Fighting for You-

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Chapter Seventeen-


Sakura walked out of the gym, heart feeling full and light again. She was so happy that she didn't even bother giving the two blonds a dirty look when they were so obviously listening in on their conversation. Ino hastily gave an excuse, and Naruto was laughing like a fool, but it didn't matter to her. She and Sasuke were talking again. They were friends again.


That made her heart twist. That's all they were, weren't they? Friends. Who have… kissed. On more than one occasion. Her cheeks burned and she shook her head. No, don't think about that now. She hopped in her car and started the ignition.

They kissed. They were talking again. They were going to have dinner… together.

This was a date then, right?

Sakura screamed in her car and hid her face. "Calm down, Sakura. Calm down. You and Sasuke-kun just got to talking again," she spoke to herself. She turned the radio on and pumped up the volume. "Don't jinx it. Don't be weird and ask him to DTR. Don't."

She pulled out of the parking lot and kept muttering to herself. But she couldn't help it… all her memories with Sasuke came back. From the first time, she brought him breakfast at the gym and him setting her table. Watching his fight and that accidental kiss. She opened a window. Damn, it was too hot in here. It was supposed to be cooling down now. Why was it so hot?

She gulped and drove to the hospital in a daze. Once she parked, she sent a text for her car to be picked up and left her keys with valet.

"Having dinner out with friends. Will be fetched in the hospital." she sent the text to her mom, and then made her way up the office. Once she saw the time, her eyes widened.

Shit, she was late. Again.




Sakura waited in the lobby, her hair in a one-sided braid and she straightened her skirt out for the nth time. Ino was kind enough to drop her off a dress… more like, over-enthusiastically dropped her off a dress. All she asked was to borrow something but Ino was extra and bought her something new.

"You two need to celebrate, forehead," she said. "I booked you a sushi place, too. Our fave!"

Sakura rolled her eyes but was thankful for the arrangements. Sushi sounded good after a long day at work. She just hoped Sasuke was into it, too… Thinking that he could eat anything these days calmed her worries. If he didn't like sushi, they could always go to another place. She slumped down on the sofa and scrolled through her phone, keeping a close eye on her notifications. He should be pulling upfront right around now. It wasn't like Sasuke to be late.

As if on cue, there was screaming and Sakura sat up. She looked at the entrance of the lobby, expecting to see a gurney being rushed in or something. But this wasn't the ER… then that could only mean…

"OH MY GOD, IT'S SASUKEEEE!" A girl shrieked.

Sakura covered her ears and grimaced as more girls started screaming. Some of these girls were in casts and they could still scream up a storm.

Sasuke strode in cooly, hands in his pockets, eyes locked on her. He didn't even spare the other girls a look. He stopped right in front of her and Sakura stood up. "H-hi."

He smirked. "Ready to go?"

She blinked. "Didn't you just… pull up? Did you leave your car out on the driveway?" She was hysteric. Sasuke wasn't dumb but who the hell was driving? Can't leave the driveway blocked to the hospital!

He smirked again. "I parked."

"Oh…" Well, Sasuke isn't dumb. Maybe she was whenever she was distracted. Her eyes skimmed his figure as he lead the way to the parking lot. He was in jeans and a nice gray button-down shirt that was rolled up to his elbows. Giving herself a once over, she was thankful Ino bought her a nice dress. If she wore the slacks and blouse she wore to work, she would be too embarrassed to be seen with him.

There were still girls who were asking for a photo with him, to which, Sasuke declined. He looked… annoyed to say the least. Sakura's lips curled. Sasuke really did have a reputation of not being too friendly. But she never felt that whenever she was with him, even when he was around Ino and Naruto. It made her feel a little more special if anything.

Once they got to the parking, Sakura made a quick look at the slot she parked in earlier. Her red car was already replaced with a black one and she breathed easy knowing it was already picked up. She would have to bring a token for the valet boy next time she came to work.

Sasuke opened the door for her, and waited for her to settle before jogging over to the driver's side. As he turned on the radio, he placed a hand on the wheel and asked, "Didn't you drive to work today?"

