Author's Notes:

I am back with new Season 2 for True Omniverse. And so get ready for new adventure and battles Ben 10 is facing now. Ben 10 is now getting his new team. And don't expect these episode I'm doing are gonna be accurate as the original because they're not.

Episode 1: New Team Ben (I)

March 2012, Abandoned Carnival Park, Rural Area of Bellwood,

A group of three familiar creatures were driving the armored bank truck. They have arrived at the abandoned carnival. They emerged and climbed down from it. They even carried a couple of metallic crates. They were helped and assisted by couple of clown masked thugs.

The thugs have carried and moved the canisters into a big carnival tent, where a familiar evil clown with top hat was still waiting patiently and humming darkly in 'I loved being a Clown'.

"Hey, boss! We're back!" Thumbskull called out.

Frightwig nodded in agreement, "And we've got something you wanted too."

Zombozo turned and smiled widely yet amusingly to his crew, "Ah, my friends... Welcome back." He then noticed the crates Circus Freak Trio have brought. He awed, "Ah... You have brought them here! Well done, my pretties!"

Acid Breathe scoffed, "Yeah. Happy to see you happy, boss. But seriously, what the hell are these things?!"

"I'm glad you asked, my stinkiest friend," Zombozo said amusingly. He opened the crate. He revealed a golden crystal-like. He smiled, "Behold the Kormite. Rarest crystals helped us powered up with anything - old and broken machines, weapons, and it even powered up our home, without paying the electrical bills! Imagine of that!"

"Incredible..." Frightwig remarked in surprise before hummed thoughtfully, "If I'm not mistaken, Zombozo, they could be found from Null Void. But instead, we found them from the another town. How did those things get them?"

Zombozo smiled, "Let's just said. Someone asked me to deliver these cargo to our secret client. And believe me, my pretties, these beauties are gonna make us rich and put us back in business!"

Thumbskull smiled and clapped his hands, "Yeah! We're getting back to business! I love it!"

Acid Breathe smirked, "So, who's our secret client?"

"No idea," Zombozo admitted in concern, "But I was only told that if we don't deliver them to him in time, we'd be in big trouble." He cleared his throat, "Well. Let's waste anymore of our time now. Did you make sure that no one followed you here?"

"No," Acid Breathe answered, "Absolutely no one followed us! We've made sure of it! We've double checked and triple checked on it."

Frightwig nodded, "Yeah. We're safe and free to move them out, boss!"

Zombozo sighed, "Good. Let's move it before they get here!"

"I don't get it, boss," Thumbskull asked in confusion, "Why are you so worried, boss?"

Zombozo turned and held Thumbskull up while glaring at him, "Because those brats will be here sooner or later. We can't afford to waste the time. We must move now."

"Too little, too late, Zombozo..."

Zombozo yelped in concern as he slowly turned his head to back. He found three teenagers stood before them. He gasped in shock and fear.

On middle was a 17-years-old teenage boy with dark brown spikier hair worn black T-Shirt with green collar and line in middle, and white sleeves with black collars, blue jean and black sneaker. On his left was a teenage 17-years-old girl with red ponytail worn white uniform, sleeveless dark blue vest, black mini-skirt, black sockings and black heel. And lastly, on his right was a 18-years-old muscular man with short bblack beard worn black shirt with Hack Ravage Gang's Symbol on middle, gray patterns on both sides and '11' on 'X' Symbols on sleeves, yellow long sleeves, dark cyan jean and black shoes.

"Oh no! Not you three!" Zombozo exclaimed in concern.

"Surprise," Ben asked amusingly before smirked, "Didn't expect us to be here, did you?"

"How?!" Frightwig asked in shock and concern, "We made sure that we weren't follow!"

Acid Breathe snarled, "Yeah. How did you do it?!"

"It's simple. I have a little friend helped me out," Ben said amusingly while showing his newly Omnitrix with Galvan Symbol, "I snuck into your truck, and you led me back home."

Kevin nodded while crossed his arms, "And we follow him, with the help of my tracker."

"So, let's do an easy way for once, guys," Gwen suggested calmly, "Give up the fight, and we'll go easy on you."

However, Zombozo, his Circus Freak Trio and clown masked thugs snarled in anger as they all armed and readied to fight. The thugs armed with guns, machine guns, wrenches, sticks, hammers, knives and various tools. Acid Breathe snarled with his acid breath smell. Thumbskull cracked his fists tightly. Frightwig has her wigs armed and readied to fight. Zombozo wielded a giant mallet.

Ben and his team sighed in annoyance. Why do they bother to ask?

Gwen armed and readied with her magical powers. Touching the metal ball, Kevin's body turned into metallic form. Ben slammed his Omnitrix as he turned into Diamondhead with black jumpsuit with white pattern in on chest.

"Alright, let's dance, clowns!" Diamondhead exclaimed wildly and happily.

Zombozo snarled and ordered in anger, "Get them!"

Circus Freak Trio and the thugs screamed and roared in anger. They all charged right at Team Ben, who charged and clashed with them at once. They all easily punched and kicked all of the thugs at ease. They eventually engage and fought against the Circus Freak Trio.

Kevin and Thumbskull roared in anger as they charge and rammed at each other. They both held each other's hands tightly while pushing their enemies off for few moments. The muscular Circus Freak snarled as he managed to push the Osmosian back and down to the floor. He groaned and struggled to push him back. Luckily, Kevin slammed a headbutt against Thumbskull's head before punched on him by guts and chest for few times. He then swung his two combined clasped fists at the muscular Circus Freak to drop and land on the ground. Thumbskull groaned in pain and dizziness.

Frightwig swung her multiple tentacles at Gwen, who dodged and avoided the attacks for few times. While continued dodging the attacks, the former managed to trip the latter, with one braided tentacle. As the red-headed girl fell to the ground, the Circus Freak girl approached and coiled her with her tentacles-like hair. As Frightwig tightened her wig on Gwen, the latter screamed in pain and struggled to get out. Unknown to Frightwig, Gwen has her pink glowing eyes as she fired straight at her shoulders. As Frightwig withdrew back and unintentionally released her captive, Gwen charge and swung Karate Kick at her to the ground.

Acid Breathe took a deep breathe before fire his acid at Diamondhead, who summoned the crystallized walls to block the attacks for the moment. While Acid Breathe continued the attack, something charge and punched hos face for five times before dropped to the ground hard. The creature revealed himself to be XLR8 in his black jumpsuit with greenish pattern on chest.

