Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day at Foosha Village. The village was regularly a calm and peaceful village. Shops were open to business, people going about for another day, children playing with another. Three children, however, stood out the most as they were always seen together. If you saw one of them, then you'd see the other two not far away. These three siblings would cause mischief and mayhem throughout the village, but their pranks were always harmless. They were also quite protective of one another, so you mess with one of them then you mess with them all.

"'Ruto! Lu! Hurry up! Gramps might already be there Dattabane!" a seven year old blonde female said to an identical blonde boy and a raven haired boy as they left the play ground they were playing at.

"We're coming Haru!" the blonde boy yelled after her, "Oi Lu! We're gonna be late and Haru is going to win!" he said to his brother, getting his attention.

"Let's go!" the raven exclaimed, running beside the blonde. All three children reached a bar, though the female blonde was first.

"Took you guys long enough." she huffed, making them grin. They opened the door to the bar and saw there were fewer people than usual. Working behind the counter was the familiar green haired woman they knew and sitting on a chair near the counter was the man they were looking for.

"Gramps!" they exclaimed, hugging him in one go.

"Haha, I see you guys finally came! So, how are my favourite grand kids? You're not causing any trouble are you?" he asked, but the twinkle of mischief in their eyes was enough for him.

"Hello you three. I hope you won't cause your gramps too much trouble during his stay." the green haired woman, Makino said as she handed them each a glass of water.

Haruka, Naruto and Luffy were seen year old siblings that always stuck with one another. They would often come other bar to visit Makino, who they viewed as an older sister of sorts. Haruka took the role of an older sibling even though Luffy was five months older and was the one who always got them out of trouble.

Creating pranks was always Naruto's thing, which Luffy enjoyed too, though he was a bit too honest at times. They lived with their gramps, Garp, though there were times that he had to leave. He was a respected marine, something that Haruka though was awesome, but not the two boys. Luffy wanted to be a pirate and through the many stories he had told them, he had gotten Naruto roped up to it. They had decided that they would go together, but Luffy said he wanted to be the captain, something his blonde brother didn't mind.

As long as he got to go on great adventures and have a great time, he didn't care if Luffy was captain. This is what Garp tried to talk them out of in a very...violent way. Unfortunately, nothing worked. Haruka, though didn't mind if her brother's became pirates, wasn't going to become one, much to the happiness of their gramps, but she wasn't going to become a Marine as well. Garp had asked he plenty of times, but she refused and he didn't push her. If she didn' turn out to be a criminal then that was good enough for him.

A lot had happened to Monkey D. Garp since the night he had taken in the twins. He hadn't told them about their true heritage, heck they three believed that they were blood siblings, but he knew he had to tell them, which was what he was planning on doing. He had read the letter their mother had told him to read and though she was lying.

I mean, would you believe someone when they tell you that they were from a different dimension? Probably not. So he placed his hand over the weird markings that they had on their stomachs. He did it to Naruto, seeing that the woman, Kushina, didn't want him to deflower his daughter. What happened next had scared him. Right there in a large sewer like place, in a cage, was a large fox with huge nine tails.

Now Garp wasn't someone who was easily scared, but even so, he believed he looked like an insect to the fox. But the large fox had reassured him that he wasn't going to harm him and had confirmed everything that Kushina had said. He even saw her memories and was impressed by the woman's strength. She had taken down about 300 of their best warriors, to what Kurama, the fox's name, had told him and she did it all in her weakened child birth state. She had earned his respect and vowed to make sure that her efforts weren't lost.

He had talked to Kurama from time to time while they were still babies, but not anymore. he didn't want to arouse suspicion. They had decided that when the twins had turned seven, they were going to be told. It was around this time that Kushina wanted them to start their training because she wanted them to have more freedom in their childhood.

"Ne, jiji, are you going to leave any time soon?" Haruka asked, as she took a sip of her water.

"Aww, Haru you don't want me to leave soon? Such a kind grand daughter!" he said hugging her and then glared at the other two "Why can't you too be more like her huh?

"When are you leaving jiji?" Naruto as with hope.

"You can leave now jiji." Luffy waved him off.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" Garp yelled, punching them out of the bar. Makino and Haruka just watched as they were being chased around the place.