"Yes, I did." Sakura was on her phone, sending a thank you text to the valet boy.

"Then where is your car?"

"I got valet to bring it home because you said you would fetch me here." She put her phone away and looked at him, a smile on her face. "Is something wrong?"

Sasuke grimaced. "No." He backed up the car and drove out of the parking lot. "What do you want to eat for dinner?"

"Oh!" Sakura clapped her hands together. "Ino made a reservation for us at my favorite sushi place. Do you like sushi?"

"I do." Sasuke nodded, offering her a small smile.

She cheered and gave him directions. They went to the other part of town, and her eyes glittered as the restaurant came to view. It was a small place and designed to look like an old fish port. The signage was made to look like a pallet, and the benches for those in the queue looked like upturned wooden trays. Even the servers were in black and wearing a bandana over their hair with Japanese writing on it.

Not as upscale as the places she and Ino were always eating in, but this little gem was introduced to her by one of Ino's childhood friends, and they also served pretty good barbecue. At least Sasuke can order some meat if he wanted to.

Sakura approached the lady and asked for her reservation, they were ushered inside right away and sat down on a booth table. It was packed and busy. Quite noisy, but it was still comforting for Sakura. She loved to eat here in her early college days… back when she wasn't half as busy studying for Med School.

Sasuke sat across her and looked around. There were fake nets hanging from the ceiling, and graffiti looking Japanese prices on the walls, like a real fish market. "This place is nice."

"You think so?" She grinned. "Wait until you try the food, Sasuke-kun. I could eat everything they have in here." She chatted away again, looking at the menu and pointing at the pictures. "They have traditional sushi, but I recommend the rolls. And oh, let's get the steak, it's also good. How many can you eat?"

"Which rolls do you recommend again?"

"I've tried all of them," she blushed. "But I highly recommend these six. But ah, that's plenty since I want you to try the steak and-"

"Order all six, plus the steak. Make it two."

Her eyes bulged. "You can eat all that?"

He shrugged a shoulder up. "I need it."

She laughed nervously. "Umm… okay. But save room for dessert. Their matcha Tiramisu is also good, you know?"

He nodded. "Okay, order that as well."

Her lip twitched. "O-kay." She called for the server and even they seemed surprised they were ordering that much. She was asked if they were expecting more people to come but Sasuke growled and denied it.

"We got a full house, so please expect your food in twenty to thirty minutes. I'll get you two some water and tea."

Sakura thanked the server and giggled at Sasuke's sour expression.

"Thirty minutes?"

Yeah, he was hungry. She laughed. "It's good, Sasuke-kun. I swear, it's worth it!"


She decided to distract him first. "Okay, pull out your phone. Open Instagram. I need to teach you how to use it."

He pouted but pulled it out anyway. "Okay."

Sakura dictated step by step how to make a post and a story, and what they could be used for. She would turn the screen to him once in a while, but she noticed his thumbs were barely moving, they were just hovering over the screen. "Sasuke-kun, are you even doing it?"

"I can't find the camera you're talking about," he grumbled.

"Upper left!" Sakura screeched. "Oh my god, Sasuke-kun." She stood up and slid into his side of the booth, leaning a little too close for comfort. Her head was practically on his shoulder as she pointed around on his screen, still chatting about how to make a story on Instagram. "They're temporary, and only last twenty-four hours. But if you want it on your profile, you add it to your highlights here."

There was nothing on Sasuke's personal account, so for the sake of a good example, he logged into his professional account, and his notifications blew up. Sakura's eyes went wide seeing the number on the red button. "Don't you ever read those?"

"Hn. My manager does."

"But you can post on here if you want to, right? I mean, Naruto does it all the time on his."

Sasuke snickered. "That Dobe has gotten into a lot of trouble because of his access."

Sakura laughed, "Yeah, he told me. But that doesn't seem to stop him." She looked at the screen and showed Sasuke that there were some stories on his profile saved. Some were parts of interviews, other clips of his fight. The ones on his feed were mostly photos of him holding up his fist, his winning stance.

There was a photo of Sasuke there, doing push-ups during training. One comment particularly caught her eye.

