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A couple years later, Adrien and Marinette decided to get their own apartment after graduating high school and going on to university. It was a comfortable two-bedroom space—the other bedroom was for guests—with a couple empty rooms to do with what they wished, a large bathroom in each bedroom, a comfy living area, and a fully functional kitchen. It was more than they could ever ask for. And, as Adrien had gotten used to, his girlfriend insisted that she pay for something in their living arrangements. So they can to the agreement that Adrien would pay rent and wi-fi while Marinette would pay for electricity, water, and groceries to balance the expenses out to almost half.

Life felt perfect for the couple. Their love was as strong as when they first started dating. They were just like any other couple and fought about things on rare occasions, mostly about one getting hurt protecting the other in an akuma attack, but they always came out of those fights with a stronger bond. They kept their dates nights regular, even with crowded college schedules. Adrien would surprise Marinette with the simple movie night and three bowls of popcorn, as well as reservations to exclusive restaurants—she liked to pout about the latter, but she made a good amount of fancy dresses for her design classes that she never argued that she didn't have anything to wear. Of course, he kept his tradition of giving her flowers on the monthly. He'd proclaim his love to her daily, and she would respond in kind.

When May rolled around once more, Adrien had made his decision final. For three years they had dated. Three years of laughter, cuddling, akuma fights, and kind words. He was ready for anything. He only hoped she'd be happy.

Marinette walked into their apartment and called out. "I'm home!" But she was confused when a few moments passed, and there was no sign of Adrien rushing out of whatever room he was in to scoop her off her feet and pepper her face with kisses. The blunette shrugged, her trust in him leaving no room for doubt. If anything, it was a sign that he was planning a surprise for her.

"Good evening, Purrincess~" a familiar voice purred behind her, causing her to jump.

"Adrien!" Marinette screeched in shock. When she got a look at him, she fixed him with a confused look. "Why are you transformed?"

"Well," Adrien, now Chat, replied with a blush across his cheeks, "this is how I looked when we first started dating in May. I think I'd reenact the memories."

He pulled his gloved hands out from behind his back and held them out to her. Marinette gasped at the bouquet in his grip. The bouquet consisted of all the flowers he gave her the very first month they started dating: peonies, snapdragons, anemones, lilacs, carnations, roses, lily of the valley, tulips, gardenias, orchids, and sweet peas. She gently took the bouquet out his grasp with a teary smile, the love in her heart for her kitty about ready to burst. But the spell was broken when she heard something she couldn't spot clatter to the floor.

"What was that?" she asked, searching around her feet.

"Don't worry, I got it," Chat responded, getting down to pick it up.

But Marinette was stubborn. She continued to scan the hardwood floor. But she couldn't find anything nearby. Did it fall under the couch? When she turned to tell Chat she didn't see anything, she gasped. There her kitty was, down on one knee, holding a stunning diamond ring in his clawed fingers.

It felt like the air was knocked out of her lungs. "Adrien…" Marinette choked out, tears welling up in her bluebell eyes.

"Marinette, I fell in love with you when you were just a frightened girl who took a stand when Paris needed someone to protect them. Back then, I only had the mask to look at, so I unconsciously pushed the real you away from getting to close to heart. The day you got up in my face and told me off for a misunderstanding, I felt something amazing. As time went on, I got to know both sides of you, and I found them irresistible. You are all I need in my life. Your love is worth more than all the fame and fortune in the world. I can only hope you feel the same about both sides of me. Marinette, my Princess, my Ladybug… Will you do me the greatest honor of becoming my wife?"

And with those words, the dam broke. Tears ran down Marinette's freckled cheeks. She could only nod vigorously as the words were caught in her throat. "Yes!" she finally blurted. "Yes Adrien! My Chaton, I will marry you!" She threw herself onto him, crying tears of joy. The bouquet fell out of her hands as she locked her arms around his neck.

"Claws in," Chat whispered, wrapping his arms around her once her detransformed back into Adrien. He kissed Marinette with everything he had, which she returned with equal emotion, still locked in a tender embrace.

"Isn't this so sweet?" Tikki asked as soon as Plagg joined her on top of the bookcase.

"I still think it's gross," the black kwami commented with a gagging sound.

"Oh, don't be like that," the spotted kwami teased, placing a chaste kiss on Plagg's cheek. "Your chosen reminds me of you when you proposed to me~"

"W-well," Plagg stuttered his whiskers standing on end, "he is my reincarnation, after all. Same with you and your chosen, Bugaboo."

Tikki giggled, cuddling up to her partner. "I always found that name kinda sweet."

"I know you did," he responded, leaning against her.

"Who would've thought a simple little rose would lead to all this?" the creation kwami commented, watching as their Miraculous holders held their embrace, laughing through teary eyes. "I guess April showers do bring May flowers."

"You always were way too sentimental," Plagg offhandedly remarked, causing Tikki to pout.

"All your reincarnations before Adrien were so tactless. Let me have this. All my reincarnations were the ones who had to propose. Don't forget Princess Marina, Duchess Lorenza, Sumiki, and even Castella had to be the first to propose to their respective partners."

"Alright, alright," Plagg relented with a toothy grin. "You know I love you, Tikki."

Tikki smiled and snuggled back up to him. "And I love you, Plagg. Throughout all these lifetimes, watching a piece of our souls be reborn in a new Miraculous holder, I always will love you."


In case you are confused, a headcanon of mine is that the kwamis are created by only half of a soul. The other half is born in each Miraculous holder. So a piece of a kwami's soul is in their holder.

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