" Didn't your mother ever tell you to keep your hands to yourself?!"

" Etou…Mariku…"

" Chotto Seto-chan. You! Where do you think you're going?! I saw that! Come back here so I can crack your head open on the ground and fry your brain on the concrete!!"


" Anou…Mariku…I don't think he's moving anymore…"

" Huh? Oh, you're right…well, at least now he won't be bothering us anymore…"

" But he didn't bother us."

" And he never will…"

Seto looked between Malik and the poor unfortunate boy lying motionless on the ground. The boy had done nothing to him. All he did was walk by and see what Malik was doing to the other kid. Then Malik caught him staring and chased him down so he could hurt him. Severely.

He was just sitting on the side of the fountain in front of the school. Some guy came up to him, thinking he was actually a girl, and asked him if he would him to show him (Seto) around school. He promised they would visit the dark room for photography class. That was what set Malik off.

He beat the poor boy unconscious. He probably had brain damage after all of that. He certainly wouldn't be able to use that arm anymore. And that leg wouldn't heal right unless it was put back in the correct angle and popped back into its socket. And his spine…well Seto didn't think he should be able to actually see the bone at all, and especially not from where he was sitting.

He was a more than a little surprised at the sudden over protectiveness that Malik seemed to be exerting right now. He knew the boy was sadistic, he knew he could do horrible things to people and was extremely vicious. But he was being more ferocious than usual.

He knew the boy, while completely hentai, also cared about him. Their friendship had started at Jou's expense. Jou had challenged him to a duel and at the time he really didn't feel like it. He was about to tell him exactly where he could put his deck when Malik broke in and promptly told Jou that he wasn't good enough to even last 5 seconds. He never was, never had been, and never would be. All he could even hope to be was entertainment.

Then later on that day he'd saved Malik from a roaming violation in the hallway. The friendship, if you could call it that, was forged on favors. Currently it was Malik: 37 Seto: 36. That meant Malik could call on him for a favor or something. As unsettling as the fact was in the beginning, Seto was quite comfortable with it now. Malik would never ask for anything that made him uncomfortable. Sexual favors excepted…

He'd known Malik was a little, unbalanced. And he had grown used to his insanity, hentai-ness and over protectiveness at times. There were plenty of times it made him feel better. Especially if he had had a fight with Yami; Malik always took his side and offered to kill Yami for him.

That was the Malik he was used too. This one though. He was different. He was jumping on everyone who didn't even look their way. He seemed to be extremely angry over something. But Seto couldn't figure out what. So seeing as silent observation wasn't getting anywhere, maybe vocal would…

" Mariku, why are you acting like that?"

Malik paused in his stomping of another innocent bystander to look at the brunette curiously; as if he weren't beating up some kid. " How's that?"

" Well, you usually have hit on me or attempt to drag off me off somewhere to molest me by now."

" Oh is that all?" There seemed to be a little hostility behind that one statement, " Here I thought you were asking me something important or serious."

Seto frowned at this. He didn't understand what the ex-semi-but-not-complete-maniac was trying to say about him. " What do you mean?"

" Like 'give me your jacket so I can retain some dignity' or 'get me outta here so I can change clothes'! I'd think you couldn't wait to get the hell out of clothes like that."

" Well, it's not as bad as the other things he had that I could choose from. The other things didn't cover as much as this one."

Malik completely stopped stomping on the boy on the ground. He crossed his arms and looked at Seto disapprovingly. " And you didn't wear your own clothes because…?"

" Bakura-sama didn't want me too. He wanted me to wear this fuku…"

" Bakura-sama? Excuse me? Since when does he go by that title and since when do you call anyone who does go by that title by the name that way?" Lavender eyes narrowed accusingly.

Seto suddenly found the twitching form off to the side of them very interesting. " That's what he wants me to call him."

" So? When has that stopped you before from calling anyone whatever the hell you want?" A look of realization came over his face," Is he threatening Mokuba? Is he holding something over you?! What did he promise you Seto?!"

The CEO-turned-sailor quickly put his hands up in defense. " Iie! Iie, nothing like that Mariku…It's just what he wants…"

The once widened mauve eyes now narrowed into almost closed slits. He suddenly had a very good idea what was going on; all he needed was an admission. Finding that going about things this way was not getting the answers he wanted, Malik looked around quickly and grabbed Seto by the arm. " Come with me."

