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The Legend of Harry: Legacy of the Realms

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Little Whinging, Surrey, UK

July 31, 1995

Harry Potter was many things: 15 year old wizard, orphan whose relatives treated worse than a house elf, champion of the Tri (or should that be quad?)-Wizard Tournament. One thing Harry most certainly wasn't was an average teenager. Each of his years at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he'd found himself in mortal danger. First year, he'd confronted the wraith of Voldemort, his parent's killer, who had been possessing a teacher.

Second year, Lucius Malfoy had managed to get a diary containing a fragment of Voldemort's (Aka Tom Marvolo Riddle's) soul into the school, where it possessed a student and made her unleash an ancient basilisk upon the school. An odd memory flitted across his mind, remembering how the basilisk had hesitated.

Within the Chamber of Secrets

"Destroy him, my servant!" hissed Tom.

"Master, I smell something on him," hissed the basilisk, "this one smells of ancient power, like the great kings of the sky… to make this young one your foe is unwise".

"Do it, or I shall unleash you upon the village!" hissed Tom.

The basilisk looked pained, and then moved towards Harry, albeit not willingly.

Harry still wasn't quite sure what to think of this interaction. In any case, his third year was strangely his least directly dangerous, despite the supposed mass murderer after him. Of course, it was still plenty hazardous to his health, what with the dementors having a bizarre attraction to him. After discovering the actual murderer, escaping a werewolf who forgot to take his medicine, and trace amounts of time travel, he made it through.

Then there were the events of his most recent term at Hogwarts, his fourth year. Entered into a tournament designed for 7th years and forced to compete against his will, Harry was really beginning to doubt that Hogwarts was actually the 'Safest Place in the World'… then again it might just be his luck. Again his memories came to the forefront, as he remembered odd occurrences during some of the tasks.

First Task

Harry watched as Cedric, Victor, and Fleur each faced off against one of the four dragons. He'd be facing off against a Hungarian Horntail, one of the most dangerous species of dragon in the world. Finally Harry's turn came up. He stepped out into the arena, the very large and angry nesting mother dragon stood before him. It snarled, and began to inhaling to unleash her fiery breath. However, she suddenly paused, looked at him quizzically, and then her eye went wide.

"By the Ancestors!" roared the dragon, "This hatchling is the one! The legends are true!"

Harry stumbled back, not sure what to make of this declaration spoken in Parseltongue. After a moment the dragon calmed down, and fixed her gaze upon him once more.

"I can sense the wizard's binding magic upon you, young one," said the dragon, "you have been coerced into this foolish contest of theirs. Take the false egg from my nest, I will not obstruct you as long as my clutch is left alone".

Harry cautiously made his way over to the nest, and retrieved to golden egg, and then backed off, still feeling tense being so close to a living mountain of teeth, scales, and claws. As he headed back into the tent, he heard the dragon speak one more.

"Guard yourself well young one," said the dragon, "the road ahead of you is not an easy one. May the Ancestors watch over you".

This unusual encounter led to many questions, people wondered what spells he used to calm the dragon, calling him a 'dark' wizard for managing to survive the task without a scratch. Ron was still angry at him for not feeding his ego properly. Since that day, Harry had felt some power within him slowly growing, changing into some new form. The next point of interest was during the 3rd task. Harry mind kept going back to that graveyard, where the portkey had been hexed to take whoever grabbed it to a different destination. Harry remembered seeing Cedric take the Killing Curse, and watched as Pettigrew performed the ritual the revive Voldemort. Harry of course couldn't forget the moment as he dueled Voldemort, and the power of their wands came in contact, causing the spirits of the past to come forth.

The Graveyard

As the spells fired from their wands their magic clashed in midair, separating Harry and Voldemort from the Death Eaters with a dome of golden light. As Harry focused of pumping more magic forwards to try and break through his opponent's spell, spectral images appeared around them. He recognized many from seeing them in the Mirror of Erised. However, Harry saw out of the corner of his eye the form of a dragon, one very different from those he'd encountered before.

"You can do this young one," said the dragon, "you have the power… our power within you. Look deep into the heart of your magic, and you will find what I speak of. If you choose to embrace you ancient heritage, unleash this spark of power. You must be prepared though, once you take this step, there's no going back. Make your choice, young one".

