090. Perfection



No matter how many times the King wanted to stick his huge royal cock inside her again, she wouldn't let it happen. One painful and life-changing moment had been enough for Cersei.

It had not even been Lyanna Stark's name drunkenly passing his lips, akin to a High Septon's faithful worship of The Seven, that wounded her so deeply — but instead, it had her firstborn son dying early in her womb.

Cersei denied him all the pleasures of her womanly, youthful body, often and reluctantly bringing him off with her hands. She sought out other bodies like hers, seducing and bedding maidens.

Noble-born girls, but with a title lower than hers. They were arranged into Cersei's household to groom her, compliment her, and make her feel entertained.

(If the need of entertainment arose.)

One of the daughters from House Thorne, several namedays past her flowering, with elegant, green eyes and auburn-black waves, craved her attention excessively, pulling apart Cersei's lacings, rubbing her face into her queen's breasts and moaning.

Another, more plainer-looking girl from House Slynt vied for Cersei's affections, physically assaulting the others, ruthless and deliciously greedy, suckling Cersei's cunt open-mouthed.

Cersei's favorite had been a girl around her age, arriving from Lord Rykker's direct bloodline, with a tawny, lightly freckled complexion, reddish-blonde strands cropped and layered boyishly short, who wore a dimpled, coy grin on her lips.

She had been obedient, but playfully ambitious, insulting Cersei's handwriting, singing in a foreign, lighter tongue as she washed Cersei's back, teaching Cersei to hold a sword correctly when they were alone in the King's chamber, never flinching when struck by Cersei's palm.

Death took her, just as it did the King's son.

Cersei slept alone, ordering her maidens out with piercing, livid screams, throwing her wine goblet.

Until torment freed her, and she hardened.



ASOIAF isn't mine. I love Cersei with my whole heart and I know all of her sins but I love her anyway okay stop judging meeee xD also she's def canonly gay (umbrella term: Google is your friend if you don't understand what that means so don't make a fool of yourself) and anyone who thinks she's not is Wrong thank you for coming to my TED talk I figure I would do some Cersei/ladies for this 100 Days of Femslash. Thanks for reading! Any thoughts/comments appreciated if you aren't a fool!