Well, I'd like to take, if I may, a moment to quote myself from my first chapter:
"Okay, this is gonna be a relatively short fic. This is my first on FF.Net, so please be nice. I'll take criticism with no problem, but please be constructive in it. NO senseless flames, please!"
Excuse me as I point at myself and laugh my head off.
Hehe. Nearly 90000 words, over 1000 reviews, and on the favorites list of 88 authors. Wow. I never thought I'd actually get this kinda response.
But seriously, I would like to thank all of you out there, who reviewed, and helped me through tough times. I can't count the number of times I just wanted to give up and quite. So thanks for sticking with me.

Unfortunately, the sequal will probably take a few weeks to get up. I gotta get a basic plan up, and get the first couple a chapters up, while balancing precalc, physics, history, and English, plus soccer, choir, men's choir, chamber singers, and everything else.
Needless to say that I wont be able to write as much, and I'll also try to chuck more into the chapter.
Once again, thanks.
See ya, space cowboy. (Or. cowgirls, because apparently I'm the only guy who ever got on the InuYasha section ever in the history of man[woman]kind.)
Sayanora, for now!