Summary: Twin Potters are born. One of them is seen as a hero while the other is forgotten. However, instead of the fame going to his head, Daniel Potter escapes his home along with his sister, Lyra Potter, where they are whisked away to the past. There they become apart of the Arcbeleno and their story begins.

Chapter 1

Daniel Potter sighed as his parents smiled and celebrated his seventh birthday party. They had forgotten Lyra-his sister-again. Lyra had told him not to remind them as she really didn't care and was just happy she had her, but it bothered him to no end.

How could they forget his sister? What can of parents were they? He even overheard them saying before that they were lucky to have children as his mother couldn't give birth anymore, so shouldn't they cherish them?

He hated his life. Lyra was the only person who understood him. He hated his fame because it made him feel so caged, like he was a prisoner in his own house, in his own life. The only time he felt free was when it was just him and Lyra.

Sometimes he was sneak inside her room, or she'd come to him and they would talk about random things. He would tell her about his problems and she would help him, listen to him and not brush him aside as the adults did.

Lyra was amazing herself. She could do wandless magic and knew so many spells. She had even taught him how to do some, but he was no where near as good as her. She'd even sneak out of the house and bring him his favorite sweets, and he shook his head at how his parents never noticed she was gone.

He knew she was planning something. What he didn't know, but he knew that if she was going to leave, he was going to leave with her. No way was he going to let her be free on her own. Not that he expected her to leave him since she knew how much he hated this place.

Daniel yawned and rubbed his eye. The party was finally over and everyone had gone home. The house elves were cleaning up and he was ushered upstairs. Cleaning himself, he waited for his parents to come as they always did and tuck him in. When he knew they were gone, he got up.

Before he did so however, Lyra had already sneaked inside and he grinned as she closed the door. Her eyes held some a mischievous look and he knew something big was going to happen. He gave her a look.

"What are you planning?" he whispered, trying not to be heard.

"I put up a silencing ward." she waved him off and then grinned, "Pack up, we're leaving now." she said and his eyes widen.

"Right now?" he squeaked and she laughed.

"Yup! I've been planing this for a year. I have thousands of galleons, muggle money and gold bars from my trust vault and copied mos of the books from the library-even the Grimoire. I even bought books and a tent. Its all inside here." she patted a miniature trunk that she slipped out of her pocket. Daniel grinned.

"Did you find out anything about those weird powers?" he asked and she grinned.

"Yup! The goblins know almost everything!" she exclaimed happily, "Apparently they're used a lot in the mafia and are called Dying Will Flames of the Sky. They're all in this book I got, but I'm considered a Mist and you're a Cloud. Now hurry, or else we won't make it." she shooed him and he got to packing.

A couple months ago, during one of the nights they practiced Occulumency, Lyra had brought out these weird indigo flames. Neither of them knew what it was, but it had taken him much longer to bring out and his were purple.

They had no idea what they could do, but after experimenting, they found out he could duplicate things and she could create illusions. It was amazing, but they decided to keep it a secret, like everything else they did.

Throwing everything unceremoniously inside the trunk his sister gave him he gave her a high-five, which she returned. He was just so happy. He was going to be free and his identical sister-for they both had green eyes and raven hair-was going to be with him and everything would be perfect.

"Oh, before I forget. Here." she gave him a necklace, which once it touch his skin, turn invisble. "That will make sure no one will be able to track us. Now lets get going, we're heading to Italy first. Its where all the Flame users are and we could get more information."

Giving him room one final look, he smiled and followed her out. He breathed in the fresh air, because he knew Lyra wouldn't let them get caught. It was how much he trusted her, how much the so-called 'Boy-Who-Lived had relied on her.

He was finally free.


Lyra Potter smiled softly as she looked at her brother's face. It was radiating of pure happiness. Never mind they were in the slums of Italy, never mind they were pick-pocketing, stealing, or as he called it, honing their skills, He was free and happy and she was happy just looking at him.