"Daddy, you are so good in bed. Hmu again." with a winky smile.

She froze. Sasuke didn't seem to see the comment, as he was scrolling through, snickering once in a while. The server put their food down on their table, and she was too distracted to even thank the server.

A feast was laid before them and Sasuke put his phone down in front of her, eyes shining at all the food. He was famished, excited to eat. He took a pair of chopsticks and handed one to her, and took another for himself. "Oh wait," He looked at her, and she was holding on to his phone, scrolling through the comments yet again.

"Sakura, are these one of the times I should post on my… feed?"

She shook her head, "Oh, stories, Sasuke-kun. The food doesn't go well with your feed aesthetic."


Sakura handed him his phone back and she stood up to sit across him again. Sasuke raised a brow, lips slightly apart. She didn't want to say why she wanted to put some distance between them… seeing those comments just made her uncomfortable. She grinned and set herself in front of the food.

"You go take a photo, and show me before you post it." She pulled out her own phone and angled it, taking a photo of the sushi and steak.

Sasuke snapped a photo but didn't show her. He just posted it right away and shoved his phone into his pocket.

"Hey, you didn't show me!" Sakura puffed her cheeks.

"Forget it," Sasuke waved her off. "Kakashi started calling me. I think he's going to yell at me for skipping the interview."

She pouted. "You didn't tell him?"

"I did." He popped a roll in his mouth and started chewing. "An hour ago."

"An hour ago?" She shrieked. "That's irresponsible!"

He shrugged. "I forgot, okay? I was busy. I wanted to come fetch you already."

Sakura opened and closed her mouth like a fish. It made Sasuke smirk. "Keep doing that and they might mount you on the wall with the other fake seafood."

Her cheeks burned. "Sasuke-kun!"

He laughed and tried the steak next. "This is good."

Sakura was relieved to know he liked the food. She also dug in, ignoring her phone. They ate in silence and she quietly marvelled at how much Sasuke could eat. Once they finished—well, technically it was Sasuke who finished all four sets—she ordered two more and the server happily went back to the kitchen to place their order.

Despite the good food, she still couldn't shake off those comments. Has Sasuke really slept with that many girls? There were a lot of girls who said those things for the hell of it but… he was popular. She saw him signing boobs for god's sake. He didn't even look fazed in the least. And she recalled Naruto yapping away, reminding him no sex before fights. Was that really how it went for him? Having a different girl to fill his bed at night?

She bit her lower lip. She hadn't been laid since her last boyfriend, which was over a year ago. Despite Ino's encouragement, Sakura just couldn't stand the idea of a fuckbuddy or a one-night stand. That just wasn't her. She looked at Sasuke, still stuffing his face, and still looking so attractive. It didn't matter if he was in gym clothes, a button-down, or hell, shirtless. He always looked so handsome. It really would have been a crime if he didn't get any girl he wanted.

But what if… she was just one of those girls?

She put her chopsticks down and drank water. Her cheeks were flushing at the thought. A mixture of anger and embarrassment. How could she be so easy? Just one snap of his fingers and she would make herself available for dinner.

"Is something wrong?" He looked up from his steak and quirked an eyebrow up. "You're being quiet."

"Umm… Nothing!" She grinned. "Say, Sasuke-kun," she tucked her hair behind her ear nervously and tugged at her braid. "H-how many girls have you been with?"

"What?" he deadpanned.

"I know, it's weird!" She wrung her hands. "I just thought… you know, those comments."

"What comments?" He wiped his mouth with a napkin and looked right at her. Oh god. Was he mad? Was there too many to count?

"Like, how many girls have you liked? Dated?"

"Just one." He leaned back.


"My mother."

Sakura wanted to scream. Was that… for real?

Sasuke snickered. "Yeah. I date my mom at least once a month. She makes sure I do. I don't do the asking out, though. She does."

Sakura laughed. Mikoto was a woman who knew what she wanted and made sure she always got it. Perhaps Sasuke got that from her. "Wait, so, you've never dated a girl before? Other than your mom?"

"I'm on a date with you right now, aren't I?"

