This is My Idea of Fun…? Love…?

It shouldn't have happen, but it did. A fox who was once a scheming con-artist became her partner on the police force. Judy Hopps had never once imagined that she could gain such a loyal and trustworthy friend despise the fact he tricked her when they first met. They were rivals, pure and simple. After all, a fox and a rabbit were enemies since ancient times and it stuck when the two had a battle of wits against each other during the Night Howler case. But through it all the two saw how alike they really were and a friendship grew between them.

Judy was driving their squad car as Nick of course sucked on a pawpsicle courtesy of his old partner in crime, Finnick. The bunny found herself staring at her partner with a fondness she never thought she could feel toward someone.

Even with his shades on, Nick could tell his partner was staring at him much to his delight but he knew they had a job to do right now and stated, "I know I'm good looking to look at, Fluff but you need to keep your eyes on the road."

Judy felt flustered and went back to watching the road as she stammered, "D-Don't be ridiculous, Nick! Why would I stare at you? You're not that interesting anymore."

He let out a laugh, "What does that mean, Carrots?" he took off his shades.

"I'll have you know that you were much more interesting as a con-artist."

"Oh really?" he lifted a brow in amusement.

"Yes." She stated matter-of-factually, "Ever since you became a police officer, you've gotten boring."

"Ha! And whose fault is that?! You're the one that practically begged for me to join!"

"I didn't beg! Sure I was eager, but never to the point of pleading." She kept her head high while driving.

"Well… if you want me to go back to a life a crime, all you have to do is say the word."

She turned her head for a moment and declared, "You know that's not what I want!"

"Then what do you want?" he smirked.

"I don't know! Now stop being so smug!" she fumed and went back to patrolling.

Silence followed afterwards and it stayed that way for the longest time in the car that it made Judy feel guilty and started apologizing, "I didn't mean to lose my cool on you, I just… I'm struggling with some things right now."

Nick gently replied, "That doesn't surprise me in the least bit. You've been working too hard recently. You deserve a break."

"But I don't want a break! I need to stay on the job to help the city!"

"Carrots, even police officers need a little rest every once and awhile."

"You forget, Nick, I'm not like other officers."

"Oh I know that, Carrots. I've known that since we first met. And speaking of our first meeting, did you know that today is the anniversary of when we solved the Night Howler case?"

She gasped, "That's today?! I completely forgot!"

He chuckled, "Makes sense, you've been so stressed out that your poor bunny brain couldn't keep it in."

She frowned and sighed, "Maybe you're right… maybe I have been working too hard."

"Let's request some vacation time from the Chief when we get back."

She smiled at him, "I'd like that."

Once they had finished their patrol, they drove back to the ZPD and as they were going in, they noticed the main hallway was dark and that Clawhauser's desk was deserted. Both Nick and Judy were confused by this. The fox checked his cellphone clock and showed Judy that it wasn't quitting time yet. The rabbit grew more concern as they slowly went closer to the desk and she called out.

"Ben? Anyone here?"

Then suddenly the lights came back on and every officer of the ZPD appeared out of their hiding places and shouted, "SURPRISE!"

Both of the smaller officers gawked at this and Ben appeared before them with a giant cake that said 'Happy Anniversary' on it with mini figures of Judy and Nick at the top. The cheetah squealed, "Happy Anniversary!"

Nick and Judy exchanged stunned looks when seeing their co-workers' smiling faces and applause rang out.

Judy stammered out, "Wh…what? What's all this?"

Chief Bogo then came up to them with a slight smile on his face, "I would think that two of my best officers would know a celebration when they see one."

"Heh, good one Chief." Nick commented.

The cape buffalo stated, "But seriously, this is a momentous occasion. Hopps, if you and Wilde hadn't found the truth about the savage predators, Bellwether would have succeeded in her plot. It's a hard truth to admit but the city would still be in turmoil to this day had you two not stepped in. The ZPD would have fallen from grace trying to protect every mammal, predator and prey alike… And for that you have my everlasting thanks." He beamed at them.

The fox and rabbit smiled back with Judy nearly crying in joy and had to wipe away the tears. Nick smirked at her before addressing their boss, "I think I speak for the both of us that is high praise coming from you, sir."

Bogo simply nodded.

Clawhauser declared, "Come on! Let's cut this cake!" setting the cake down at his desk and held the knife out for the guests of honor.

Nick motioned to Judy, "Carrots, will you do the honors?"

Judy took the knife and then took Nick's paw for them to both touch it, stating, "Together."

They held the knife together and stepped up the step-ladder provided for them and managed to cut the cake in sync.

Ben awed at the sight while holding his camera phone up to capture the moment. He thought, I'll have to do this again at their wedding to see if it's the same way! That would be so sweet!

Everyone around them cheered as cake slices were passed around. Slowly everyone begin to mingle with some of officers such as Fangmeyer, Wolford and Higgins were asking Nick and Judy for the details of Night Howler case and how they managed to catch Bellwether in the act.

