Judy was laying on a hard floor as she muttered in her sleep, "Nick… Nick…" Suddenly a loud bang startle her out of her sleep making her shout out, "NICK!"

She panted for a bit but once she calmed down she noticed her surroundings and gasped as she recognized where she was. She was in one of quarantine cells of Cliffside Asylum.

How did I get here? she asked herself then she recalled the last thing she remembered.

Judy was bracing herself as the hoofsteps got closer and then she saw him. Doug. One of Bellwether's associates that the ZPD was unable to find after the capture of his boss. Judy immediately went into action as she tried to apprehend him but he wasn't alone as his two buddies, Jesse and Woolter grabbed her from behind and he grabbed for her carrot pen and placed it on the ground next to the creek.

That was the last thing Judy saw before getting conk out and falling into a deep sleep.

The bunny then realized she felt something on her neck and it seemed like it was collar of some kind.

There was a buzz and the main door opened. Judy half expected Lionheart to appear like he did during the Night Howler case only to find to her shock of another mayor that ruled Zootopia for some time.

Dawn Bellwether stopped in front of Judy's cell with a smug look on her face.

"Surprise to see me again, Officer Hopps?"

Judy shouted out while pressing herself against the glass, "But how is that possible?! You're supposed to be in a maximum security prison!"

"Well I was until I given a golden opportunity to escape!"

"The ZPD would be made aware of this! There's no way you could've just escaped in a less than a day!"

Dawn evilly chuckled, "As always your detective skills serve you well, Officer Hopps, and it's one of the main reasons I'm letting you still be alive when I should have just let my lackeys kill you in that moment you were knocked out."

"And just what are those reasons?"

"The first being is that I want to give you a second chance to join me. You're a worthy adversary, Judy but it would be even better if you were an ally to my cause."

Judy spat, "I will never join you!"

"I figure that would be your first answer but we'll see in time if you change your mind. The second reason is to use you as leverage against the ZPD should they somehow find out that you're still alive and to use you as revenge against that foxy partner of yours since you both had a paw in my demise."

Judy just glared while her ears twitched angrily.

"And finally, you're to be used as an experiment that's all part of my plan."

"Experiment? What experiment?!"

"Oh, you'll find out soon enough." she took out a remote and pushed a button that made Judy's cell open up.

Judy noticed this and with fury in her eyes, she snarled, "That… was a big mistake." and with all her might she pushed Bellwether down and ran for it.

Judy ran down the building's hallways and just as she was about to go out the nearest door, a shock ran through her body making her scream in pain and collapsed to the ground!

Bellwether then came up to her and once more did an evil chuckle. "Did you honestly think I would make that easy? It took you longer to know about the Night Howlers then it did about Lionheart holding the missing predators, didn't it?"

Judy panted, "Wh-what did you do to me?!" she clutched her side.

"That was just a small example of the experiment I was telling you about. You'll have noticed you had a collar put on you or as I would like to call them tame collars. They're designed to keep predators from giving into their savage side, to keep them under control."

Judy gasped, "You sick twisted sheep! You know very well that predators don't have a savage side in this day and age since that was something you made up with the Night Howlers! These collars are cruel and sadistic and why would you have them anyway since you can't savage predators anymore?!"

Dawn just smirked, "Or so you think so… You see, Officer Hopps, I'm on the verge on creating a new Night Howler drug that will combine with a predator's DNA making them just as savage as their ancestors were in ancient times should their aggression get the better of them, then the prey population will demand for the predators to be restrained…"

Judy gnashed her teeth together, "So you'll use this drug on me as well?"

"Of course not. That be rather pointless since you are a bunny and bunnies can't go savage."

"Ha! I'll have you know that my Uncle Terry ate a Night Howler once and he went savage!"

Dawn merely waved her off, "Regardless, my goal is to make Zootopia realize that predators are nothing compared to prey! And the tame collars are the way to do it! Speaking of the tame collar, you'll have realized that the collar shocked you just as you were about to escape…" she pointed at the top of the door. Judy looked and saw a sensory device. Bellwether explained, "The collar and the device are connected and therefore, if you try to escape again you'll just get shocked again."

"So why bother letting me out of my cell?"

"I thought you would appreciate it, since me and my associates cannot be here to babysit you every day and I know the sensors are more than enough to keep you from leaving. Besides, you're not the only prisoner here, there's a couple of agents that were at the prison before I escaped and there's a doctor that's 'helping' with the Night Howler research. They know of the consequences that will happen if any of you step out of line. So you might as well enjoy the company while you can."

Judy had finally regained her strength to stand up, "You won't get away with this!"

Dawn chuckled, "Oh, but my dear Judy, I already have…" she went for the door's number lock and punched a code in making it open. The moment she walked out the metal door shut behind her.

The bunny cop stared at the exit for longest time until she crouched down in sorrow and put her paws to her eyes as tears spilled.

Oh Nick… what am I to do?

AN: I'm sorry this is such a short chapter but this is mostly to fill you on what's happen to Judy and what Bellwether has in store for Zootopia. The next chapter will be longer, promise.