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Chapter 40: Departures

The aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts made front page news on the Daily Prophet, as did the cleanup. Many surviving Death Eaters were captured and sentenced to either Azkaban or the Veil of Death. Lucius Malfoy was found on the battlefield, having been downed by a self-inflicted Stunner. He was questioned on his involvement and admitted to his past crimes, but it came out that he was instrumental in getting a warning out to Hogwarts, allowing for the faculty to prepare. He would still be punished for his past crimes, but his sentence was reduced.

The fickle quill of the press wasn't all positive though. Some spoke of Harry's great skill in taking down Voldemort, others decried him as going down a dark path, especially with the revelation of his draconic nature. Others still looked at him fearfully, coming to understand just how powerful he truly was. Harry was once again struck by the parallels he shared with those who bore this power in the past.

That said, the rest of the school year itself passed without major incident. The rest of the student body reacted to him similarly to the press, but many respected him for managing to defeat the dark lord. Those who had participated in the study group all looked at him in a positive light. Draco, while saddened to see his father imprisoned, was glad that his family was still alive.

Eventually, the end of term approached, and with it the OWL exams. Harry did his best on his exams, and once the day came, boarded the Hogwarts Express, bidding the castle goodbye. A few days later Harry, as well as Vaerath and several others who'd participated in the Battle of Hogwarts were brought before the Wizengamot. Each one of them came forwards, and received their award for their service to the wizarding world. Eventually, it was Harry's turn.

"Harry James Potter," said Cornelius Fudge, "for your bravery in defeating the Dark Wizard Voldemort and his followers, we are honored to award you the Order of Merlin, First Class".

"Thank you, Minister," said Harry, "but I couldn't have done it without the help of my friends, or the knowledge of my professors".

"Well said, Mr. Potter," said Cornelius Fudge, "you are also to be awarded the outstanding bounty on Voldemort for his crimes against our people".

It wasn't long after this that Harry prepared for his departure. He packed away his belongings, and he returned to Hogwarts one last time to leave for the Dragon Realms. There, he was met by both those coming with him, which included not only familiar faces but also peoples from all across the world, as well as those seeing them off. Among those coming with him were Sirius, Remus, and Nymphadora Tonks.

As well, Nymphadora's parents Andromeda and Ted Tonks had decided to join them as well, technically to act as ambassadors to the Dragon Realms, but also to support their daughter's decision. Also coming along were a few packs of werewolves who wished to start a new life away from the Ministy's bigotry, not trusting them to keep their word on improving.

Among those gathered to depart with them was the familiar face of Luna Lovegood, and a man who could only be her father.

"Luna, are you coming too?" asked Harry.

"Of course Harry," said Luna, "It will be nice to visit to land our forebears. After all, my people and the peoples of the Realms have been allies for many millennia".

Vaerath smirked, realizing what she meant.

"It all makes sense now," said Vaerath, "you're of Fae blood".

"Guilty as charged," said Luna, "Daddy and I are excited to see our ancestral homeland once more. I must thank you again, Harry. Even without knowing your true nature, you upheld the contract of mutual aid between our peoples".

Harry looked over at those who had simply come to see them off, seeing familiar faces there as well.

"Are you sure you want to stay here?" asked Harry.

"I'm sure," said Hermione, "I wish to complete my last two years here and Hogwarts. After that, well, we'll see".

"Well, if ever want to visit, you're always welcome," said Harry, "the same goes for you, Ron".

"I know mate," said Ron, "It won't be the same without you here".

"I can't say I won't miss this place," said Harry, "but there's so much more out there to see".

Harry hugged his friends, and then turned to the next in line.

"So… you're really going?" asked Neville, "thanks for saving all of us… sorry I couldn't do more".

"Neville, you were a great help," said Harry, "and you're stronger than you know. I remember one lesson taught to me that you should keep in mind: It only takes the smallest amount of courage to effect great change".

Neville smiled, and gave him a pat on the shoulder. Harry moved on, speaking to those he wished to say goodbye to personally. Soon enough it was time for them to leave, and the portal flared to life. Just as they were about to head through, Dumbledore approached.

"Harry, before you go I've one last gift for you," said Dumbledore.

He handed over a small parcel. Harry examined it revealing it to be a handwritten book and a simple looking iron key.

"Headmaster, is this what I think it is?" asked Harry.

"It is," said Dumbledore, "I think you are the best one to accept this legacy".

"Are you sure?" said Harry.

"Harry, I am an old man," said Dumbledore, "I have no children, no heirs to pass this on to. I know you to be a responsible young man, and young dragon at that. With this, if the worst comes to pass, you will have control over the gates. Use it well, Harry, use it well".

"Thank you for this gift, Headmaster," said Harry, "and thank you for teaching me".

"It was my pleasure," said Dumbledore, "now then, I don't wish to keep you any longer than necessary. Goodbye, Harry".

Harry and the others stepped into the portal, leaving Earth behind. As he flew through the portal, images of other places and times flew past. A young man with blue hair stood against a massive serpent monster. Power flared around this young man, transforming him into a gold dragon. A group of five people stood on the edge of a starry void. The one in the middle, a man in plate mail, held up a crystal. Light shined out, revealing the form of an undefinable creature. He saw a large number of dragons in a variety of scale colors, bringing their claws and elemental powers to bear against a dinosaur-like creature the size of a small mountain.

