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Marinette flopped onto her chaise as soon as she closed the trap door to her room. A muffled groan emerged as her body was splayed out. The blunette turned onto her back, staring blankly at the ceiling. It wasn't Ladybug's turn to patrol tonight, so that option was out. She just needed to do something, anything, to get her mind off things.

Suddenly, a loud thunk from above echoed throughout her bedroom walls. Marinette immediately shot up. It sounded like it came from her balcony. Chat Noir sometimes dropped by for visits after patrol. They had grown close over the last few months since his first night visit. The young designer often thought back to that night, seeing how genuine Chat was in his feeling for her—well, Ladybug. Marinette pulled herself up from the chair and climbed up her stairs, opening the hatch. She was just about ready to give Chat a piece of her mind if he broke anything.

"You know, chaton," she began, pulling her signature blazer over her pajama top to protect herself from the cool night's breeze, "you should at least give me a heads-up before—oh my god!" Marinette suddenly rushed onto her balcony and kneeled beside a heavily breathing and bleeding Chat Noir. "Ch-Chat… What happened to you…?"

The blunette wasted no time putting an arm around his waist and pulling him up, having to literally drag him down into her bedroom. She set him gently down onto her bed, not caring if the sheets got blood on them. That's why laundry exists, Marinette thought to himself, trying to lighten her own mood. It didn't help.

She then retrieved a first-aid kit she kept in her desk for whenever she pricked her finger or had injuries as Ladybug that her Miraculous Ladybug hadn't fixed. She also got a damp washcloth from her sink and rushed back up to her bed to treat Chat. Marinette carefully patted his forehead to clean off the blood. Some of it had already dried. She gently pushed his messy blonde locks out of the way, caressing his cheek as she gazed down at him with sad bluebell eyes. Chat Noir groaned softly, his sharp peridot eyes focusing on the blunette.

"Princess…?" Chat mumbled, trying to sit up, but then groaned as he placed a clawed hand on his waist.

Marinette shushed him quietly, gently pushing him to lay back down. "Don't speak. Let me help you."

"But I…I need to go…"

"Chat, you're injured," the designer said with a stern edge in her voice. But then it softened to pure concern. "Please stay the night. Please…" She was practically begging at this point, not being able to stand her partner in pain.

Chat could only nod, his heart aching at seeing a dear friend in distress; because of him, no less. "Alright," he whispered. But he almost lurched when he heard the zipper of his suit.

Marinette noticed his movement and sent him a reassuring smile. "Don't worry. I'm just wrapping up the wound."

As she tended to him, Chat gazed around Marinette's room, just about anything to avoid looking at her while she was basically touching his chest. Granted, she was dressing his wounds, but that didn't stop the blush from rising onto his cheeks. He had also been in her room once, but that was almost a year ago, as Adrien, and he didn't really take the time to look around. It was a little dark, but his night vision allowed him some liberty in that front.

She had a cork board next to her bed with photos of all her friends, even ones from the photoshoot she arranged for Juleka. He saw her design desk, where she worked on all her projects. A couple of her mannequins had unfinished pieces draped on them. But from what Chat could see, they would definitely turn out spectacular. Her shelves had little trinkets and even the Ladybug and Chat Noir dolls he remembered that she made. The cat hero was about to look up at the ceiling to distract himself, when a flash of red caught his eye. In a little pink vase was a single red rose; a painfully familiar red rose. Yes, that could be an over exaggeration, but something in his gut was telling him it wasn't just any rose.

"All down," Marinette suddenly said, causing Chat to jolt a little. "Easy there." She lied down next to him and rest her hand on the gauze wrapped around his injury. "Get some rest, okay? You're watching over Paris all the time. Let me watch over you."

Chat's breath caught in his throat as he turned his gaze to her. She had already closed her eyes and was laying on her side, facing him. Her free hand reached up and gently rubbed his scalp like she was petting a frail little kitten. She was worried about him, and something about that sent his heart aflutter. Chat immediately eased into her touch, closing his own eyes as well. He would only hope Plagg would transform him back before Marinette had the chance to wake up. But for now, he was fine just like this. With the final thought of a red rose in mind, Chat drifted off to sleep.

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