"Come at me you stupid birds!"

"They're chickens, Natsu!"

"Eh? Aren't these pigeons?"

"How can you not know the difference between a pigeon and a chicken Natsu?!"

Lucy rolled her eyes as Natsu and Happy bickered about what kind of bird they were fighting. For the record, Happy was right, but it didn't really matter. The birds weren't real anyways. The multitude of chicken mutations pecked at every centimeter of exposed skin they saw. She held her arms over her face as they clucked and dug their beaks into her flesh, hissing as her arms began to bleed.

"I'm tired of this!" Natsu yelled. His arms burst into flames, frying the ones nearby. They soon disappeared in a puff of smoke, but the chickens weren't deterred, and when one was dispelled, another spawned. Lucy noticed that the never ending droves of chickens flew in from a path in the forest east of them.

"Happy. Fly upwards and look out for a suspicious mage. I think he's over there." She asked. The trio was currently on a mission to capture an illusion mage that had been robbing from nearby cities. He had been spotted multiple times in this forest, but when they saw him for themselves he simply ran away.


While Happy went to investigate, she summoned Taurus and his Star Dress, stretching out her whip. Natsu smirked as he lit the whip on fire, something they did often while on missions. She cracked the whip at the birds closest to them, lighting them up and instantly clearing out dozens of chickens at a time.

Happy came back with the news that he found the mage, meditating in a tree.

"Lucy, go. If I stay and fight his illusions here, he'll be too distracted to notice you." Natsu said.

Happy took Lucy and flew towards the illusionist while Taurus followed through the forest below. Once he set her down, she summoned Virgo.

"Open, Gate of the Virgin, Virgo!"

"You called, Princess?"

The illusionist hopped down from the tree, his face still scrunched up in concentration.

"Huh." He was a short man dressed in a suit, with slicked back hair and a seemingly useless monocle. He was holding a comically giant golden pocket watch. He clicked his tongue upon seeing the time and put his watch away, turning towards the fight. Without a word he summoned more of the chicken creatures, which dived at Lucy. She rapidly punched through them.

"They're weak," she thought, "but there's way too many of them."

"Virgo! Dig a hole! Taurus, get ready!" Her spirits were quick to jump into action. Ignoring the mass of chicken illusions, she cracked her whip and tied it around his ankle, forcefully knocking him down. Taurus shattered the earth with his axe, sending the man flying through the air. He cursed, summoning more chicken illusions at the mage. Lucy punched through them, his magic weakened from using it for so long. Following his trajectory, Virgo rushed to make a hole to imprison the man. He landed directly in it, all the chickens disappearing within seconds.

Lucy smiled as she said goodbye to her spirits and closed the gate. Happy dropped Natsu next to her.

"Nice, Lucy!" He high-fived her, and they went to check on the illusionist. He wasn't fully unconscious, but his hand holding the pocket watch was twitching. The second hand was ticking loudly, and once the minute passed, it chimed.

"Now we just need to turn... huh?" Lucy stopped mid sentence as a purple magic circle opened up above them. The pocket watch suddenly snapped closed, and a portal appeared above them. Happy managed to fly out of portal's radius, using his wings to fight the pull but Natsu, Lucy, and the illusionist got sucked in.

"Happy!" Natsu called out. But it was no use, the portal had closed and ejected them out on the other side. They were falling through the air. He reached out and held Lucy's hand tightly as they braced for impact on the beach below.

"Teleportation magic? Or is this some kind of Anima?" Lucy thought, panicking about the possibilities. They landed in the water without injury, but the illusionist was already swimming away! The pair swam towards the shore, while the illusionist, who's monocle was broken and was dripping wet, split himself in two and ran off in opposite directions.

"I'll take left!" Natsu shouted, running after the short mage.

"You want to split up here?"

Natsu turned back and gave her a thumbs up. "Don't worry, I'll find you!"

Lucy ran right, hoping that Natsu would make good on his promise.

Author's Note

Sooo yeah. I've never written a full length fanfiction before, and this idea came into my head a short while ago after rewatching the Edolas arc. Think of this fic somewhat like Edolas, but with more in depth backstories on the AU versions of Fairy Tail characters. I actually have a lot of in depth backgrounds on the AU versions of the characters since I'm such a detail oriented person. Hopefully I can keep people's interest as the story develops! I haven't finished writing, but I do have a general idea of where I want this to go. (And don't worry, not only is there NaLu, but there's also AU Nalu! :) Their relationship is a bit more romantically developed here, as this is sometime way after the end of the series. I am pretty inexperienced at writing romance though, so don't judge me too harshly T_T)