YUA: Ok, here I am going home, right now...do I have to?

Misty: YES! It's getting late anyway!

YUA: Fine, fine...I wouldn't mind doing this again sometime...

Misty: We'll see...

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Epilogue: Waiting for this moment...


Ash was busy, typing on his computer a report of police force tactics and maneuvers. He and Misty were living in the house in Olivine that they had wanted so badly. It was a beautiful house, and had a beautiful coastline view to boot. He was almost done, when something fell into his lap. It was a pair of handcuffs.

"Don't leave them in my room next time, ok?" Misty smiled at Ash. He looked at her, and gave a great big sigh. "What's the matter, Ash?"

Ash typed her name. {Misty?}

"Yes? What is it?"

His hands glided over the keyboard with precise movements. {I'm just wondering...we've been together for more than 10 years, and we just admitted our feelings to each other a week ago?}

"Yes, that's right. Why? What are you thinking about?"

He smiled as he typed. {Misty, reach into my left chest pocket.}

"Ok..." She did so, and her fingers wrapped around a cube with a slight curve to it. It was smooth to the touch, and felt like...she pulled it out into full view. It was a small, violet, velvet box. "Ash?"

His hands worked furiously to type out what he was trying to say. {Will...will you marry me, Misty?}

A single tear of joy and surprise ran down Misty's face, and landed upon Ash's hand.


"Ash...I...I..." She couldn't choke it out. Ash thought he was going to be turned down because of the hesitance. "Yes! God, yes!" More tears streamed down her face, and Ash stood up and turned to her. He took her in his arms and wiped the tears from her face. Again and again, he would reach his hand to her cheek and wipe away any tears falling down. He hugged her and whispered into her ear.

"I love you."

"I...love you, too." He pulled away and looked at her face. Tears were still rolling down. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her head into his chest. "Ash, you...you have no idea how long I've been waiting for that phrase...those words...to come from your mouth. I've been waiting...waiting for this moment!"

"I have, too." She tightened her hug, and Ash brought her head up to look into her eyes. Her eyes sparkled with tears and joy and beauty. Ash moved down towards her lips. He paused but Misty closed the gap, and the most memorable, passionate kiss took place. It was nothing like the others. This one was extraordinary. This one was...loving...caring...wanting. Finally, they had to pull away to breathe again. They hugged each other once more, and everything came to a stand still. Nothing mattered to Ash right now more than the woman in front of him. Misty. Nothing mattered to him except how to make Misty happy. Nothing mattered to him except her...nothing...


Inevitably, Ash and Misty were wed in the new church in Viridian City. Thousands attended, including a bawling Delia Ketchum, Gary, Professor Oak, A.J., Duplica, Tracy, Brock, Richie, Jesse and James and the whole force that they had worked with.

Officer Jenny went on to continue what she does best...giving orders.

Jenkins retired from the force and made over 13 thousand dollars in the stock market. He now lives happily in Cerulean City with Anastasia, his loving wife.

Zack also retired, but not to a life of luxury. He is content in his humble home in Celadon, with no worries (except bills).

Pikachu went on to become a well known helper in all Pokemon Centers, and he pays a visit every once and a while to Ash and Misty. His girlfriend is another Pikachu, that goes by the name of Minnie.

Togepi had the chance to evolve, but denied it. She was happy with herself, and is an assistant in counseling and therapy.

Tom, still a bachelor, went out searching for his love. He still works with the force, and his rank is now the Assistant Chief.

And so ends this fairy tale, this tale of romance. In the beginning, things may not be what they seem, but give those things time, and they will eventually reveal themselves to the ones that care for them...


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