XLR8 got slammed to the walls by Zombozo. XLR8 groaned in pain as he recovered from the attacks. The mad psychopathic clown laughed as he charged and slammed his mallet on the Kineceleran, who quickly dodged and avoid the attacks for few times. While Zombozo was distracted to attack XLR8, the latter slammed his Omnitrix as he turned into Rath worn the dark greenish luchador outfit with black pattern on chest, black boots and claw-gloves with white patterns . Rath held the mallet before grabbed Zombozo by neck.

Rath growled angrily at Zombozo, who whimpered fearfully and worried before smiled nervously at him.

"Let me tell you something, Zombozo," Rath complained and shouted angrily, "The only thing that Rath hates the most is the clown especially a guy with red rubber nose and big shoes!"

Zombozo laughed and corrected nervously, "Actually, my nose is blue."

Rath roared in anger, "Shut up!"

"Ben, cool it!" Gwen shouted in annoyance. Rath groaned before glared at her. She has her hand glowed in pink, "Don't make me knock you out of consciousness again."

Rath groaned in annoyance as he hated it. He then calmed himself down for the moment. He dropped Zombozo to the ground hard. Rath transformed back to Ben, who turned and looked at Gwen and Kevin.

Ben laughed nervously, "Sorry. Rath gets carried away again..."

"You'd think?" Gwen asked in annoyance.

Few minutes later, Ben and his team called the Plumbers to come and picked up the Circus Freak crew while sending them straight to their prison. They even bring the Kromite Crystals back to their headquarter as well.

Team Ben headed outside of the big tent. Near to Kevin's Car, three of them were having discussion, regarding their future. This shocked and disappointed Ben.

"Wait. You can't be serious..." Ben said in shock and upset.

Gwen sighed, "Sorry, Ben. My mind is make up."

"No way I can change your mind? Not even I told you that being superhero is more fun than going to college and university?"

"Afraid not, Ben."

"Okay. Maybe you don't need to be a superhero. You can just be my eyes and ears to keep an eye on everything kinda like Q or Miss Moneypenny. Plus, there're plenty more colleges around here."

"Sorry, Ben. They're not at Ivy League's level."

Ben sighed in disappointment, "Just wish you wouldn't go and stay here."

Gwen sighed as she approached and patted her cousin's left shoulder, "Ben, I've helped you save the world for years now. But there are things I wanna do like be normal and going to college. I wanna be something else like a lawyer, teacher or scientist. That's something I wanna be, if I'm done being hero."

"Yeah. You did say that before," Ben agreed. He turned to Kevin, "Guess it's just you and me, Kev."

"Actually...uh...I kind of got a job near campus, so I'm going with." Kevin said nervously.

Ben was in shock yet disappointed, "Oh... I guess... Team is splitting up?

"No, Ben. Our team will never be split," Gwen disagreed, "We'll always be together. In fact, we'll come back and visit you like public holiday and semester break."

"And besides, I'm pretty sure you can handle it alone," Kevin said confidently.

Ben hummed before nodded, "I guess. But the team won't be the same without you."

"Maybe," Gwen said in agreement, "But if you really need help, you know who to call..."

Though still saddened, Ben put a weak smile, "Yeah. I know."

As Ben and Gwen departed from hugging, Kevin approached as he held and gave a noggie on Ben's head. The boys departed before giving each other a fist bump.

"Watch yourself, Tennyson. Don't do something stupid than I do," Kevin teased.

Ben scoffed, "Wouldn't dream of it, buddy."

Kevin nodded, "Later, man..."

Hugged her cousin, Gwen teased amusingly, "Take care of yourself, Doofus?"

Though annoyed, Ben couldn't help but smirked amusingly and hugged her back, "You too, dweeb."

After cousins departed from hugging, Kevin and Gwen gotten into their car as they drove off at once. Ben only stood there and watch them drove and headed to Ivy College now. He is now alone to be a superhero in Bellwood Town.

"Guess I'm a solo player now," Ben remarked in disappointment before cleared his throat and snorted a bit, "Come on, Tennyson. You handle it before, you can do it again. How hard being a solo?"

Unknown to Ben, he was being watched by a mysterious hunter and his hound from the distanced within the forest. The skull bounty hunter smirked amusingly and darkly.

"How intriguing... A perfect opportunity..."

On the next day, Ben was driving his DX Mark 10 as he was heading and arriving at the small rectangle-like building that has signboard, consisting of his grandfather's picture smiling and holding a couple of plumbing tools, and the words called 'Max's Plumbing Business'. He parked his car near to the shop.

Ben entered the building, where he found no one inside the shop. He smiled like he was expecting it. He quickly close and locked the door tight. He then headed to the counter's back. He then came across to the bathroom that has the 'Out of Order' signboard. He scoffed amusingly as he entered it. Using his right hand to flick the switch, the bathroom was lighted up.

Ben stood before the toilet as he pulled its chain down. The walls opened in two as it revealed the camera eyeball-like. Its greenish laser shot out and scanned on his whole body. It then spoke in computerized tone.

"Recognized: Benjamin Kirby Tennyson - Ben 10! Welcome home!"

Ben scoffed, "You'd think using the toilet is a good idea for secret entrance to secret base."

Beneath his feet was the floor glowed in greenish circle light. Ben was lowered down and entered the secret elevator, which led him straight to the basement. He saw his surroundings was filled grayish colored metallic yet advanced base with some Omnitrix Symbol placed around of its area. It was filled with both humans and various aliens.

Upon reaching his destination - Command Center, Ben exited the elevator. He headed straight to the kitchen, where he found a familiar old man was chopping down some vegetables and cooking some soup in his pot.

"Hey, grandpa," Ben greeted.

Max turned and looked at Ben. He smiled, "Welcome back, Ben. Have you breakfast already?"

"Not yet, gramps. So, whatcha you're cooking now?"

"Centurian Goulash." Max exclaimed proudly before checked on his pot. As he opened the cover, he took a deep breathe to smell it. He sighed happily while Ben looked uneasy and nervous. He smiled, "It's fresh and perfect diet for breakfast."

Ben groaned a bit of disgust, "You know what, grandpa? I'm not that kinda of hungry." He gave a weak smile, "Maybe I should do some patrolling around the town. Who knows? I might find some more action to take and play."

Ben turned and was about to head off. Max quickly held his shoulder and said, "Before you go, Ben, I've got something that might cheer you."

Ben sighed before looked at his grandfather, "If this is about dung beetle again, I'll pass."

Max chuckled, "Oh better than that, Ben. It's about your-!"