Nick gestured dramatically, "Well luckily yours truly went to the finest acting school there was or else Hopps wouldn't have been able to convince the sheep to reveal her plan."

Judy playfully pointed, "Excuse me?! All you had to do was play a savage predator, I had to make it look like I was in actual danger! I had a much harder role!"

"Ah, but it takes a true actor to keep in character no matter what! Do you have any idea how disgusting it was to taste that deer mannequin?!" he made a gag and added, "In fact just remembering that makes me want to wash my taste buds." he headed for the punch bowl nearby.

Fangmeyer commented to Judy, "You two must have a lot of fun while on patrol."

The bunny giggled, "Oh we do."

Wolford mentioned, "That's really impressive. Especially since you guys bust a lot of criminals at the same time."

Judy proudly said, "And that's why we make a great team. We're comfort around each other while staying committed to our job."

Fangmeyer questioned, "Ever thought of taking your partnership to the next level?"

Judy felt herself going warm all over from her feet to her ears and slowly said, "The thought has crossed my mind… but it all depends if he wants the same thing."

Higgins motioned, "You should ask him right now."

Fangmeyer agreed, "It's the perfect time to ask him."

Wolford said, "Everyone knows of how well you two get along that it would be shocking that you don't end up together."

Higgins added, "The Chief may not show it but even he wants you two to be happy together."

Fangmeyer and Wolford nodded their heads with the wolf stating, "Clawhauser already has wedding decorations at the ready."

Judy gawked at her fellow officers' words. She then quickly looked over to where Nick was who was drinking punch while mingling some more with their co-workers. He saw her looking and gave off his trademark smirk that always made her knees buckle, not that she would ever tell him that. That settle it for her, she was going to go right up to him and ask him out on a date. She started walking over to him while Fangmeyer, Wolford, and Higgins watched on in anticipation.

The Chief joined them shortly and inquired, "Is Hopps finally going to take the plunge?"

The tigeress replied, "She is."

They kept watching as the rabbit slowly made her way to her favorite fox. Her heart pounded with every step of the way. And just as she was about to get closer, she overhear what Nick was telling Snarlov, Delgato, and Francine.

"…Of course, Carrots and I are good friends! And I want nothing more than to keep it that way!"

Judy skidded to a halt when hearing that and her heart dropped like an anvil. She thought dismally, Is that all he sees us as? As friends, and nothing more? She had to muster all her strength to not cry. Before she could be seen she quickly turned around and went to the Chief much to the concern of Fangmeyer, Wolford, and Higgins.

"Sir, I would like to request some vacation time."

Bogo raised a brow in confusion, "For you and Wilde, Hopps?"

"No. Just me, sir."

"Oh. Well if that's what you want, Hopps, I will allow you two weeks vacation time."

"That's more than enough, thank you, sir. With your permission, may I go home to pack?"

The cape buffalo's face grew in concern, "It's your party, Hopps, but I assume you would want to let Wilde know of your plans."

"He already knows that I was planning to take time off." she saluted, "I'll see you in two weeks, sir." and went without another word.

Nick had seen the exchange between Judy and Bogo and now Judy was leaving. He went up to the Chief and asked, "Where's Judy going?"

"She's going home to pack for her two week vacation."

Nick ended up shouting out for all to hear, "SHE'S WHAT?!" and he ran after the bunny.

Clawhauser slowly went up to Bogo and questioned, "Should we do something?"

The Chief of police shook his head, "This is something Hopps and Wilde have to figure out for themselves."

Ben went straight to his desk to check his computer monitor that had different screens of where the department's hidden cameras were at and one of them showed the parking lot where a fox officer had caught up to a bunny officer.

"Carrots!" Nick called out, "Stop!"

Judy stopped but she didn't face him.

Nick demanded, "Why did you ask Bogo for vacation time by yourself? I thought we were supposed to go together!"

"And what exactly is your definition of togetherness, Nick?" Judy turned her head to the side.

"What? Carrots, what are you getting at?"

Judy faced him with a glare, "I'm talking about us, Nick! What are we?!"

"What… are we?" he said, feeling perplexed, not sure what his partner was saying, "We're friends, aren't we?"

Her face sagged, "Yes… I guess we are…" she said with sadness in her tone, "And that's all we'll ever be…"


She held her paw up, "Please… I need to be alone right now…" and she turned away from him again.

He felt anger rising within him, "Well, fine! Go on your vacation without me! I won't care! After all, I'm always saying that you can't let anybody get to you! And I'm certainly not going to let you get to me, Officer Fluff!" He turned around in a huff and ran back inside.

Judy looked back and flashbacks of him leaving the press conference filled her mind. A part of her wanted to go after him but the emotional side of her was refusing.

She reasoned, It's just too confusing to be around him right now… I need to spend some time away to figure out if I can move past my feelings to him… Our friendship and partnership is on the line if I can't do that… With a solemn expression on her face, she went on.

AN: Yeah, I know I need to get to my other works but this suddenly popped into my head and I couldn't resist writing it out. Combining these two movies just work so well for these characters!