for very long. I have a field trip to the children's museum in two weeks. I've been looking forward to going. I have to write about some of the science activities that are there. It's for my end of year grade.

We didn't go to the house in the woods; we went to a home on the beach. I've never been here before. Some of the other wives and kids from Dad's work are here as well; I've never seen them before.

The girls all screamed when they saw the pool; it hurt my ears. The grownups seem to be pleased to see the bar-be-que and a pit, as they called it.

But what's great is there's a piano. I have always wanted to learn to play. Auntie Sasha was a piano teacher; she said I was a natural and could play by ear.

That's when I fell in love with playing the piano. I knew it was something I would want to do as a job.

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