" But Bakura-sama said to-"

Jerking to an immediate stop, Malik whirled on him with angry eyes. " DON'T call him that…wakatta ka? Don't you call him that in front of me…"

Uncharacteristically fearful blue eyes widened at the abrupt order. But Seto nodded nonetheless. " Okay…"

Malik led him over to the ditch to the side of the school. He boosted him over the fence and then jumped over it himself. Both of them sat on the edge of the ditch looking down at the ditch and whatever critters were down at the bottom.

Seto nervously wrung the micro skirt's edge in his hand as he waited for whatever Malik was going to do. He had a feeling he wasn't going to like it very much at all.

After what seemed like forever, the Egyptian turned to face him. " Doushite?"

" Why what?" A quiet voice was his only answer.

" Why are you doing this? Why are you allowing yourself to be degraded this way? Why are you doing only what he wants without any thought to yourself? Why are you acting like his goddamn slave?"

All the questions rolled off in waves over Seto. He knew what he should say, but he didn't know what he could say. Bakura didn't tell him if he could talk to Malik. He didn't tell him what all he could say or couldn't say. So he just settled for an answer he hoped Malik would settle for.

" He wants me to…"

Malik looked for a minute like he was going to just reach over and shake him until he had his common sense back. But he retained the urge and settled for just gripping his pants leg. " Don't give me that Seto Kaiba. Tell me the truth damn you. Is he threatening you?"

Seto's mouth didn't open at all. He just looked at the water blankly.

Malik glared. " You owe me dragon tamer! Speak!"

Now the dragon tamer was chewing his lip in apprehension. " Nande mo nai…Daijoubu desu. Please don't ask me anymore."

Malik had to strain to hear the last part; for it came out as a tearful whisper. That was all he needed to hear. He knew already. Seto didn't have to say anything more. Everything was perfectly clear.

He was going to kill Bakura.

" Aitsu…I'm going to skin him alive…"

Seto grabbed his arm with both hands and pulled him back down before the ex-Ghoul jumped up and did something stupid. " Iie! Mariku! Onegai yamete!"

" Doushita?! Why should I let him live?!" Livid lavender eyes shone with the light of rage and insanity.

The CEO promptly became very quiet. He still maintained his grip on Malik though. Said Egyptian stood stock still waiting for his answer and looked damn determined to get one.

" I'll say it once again dragon tamer: Doushita? Why shouldn't I just walk into the school building, crack his thick-ass skull against the lockers and pour his brain into the pool?"

"…I love him…"

" NANI?!!" Malik whipped around so fast he nearly knocked both of them into the ditch, " NAN DA TO?!!"

Helpless blue eyes looked at him in sadness. " I love him Mariku…"


The Kaiba Mansion never looked so intimidating before. Yami no Yugi was naturally brave, confident and all that other good stuff so he didn't scare easily. But right now he was really reconsidering talking to Seto about what happened today.

He felt really guilty about what was happening now. Seto was in big trouble with his relationship with Bakura. If he was as afraid as the thief said he was, Seto would not only humiliate himself publicly, and he would let him get away with everything just short of actually killing him. And at the rate they were going now, he might let him do that too.

Yami couldn't let that happen. Even if he wasn't dating him anymore, Seto was still his friend. And he would not let him get sucked into the dangerous spiral that was Bakura. Even if it was his fault the dragon tamer was in danger and he wouldn't listen to him; he still had to try.

Approaching the door, he removed his key card from his pocket and slid it through the reader by the door. Then he input the practiced numbers of his ENTER code.


Frowning, Yami figured maybe his finger slipped on a button. So he slid his card through the reader and input his code.


Okay…maybe something was smudged on his card. Maybe Jou had gotten to it again and tried to use it to open the locked cafeteria at school. So he tried once again.


Alright, maybe the thing was just evil! This wasn't working and he wanted to get into the house. Something had to be wrong with the system or something. His card was working before he broke up and his code was accepted many, many times while they were together.

" Having trouble with the locks Pharaoh?"

Yami looked around for the voice that seemingly came from all directions. He knew the voice, but it was distorted a little bit. The person seemed to be talking like they were very angry and holding said anger at bay.

" Who are you?! Show yourself!"

The screen on the locking pad next to the door flashed to life. An extremely pissed off looking Mokuba sat in a leather desk chair glaring hate at the crimson eyed Kaiser.

" Mokuba?!"