Oh god. It was getting hot in here. Too much wasabi. She needed water, right now. So, she drank to hide her blush and her ever-quickening heart rate. A date. This was a date! Sasuke-kun's first date.

"Umm… okay. Then… do you like it? Dating, I mean?"

He smiled, head tilting slightly as he watched her. "I suppose… since it's you I'm dating."

Her blush deepened. The server put down their food, and she was saved by the bell. He was still looking at her, though. She forgot how just having him look at her could make her feel all sorts of things…

She couldn't say anything, but jumped when her phone started ringing out of nowhere. There were notifications flooding in, new followers and messages. Her brows knitted together and she looked at the cause of the notifications. Over two hundred new followers and comments and likes on her posts! Her eyes widened.

It was a photo of her, taking a photo of the sushi. "Learning how to use Instagram from the master _SakuraHaruno" was written on the photo. This was posted on Sasuke's professional account, on his feed, not a story.

Sakura's eyes widened. Out of all the black, white, and splashes of red on his Instagram feed, there was her photo, on the top left, a bright pink and baby blue. It not only broke his entire feed's carefully curated aesthetic, but she was the only non-Sasuke thing on it. It was personal, and he even tagged her!

"Oh my god, what did you do?" She shoved her screen at his face, but he only laughed.

"What? You said I should post more things on my account."

"Your personal one!" She shook her phone, and it was still vibrating, gaining a new follower every second. More and more people were commenting on Sasuke's photo, too.

He pulled his phone out and looked. "It looks good." He frowned when he received another call. Still from Kakashi. He ignored the call and put his phone back in his pocket.

"Is this… okay?" Sakura bristled. "I mean, I know Kakashi doesn't like me being seen with you and stuff and you post this…"

"Fuck Kakashi." Sasuke snorted. "I do what I want."

She blinked. "If you say so. I just don't want to cause you any trouble."

"I'll be fine… as long as you are." He assured her, looking ridiculously happy about the whole situation.

Sakura laughed. "It's fine, Sasuke-kun. I mean," she looked at her screen and snickered. "You got me like, five-hundred new followers. Ino is going to flip."

"They better not bother you or anything." He muttered, face falling a bit then.

She shrugged and read a comment, "Well, one of them said I was cute and they're happy for you. I guess that's not considered bothering, right?" She grinned and then placed her phone away. She took another roll and popped it in her mouth.

"Eh. You're cute but only I should be saying that." He grumbled. "Who said that?"

Sakura shrugged. "One of my med school friends. Didn't even know she was a fan."

"Ah. That's fine then." He said with a look of relief and then sipped his tea.

"For a moment there, I would have thought you were jealous," she teased.

"I don't get jealous… though I might get a little… rowdy." He shrugged.

"Violence is never the key, Sasuke-kun," Sakura warned.

"I beg to differ. After all, I do kick ass for a living."

She laughed. She had forgotten about that for a moment. Perhaps it wasn't the key, but it did pay the bills, after all. There was an.. Irony to it. But Sasuke was good at what he did, and he was played clean. Won fair and square. Didn't even need to cheat to win. Not even close.

Once the waiter came by with their bill, Sasuke snatched it up before she could and he placed a bill in. He handed it back to the waiter and looked at her. "Let's go?"

"You're not going to wait for your change?"

Sasuke shrugged. "They served well. They deserve it."

She smiled. "Thank you for dinner, then."

Sasuke didn't rush on the drive to her home and he'd reached over, taking her hand in his and holding it along the way. They spoke about dinner and about his upcoming fight. Sasuke was looking forward to fighting in the new weight division and explained that he had gained his weight already but didn't mind gaining even more. It was easy for Sakura to see how happy he was with the direction his career was taking.

When he pulled into her drive, he put his car in park and looked over at her. Sasuke smiled warmly and raised her hand to his lips, kissing it softly. "I really enjoyed our date, Sakura. I want to do it again."

She returned his warm smile and squeezed his hand. "I enjoyed it, too. Let's! You can choose what you want to do this time. Like, an activity or something."

"Okay. I'll think about it. Maybe we can talk more about it in the morning… I believe I'm due for a lesson." He smirked.