"Magister Tennyson!" A young confident and gentle teenager shouted in concern. Max and Ben turned and looked back at the entrance. They found Helen worn black jumpsuit, green gunslinger vest and blaster holder from both sides of her pants. She panted heavily, "We've got some bad news. We've lost Cooper's Squad!"

"What?!" Max asked in concern, "Are they alright? What about the Kormite Crystal?!"

Helen shook her head, "We've lost contact after some kind of earthquake."

"Earthquake?" Max asked in shock, "Well, that's unusual. There's shouldn't be any sign of seismic activity on that sector. Driba and Bulkic told me this morning."

"Ah Grandpa, you do realize who you're talking about," Ben facepalmed as he reminded Max, who grunted in annoyance yet realization. He scoffed, "Either way, I'm gonna check this out. Helen, send me the coordinates.."

Helen nodded happily, "Got it, Ben. I'll go and get Manny, Alan and Lucy ready for the fight. You're gonna need some backup."

Max nodded in agreement, "Yes. This could be the work of our enemies or unwanted guests."

Ben scoffed, "Grandpa, have you forgotten who you're talking to? I can handle it."

"Then, you wouldn't mind letting me join you, Ben?"

Ben was surprise as he turned to his back and found an old friend of his - Tetrax Shard, who now has a crystallized goatee and two sharped longs shards on his back, worn the white Plumber's Armor Suit.

"Tetrax! Long time no see," Ben shouted happily as he gave Textrax a high-five. He whistled while looking at his new suit, "Wow. What's with the Plumber Suit? Your old suit got you bored to death?"

Tetrax laughed a bit, "Very funny, Tennyson. I got my wardrobe changed because I joined the Plumbers, though I missed wearing gray colors mostly."

"Wow?! Seriously?" Ben asked in surprise yet happy.

Max smiled, "Not just that, Ben. He also got promoted to be a Magister and set the Plumber's Base at his home, Petropia. He really got us through thick and thin for alien invasion.

"Wow! That's awesome," Ben exclaimed happily as he shook Tetrax's hand, "Way to go, Tetrax! Always knew you had it in you."

Tetrax smiled and laughed, "Thanks, Ben. Since Petropia is reborn and my people are rebuilding their home, my bounty hunter days are done. I'm going to do whatever it takes to protect my home, as Magister and Protector." He sighed, "I won't let it happen again. Not on my watch."

Ben whistled, "Cool, Tetrax. So, you wanna join me for more action?"

Tetrax smirked, "You bet I do, Ben. I'm in."

"I'm glad you two can work it out," Max said in relief, "But still-!"

"Grandpa, relax. Tetrax and I got this. So, we don't need some backup," Ben said confidently, "We'll be fine. Trust me."

And just his grandfather could say anything, Ben has already left the kitchen. This made Max sighed in annoyance about his grandson. When will Ben ever stop and listen to him for once?

"Don't worry, Max. I'll keep an eye on him," Tetrax said calmly before smirked, "And besides, I think I rather keep our 'surprise' until the right time. So, leave it to me."

Though concern of his grandson's safety and confidence, Max smiled in relief that Tetrax will be watching over him. He nodded a bit. Textrax saluted before headed off and catch up with Ben. They used the secret elevator to return to the surface.

After receiving the coordinate point to Cooper Squad's last location, Ben and Tetrax gotten into DX Mark 10 Car and drove off. They headed straight to their destination, and hopefully, they get there in time.

Upon arriving to the coordinates, they emerged from their transport. And at the same time, they were in shock of what they're looking at. They saw the destruction and rubble site of building, Plumbers' transports and even themselves were badly injured including Cooper himself.

"Wow... Did not expect that..." Ben commented in shock and concern.

Tetrax hummed in concern, "What could have done this..." He shook his head, "Either way, we should check on them now."

Ben nodded, "Right. Just hope Cooper is alright."

Ben and Tetrax approached to the destruction site as they all checked on the survivors and Cooper, hoping the group survived and alive. Some of them were unconscious while a few were badly injured and wounded during 'earthquake'. They came across to Cooper, who was on the ground. They helped and put him leaned against the walls. They both called and woke him up.

Cooper grunted in pain as he regained his consciousness, "B-Ben? Tetrax? You're here?"

"Easy, Cooper. You're still badly wounded," Ben said calmly, "Wanna tell us what happen?

Tetrax looked at destruction site, "By the look of it, I'd say this isn't an earthquake."

Cooper hissed, "No... It isn't..."

However, the duo and group of injured Plumbers were being watched and spied. Within the building, Khyber and his Anubian Baskuur were watching the event as the hunter patted his hound gently and calmly. He narrowed his eyes while glaring at Textrax.

"So, my old friend became the Plumber and he is now a prey's partner?" Khyber asked amusingly. He smirked as he placed an odd device with crimson color with fangs symbol on his hound's collar. He smirked, "It is time, my old friend."

His Anubian Baskuur roared wildly as Khyber let his hound loose and head off at once. He then whistled in high-pitched tone, thus his alien dog began mutated and transformed into a large rock-like beast with six legs and rhino's face with red eyes. It was heading straight at Ben and his team.

While Ben and Textrax were still talking with Cooper, everyone stopped at once upon hearing a loud thunderous roar sounds. They turned to the building, where the creature is charging at them.

"Ah shit! Hit the deck," Tetrax ordered in concern.

The Plumbers screamed in fear and worried as they all quickly dodged and moved away from the monster's attack. They distanced themselves away from it. Textrax quickly grabbed and held Cooper as he rolled to his left while Ben moved to his right. Ben got up and glared at the creature, which roared wildly at him.

"Wow... That is one big rhino," Ben remarked amusingly. He readied his Omnitrix while sliding and finding an alien to choose. He smirked, "I'm guessing you're the one, who demolish Cooper's squad."

"Ben, watch yourself!" Tetrax shouted at Ben while giving injured Cooper to the Plumbers, "That creature is Pryonites' predator!" Ben looked confuse and dumbfounded. He sighed in annoyance, "Heatblast!"

"Oh! Got it!" Ben said in agreement, "Hope you're ready to face - HUMUNGOUSAUR!"

With the slam on his Omnitrix, Ben mutated and transformed into a blue monkey with two pairs of greenish eyes, two pair of hands and a pair of leg worn a white jumpsuit with dark green patterns on sides and sleeves' collars and an Omnitrix on his black armored chest plate. He howled happily and wildly as he is ready to fight.

Tetrax groaned in annoyance, "Seriously, Ben?"

"Huh?!" Spiedermonkey asked in confusion before looked at himself. He screeched in shock, "Are you kidding me?! Again?! I swear this stupid Omnitrix really-?!"