Harry closed his eye in concentration, feeling his way to the deepest part of his magical core. There, he found it. An oblong piece of amethyst-colored crystal, shaped like an egg. Harry made his choice, and took hold of the crystal. He felt a burst of power run through every fiber of his being, and found himself still on the battlefield against Voldemort. As Harry watched, the magic emitting from his wand shifted in color, becoming purple. Slowly at first, and then rapidly, the beam of purple magic overtook Voldemort's spell, and he was sent flying backwards.

Harry didn't squander the opportunity. He quickly turned away from the battlefield, grabbed Cedric and the trophy, and they were taken back to Hogwarts.

Harry was still trying to piece together the meaning of all these events. He'd looked into the book he had available as to what kind of dragon he'd seen in that moment, but had come up empty. As well, he still felt terrible about Cedric's death. If he hadn't been so interested in fair play to let Cedric grab the trophy at the same time as him…

Another part of Harry's mind knew that it wasn't really his fault, there's no way he could have know… then again with everything that's happened, he should have expected something terrible like this to happen. Harry was also troubled by the fact that his friends hadn't been writing to him. He knew that he wouldn't dwell on his less pleasant thoughts as much if he had someone else to talk to. He'd also noticed the occasional unusual person around the Dursley's house (He never thought of it as home, and never would). Some of them he recognized. He was certain he'd spotted Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody a few times, but none of these members of the wizarding world ever spoke to him.

Harry decided that maybe a walk would help settle his mind. He slipped out of the house, not seeing any of his watchers at the moment, and headed down to the park. It was a typical summer day, with not a cloud in the sky. He soon arrived at his destination, and sat down on a park bench. Shortly thereafter, Harry noticed he wasn't alone. A blond-haired girl was approaching, her expression almost making her seem to be in a waking dream.

"Hello there Harry Potter," said the girl.

"Um, hi," said Harry, "I… don't think we've met?"

"We have, if only in passing," said the girl, "Luna Lovegood. I'm a neighbor and friend of Ginny's".

"Oh, well you're a bit far from home, aren't you?" asked Harry, "What brings you all the way to Surrey?"

"I noticed the Wrackspurts seem to be troubling you," said Luna, "The always leave your thoughts muddled".

"Yeah, I guess you could say I've got a lot on my mind," said Harry, "but still, how did you get all the way to Surrey?"

"Oh, don't worry about that," said Luna, "I'm just wherever I need to be when the plot demands it".

"What?" said Harry.

"Change is coming, Harry Potter," said Luna, "you must be ready for whatever may come".

Harry felt a chill run down his spine… and then noticed that it wasn't just him: it was suddenly getting colder. He remembered the last time he felt a chill like this… the last time he was in the presence of Dementors.

"Luna. Stay close," commanded Harry.

He reached for his pocket and then realized: he'd left his wand behind at #4 Privet Drive. The chill of the dementors grew worse, and soon he saw them closing in. the same horrific memories started being drawn forth from his mind. Luna fell to the ground, sobbing as her own worst memories were dredged up. There was no time to run, the dementors were closing in too fast. In his growing sorrow and panic, Harry reached deep within himself for that power he'd discovered during the 3rd task. He felt the power spark, and enrobe him in violet energy. The power burst outwards spherically, tearing at the dementors and disintegrating them. As the power receded once more, Harry felt the environment return to normal. As Luna recovered from the dementors' effects, she looked at Harry with interest.

"You are full of surprises, Harry Potter," said Luna.

"I guess, though I'm probably going to be expelled for using magic outside of school," said Harry, "I'm already on notice from when Dobby caused me trouble a couple of years ago".

"Not really, since you didn't use your wand," said Luna, "after all, you don't get in trouble for accidental magic, do you?"

"That… actually makes sense," said Harry.

"Now then," said Luna, "you should head to Gringotts. They can help you understand your abilities there".

"Wait a minute," said Harry, "how do you know that? How do you know any of this?"

"Oh, it's standard practice for this sort of thing," said Luna, "You better get going. The pink amphibian will not give up on trying to harm you. She has tried once today, and she will try again. You should go now, there is much you must learn".

With that last statement, Luna turned and began walking away, leaving Harry quite confused. At least now he had a lead of some sort. Harry returned to #4 Privet Drive, collected his belonging, and headed back outside. He summoned the Knight Bus, and was soon of his way to Diagon Alley.

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