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Prologue: Trying Times

Royal Palace of Tristania

It had been trying times for Princess Henrietta, heiress to the throne of Tristain. Outside, the two moons of Halkegenia shone brightly in the night sky above the capital of Tristainia. Sitting in her royal bedroom and gazing out the window, she mused at the events of the past weeks and month.

She had lost so much. Her beloved Wales had fallen to a traitor's blade in front of her oldest and most loyal friends' eyes. To add more pain, the traitorous Jean-Jacques Wardes had escaped with her love letter. The ensuing scandal had cost her political wedding to Germania's heir apparent and left her kingdom defenceless now that the proposed alliance was gone.

Her regency council had been doing its best to keep their power on her, trying to usurp her authority. Henrietta suspected that some of them had been lining their pockets with the kingdom's taxes and treasury but couldn't take action yet. It also limited her options to defend Tristain. She had tried to gain more forces under her direct control… but she had very little faith in the loyalties of the many lords and their armies. She had few staunch allies in the courts of Tristania. Her regency council didn't allow her to openly raise her own armies because it was beneath under her status of queen. She suspected that many feared losing their power over her.

Despite that, Henrietta had a few allies. The de Vallières, the De Gramont as well as the Manticore knights still loyally stood by her side. The Griffin Guard were being investigated but nothing had proven that Wardes' treachery had compromised their integrity.

Even if she doubted that Albert III of Germania would respect her kingdom's independence, Henrietta couldn't help but fear for her people's safety. At least the Germanians would have defended Tristain from their enemies. Albion had fallen to a revolutionary group called Reconquista who wanted to conquer the rest of Halkeginia. Their claws were being sharpened and the princess knew in her heart that their next pray was her small kingdom.

Albion and Wales were gone. The White Country had been Tristain's oldest ally, her Royal Navy's mighty airships and well trained armies protecting the small kingdom. Now, Albion's guns were in the hands of hostile leaders intent on conquest.

In the darkness of her bedroom, Princess Henrietta sighed, praying to Brimir for guidance in troubled times. As she finished her prayers, a hard knock resounded in her dark room.

"Your highness!"

Henrietta recognized the voice. It was Agnes, her faithful captain of the Musketeer force that served as her bodyguards.

Tristain Academy of Magic

It had been trying times for Louise Françoise Le Blanc de la Vallière and her familiar Hiraga Saito. They had gone through many adventures since the beginning of the school year and, despite some initial difficulties, struck up a relationship of sorts.

"Not too cold Louise?"

A pink haired girl lying in her four poster bed suddenly blushed.

"N-Not at all," Louise defended. In truth, she was rather cold but was too prideful to admit it.

"You sure about that?" Saito teased from his small mattress on the floor, "Cause you don't sound like it."

Louise scoffed and turned her head over.

"Stupid familiar," she muttered into her pillow before drifting.

"Are you sure you don't want a goodnight kiss?" said familiar asked cheekily. The pinkette felt her face getting warmer before sighing in ''annoyance''.

''I am a generous master and you have been a good dog lately," Louise replied, trying to have some authority in her voice but failing miserably. The sound of someone throwing off his bed sheets and standing up filled her ears. Turning over, she saw Saito's familiar silhouette leaning over her. She felt his warm lips on her left cheek.

''I might be a bit cold Saito." she relented, "I'll let you sleep with me tonight."

She saw a massive smile appear on his face.

"It would be my pleasure," her familiar answered as he slid into her bed next to her.

"You don't have so close you know?" Louise pouted as she turned over on her side. She heard a faint laugh before it turned to light snoring. Very soon, the young mage felt into a blissful sleep with dreams of past joys.


Louise sighed another time in frustration. She had finally succeeded her first spell and summoned a familiar. Unfortunately, said familiar was a rowdy commoner boy dressed in strange clothes with black hair and blue eyes. Said familiar was also yelling in some unknown language and her head was starting to ring. He also refused to obey her orders to wash her clothes.

Remembering a spell she had learned in first year, Louise picked her wand that lay on a nearby table.

"Let's see... Ansul, bel, an. Comply to my order by silence!" she ordered, her wand pointed at the angry boy. She could feel the power flowing through her... before an explosion knocked back her familiar and scorched the clothes he was holding for her.

"What the hell's your problem lady?!"

Her eyes widened in surprise as he picked himself up.

"I just understood you!" she squeaked. The boy's jaw dropped while his blue eyes widened in shock.

"So did I!" he exclaimed before his expression became more serious. "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!" He raised his left hand and pointed to the runes on it.

Louise flinched a bit. While her familiar wasn't physically imposing despite being taller, his raised voice still made her hair stand on end. She took a deep breath and mustered a bit of courage.

"I am Louise Françoise Le Blanc de la Vallière! Daughter of Duke Centurion and Duchess Karin de la Vallière!" she declared proudly, hoping that she could had enough steel in her voice to silence him, "I have summoned you to be my Familiar!"

"Alright Louise, I'm Hiraga Saito, call me Saito," Saito introduced himself as he dusted himself off, "Why did you choose me to be your slave?!"

Louise glared at this commoner's arrogance. He had the gall to talk back.

"Slave?! You are a familiar!"

Saito glared back at her.

"Alright so what's the difference then?" he asked, anger still evident in his tone.

"W-well, a familiar has to obey everything his master demands of him." Louise embarrassedly spluttered out, "In exchange, the master has to teach discipline and care for the familiar."

"Sounds like slavery to me," he retorted dryly, "Now send me back to where I was. Now."

Saito couldn't help but feel that some crazy cult had kidnapped him and were trying to brainwash him into being a slave.