"Ben, watch out!" Textrax called in concern.

It was too late as the rhino alien charged and rammed at Spidermonkey straight to the walls. Textrax and the Plumbers groaned in concern for watching the fight. They quickly fired their blasters at the rhino alien from the back, but there was no effect. Tetrax held the Plumber's Badge as he was contacting to someone else. He even smiled and said, 'it's time'.

Spidermonkey groaned in pain as they struggled to push and move the rhino alien's horn. He grunted, "If I was Humungousaur..." He grunted as he struggled to reach his Omnitrix Symbol due to the monster rammed and pushed him against the walls hard, "You're really gonna be sorry!"

Using his tail, Spidermonkey fired the web right at the rhino alien's face, which annoyed him to slam and ram the monkey alien against the walls for three times.

"Okay, not a great idea!" Spidermoneky complained in concern.

And just the rhino alien could finish Spidermonkey off, a powerful greenish blast shot and blinded its eyes. It roared in pain as it let alien monkey drop to the ground. The rhino used its pincer to rub its eyes gently. He looked up and found a mysterious savior has jumped and landed in front of him. Everyone but Textrax awed and whistled in amazement.

A teenage girl with long black hair and streaks of pink and purple worn a black jumpsuit with mini-skirt, black Kabuto's Helmet with silver horns-like communicator and greenish visor, silver armored chest plate, black shoulder plate, black gauntlets and black boots with glowing greenish lines around her suit. Her gauntlets transformed into blasters, she armed and readied to fight.

Spidermonkey whistled, "Wow... She's hot..."

"Hey, why don't you pick somebody on your own size?!" The samurai girl shouted, "You'd better stay away from my boy!"

"My boy?!" Spidermonkey asked in surprise and confusion, "When did I became 'her boy'? Who is she?"

The rhino alien roared in anger as it charged right at the samurai, who quickly dodged and moved to her left. She fired her blast at its eye again. It roared in anger. It turned and gave chase after her. She quickly dashed and ran away from him. She came across to the walls, where she used her full speed in running up on it. Allowing the monster rammed on the walls, she hovered over and landed on its head. She began slamming and launching her punches on its head for ten times. The rhino alien roared in anger as it tried to shaking her off. The samurai girl grunted as she fell down but held tightly on its small horn. She screamed in fear.

The Plumbers armed and readied to fire at their target, but Tetrax gestured the unit from firing. He turned and looked at the situation carefully while remained calm and firm.

Spidermonkey hissed, "Not good! That Samurai Girl need my help! I'd better think fast!" He looked up and found some couple of rubble on building. He smirked, "Awesome!"

The Samurai Girl screamed and groaned as she struggled of holding tight on the rhino alien's horn. Shot his web at the building's rubble, Spidermonkey swung and threw them straight at the monster's face for few times, pushing him back. Seeing her chance opening, the Samurai Girl quickly grabbed and threw a grenade into monster's mouth. She quickly let go and drop to the ground hard. She grunted in pain for feeling a hard landing.

As the rhino alien roared in pain and anger by Spidermonkey's throwing rocks, the grenade exploded from his mouth rendering him weaken and wounded. It grunted in pain before dropped to the ground. Spidermonkey howled wildly as he quickly reached to top of building. He quickly pushed large rubble and fall on the rhino alien, slamming it to the ground. He screeched happily while slamming his fists against his chest.

Khyber looked annoyed and angered to see this event. And one thing he hates the most is that his enemies have interrupted his hunt for prey.

Spidermonkey howled happily as he quickly drop and land on the ground. He trotted towards the Samurai Girl, who grunted in pain while slowly getting up from the ground.

"Hey, you okay, Samurai Girl?" Spidermonkey asked in concern.

Samurai Girl nodded before smiled at Spidermonkey, "I'm fine, Ben. I've been worse than this."

"Okay?" Spidermonkey answered in uncertain and confuse tone, "Who are you?"

"Watch out!" The Plumber Trooper shouted in concern.

Spidermonkey and Samurai Girl turned to the rubble, where the rhino alien emerged from the ground. It roared in anger. It turned and glared at them. This shocked and scared them. It then charged right at them.

Tetrax grunted in anger as he landed on the ground, along with Plumber Troopers. He summoned the crystallized walls for defense while the troopers fired their blasters at it. The rhino alien has no effects by the attacks. He's about to ram at the walls now...

WHISTLED! The whistle caused the rhino alien to stop, surprising and confusing the group. The rhino alien turned and ran towards the building. It entered and disappeared in darkness. Though uncertain why the creature didn't finish them off, they sighed in relief that they have survived the worst.

"Is everyone alright?" Cooper asked in pain.

"Yeah, we are," Spidermonkey answered. He turned and looked at Samurai Girl, "Okay, wanna answer to me now?

The Samurai Girl laughed, "Wow. I guess you can't recognize me in this new armor, don't you, Ben?"

Spidermonkey was uncertain and confuse. The Samurai Girl smiled as her black armor mutated and jumped out from her body. It turned into a familiar Mechamorph slug-like dog. The Samurai Girl revealed herself to be a Japanese-American Teenager worn a purple headband on her long hair, the pink sleeveless shirt with white patterns on neck collar and side-pocket, pair of long pink sleeve with black gloves and heart symbols, white mini-skirt with butterfly picture, black shorts, black shirt socks and pink sport shoes.

"Hey, Ben," The Samurai Girl greeted amusingly.

Spidermonkey screeched in surprise as the same time, the beeping sounded. He turned back to Ben to gasp and shouted, "Julie?! You're the samurai girl?!"

"That's me," Julie giggled. She purred like a cat while using her index finger tickling Ben's chin teasingly, "Face it, Tiger. You've just hit the jackpot."

Ben was stunned and shocked, "No way! When did you-?! How did you?! What did you-?!"

"Relax, Ben. I'll explain later. Right now we've got mission to do," Tetrax said calmly before patted Ben's back gently. He turned and looked at Cooper, "You okay, Cooper?"

Cooper grunted in pain, "I am now. Thanks for the save."

"So, was that thing attacked you, Coop? What does it want with Kormites?" Ben asked in concern.

Cooper shrugged, "No idea. But that thing didn't steal Kormites."

"Then, who did?" Tetrax asked suspiciously.

Cooper sighed, "Just couple of thugs. They used some kind of technology to create a powerful seismic attacks on us. They then took most of Kormite Crystals. I didn't get the chance to see who they were working for." He grunted in pain as he felt injured left hand, "I can bet that it's Zombozo's mysterious client."