" Hello Pharaoh." So cold. His voice, his eyes, the way he even said his name. It was like he was wishing death upon him with his eyes. Mokuba did not look happy.

" You don't have to call me that. Yami is fine. I just came to-"

" I know what you're here for," Mokuba cut him off," and he's not here. Even if he were you think I'd let you anywhere near him? I'd screw Pegasus first."

Yami winced at the harsh tone. He didn't think Mokuba was capable of sounding so much like his iceberg of a brother. He forgot the two were brothers. Now Mokuba looked like his big brother almost completely. He glared death at Yami and his posture exhibited pure intolerance of the situation at hand.

He sighed and decided to try again. Mokuba would listen to him explain his side and believe that he wasn't trying to hurt Seto anymore. " Listen Mokuba, about that. I'm sorry that you have to see him that way. I tried to break it to him gently. I didn't want to hurt him you know…"

A laugh that had nothing to do with humor came from the smaller Kaiba's lips. " Gently?! You're sorry?! You didn't want to hurt him?! Well, I'm glad that this wasn't game with someone's life on the line cause you suck at relationships Pharaoh!"

Shifting uncomfortably, Yami realized that this was not the same Mokuba he had spoken too a while back. This Mokuba was very dangerous looking and seemed to be ready to back up the threat he gave off at a moment's notice. He seemed older, colder, and his eyes had a vicious glint to him whenever they locked on Yami.

" You're sorry I have to see him this way, but not sorry that you shattered him! Gently my ass! You just spouted it out and ran! Kisama…Break it to him, ne?! You broke him bakame!!"

Those words were like icicles in the chest. Yami swallowed his uneasiness and put on a calm face. " Mokuba, just open the door, I want to talk. There's something I need to know."

" Ya damn skippy you need to know! You need to know that your card and code are invalid! As in if you put'em in then nothing happens! You're not welcome here anymore! I don't even want to see your face again, multicolored bastard, wakatta ka?!"

" So that's what was wrong with it."

" There's another thing you need to know Pharaoh. I am not a child anymore. I have power and influence over things even my brother doesn't even know about, but if you keep showing up around here, you'll meet them! I'm warning you, Yami, you stay away from my brother! Omae wa chou yabeeyo…Okorosen ja nai yo!"


OGE: Well, everyone's getting emotional in here, ne? Seto-chan seems to be the center of everyone's attention whether he wants to be or not. Poor dear, his situation'll get worse before it gets better…

Youji: Isn't that always the way? Ah well, at least it's not me! ^_^

OGE: Thank you for your compassion Yotan…I realize how hard that must have been for you…-_-U

Youji: Oh yea…enormous strain.

OGE: I'm sure some of you watch Cartoon Network for the Adult Swim and some of you watch Toonami…thought ya'll might like to know that Toonami's movin' to Saturday's to make room for some bogus new custom Cartoon Network cartoons…All the new shows are crap from what I hear…But they are bringing Wolf's Rain to the Saturday Toonami…(Hey look, Chibi-Chan's doing back flips for Wolf's Rain…).

Youji: Can't wait to see how that mutilate that anime…

OGE: Be nice…Anyone stay awake through Witch Hunter Robin? If that isn't most ignorant show…So boring and stupid…Two things only save it from being total crap and needing to be incinerated in the fires of hell. Michael Lee and Amon…Those two would be hott together ne…? I believe that Robin child has some type of mental problem…Something is wrong with her…No common sense…and she can't see that Amon and Michael Lee are already screwing so her crush on Amon is pretty pointless ne? I mean, he can't leave the building and he works on his computers all day…I'm sure he'd enjoy a little recreational activity from Amon, ne?

Youji: Orenji-sama, you're ranting…

OGE: Really? Oh, sorry…^_^U. Well, I'm hungry. Yotan, you do the translations, I'm going to raid the fridge and find my Razorblade Romance CD…I know it's in my room somewhere…

Yotan: Oy…-_-U

Anou: Um…

Etou: Uhh…

Nande mo nai: It's nothing

Daijoubu desu: Everything's fine

Aitsu: that guy (it varies in intensity, and could be more like 'that bastard,' too.)

Fuku: Uniform

Chotto: Shortened form of Chotto Matte. (Means wait a minute)

Iie: No

Dame: No/No way

Onegai yamete: Please stop it

Nani: ('taku, you'd think almost everyone'd know this one) What?

Nan da to: What did you say?!