Harry and the others who'd come with him emerged from the far side of the portal. As he touched down, he reflexively shifted to dragon form. They found the Guardians waiting for them.

"Welcome back, young dragon," said Infernus, "and to our new arrivals, welcome to the Dragon Realms. We have spare rooms available at the temple nearby while we work out where within our world you might wish to live".

They made their way up the path to the temple, and proceeded with business. Harry was pulled aside by Infernus as well.

"This will go for you as well, Harry," said Infernus, "As nice as the temple is, you'll need to start thinking where in the realms you might wish to make your permanent home".

"I already have a place picked out," said Harry, "remember that place we rested while on our way to the Kaskia Isles?"

Infernus thought for a moment, and then smiled.

"Ah yes, that place," said Infernus, "and I bet that there will be those among those who came with you that wish to reside close to you".

"I know of at least a few," said Harry.

"Very well," said Infernus, "we'll have to get a construction team out that way. We'll need builders, some Earth Dragons for landscaping, a Magic Crafter or two for portal creation…"

"We'll get it done," said Olivine.

The next few weeks were a flurry of activity. The werewolves were able to find a home in a realm known as Wild Forest. The particular magic of this realm acted on them beneficially, allowing them full control over their transformations, even if they left to visit other areas. Some of those that came along heard of the various realms where they could find practitioners of magic and traveled to those places, studying and learning among them.

Harry had been busy, as well. He'd officially moved into his new home (or lair he supposed). Meeting with members of the Five Clans had been interesting to say the least. The Artisans arrived alongside the Moles brought in for planning and construction of the new town in the valley below Harry's lair. Harry found himself invited to a meeting with them, and ended up sharing stories with members of all Five Clans.

The Artisans loved hearing about the places he'd seen, and he wouldn't be surprised if he found imitations of these places existing within the Artisan's realms in the near future.

The Peacekeepers were impressed hearing about the battles he'd fought, and with his skill in also knowing when not of fight.

The Magic Crafters wished to hear all about Hogwarts and the styles of magic native to his World of Origin. They took meticulous notes, and expressed interest in him training among them some time in the future.

The Beast Makers… well they were an interesting lot. While they liked hearing about the magical creatures of his world, they were even more interested in Luna's tales. Harry wondered if they might make some of her ideas into reality.

As for the Dream Weavers…

"It is good to finally meet you young one," said the Dream Weaver Elder, "or at least good to meet you in the physical realm.

"What do you mean?" asked Harry.

"As I am sure you know, it is our role to watch over the dreams of young dragons," said the Dream Weaver Elder, "when you first arrived here, we could feel your presence, sense that which troubled your mind. It pleases me to see that that issue has been dealt with".

"I couldn't have done it without the help of Vaerath and Professor Snape," said Harry, "apparently Vaerath used knowledge of your clan to help me confront this threat".

"Truly? Can you tell me more?" asked the Dream Weaver Elder.

Harry went on to explain his experiences within his own mindscape, encountering his negative side, and confronting the Horcrux.

"Interesting," said the Dream Weaver Elder, "you fought a fierce battle within your own mind, and came out the far side stronger. It would do you well to visit our lands, and learn more of our magics".

Later on, after the town was complete and the portal to the nearest nexus was established, Harry had the time to visit other parts of the Dragon Realms. Each and every one of them had something new for him to see. He even found his way to the ancient city of Warfang eventually, walking the same streets that Spyro had so many millennia ago. It had changed to an extent since ancient times, the shops with neon signs and/or holographic/illusory displays advertising their wares evidenced that, yet still held that sense of history. Of course, he wasn't alone on these journeys: he found himself accompanied by Sirus and Remus at different times, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Dragon Realms just as much as he was.

Over the next few years, the town near Harry's lair grew into a thriving community, playing host to visitors from across the realms. He was free, free to travel wherever his wings could take him, free to see distant lands and learn from them.

In the end, no matter where his wings took him, Harry would always find his way home. The Dragon Realms were his home now, and he wouldn't trade it for anything.

Bonus Scene: 1998

About two years after Harry moved into his new home in the Realms, Hermione came for one of her regular visits. She had brought along something new this time: a light grey, plastic device. It was mostly rectangular, but with a circular section in the middle. Harry recognized it as a gaming system, like those Dudley would regular break.

"Harry, You have to see this!" said Hermione, "look at what I found!"

She pulled a flat, clear plastic CD jewel case from her pocket. Inside, the manual showed displayed a three word title, and a scaly purple form.

"I see," said Harry, "I expected something like this to happen".

"What are you talking about?" asked Hermione.

"The Magic Crafters calling conceptual transference," said Harry, "it's a process where concepts and ideas slip through the barriers between worlds, even when physical matter cannot".

:So you're saying this idea simply filtered through?" said Hermione.

"Precisely!" said Harry, "from what I'm seeing here, this appears to be a somewhat fictionalized version of first part of the journeys of Elnos, the 10th Purple Dragon. The difference in name could be due to Spyro's name resonating more clearly across the ages. Want to plug that thing in?"

"Um, sure," said Hermione.

Harry led her into town, and plugged the game system into an available TV and power source. the system powered up, and Hermione began her game.

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