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The miraculous. A set of mysterious jewels that have benefited the human race for thousands of years. Each one contains an animal theme, and a mysterious creature known as a kwami that fuels said miraculous powers. Ever since their creation, men and woman have used these jewels to become heroes. Throughout the years, many have taken up the mantle of heroes, passing on the torch each generation. Seven of the known miraculous are: the Ladybug Earrings, the Black Cat Ring, the Butterfly Brooch, the Turtle Bracelet, the Fox Necklace, the Bee Comb, and the Peacock Brooch.

Each one of these bestowed a special superpower that benefits the hero. In fact, there were seven heroes among the many. In an alternate universe, six of them were pillars of their world, while the seventh gathered them altogether. This is the story of their exploits.


Twilight loved the museum. She loved taking in the art, the history, the culture. Though sadly, it was just her today. Her friends were busy, Timber Spruce was out doing something with his sister. And the museum didn't take kindly to animals being present, otherwise she would have brought Spike. So today, it was just here, and she managed to enjoy herself to a degree. After all, she could tell her friends all about it.

She looked about, finding traces of the history entailed in the art. So many pictures of tales long past. History etched forever in stone and paint. Looking about however, one picture caught her eye. There standing before her, was a painting. The imagery was dark, best befitting the figure before her. Within the image, there was a man garbed in a violet and black outfit. In his hands he held an indigo cane. All about him were several white butterflies flying around him.

"Excuse me?" she asked to a museum worker.

"Yes maam?" the worker replied.

"What's this painting?" she asked.

The worker looked at the painting before coming to an answer. "Ah that is The Butterfly."

"The Butterfly?" Twilight repeated.

"Yes. It's a depiction of a hero that defended his homeland from evil." explained the worker. "Legend says that whenever evil arose, a butterfly would appear and with it a compelling voice would offer a person power to defend. They would then transform into a hero to fight upon The Butterfly's behalf. Some called The Butterfly the Hero of Generosity."

"Hero of Generosity?" Twilight repeated. Sounded like those powers would be right up Rarity's alley.

She had seen much magic in such a short time at Canterlot High, but she had never heard of the power to bestow powers onto others. As she stared up, she wondered what story could lay behind the image?


The chamber was dark. The only light was the single window to the outside world. All about, several white butterflies fluttered about. Each one keeping close to the one who controlled them. Standing in the center of the room, was a young man. He was garbed in a violet suit, very fancy, and very professional looking. Around his shoulders was a black cloak, almost giving off the illusion of wings. He wore a pair of black gloves with matching black shoes. His face was obscured by a silver colored mask, which covered every portion of his face save for his blue eyes and mouth. In his hands he carried an indigo colored cane, with a violet stone stop. Lastly, right underneath his neckline, was a bright violet brooch. Four strands of fabric flowed out, giving off the image of a butterfly.

He was known as The Butterfly. At least that was the name he had chosen for himself. Least he found it most applicable. Apparently anyone who bore the brooch could choose their own unique name. Still, this was how he spent most of his days. He would sit in this room, feeling out a powerful emotion. Positive emotions of course. Happiness, determination, but most of all, a desire to do good. When he sensed it out, he would send one of his tiny companions to bestow that lucky individual with his gift.

His blue eyes finally flickered as he sensed something within the room. Something was flying through the window. There before him was another butterfly. Though similar in shape to the other ones, it held a black coloring with violet highlights. A smile crossed The Butterfly's face.

"Hello my dear Akuma." he spoke in a soft voice.

The Akuma fluttered to his open palm. As soon as it did, the black coloring dissipated, returning it to it's white color. The now powerless butterfly joined it's brethren in the room.

With the Akuma's job done, his role was done. "Dark wings fall." he called.

Suddenly, a bright light shone forth from the brooch, and his costume melted away revealing someone new. Standing in the room was a young man. His skin an ashen gray, and his hair color a mop of turquoise blue.

Outside of his costume, he was known by a simpler name: Stygian.