"Looks like he wants them back. Will you be alright, Cooper?" Ben said in concern. Cooper smiled weakly before used his badge to communicate for help. He turned to Tetrax and Julie, "So, any idea of how we can find them?"

"Baumann..." Tetrax answered calmly. Ben and Julie looked at him. He explained, "Baumann always welcomed both aliens and humans to his shop. And so, he might know one or two things about the earthquake."

Ben hummed thoughtfully, "That's a good idea. So, should we visit him?"

"We should," Julie agreed. Ship beeped 'Ship' happily. Ben headed off to his DX Mark 10 Car. She turned to Tetrax and asked in soft tone, "Think we should tell him about another one?"

Tetrax smirked, "Better not. Otherwise, it wouldn't call 'surprise'."

Julie nodded happily and amusingly. She and Tetrax headed off and entered his car. Team Bean headed off. Cooper and his squad remained behind as they're waiting for backup. However, Khyber has seen everything, along with his Anubian Baskuur, who has returned to normal from being a rhino alien.

"Hmm... That Tennyson is indeed an interesting prey. Despite some flaws he has, he make it up from his cunning and resources especially rescuing his ally." Khyber commented before groaned in annoyance, "Have I taken him down at ease if not for that mate of his. I'm surprise she joined his crew."

A few minutes later, Team Ben has arrived and entered Mr. Baumann's local shop. They found him stacking the cans of soda in pyramid formation. They approached to him at once as they have hoped that he has the information that can help them to find and deal with the thugs.

"Mr. Baumann," Ben greeted, scaring Mr. Baumann as the shopkeeper nearly lost his balance and almost drop the can. He luckily grab it. Mr. Baumann turned and glared at him. He laughed a bit, "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you."

"Well, you usually don't scowled, unless you tried to scare me again," Mr. Baumann remarked sarcastically before cleared his throat, "What do you want, Ben?"

"We were hoping that you can help us."

"Even if I did help you, would you promise me not to get mess on my shop or car again?"

"Mr. Baumann, you know I wouldn't do that." Ben said with a frown looks. Mr. Baumann gave him a dry looks. He chuckled a bit, "Much. But come on, I always clean my messes. And you did say I'm always welcome back here."

Mr. Baumann hummed in concern, "That is true. But only because you didn't bring your fight to my shop... much..." He sighed, "Alright. I'll tell you. You saw and heard what happen to your Plumber Troopers?" Team Ben nodded in confirmation. He continued, "Well, they're not the only ones got attacked and threatened."

Team Ben looked shock yet serious. Mr. Baumann continued, "These thugs... They're working for someone. They're not just after Kormites, but also Taytanites. No one knows who their bosses are. They know one thing - if you don't pay them what they want, then you're gonna lose more than a job. These thugs are intimidating all law-abiding business in our town."

Tetrax hummed suspiciously, "I'm guessing they're coming here."

"This is bad," Julie said in concern, "We've gotta help him."

"Oh no! No! I don't need your help now," Mr. Baumann protested in concern, "I pay them, then they will leave me alone. It's just a simple business. Don't mind me much."

"Come on, Baumann. Even if you did pay them, you'd think they'll leave you alone?" Ben asked seriously, "I mean think about it. Remember what happen to..." He hissed in concern, "Couple of aliens including Pierce got caught and executed? They'll do the same here again."

Tetrax and Julie knew Ben's tone well. They know about 'Purge'. It was a horrible experience for them to handle especially many innocent aliens including Pierce were massacred by Forever Knights. Mr. Baumann knew it as well because he hid the fugitives and refugees until the transports arrived and took them to safety. He hated to see innocents get hurt and killed especially if it's inside his shop. He hates guilt-tripping.

Mr. Baumann sighed, "Alright. But only if they really threaten my shop, then you can fight them? Understand, Tennyson?"

Ben smiled as he gave a gesture 'OK', "You got it, Mr. Baumann." He then heard his stomach growling, making himself embarrassed in red while his friends laughed at him a it. He chuckled a bit, "You got snacks for me to take?"

Mr. Baumann nodded calmly as he returned to his kitchen counter. Team Ben approached and headed to the counter at once. Tetrax turned and looked at the young ones.

"You'd better put disguise," Tetrax suggested as he has his face covered by black mask, "We might be too recognizable by thugs or someone we knew."

Ben and Julie nodded. She turned and looked at her bag, which turned into Ship. He jumped on her as she turned into her samurai mode. Ben activated his Omnitrix as he turned into Swampfire.

Three of them took their seats. Mr. Baumann came and passed some sandwiches for them to eat. Tetrax gave some Tataynites to him for payment. Three of them were eating their lunch while having some discussion about Julie.

"Okay, Julie, now wanna talk about why you're here, and not going for tennis practice," Swampfire asked seriously yet concerned, "And also, when did Ship get that sexy sleek form?"

"Well, after your biggest fight with Diagon and Vilgax, you've been fighting the aliens and bad guys but also spend less time with me," Julie said in upset, making Swampfire guilty. She quickly explained, "Ben, I'm not mad at you. In fact, I'm worried because you'd never come back alive and we might never be together again."

"Julie, I've always win and come back alive, you know that," Swampfire said calmly.

"I know. But it also make me realized that you might not able to protect me, or worse, I might be used as leverage against you. And that's why I decided to join the Plumbers."

"Julie, you can't be serious. Being a hero or a Plumber is not a game."

"Oh? Says to the guy, who was 10-years-old became a hero and, sometimes playing around for fun." Julie teased. Swampfire groaned in annoyance to hear Julie's remark. Tetrax chuckled a bit of hear the joke. She sighed, "And besides, I've got Ship and I've been practicing on combats, shooting and even practicing tennis. I can take care of myself."

Tetrax nodded firmly, "She really worked hard. And trust me, she did well. Max and I see to it."

"Okay." Swampfire nodded amusingly before asked, "What about your another form? When did Ship learn that one, not use your muscle one?"

"Well, it happens months ago. My training with Ship paid off. And, he made a new form. It's kinda comfy and suits me good. It not only make me strong, but also fast and accurate with fighting, sports, running and even shooting. And for the bulky one, let's just say it's too heavy for me to handle. I'll use that as last resort to fight off something big and strong."

"Smart one, Julie," Swampfire remarked amusingly before looked at Julie's New Form, "I really like it. You really look hot and sexy, Armorstrike."