She smirked, too. "Your poses better not be getting sloppy, Sasuke-kun." She took her purse and leaned in closer to him. "I'll be there at six."

"I'll be eager to show you how much I've been practicing." He chuckled and closed the distance between their noses, rubbing his across hers for a second. Then he leaned even closer and kissed her, a sweet and tender caress to her lips. He didn't linger too long though before pulling back. "I'll text you."

Sakura was breathless. "Okay." She lingered a little more, deciding if she wanted another kiss or not… of course she wanted another but the click on her front door made the hair at the back of her neck stand. "I'll see you, Sasuke-kun. Thank you again, and goodnight." She rushed out of his car, and was face to face with her father.

"Oh, dad. Hi."

Sasuke rolled down the window and peeked. "Good evening, sir."

Kizashi had his arms crossed and he raised a brow when he looked into the car. When he saw a familiar face, he grinned. "Ah, it's you. Dropping my daughter off, huh?"

"Yes, sir. Just wanted to make sure she was safe."

He nodded solemnly. "Good," he ushered Sakura back into the house, "Good night."

Sasuke watched as they disappeared into the house and then drove away.

Sakura was internally screaming the entire time, and only took a breath once the front door clicked. Her mother was on the couch, reading a book. "Who was that, dear?"

"The Golden Glove boy, the one with a good swing!" Kizashi grinned. "I didn't know you were friends with… what's name again, Sakura?"


Her mother put the book down upon hearing the name. "Sasuke?"

"One of Ino's friends, I met him through Ino, because you know, she's dating Naruto and he's Naruto's friend." She was speaking too fast for her life.

"Ah, that Naruto boy." Kizashi sat down next to his wife and took a sip of his tea. "Is that the MMA one?"

"Yes." Sakura fidgeted with her skirt. She wished the ground would split open and swallow her already. This was so awkward, and her heart was racing.

Mebuki eyed her and then looked at her husband. "Are you friends with him now, dear? Did you go out with him and Ino?"

"No-" she bit her lip. No turning back now… "Ino and Naruto decided to go on their own. You know how they are." She inched her way closer to the stairs, trying to look as tired as possible.

"Who parked your car here then, darling?" Her mother asked.

"I got it sent by the hospital's valet. I didn't want to park at Waves. Too many people and small streets, you know?"

Her father looked at her, a brow raised. "Sasuke picked you up, then?"

Sakura nodded. Fuck. Can she go now, please? She was not in the mood for the questioning.

"He seems like he went through a lot of trouble." Mebuki commented, pretending to read her book again.

"No trouble, mom. Sasuke-kun's really nice."

The book slammed shut. "Perhaps you can invite him to dinner, then, dear? With your other friends, of course."

All the blood in Sakura's body fell to her feet. Her mom knew. She knew. That savage look in her eyes was undeniable. Caught red-handed from a date and not buying any of her bullshit. "Sure mom… I'll text them." Her voice was so small. "There's no need, though. I mean, they're just my friends."

"Nonsense, sweetheart." Kizashi waved enthusiastically. "You know your mother and I love meeting your friends."

Mebuki only nodded, pointedly looking at her. "That's a nice dress, Sakura. Is it new?"

"Yeah, Ino got it for me."

She hummed. "Makes your credit card bill a little lighter, then. But make sure you get her something nice too, okay? And tell her mother I send my regards."

Sakura nodded and bolted up the stairs. She locked the door behind her and took deep breaths. That was scary. Scary as fuck. Her mom knew, and her dad seemed… oblivious. But it wouldn't take long for her dad to catch on as well. She took another shaky breath in and sat on the floor. Calm down, she told herself. She had to calm down. It was no big deal.

She opened up her phone and even more notifications started to flood. Some were nice things, but her stomach dropped when people started to comment… nasty things about her. Her eyes widened and she felt sick reading it. These people didn't even know her. How could they say such things.

She turned her phone off and threw it to the corner. She would think about that later. Her mother invited them over to dinner… it would be no problem to have Ino over but Naruto and Sasuke? Sasuke in particular…



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