Before Stygian, floated a small creature. It was a lavender colored being, no bigger than his palm. Four wings fluttered about it's back, and a swirl of proboscis lay upon it's forehead. This creature was known as a kwami. More accurately, Nooroo, the kwami of generosity. And he was the source of the brooch's power. Said brooch now looked different. The wing strands were no longer present, and the oval shape of the brooch was now a darker violet with metallic edgings.

Nooroo looked rather pleased with himself, as it had been another fine day of creating a champion. But he noticed something was amiss.

"Um Master Stygian?" Nooroo asked in his meek voice. "Why do you look so sad?"

Stygian's eyes were downcast, staring down at his now uncostumed feet. Something was on his mind, and he had to know.

"Nooroo? Am I useful?" he asked. The question was simple, but to Stygian it held a great importance.

"Of course you are Master! Why would you think otherwise?" Nooroo said with slight alarm.

A sigh escaped Stygian, "When I got your miraculous, I felt happy. Finally I could do some good in the world. But sadly I was wrong."

"You have done good in the world master. If not for you, your homeland would be in great danger." reminded Nooroo.

"Yes but my hands aren't doing the fighting. I've created countless champions to fight on my behalf, but they do all the work and they get all the praise and glory. Nobody ever notices me."

That was how it was. Though Stygian came from a good family, he was never someone of any real importance. When he became a superhero, he expected himself to have spectacular powers. But instead, he could only give powers to others. They would become the heroes, while he would just be an unknown gem in the dirt. Never shined, never held, never adored.

Nooroo had seen this look before. In all the masters he had served, this was a common feeling. "Master. I know how you feel." the kwami's voice spoke gently. "The butterfly is a beacon of support. They can only create followers to fight for them. But you forget the trait of this miraculous. Generosity."

Stygian's eyes lit up. And he listened well to his kwami's words.

"You have a way of bringing out the best qualities of a person, and then you bestow your power to that individual. You are a generous soul." said Nooroo.

"But I just want to do more." Stygian tried his best not to sound like he was whining, but when one felt a great lack of importance, their feelings could fall.

"Master I have served many butterflies. And they all had something in common: they were kind, generous, and could search out the best qualities to make a hero. My miraculous they gave others the hope to fight when the world faced danger. And you have given up hope to your town countless time. And eventually, my past holders were recognized. It wasn't immediate, but in time, they were known."

Stygian listened well to his kwami's words. The words of one who had served those worthy to bear the brooch. In that moment, his feelings of worthlessness vanished, and he suddenly felt as if something had lifted from him.

"Thank you Nooroo." thanked Stygian. "How about we get outside?"

Nooroo vanished into the confines of Stygian's clothing, keeping himself from view. As Stygian took in the air and sights of his town, sure enough, he heard talk of today's hero. They were praises, adoration, and gratitude. But one thing that stood out was what his chosen had said.

"I may have done the work, but the voice the butterfly brought was the real hero. Without them, I wouldn't have saved everyone."

And hearing that, Stygian was fully happy. He had wanted to say something, anything to make himself known. But he knew that his satisfaction at keeping his town safe was all he needed.


Okay. First off I am a fan of Miraculous Ladybug. And I have always wanted to come up with a decent crossover for it. Now I had an idea of the humane seven going to France and one of them being akumatized by Hawkmoth. But I couldn't think up a decent plot for it. Then I remembered the pillars. And thought, what if Equestria Girls and Miraculous Ladybut existed in the same universe? And what if the human versions of the pillars were past miraculous holders? And this this fanfic idea was born. My goal is to make seven chapters each detailing one of the pillars being a miraculous holder. Now I know Stygian is not a pillar, but his pony counterpart brought them together. So that made me feel like he was perfect for the role of the butterfly.

Now I am not sure if "Dark Wings Rise" is the proper transformation phrase for the butterfly miraculous, but since the Miraculous crew haven't said anything otherwise, it is going to be the name listed. I hope you enjoy this and look forward to the rest.