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A/N2: Thought I'd point out that Twister is 11 and Lars is 14 since no other RP characters (other then Twister and Lars' Mom and dad) are going to be in this I won't even bother w/ everyone else's ages.

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Ch. 1: The Attic

Lars woke up, it was Saturday morning. Lars had been dreading this day all week Monday he played a nasty trick on his little brother and was caught, his punishment was to clean the attic.

Sandy (A/N: Lars and Twister's Mom) woke up that morning and did the dishes but she was interrupted by a loud crash outside she looked out the window Twister had just crashed his bike into there mail box.

Sandy: "MAURICE! Get in here now!"

Twister: "Oh man!"

Sandy: "Maurice your dad just fixed that mailbox last week!"

Twister: "Sorry Mom."

Sandy: "Sorry isn't going to cut it this time. Go up to the attic and help your brother."

Twister: "But Mom I don't wanna!"

Sandy: "Go!"

Twister walked up the stairs. "Great" he thought. "A whole day with Lars."

Lars had already started cleaning. He had a corner already cleaned out.

Lars: "What do you want?"

Twister: "Mom's making me help you."

Lars smiled "Great" he said.

Lars pulled a lawn chair from behind some boxes and sat in it. We will clean in shifts you take the first one.

Twister: "Okay!"

After an hour and a half Twister started getting tired. "Is it ever going to be your turn?"

Lars: "But Twister your so good at it." he said picking up a small box Twister had set down on the floor.

Twister continued to clean while Lars looked through the box. He was looking through pictures of relatives. Some he couldn't recognize but they were all labeled on the back. He came across a picture of a little girl she was probably no more then a year old. On the back of the picture it said Andralynn '86.

Lars: "Hey Twist come here!"

Twister: "Yeah?"

Lars: "Who's Andralynn?"

Twister took the picture out of Lars' hand. "I dunno, probably one of our aunts or something."

Lars nodded his head in agreement but he wasn't sure. He started to help Twister with the attic and they were done at four that afternoon.

Lars took the photo and the box to his room. He still couldn't figure out who Andralynn was. When his Mom called him down stairs for dinner he took the picture with him. When they were all sitting down Lars asked who the girl in the picture was. He handed the picture to his Mom.

She looked at the back and handed the picture to her husband they both looked at each other. "We'll talk after dinner boys." She said and went back to eating.


After dinner Sandy cleaned off the table while the boys started their homework. Then the family sat back down at the table.

Lars: "Well Mom who is she??"

Sandy: "Well let me explain. When I was 17 I met a guy, his name was Adam Collins. We dated for a while and I became pregnant. He left because he 'wasn't ready to be a dad.' I had the baby and named her Andralynn. When she was 14 months old I decided she'd be better off with her dad. He was financially stable and had a good job. It was the hardest thing I had to do, but he agreed to take her. She came to visit a few times, but by the time Twister was born I had lost contact with her. I don't even know where she lives anymore."

Lars: "Wow, so I have a sister?"

Sandy: "Well... a half sister."

Twister: "That's so cool! How old would she be?"

Sandy: "Umm, well her birthday was August 1, 1986, so she's 16."

Twister: "Wow! Can we meet her!"

Lars: "She said she doesn't know where she lives, dork!"

Sandy: "Lars don't call your brother a dork. Unfortunately I don't know where she is. But if you boys want to try and do a search you could. Her name is Andralynn Collins, she didn't have a middle name."

Twister: "Yeah! Lars you wanna try and find out where she is? Wouldn't it be cool!"

Lars: "Sure."

Lars went up stairs to finish homework while Twister watched TV. Then they went to bed.