"Armorstrike? Seriously?" Julie asked amusingly before gave in some thoughts, "Okay, I admit it. That's kinda cool name. I really like it, thought I was gonna be called 'Samurai Girl' forever."

Swampfire scoffed a bit, "Well, you need a better and awesome name. Plus, you're my girl."

Julie smiled and blushed in red, "Thanks..."

"Baumann!" The voice shouted in dark voice.

Swampfire, Julie and Tetrax turned and looked behind. The trio found some group entered the shop. A black hooded humanoid was approaching to the counter, along with three thugs - a worm-like alien worn black armor and helmet covering blue mist within, a humanoid chicken armed with razor blades and worn crossed belts on chest and brown pants, and a female black-orange muscular robot.

Black hooded alien sighed calmly, "I am here for our business. And making sure no accidents happen to you, just like others."

"Yes, I understand," Mr. Baumann said calmly as he brought the box of Taytanite and Kormite Crystals. He took three each of them, "Here! Take them as promised."

Black hooded alien snapped his fingers. The worm-like took the whole box. He smirked, "A pleasure to work with you. We'll be leaving as promised." He turned to his back and about to move. He got his right hand grabbed. He turned and glared at Swampfire, "Let go of me. This does not concern you..."

"Oh, it does, Psyphon!" Swampfire exclaimed, shocking the black hooded alien. Using full force, he freed himself but has his black hood tear out. He stood up while glaring at Psyphon, who worn black robe with metallic control panel on chest, demonic shoulder plate and mechanical gauntlets and three rings on his neck. He continued, "Knew it."

Tetrax and Julie/Armorstrike got up from their seats. They turned and armed with their weapons to assist Ben to fight the thugs off.

"No! No! No! No fighting!" Mr. Baumann protested in concern.

"Tennyson... Why do you always interfere?!" Psyphon complained in anger.

"What can I say? I'm a hero," Swampfire said confidently.

"Psyphon, stand down," Tetrax ordered firmly, "And more importantly, where are the rest of Taytanites and Kromite Crystals you have stolen?!"

"Yeah, do the easy way or we'll do the hard way!" Julie said firmly.

"Fool..." Psyphon hissed in anger as he pressed some buttons on his left gauntlet. He shot the beam out and blinded the team. He turned and headed to the middle of shop lot. He shouted, "Bubble Helmet, Fistina and Liam! Keep them busy! I need more time!"

Bubble Helmet groaned as he armed and readied his electrical sticks, "Get them!"

Psyphon's Thugs roared in anger and charged at Team Ben, who also engaged and fought against them. Couple of humans and aliens screamed and panicked in fear as they quickly leave the building. Mr. Baumann groaned and fainted as he fell on his back.

The old shopkeeper muttered in annoyance, "I knew this would happen. What do I even try?"

Bubble Helmet fired his electrical sticks' energy blasts at Swampfire, who easily and elastically dodged the attacks while launched fireballs at him five times. Bubble Helmet groaned in anger as he struck and swung his electrical pole at Swampfire, who swiftly and quickly dodge the attacks for few times. As Bubble Helmet thrust his pole at Mathenosian, the latter grabbed the former's pole before thrust five punches at him. Bubble Helmet groaned in pain before jumped and slammed before launched some punches at Swampfire to the ground. Mathenosian has his right hand launched and thrust his punch at the worn-like alien for five times. Swampfire then launched a powerful flamethrower at Bubble Helmet, who yelped in pain and fell on his back hard.

Fistina roared in anger as she charged and swung her punches at Julie, who swiftly and quickly dodge the attacks while strike back at her for few times. The robot then grabbed and squeezed her grip tightly on the armored heroine, making the latter screamed in pain. Luckily, Ship activated the armor's left shoulder to fire some blasts on Fistina's face, making her yelped in pain and let Julie go. This allowed her to punch on the robot for ten times before trip the latter down hard. Fistina groaned in anger as she got up and fired her flying punches at Julie, who dodged and evaded the attacks. Julie clasped and formed her hands into a large powerful cannon-like blaster in firing and knocking the robot to the ground

Liam armed and readied his blades as he was ready to fight Tetrax, who remained annoyed of fighting him. The Petrosapien fired his shards on the humanoid chicken's legs, causing them to crooked and danced wildly and fearfully before he got punched to the ground hard.

Team Ben was readied to finish off the thugs until they got blasted away by Psyphon, who used gauntlet-like blasters. Vilgax's Right-Hand Man sighed in annoyance.

"Do I have to do everything by myself?!" Psyphon asked in annoyance. He scoffed before turned and looked at the crimson pillar-like mechanical high-tech bomb, with its time counting down and created the crimson force-field. He then shouted, "Either way, we are leaving! Now get up and let's go now!"

Heard their boss's fierce order, three of them quickly get up and meet up with Psyphon. Team Ben was recovering by the attack. Swampfire spotted them escaping the battlefield. He quickly threw the seeds at them. However, Psyphon spotted it as he quickly used his Force-Shield Power to repel them straight at Team Ben.

The seeds dropped on the floor. And just before Team Ben could react, the seeds hatched and sprouted its vines out and captured them. The vines coiled three of them in tight grip. And slowly, they've been squeezed hard and painfully, making them screamed in pain and agony.

"Ben!" Tetrax and Julie shouted in anger.

"Don't worry! I've got this!" Swampfire shouted confidently. Suddenly, the beeping noise sounded. He turned back to Ben. Both Tetrax and Julie glared at him. He groaned, "Ah man..."

Psyphon laughed amusingly, "Farewell, Tennyson! Your end is here!"

"So, not good!" Julie said in concern.

Tetrax nodded, "Yeah. No kidding! We've gotta stop the bomb and get Psyphon!"

"Don't remind me," Ben exclaimed in frustration.

Mr. Baumann groaned as he slowly get up from the ground. He sighed in relief as he recovered from his faint. He looked around. He yelped in shock, upon looking at the bomb in the middle of his shop. His teeth chattered fearfully and worryingly.

"Isn't this usually where your backup came in and save the day?" Mr. Baumann asked in annoyance. Tetrax smirked amusingly at him. He yelped, "I was sarcastic! Please, say 'no'!"

"Sorry. Desperate calls for a desperate measures!" Tetrax said firmly before shouted, "Trooper, engage and capture Psyphon and his goons!"

Everyone was in confuse of what Tetrax has shouted for. Nevertheless, Psyphon and his goons made their escape at once. However, a mysterious figure jumped and landed in front of the entrance. He armed and aimed his high-tech bow-like blaster at them. He fired his arrows at them, injuring and shocking them. He then has his right gauntlet to aim and fire electrical net in trapping them.