"So Haru, what new prank we you three planning next?" Makino asked. She was lucky that they had never pranked her or her bar, but she did have to admit that it was hilarious!

"Oh~ We were gonna the mayor, but we still don't know what to do. He's been at the end of most of our pranks, so we have to do something new." she giggled.

"Aren't you three a bit too hard on him? He is an old man." Makino sighed as Haruka shook her head. Just then, Garp came back with both Naruto and Luffy over his shoulder like sacs, beaten.

"Haru, come. I have something I have to tell you three." he said in a serious tone the girl didn't ever see him with.

"'Kay jiji. See ya Makino!" she waved at her elder sister figure and followed him. They walked in silence as they reached a hillside wear a grave was situated.

"Jiji? Why are we here?" Naruto asked as they sat in a circle around him.

"There's something that you three must know. Its more really about the two of you." he said looking at the twins.

"Are you going to tell us a cool story?" Luffy asked cheerfully.

"Is it about pirates?" Naruto asked with excitement.

"FOR THE LAST TIME YOU WON'T BE PIRATES!" he yelled but held him back from hitting them, "As I was saying, Haruka, Naruto, you both aren't from this world." he put it bluntly. The three children looked at him, blinked three times and then began laughing.

"Shishishi! Jiji, you're really funny!" Luffy said, holding his sides.

"What's next? We'll become Marines?" Naruto laughed, banging his fists on the ground.

"I have to agree with them jiji. Another world? Have you been having that 'special' sake?" Haruka grinned. Garp gained a couple tick marks and tried to not hit them as he too never really believed it either.

"Look. I want you both to lift up your shirts. You'll see a spiral symbol there." he said, but his eyes twitched as they looked at him, as if they were on guard.

"Oi, jiji. Are you a pedophile?" Naruto asked, as both boys moved closer to Haruka for protection.

"What's with that question?" Luffy asked from behind her back.

"WOULD YOU STOP MISINTERUPTING MY WORDS!?" he exclaimed, punching the ground.

"Gomen jiji." they said together.

"Look just do it." he said, pinching the bridge of his nose. The three children shrugged and pulled up their shirts. There was indeed a spiral symbol on the twin blondes. Unknowing to them, Kurama was applying some of his chakra, as the seal is only visible when they would use chakra.

"Why can't I see mine?" Luffy pouted as he saw the ones on his siblings.

"The truth is, the three of you aren't really siblings." Garp said getting shocked looks, "The tomb site over there is where your mother is buried, Haruka, Naruto. She saved you both from something very evil." and began telling them everything he knew, which was practically everything. By the end of the story, they had oddly believed him since they had never seen their gramps so serious, "By the way, you guys can't tell anyone." he added.

"Its nice to met you both." they, the twins, heard.

"Who said that?" the blondes exclaimed.

"Said what?" Luffy asked in confusion.

"That must be Kurama, the fox I was telling you about." Garp said.

"S-So we have a fox sealed within us?" Naruto trembled

"A-And, you're n-not really-" Haruka began tearing up at the thought that her gramps and brother Luffy weren't really her family.

"It doesn't matter to me whether or not we're related by blood, but you two are still my grandchildren." he grinned as they ran up to him and hugged him.

"Right! And we're still siblings!" Luffy exclaimed, punching the air, until he was dragged into the group hug.

"I suppose we'll talk later." they heard the fox grumble and then there was silence.

"Um, jiji? The fox erm Kurama was it? Yea he said he'll talk to us later." Naruto said.

"That's alright. Come let's pay our respects." Garp said as they each kneeled beside the tomb site, "Your mother went through a lot to ensure your survival. Just by that, you can tell sh loved you both dearly." Garp said, bring a smile to their faces.

Kushina Uzumaki

Brave and Loving Mother

Died Protecting her Children

May she rest in Peace.

"So, I suppose this makes us Haruka and Naruto Uzumaki huh?" Haruka smirked.

"What about Luffy?" Naruto asked.

"You Luffy go by Monkey D. Luffy. That's your full name." Garp said.

"'D'? What does that stand for?" Luffy frowned.

"You'll know in due time." Garp waved him off, "Now, we're suppose to start your training-" he was cut off by the ring of his Den Den Snail


"Hold on a sec- Hello? Who is this?" he yelled through the receiver.

