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"Before creation itself, there were six singularities. Then the universe exploded into existence, and the remnants of these systems were forged into concentrated ingots…Infinity Stones." – The Collector

There were four before the beginning. Infinity and her brother Eternity. Entropy, Eternity's son. And their enemy Death. These four were responsible for creation and with that creation came the Stones named after Infinity. There were six Stones created to work in conjunction, Power, Mind, Soul, Time, Reality, and Space.

The Four kept the balance of the universe each of them created to balance the others. Something happened to the Stones, Entropy used them against the crafted before trying to use them against his aunt and father. The universe was thrown out of balance casting the Four to the far corners of the galaxy along with the Stones. However the Four carry the power of the Stones within them.

Infinity, the second strongest of the Four after Death, wandered the Nine Realms. She eventually settled on Vanaheim. The world was strong, beautiful, and filled with life. There she met Hrafn, son of the King and a powerful Vanir. They were wed and had three children, a son Ebbe, their firstborn, a second born daughter Asa, and their youngest Dagmar who inherited her mother's power. Through six generations the youngest daughter of Infinity would inherit the power of Infinity along with her lavender eyes.

Infinity herself faded away rather than died infusing the youngest female with her abilities. She rejoined Death in the endless void of space to reunite with her brother Eternity and nephew Entropy. The Stones remained scatted through the galaxy. Some were found, the Space Stone resided in what was now called the Tesseract, the Reality Stone was made into the almost sentient Aether, the Time Stone was used by a sorcerer called Agamotto, the Mind Stone was unknowingly put in the path of the Titan Thanos, and the Power Stone found Eson the Searcher before being forgotten on the planet Morag. The Soul Stone was lost, no word of it has been heard, there are those still searching for it.

Those searching to obtain all of the Stones need look no farther than the youngest female descendant of Infinity. In the Hyborian age Saga Queen of Vanaheim currently holds her great, great grandmother's force within her. It will however be transferred to her youngest she will carry. This child will be the last in Infinity's line, hunted and coveted by those looking for a way to manipulate and use the Stones and the potency within her. A prophecy was handed down throughout the generations of Jotun Kings, foretold of this child.

Laufey conferred with the prophecy once more, it foretold of their defeat by the joining of the Aesir and Vanir. Also detailing he would lose a son, he lost Loki to Odin a slight that would be soon forgotten. Loki was weak and had been left to die, Odin could take the vile offspring too frail to survive on his own. The last part of the prophecy was what he feared the most. He read the inscriptions once more:

"During the Hyborian age a Vanir daughter will be born when spring turns to summer. She will be a descendant of the Celestials and will bring about the ruin of the known galaxies."

Laufey pondered for a moment over the prophecy, this Vanir daughter had not been born or even conceived. Saga, Queen of Vanaheim had just had another son. The King of the Jotuns would wait to see if Saga did produce a daughter. If this happened he would kill her and her mother. Not only to save his kingdom and the galaxy but to keep Asgard and Vanaheim from uniting under one banner. The loss of Jotun life was far too great on that day, Laufey would keep this from happening once more.

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