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BTW, this fic takes place right after Kagome's jewel shards are stolen by Kykou, and InuYasha learns of the wind scar. I'm sorry but Kouga won't make an appearance in this, and it is very Inu/Kag.

The rating is PG-13, just to be safe.

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Two Weeks

By: Garret Jax


Kagome yawned, stretching her arms out to their full length. She sighed slightly, and dismounted her bicycle. She rubbed her eyes, and pushed a strand of raven black hair out of her face. She wore her usual school uniform: white shirt, green tie and miniskirt, long white socks, and some black shoes.

Slowly, she walked over to where her traveling companion, Sango, was setting up a fire pit. "I take it this is where we make camp?" She asked, fighting back another yawn.

"Yes," Sango said in a mild voice. "Miroku is out gathering fire-wood and InuYasha is checking for any signs of danger." She finished setting some stones in a ring just as Miroku, the young monk walked into the little clearing.

He wore the long blue and black robes of a monk, and had his hair up in a little ponytail, to further symbolize his status. He walked over to Sango, and deposited his armful of firewood at the demon hunter's feet. "Here you are." He said in a calm reserved voice.

"Thank you" Sango said, her voice warm and sisterly. She arranged the sticks into a little teepee, and stood up, brushing the dirt off her green skirt and decorative blouse. "Kirara" she called out to her friend, a small fox youkai. The little beast stood up, and came over to her master's call. "Could you start up this fire for me?" Kirara obligingly walked over to the little tent of wood, and concentrated. An aura of flame burst around her, and the wood was soon burning merrily.

Kirara jumped into Sango's arms, and snuggled up to her, mewling softly. Sango smiled, and absentmindedly smacked a groping hand from behind her. Miroku withdrew his hand and nursed it, smiling. Kagome couldn't help but snicker a little at her perverted friend.

With that, their last companion, the hanyou InuYasha leapt from a nearby tree into the clearing. He wore baggy red pants in a traditional style, and a white shirt. He had discarded the red top in preference to being cool in the summer heat. "Nothing around here that I can smell." He announced. "Do you sense any Jewel shards Kagome?"

"Nothing right now." Kagome said, setting up her sleeping bag.

InuYasha's eyes narrowed. "You sure?" He asked, in a semi mocking voice. "We haven't found any for almost a month. Are you really trying?"

Kagome gave him a long, level, threatening look. InuYasha balked and shut up. Kagome kept her eyes on InuYasha, and walked over to her bicycle. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a sleeping Shippou. The little Kitsune had fallen asleep shortly after sunset, and hadn't woken since. Kagome smiled slightly as he kicked a fox like foot, chasing down some sort of prey in a dream. She took the little kitsune over to her sleeping bag and placed him at the foot of it. "Hey guys," she was rewarded with a turn of heads. "I'm off to bed, okay."

"Sounds good!" Miroku said, standing up and walking towards Kagome's sleeping bag. His ears picked up a familiar sound, and he ducked just in time to avoid getting his head taken off by Sango's boomerang. "Forget I said that." He muttered, standing up.

"Said what?" Kagome replied innocently from her sleeping bag. Miroku grinned, and returned to InuYasha and Sango by the fire.

InuYasha sat in silence as Miroku and Sango planned where they would go tomorrow. Inwardly, he grimaced about how their search was going. It had been about a month since SHE had stolen Kagome's jewel shards, and Kagome had not returned to her time in a while. They had never gone a month without finding a jewel shard before. He growled slightly. "There's something wrong." He muttered.

Sango and Miroku looked up. "What do you mean?" they asked, almost in unison.

"I mean we haven't found any shards for almost a month. There's no trouble, no youkai attacks, no nothing!" InuYasha said, crossing his arms. "It's almost like this area's been wiped clean."

Miroku's eyes narrowed. "You think Naraku has been here before us?" he asked.

InuYasha shook his head. "Doubt it." He said. "If it was Naraku then there would be destroyed towns all over the place, but as is there's no sign of chaos around. I think we might have more big competition than we thought.

Sango sighed. "Great. another person chasing after the Shikon jewel. Just what we need."

Miroku, ever the voice of reason, spoke up. "If this is the case," he said, "I think that we should move on. We don't just want to be getting someone else's table scraps."

"Right!" InuYasha agreed. "Let's get out of here." His cocky little grin widened. "The sooner we get the Shikon Jewel back together, the sooner I can be come a full, bona fide Youkai!"

Miroku looked up angrily. "InuYasha, is that really all you think about!?" he demanded. "The Shikon jewel is evil! If you use it for that purpose, you will doom us all!"

"Don't start this argument with me again monk!" InuYasha said angrily, rising to his feet. "I don't give a rat's ass about what you think! I'm not gonna be controlled by a little rock!"

"It wont have to control you InuYasha." Miroku said ominously. "You bow down to it more than willingly on your own. Can't you see that?"

"Feh!" InuYasha snorted. He crossed his arms, held his head up, and dashed out of the clearing.

"Promise me one thing InuYasha!" Miroku called after him. "Tell me before you use the jewel. I will want time to flee!" Only silence came as a reply. Miroku turned, muttering to himself. "Fool!" He said. "How can he not see how childish he's being."

Sango looked in amusement as Miroku brooded. Slowly, she reached out her hand and waved it in front of his face: no reaction. Trying to keep from laughing, she stood up. "I'm going to bed." She told the thinking Miroku. With that, she walked over to one of the outer rings of the fire, laid down, slipped out of her outer clothing till she was in her cat suit, and closed her eyes. Miroku sat on the log, still pondering, completely oblivious to the cat suit clad Sango on the other side of the camp.