"Vice Admiral Garp! There was an emergency meeting that has been called into session at Marine HQ in two weeks."

"TWO WEEKS?! HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO GET THERE ON TIME!?" he yelled into the phone, and didn't wait for a reply as he hung up and ran away.

"Gramps! What about our training?" Haruka yelled after him. Running back he looked at them,

"We'll start your training once I come back. Take care!" he said, giving them each a final hug and ran off as he added, "You better stop the pirate talk when I come back!" The three siblings looked at one another and grinned.

"Paint war?" Naruto asked.

"Paint war!" Haruka and Luffy exclaimed and their bonds were deeper than ever as they ran off.

Unknown to them, Kushina's ghost was hovering over her grave as she saw her children were doing well with a good family, leading a good life and smiled at their retreating forms.

'Naruto, Haruka. I hope you both live out your dreams. Luffy, Garp, thank you for looking after them.' she said, as a tear rolled down her face and her image disappeared.

That Night

Haruka had made her siblings some dinner, since they usually took care of themselves when their gramps wasn't around. She had become quite a good cook because of this. As they finished, both twins heard Kurama tell them it was time to met.

"Is there a way for Lu to met you?" Naruto asked.

"Sure. Just tell him to place his hand over your seal." Kurama said, getting confused looks from them both, "The spiral thing on your stomach." he said getting a positive response.

"Haru, Lu, let's go to the living room. We're gonna met Kurama!" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Can I met him too?" Luffy asked with stars in his eyes at the very concept of meting a fox that was apparently in his brother's stomach.

"Sure. Just place your hand here." Naruto said, pulling up his shirt and then everything was black.

Waking up, the two brothers found themselves in a clearing with a huge cage in front of them. They looked at one another, eye brows raised, wondering where they were.

"Oi! You guys! Over here!" they heard and turned to see Haruka running towards them.

"Haru!" they both yelled as they ran over to her, knocking her down with a hug.

"Where are we?" Luffy asked.

"I'm not sure. Let's go check inside the cage." she suggested and they walked over and saw a large fox, with nine tails swishing around. Kurama they had thought.

"So, you children have finally came? Its been awhile indeed." he said. The children though, just stared at him in shock. Never have they thought that he was THIS huge.

"SO BIG!" they yelled.

"Of course I am! I am the great Kyuubi no- you know what you won't even know what I'm talking about so forget it." he said dejectedly, having still remember they didn't even know what a seal was.

"Umm, its nice to met you Kurama." Haruka, the polite one, said bowing slightly.

"Hmm, now then how should we do this?" he wondered looking at them.

"How are we going to train?" Naruto asked.

"Well that would have to be up to your grandfather. I'm only going to unseal your kekkei genkai." he said.

"What's a whatever you said?" Luffy asked.

"You have to read the books your mother had gotten ready for you. From the conversation I heard earlier, he won't be back in at least two weeks, so you'll have plenty of time to read it the books." he said.

"Where are they? DO you know where gramps put them?" Haruka asked.

"Yes, now come closer." he said and they stepped forward. Placing a tail on each of the twin's foreheads, he put a small bit of his chakra into it and then undid the seal. "There, I undid the seal. Look at one another. What you see is what the other has." he said. Haruka looked at Naruto's eyes, Naruto looked at her eyes and Luffy looked in between the eyes of the two. There they saw that their eyes turned black from blue to three red dots around it.

"Suigo!" Luffy exclaimed in amazement, having never seen anything like it before.

"What the hell is that?!" Naruto yelled in confusion.

"Why did our eyes change?" Haruka asked Kurama.

"Like I said, your mother prepared everything for you both and I mean EVERYTHING! So just go into your gramps room, you'll see a green bag. Opening it, you'll see scrolls and each one of them are labelled. Take the one that says 'BOOKS' and then apply some of your chakra into it." he said and then added, "Before you ask, chakra is that weird thing you can feel running throught your bodies, like when you apply it to your eyes." he said.

"So if we do this?" Haruka said, cutting off the chakra flow from her eyes. Immediately the two brothers saw that it turned back to blue.

"Your eyes are blue again Haru." Luffy said.

"Now my turn!" Naruto grinned and did the same, making his eyes turn blue as well.