The mysterious figure turned and charged straight at Team Ben, where he activated his gauntlets' blades in cutting down the vines, and thus, freeing the team to drop and land on the ground. As Team Ben were recovering from hitting the ground, they looked up and face their new and mysterious friend.

He was a humanoid cat-like with some tattoos on his face and pointed long ears worn black jumpsuit with blue high-tech medieval armor-like with silver chest-plate, pockets and belt's three pocket bags. He deactivated his blades while putting his blaster on his shoulder. He saluted firmly.

"Right on time, Trooper!" Tetrax exclaimed in relief.

"Thank you, sir!" Plumber Trooper said proudly. He turned and looked at Ben and Julie, "I am Rook Blonko! Magister Tennyson and Shard has sent me here!" He turned and helped Julie up, "I hope you're alright, Miss Yamamoto."

Julie sighed, "Rook..."

Rook yelped before cleared his throat, "My apology! I meant - Miss Julie. I hope you and your boyfriend Ben Tennyson are unharmed."

Julie giggled a bit, "I am. Thanks for saving us."

Rook bowed humbly before looked at Ben, "And I'd be honored to join your team, Ben Tennyson."

"Wait! What?!" Ben asked in shock before turned and glared at Tetrax, "Why do I get the feeling you set this up?"

"What? Don't you like the surprise? It's pretty cool," Tetrax said amusingly before smirked, "And besides, you always don't listen and rush to the action."

"Hey!" Ben said in annoyance, "I do listen! Not much..."

"Not really," Julie remarked while shaking her head.

"Well, listen to this!" Mr. Baumann shouted in annoyance before pointed at the time bomb, "Do something about that bomb now!"

"Oh! Right!" Team Ben exclaimed in realization.

"What about the criminals?" Rook asked in concern as he turned and found Psyphon cut down the net, freeing him and his team. He hissed, "And they're escaping too!"

And just before Ben could say anything, Tetrax commanded, "Rook and I will take care of Psyphon! Ben and Julie, disarm the bomb!"

Rook saluted, "Sir, yes, sir!"

"Got it! Leave it to us!" Julie shouted firmly.

"Seriously? Don't I get to call shots?!" Ben asked in annoyance. Tetrax gave the glare at him. He hissed, "I was kidding! Me and Julie will deal with the bomb!"

Psyphon and his grunts were about to escape, but Tetrax and Rook jumped and engaged them fiercely. Psyphon used both force-field as his defense while firing gauntlets' blasters at the duo, who were firmly and swiftly fighting off three thugs. Ben and Julie approached and looked at the bomb as they were thinking and finding a way to stop it.

"Any idea?" Ben asked in concern.

Julie hissed, "No clue. And truthfully, I'm bad at disarming the bomb. This is either Cooper's job."

"Yeah," Ben said in concern before smirked as he looked at his Omnitrix, "bet I know who can. Give me the smartest alien to do the trick! Or at least, an electrical crab for the matter!"

Slamming his Omnitrix, he turned into Brainstorm, who worn white jumpsuit with black lines collars and his head has a large black stripe and green on a middle.

Brainstorm smirked and spoke in British Tone, "Quote to what I have hope and relieved for Omnitrix - Excellent! Action - analyzing and calculating ways to deactivate the bomb. Estimate time to complete the mission - 1 minute!" He yelped, "Wait?! Expression - is this some kind of amusement?! I do not possessed enough time to complete it! If I calculate the various possible theories and risks carefully, there's 90 percent chances that the bomb will activate and explode in any-!"

Julie groaned, "Ben!"

"Don't rush the genius!" Brainstorm exclaimed in annoyance as he was analyzing the situation carefully. He gasped, "Excellent! Analysis complete!"

"You can disarm it?!"

"No." Brainstorm disagreed, "But we require a group of superior numbers to assist and complete this mission! If my strategy calculation is precise correct, there's 50 percent chances that we might-!"

"Ben!" Julie snapped, "English!"

"We need help and teamwork!" Brainstorm exclaimed in annoyance. He turned and looked at Tetrax and Rook, who were battled and defeated the criminals. He shouted, "Magister Tetrax and Trooper Rook! I require your assistance now!"

"Huh?" Rook looked concern and worried, "But what about them?! Maybe I should-?!"

"No time, rookie!" Tetrax exclaimed in concern, "When it comes to desperate situation, we saved lives than dealing with criminals. Understand?"

"Yes sir, I do, sir," Rook said firmly as he placed his blaster on shoulder, which activated and fired a stunned energy on Psyphon and his goons to get knocked out. He continued, "And also, I was going to say that we stun them, sir."

Tetrax whistled, "Good move, rookie. But come on. Let's help Ben now. Clock is ticking!"

Tetrax and Rook turned and headed to Ben and Julie's location for assisting and helping them to deal with the bomb now.

"Alright, Ben. What can we do?" Tetrax asked.

Brainstorm explained, "I require all of your assistance. If my calculation is precise correctly, we might able to direct and distanced the bomb from this specific location. 70 percent chances that we might able to save this town, in time."

"I see where you're going," Rook said firmly yet proudly, "Let's do it, on your command, Mr. Tennyson."

Julie nodded, "Hopefully, it saves our ass!"

"Then, let us begin! Time is running out!" Brainstorm exclaimed firmly, "Listen to my instruction. We only got one shot!"

With his teammates nodded in agreement, Team Ben is ready to deal with the situation. Brainstorm explained to them about what they should do first before the next. With the explanation given, they began engaging the situation.

Rook used his blaster's missile launcher to fire and create a hole on the western walls of Mr. Baumann's Shop. This make him opened his jaws widely in shock, Mr. Baumann fainted on his back again.

Tetrax headed outside as he quickly used his crystallized shards to create something bigger. Rook went outside to protect his commanding officer while using his gauntlet's scanner to scan and check on the area.

Using his electrical powers, Brainstorm carried it straight to the hole while Julie protect and escort him out. After they exited the shop, they found Tetrax has created a giant crystallized cannon-like. Finishing his scanning on the area, Rook turned to his team as he gave his thumbs up to the team that it's clear.

Brainstorm levitated and placed the bomb inside the cannon. Julie has her hand clasped her hands together as they formed into a giant cannon-like blaster. She put hers underneath the crystallized cannon. While Brainstorm electrocuted yet charging up Julie's power. She then powered up and fired the crystallized cannon, which shot the bomb straight to sky.

