Title: From Ancient Grudge.

Author: Tithen Min

Rating: PG-13 (implied rape and incest)

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Disclaimer: Mine?? I think not! All recognisable characters and places are property of J.R.R. Tolkein.

Summery: An incident in the woods changes things in the friendship between Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas and they must work to make it right again.

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Legolas couldn't help the cry of pain that was torn from him as he hit the ground hard after being thrown across the clearing by a warg. He feared more for Aragorn and Gimli's safety than for his own as he tried to catch sight of them from where he had landed.

Orcs and wargs stalked the clearing and he couldn't see his companions, but his concern was pushed to the back of his mind as the warg advanced on him again, glaring with it's yellow eyes and baring it's teeth, trying to intimidate the warrior. The Elf knew better than to make any sudden moves now. Having led patrols through Southern Mirkwood many times, he had been in contact with the likes of these creatures before--but these were very different, intelligent.

They were from Isengard.

His weapons had been ripped from him some time ago and he had many wounds from trying to fend off the orcs and wargs unarmed. Orcs had a deep-seated hatred for Elves, coming from the mutilated forefathers of the race, and they concentrated on the Elf more than the other two, making sure to rid him of his weapons.

He slowly rose to his feet and tried to back away from the warg, but a growl from behind him told him he was trapped. A movement to the far side of the clearing caught his attention as Gimli used his axe to hew the head off another foul beast.

The momentary distraction cost him as one of the wargs took advantage of his divided attention and lunged at him, sinking it's fangs deep into his left shoulder. As Gimli turned to tell Legolas how many he had felled, he was met with the sight of the archer dropping to his knees under the weight of the creature attacking him. Three other wargs were closing in around him and Gimli suddenly realised the Elf had no weapons.

"Aragorn!" he yelled across the clearing to his Human companion, "We must help Legolas!" He began running across the camp towards his Elven friend, killing many of the dark creatures on the way. Aragorn looked up and his face paled as he caught sight of what was happening.

"Legolas!" He cried and flung his dagger across the clearing, killing the warg that was mauling Legolas' shoulder. It fell to the ground, it's own weight tearing it's fangs free of the Elf's shoulder as it went and Legolas cried out in pain.

Gimli was engaging one of the last three and Aragorn stepped in front of another, his sword ready. He killed it just as the last beast pounced at Legolas, who dropped back and used his legs and the warg's momentum to flip it over him and into a tree behind. It's head hit the tree and the neck snapped from the force of the impact. Without bothering to watch the last foul creature hit the ground, Aragorn and Gimli rushed to the side of their Elven friend, who hadn't risen.

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