"Aww, I wish I had cool powers." Luffy pouted, making Kurama think. The boy didn't have any chakra, but

"Well if you want, I could use my chakra to strengthen your muscles. It'll make you stronger than the average human, making you do things that would be humanly impossible." Kurama suggested, though he was already doing so. Since the three children were always in contact with one another when they slept, especially when their gramps wasn't there and they were babies, it was much more easier.

"Really!? Arigato!" Luffy said, cheering with Naruto. Haruka smiled. She didn't want her brother to feel left out, and now thankfully something could be done about it.

"Yea, yeah. Anyways, you guys have a lot of things to read. Your mother made sure you both had everything to become great ninja." he said, getting a starry look from both the boys.

"Ninja!?" they exclaimed, both with goofy smiles.

"Yea, your world, the place you both were born in, is a ninja world. Your mother was actually one of the best ninja there was." he said with a hint of pride.

"I guess we'll become great too right boy? If you both want to be pirates, you have to train and we will once gramps comes back, but right now, we have to learn about our own world and this weird 'chakra' is okay?" Haruka said, usually the leader as the other two always seemed to relied on her.

"'Kay sis!" they smiled.

"Alright then get going!" Kurama boomed, pushing them out of the mindscape, though he smiled,

'Thankfully they're all you in the inside Kushina.'

Living Room

The three siblings woke up in their living room and they looked at one another to confirm that it wasn't a dream. Smiling they got together into a group hug.

"Okay lets go into gramps room and look for the bag." Naruto said as they ran up stairs in their small little house.

Reaching their destined room, they opened the door. It was a simple with pictures of the family of four and then a huge bed that the three siblings would usually huddle in and sleep together in when their gramps was gone. It gave them a sense of security in a way. They spilt up to look for the bag, since Kurama didn't really know where it was exactly.

"Is this it?" Luffy asked, dragging out a bag.

"Lets see." Haruka said as they looked inside. Sure enough, there were indeed a lot of scrolls, which was why the bag was heavy.

"We have to look for the scroll that says 'BOOKS' on it." Naruto said as they rampaged inside, turning the bag upside down, spilling its contents to search better.

There were many scrolls, that said medicine, ninjutsu, taijutsu, kenjutsu, kekkei genkai, sealing, and then finally books, each with numbers. Taking it out from the many scrolls, the three children removed all the ones that said books, which had a total of seven scrolls.

"Okay, we have the scrolls and they're each numbered. I think kaa-san wanted us to read them in order. So lets start with the number one." Haruka said and pushed some chakra into, just as Kurama had instructed her to do and to their surprise, a pile of books seemingly came out of nowhere, startling them.

"What the hell?!" they jumped.

"All those books..." Naruto began.

"Were inside that small scroll." Luffy finished as hey booth looked at it in awe.

"Yea, I know its cool and all, but help me put these other scrolls away." Haruka said and the two boys did just that. When they finished, they looked at the pile of books and began going through them, although the two boys didn't want, a look from their sister shut their complaining.

"Hmm, I think we should put these away for now. I can understand a bit of this chakra for now. What about you guys?" she asked Naruto and Luffy, who was reading a history book.

"I don't understand it that well." Naruto admitted, scratching the back of his head.

"These fights are so cool!" Luffy said, for once absorbed in a book, "Haru, you think you can read this to us?" he asked.

"Sure. I'll do it another time, let's go to sleep for now." she said. They pushed the books to a side of the room and got dressed for bed.

"Can we sleep in gramp's room?" Luffy asked.

"Sure." Haruka smiled and they all fell asleep with smiles on their faces. Tomorrow was going to be a great day.


At the port of Foosha village, there was a pirate ship that had just came in. They had just began making a name for themselves around the world and decided to stay in the village for a peaceful rest and stock up on supplies.

"Captain, should we leave the ship now or later?" a crew member asked their captain. Turning around, the man had red hair, three scars running down his eye. he wore simple casual clothes, something that wouldn't be seen from a captain.

"No, we'll head out tomorrow. Its late right now." he said, but it could be seen that he was mildly disturbed about something that neither of them knew. "Alright then. Let's get some sleep everyone!" he said as they all went inside. The red haired captain stayed out for sometime, his eyebrows together in confusion, but then went inside. He'll find out tomorrow when the village found out of their arrival.

The arrival of the Red-Haired Pirates!