The bomb exploded into pieces. The debris rained upon them. Luckily, Tetrax used his crystallized shield dome to cover and protect his teammates from them. All of them held on each other and braced on the impact. With the last of them fell and landed on the ground, Team Ben has survived the impact. Tetrax lowered his crystallized shield down as he and his teammates got out from it. And also, Brainstorm turned back to Ben. Ship emerged out from Julie's body while dropped on her hands.

"Is everyone alright?" Tetrax asked. Everyone nodded in agreement. He sighed in relief, "Not a bad start for new team, right, Ben?"

"Team? You're telling me that you guys are my new teammates? And you're the leader of this team? That's the surprise?" Ben asked in shock and surprise. Everyone nodded in agreement. He sighed, "Lucky me..."

"Is that supposed to be sarcasm?" Rook asked Julie softly and curiously, "Because I can't tell."

"It is," Julie said amusingly. She approached Ben, "Ben, look. You can't do this alone. You need your friends and team to back you up. I mean Grandpa Max, Kevin and Gwen were your team. And they helped you out before. So, why not this team?"

Ben sighed, "I know, Julie. It's just that... It's gonna take some time to get use to new one. Trust me, I'm not always excited with new ones except you and Tetrax. You guys are awesome."

"So does Rook, Ben." Tetrax insisted before patted Rook on back. He continued, "Besides, don't you think you should get to know him? It's gonna makes this team strong and effective as your previous one. We can do this, Ben."

Ben hummed thoughtfully before sighed, "Alright. I'll give it a try." He turned and looked at Rook. He has his hand up before the alien cat-like, "Hey, Rook. The name's Ben Tennyson. You know. The wielder of Omnitrix. And not to brag, I saved the universe for couple of times. And also welcome to the team, rookie."

Rook smiled as he shook Ben's hand, "The honor is mine, Mr. Tennyson, especially fighting alongside with you three, and even being Tetrax's Apprentice."

"Actually, you saved the universe for three times only," Tetrax corrected. Ben groaned while glared at him. He scoffed, "Don't give me that look, Tennyson. Be humble and modest. That's what heroes are for."

Ben sighed in annoyance, "I get it, Tetrax. Don't have to tell me twice. I was just making impression to the rookie."

Rook answered, "You don't have to tell me that, Mr. Tennyson. I read about you. It's a required studies from Plumber Academy."

"Wow! Really?!" Ben asked hopefully.

"Don't get your hopes up, Ben. It's just two chapters about your 10-12 years," Julie said amusingly, which disappoint Ben a lot. She awed, "Did I just make you cry?"

"Very funny, Julie," Ben said in amusement tone. He turned and noticed both armor and blaster Rook is carrying and using during the battles. He asked, "Never seen these things before. You made them?"

"No. It was given. And they're new too. This Proto-Tech Armor helped and protected me from being injured, hot and cold weather and especially in disgusted area and space." Rook explained while looking at his armor. He then showed his blaster, "And this is a Proto-Tool. Its one of the most versatile weapons in the Plumbers' Academy. But, I made some modifications for my liking. Would you like to try it?"

"Eh, no thanks..." Ben declined, "I'm not always like to use guns or knives to fight especially killing."

"It's understandable, Mr. Tennyson. I hope I didn't mean to offend you."

"No, you didn't, Rook. And seriously, enough with mister. Call me 'Ben', dude."

"Okay, Ben Dude," Rook said calmly.

Ben groaned in annoyance, "Here we go again. Hopefully, he doesn't end up like Reinny.

"TENNYSON!" Mr. Baumann's voice shouted in anger, shocked Team Ben. They all looked worry and scared. They turned to their back and found him angrily groaned and scowled at them. He demanded, "You owe me a new big shop building and couples of supplies, Tennyson!"

Team Ben sans Rook groaned in annoyance. They hated when Mr. Baumann gets angry when it involved of his building. Suddenly, they found Psyphon and his goons were escaping the building. Using his gauntlet's machine, he summoned a swirling teleportation portal. They went through it.

"Oh no, you don't!" Ben exclaimed in concern, "Come on!"

"Hey, what about my shop?!" Mr. Baumann demanded in anger.

Ben yelped, "We'll clean up that later. We've got the bad guys to catch!"

Mr. Baumann groaned, "You always say that." He hummed thoughtfully before sighed, "Then again, you did keep your promise!"

Team Ben gave chase on Psyphon and his goons. They all entered the portal at once before it closed down for good.

Exiting the teleportation portal, Team Ben yelped upon landing on each other, and also on the ground. As they were recovering from crash landing, they found Psyphon and his goons were running through the cavern. The team gave chase on them.

After a few minutes of chasing the criminals, Ben was the first once exited the cavern. He stopped at once. He was looking at something shocking and surprise to him. He was looking at the landscape of city and residents within the large cavern especially some were close to the docks and some tunnels that could lead to surface or outside world.

"No way..." Ben said in shock.

"No time for sightseeing, Ben! We've got criminals to catch!" Tetrax ordered as he and his team has arrived and ran passed him. Ben joined the group as well. He then shouted, "And also, welcome to Bellwood's Undertown!"

"Wait! Seriously?!" Ben asked in shock and surprise.

However, unknown to Team Ben, they were being watched and spied by a small flying spiky horns of bat-like alien with one eyeball, small fangs and two pairs of big and small wings. It hissed while looking at them. And at the same time, its eyes was glowing in red.

At Mr. Baumann's Shop, Khyber was looking at his monitor device-like. He was looking at Team Ben running and entering the town. He smirked amusingly. He turned and looked at his Anubian Baskurr Hound, which was growling and snarling for its hunt.

Khyber smirked, "Don't worry, boy. You'll get to hunt. Let's go to the Undertown now..."


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Main Casts:
Johnny Yong Bosch: Ben Tennyson
Kelly Hu: Julie Yamamoto/Armorstrike, Ship
Dave Fennoy: Tetrax Shard
Bumper Robinson: Rook Blonko

Minor Casts:
Paul Eiding: Max Tennyson, Plumber Trooper #1
Ashley Johnson: Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes: Kevin Levin, Plumber Trooper #3
David Kaye: Khyber, Plumber Trooper #2
Jim Ward: Diamondhead
John DiMaggio: Zombozo, Rath, Bubble Helmet
Dee Bradley Baker: Acid Breathe, Spidermonkey, Swampfire, Psyphon, Zed
Jeff Doucette: Thumbskull
Cree Summer: Frightwig
Corey Burton: Brainstorm, Mr. Baumann

Juliet Landau: Helen Wheels, Plumber Base's Computer
Robbie Daymond: Cooper Daniels