She had gathered a lot of information about the flames, and it helped that she had more practice time with her flames before. She almost had a solid grasp on her illusions, but relied on her metamorph ability.

She didn't know why but she loved collecting information. She had this drive that she just had to know things. Knowledge was power, something she learned ass he grew older and a lot of people wanted to know information. Thus is why she began selling information.

Or would be until she had a better grasp on the Underworld. It wasn't just her own reasons that she need to know what was going on, but she needed to know in order to keep her brother safe.

She saw how they all had expectations from him, how they all saw 'the-boy-who-lived' and not the frightened, the caged little boy. She hated them all, especially Albus Dumbledore and his controlling ways, always thinking he knew what was best.

She made a mental note to dig into his history.

She didn't care he had deflected the curse. Daniel was her brother, her little brother, her twin and other half. She was not going to let this pieces of shit run him through the mud and solve all their problems.

Since he was a Cloud, Lyra found out that Clouds were drifters. They never stayed in one place and it was a very bad thing to cage on. As they were the second rarest, they had something called a Cloud Rage. She was pretty sure her brother would have snapped if she hadn't brought him out of there.

They had been on the streets for a couple of months now. They both practiced with their flames in private and she had Daniel practice his magic without a wand. She found it stupid how people relied on their wands.

Daniel laughed for hours straight when she told him it would be pathetic way to die simply because they didn't have a stick.

"Lyra, look here!" Daniel called out to her and she walked over to where he was crouched at. She narrowed her eyes. This thing seemed a bit familiar, something she had seen in books at a glance, but she could place it.

"Do you know what it is?" he asked and she shook her head.

"No, but it feels weird. It feels like its broken." she said and her eyes widen when she saw him reaching for it, "No don't-"

But it was too late as Daniel touched it and whisked them away.


When they had finally stopped spinning, they landed hard on the floor. Both sore, Lyra checked their surroundings. She didn't know why, but it seemed far different than she had ever seen before.

"Ugh, what happened?" Daniel groaned rubbing his forehead.

"That was a broken portkey. Come on, lets go see where we are." she pulled him up. She was thankful they had their trunk where all their belongings were.

Looking around, they saw that the place they were in was very old, and they couldn't see the modern things. The cars looked really old and it felt like muggleborns entering Diagon Alley for the first time; they went back in time.

A newspaper caught their attention and their faces went pale. It was dated to forty years before their actual time. Lyra glared at the sheepish look her twin gave her before hitting him on the head.

"You idiot!"

"Ouch!" he whined holding his head.

"That's what you get for touching unknown things." she huffed and then motioned him over, "Lets get going. We have to get some information about this time period." and off they went.

Lyra was glad that she was a natural at gathering information because by the end of the day, she had an understanding of what the hell was going around the area. They were able to get some food-thankfully the money was still the same-and found a forest where they would camp out.

It was strange being sent to the past. It was also thrilling and so exciting. Anything could happen! She idly wondered if she and Daniel were still alive when they were on the streets and had ran away. Speaking of Daniel, he was unusually quiet.

"Hey Danny? Are you alright?" she asked softly as they cuddled on their bed.

"I'm sorry for causing you problems." he whispered.

Daniel felt horrible. All he had ever done for his sister was cause her problems. He was the one that their parents had paid attention too and ignored her, she was the one that listened to him when no one would and she was the one that got him out of his caged life.

Only to repay her back with misery.

He wouldn't blame her if she hated him, heck he hated himself. He wanted her to rely on him too, to not be burden, but he goes and sends them tot he past.

"Hey, its not your fault alright?" she said firmly and he looked at her determined face, "Anyone could have picked up that portkey and it just happen to be us. Besides, we don't have to be hiding from the Order now and can freely do whatever we want." she grinned and he smiled.

Lyra always knew what to say to cheer him up.

"Thank you Lyra." he yawned, snuggling closer. She smiled.

"Goodnight little brother."