The box opened, and light came in the box. It was then that one of the girls saw the person sitting across of her. She was young, and had dark brown hair. But she had a feeling she was rather young too. The girl was scared, and looked up, only to see at least ten faces hovering above the box. One of the boys opened the box, and gave her a hand up. Another boy gave the dark haired girl a hand, and not long after both girls stood in the middle of a field.

"Where am I? What is this place?" the girl asked. She was scared, so scared, and couldn't remember anything. Not even her name. One of the boys answered, but she barely heard him. She took in her surroundings, and realised that they were all boys. Boys that seemed to age from 12 to 18, boys that weren't even real men yet. "I'm sorry, please repeat that," the girl said, knowing her thoughts had drifted away. "It's okay, we were all like that on our first day. Though none of us arrived as a pair," the boy explained. He gave her a hand, and introduced himself. "I'm Niels, I came here two years ago, but I still remember it well. It's very confusing at first, but you'll get used to it soon enough," he told her. "You know your name? How?" the girl asked, confused that he seemed to know so much, whereas she knew nothing. "It comes in time. I couldn't remember anything for two full days before my name popped up. We think it's the shock from your ride in the box. Come with me, and I'll explain all you need to know," Niels told her. She looked back at the dark haired, the girl she shared her box ride with, but she seemed to be doing well enough. "Okay, sure," the girl told Niels, and he lead her into the forest.

"I know it all seems confusing now, but we all went through the same thing. It's hard at first, but it will get easier. What you need to know right now are the basics. There are four main places, four main groups. There are the Slicers, who take care of our animals and ensure we have enough to eat. You have the Builders, who build everything we have here. They are the ones who build the main building, and everything else, except the box. The box has always been there, though we don't know why. Anyway, the third group is the Med-jacks. They are our doctors, and know everything about biology and science. They heal us and take care of us when we've been stung by a Griever. Wait, you also don't know what a Griever is… Grievers live outside this place. We call it the Glade, and the people who live here are the Gladers. Outside those four walls is a maze. That's where the Grievers live, and also where the Runners work. Their job is to map the maze. They go out every day and run through the maze. They map every turn, every dead end, and come back at the end of the day to draw the looks of the maze for that day. There are eight sections, and eight runners, and they are the elite of the Glade. It's dangerous to go out there, and that's why the Runners are the only ones allowed in the maze. Can you still follow me?" Niels kept rambling and the girl really tried to keep up. However when he talked about the Med-jacks, things seem to fit for her. "And how do I know where I belong?" she asked him. "Well, you'll work one day for every group and in the end they decide the best place for you. Why? Already got your eyes set on something?" Niels joked. "Well, I don't know. But something clicked in my head when you mentioned the Med-jacks," she told him. "Mmm, interesting," Niels mumbled as they slowly walked back to the middle field.

When they stood in the middle of the Glade, the girl could clearly see that there were four doors to the maze. Each one in one of the compass points: North, East, South, West. "There, in the North-West is our main home. In the North-East is the place we grow our crops. South-East is where our food is produced, and South-West is a forest. The one we just walked through. It's also a place you should never wander to far in. It's not very pleasant near the wall," Niels pointed, showing her how utterly small the Glade was, and how many boys worked together to keep everyone alive. "It's amazing," she said to him, and he walk over to two other boys. "This is Dimitri, the Keeper of the Med-jacks. And this is Ernest, he is the second Med-jack. If you'd like I'm sure they would like to tell you more about their job," Niels told her. Dimitri was an older guy, she thought he was like 17, and had a tanned skin. His hair was dark, and his eyes a deep shade of brown. The one Niels had named Ernest was younger, probably 14, and was blonde with pale green eyes. They were complete opposites, and she liked it. Niels kinda looked like an older version of Ernest. He was blonde too, and had emerald coloured eyes. "If you were wondering how you look, I could tell you," young Ernest told her. "Yes, please. It's weird not to know anything about myself," she told him, as Ernest looked at her. "Well, you have reddish hair, and it has nice waves. Your eyes are hazel, and you are rather tall for a girl. I think you're about 15 or 16 years old," Ernest told her.

The girl blinked, and remembered something. "I'm 15. 15 years and 10 months. My birthday will be in two months, and I'll turn sixteen then," she stumbled. "See, I told you you'd slowly remember," Niels told her and she smiled. "You know, a name would be nice to. And apparently my memory is better than yours. I didn't need two days, I remember my name. I'm Sarah," she said, happy to finally remember something about herself. "Welcome to the Glade Sarah," Dimitri said, and the four of them started laughing.