092. Drive



She thinks of Steve all of the time, in every crackle of a radio broadcast, in every gap between a letter. Angie doesn't tell her to stop.

That's something Peggy admires about her — the compassion and gratitude in Angie's heart.

"I can't believe Mr. Stark loaned us this," Angie squeals, gripping onto the wheel of the cherry-black automobile with white, satiny-soft leather covering the seats as well as the furnishings.

Autumn glows in a sunset orange-yellow, fading the leaves to match, cooling and wetting the air.

The windows fog up quickly, splattered with rain.

Peggy's name spills from her lips, hymnal, covetous, the moment before a red-faced, grinning Angie straightens up, dabbing off her forehead and fanning her loosened, silk blouse.

"Woo!" she shout-laughs, trembly and high, allowing a satisfied, disheveled Peggy to sit up in the backseat, wiping off her clear-gleaming lips and adjusting her blazer. "You sure know how to spoil me, Peg… not that I don't mind it. Gosh."

"I know you don't," Peggy says fondly, pressing a kiss to Angie's face and reveling in their joy.

Steve is gone.

She's found her partner, for dancing, for bliss and for all of what life has to offer them.



Agent Carter/Marvel Comics are not mine. TIME FOR SAPPY AND CUTE GAY THINGS! :D I love these girls so dang much! I love Peggy/Steve too but I also love the thought of Peggy making a joyous life with another person after his loss in her life. I'M MUSHY. Okay thanks for reading and thoughts/comments welcome!