"There's no way I can do that," Louise replied smugly, "There's no way to send a familiar back and you're bound to me by those runes."

"Excuse me, but that's illegal in Japan!"


"Yeah, we're in Japan... right?" Saito asked hesitantly as he looked out the window before blanching at the sight of two moons, one blue and one pink. Louise pounced on his silence.

"I don't know what kingdom you're talking about, but we're in Tristain, the blessed realm of Water, on the continent of Halkeginia. To be more precise, we're in the Tristain Academy of Magic."

Saito got out of his daze.

"Magic?! There's no such thing as magic where I come from!"

Louise hissed.

"How do you expect me to believe that?! Magic is given to nobles like me by Brimir the Blessed Founder to lead our people."

Saito covered his face with his hand, exasperation all over his face.

"Couldn't you just use magic to send me back home?" he suggested, annoyance clear in his voice.

"Th-that's impossible! It has never been done before!"

Saito's eyes widened.

"You must be kidding me," he groaned, "I have other things to do than this."

Louise sighed in annoyance.

"Why couldn't I get something like a dragon, a manticore or griffon?!" she ranted with angry tears in her eyes, "I just had to get a stupid dog of commoner who doesn't listen to me!"

"Well excuse me," Saito retorted sarcastically, "I didn't ask to be chosen by some lame mage with zero talent. Is it really my fault you couldn't get anything better?! I didn't-"

An angry wail interrupted his rant. Louise had dropped to her knees and was shaking, her face covered by her pink bangs

"EVEN MY FAMILIAR DOESN'T RESPECT ME!" Louise screeched, tears following from her pink eyes, "I'M JUST A STUPID ZERO!"

Saito's ears were ringing as he didn't plug them quickly enough. He couldn't help but flinch at her outburst.


Before he could continue, Louise had become a blubbering mess of a girl.

"Zero magic, zero talent, zero body, zero familiar- waaahh"

'What is she talking about?'

Taking a glance at her, Saito noticed that she was rather petite and was on the small end chest wise. If he remembered anything from school was that girls were easily distressed about their bodies for being too small or too big for them. In this case, Louise appeared to be firmly in the ''too small' category. She was rather adorable though with what appeared to be natural pink hair and eyes.

'Now's not the time to be thinking about picking up cute girls Saito! Still...'

"Hey... hey," he whispered softly, trying to grab the sobbing pinkette's attention. He felt rather awkward. Scratching the back of his head and clearing his throat, he tried again.

"Louise?" he asked hesitantly.

"What?!" she snapped angrily.

"I'm-uh sorry about blowing up on you like that." Saito apologized politely before nervously attempting humour. "It's been a difficult day."

The crying seemed to have died down and Saito hesitantly rubbed the back of his head before nervously chuckling and pressing on.

"Well, you know, it's not every day a guy gets summoned to another world by a girl to be her familiar you know?" he joked, hoping that it would calm Louise down.

"Idiot dog," she muttered as she stopped crying and wiped her face, the faint glimmer of a smile appearing on her face.

Louise was scowling as she walked down an empty hallway with Saito behind her. Her tiny fists were curled up while she stomped and cursed under her breath. Her classmates had again humiliated her and her lack of abilities in Mrs. Chevreuse's class. She was blinking back tears and doing her best to keep her head up.

Behind her, Saito was trying to figure out what to do. The past few weeks had been rather hectic for him. He managed to understand more about this strange new world called Halkegenia but missed his world's creature comforts. The familiar also was also starting to understand what made Louise tick. She was a rather bad mage who was only able to make explosions. He had to admit that they were impressive and he pitied anyone on the receiving end of one.

Unfortunately, she was being bullied for it on a regular basis for it as he found out. Her short temper and pride made rather hard for him to get closer to her. She usually rebuked his attempts to comfort her and he certainly didn't want to be on the receiving end of a burst of accidental magic or a slap. Still, the familiar didn't like bullying and couldn't let her go on like this.

Taking a sharp breath, Saito decided to act.

Louise was still scowling and cursing Kirche under her breath when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her. Flushing bright red, she turned her head.

"Wh-wha-what are you doing?!" she stammered angrily at Saito, "Wh-what if someone sees us dog?!"

The boy sighed gently.

"I thought you could use a hug."

The pinkette was flabbergasted. Her commoner familiar had dared to touch her, a noble!

"Un-unhand me this instant dd-dog!" she ordered, stumbling over her words. Louise felt Saito's arms pull away from her.

"If you say so," the familiar said flatly. Louise huffed before stalking off to the library, Saito in tow.

That small twitch of her lips wasn't a smile trying to form.

"S-saito... What are you doing?" Louise asked, blushing red. In front of her, there was a rather big cooking pot over a warm fire. Steam rose from it in thick white clouds. The water splashed around as her familiar moved closer to the side, a towel on his head.

"This is how we bathe in my homeland," Saito calmly explained, "I'm trying to relax right now."

The pinkette was trying to tear her eyes away from her naked familiar's body without much success.

"How did you find me by the way?" he asked, his arms leaning over the side of the pot.

"W-well, that maid, Siesta said that you were doing something out here," Louise spluttered, "And I was waiting for you to come back."

"Oh, ok."

Blushing furiously, the pinkette tried to stammer out a question.

''Do-does it feel good?" she murmured, too embarrassed to look at Saito's eyes.

"Huh? I didn't really hear what you just said Louise."

"Th-the bath, does it feel good?" she asked, this time with more assurance.

"Yeah," Saito shrugged as he moved back into a more comfortable position.

"Do people bathe with each other in your world?" she shyly asked

"Eu-eum well, we do with our family, friends and lovers" he stammered back, not expecting the conversation to go this way, "It's a way for us to have fun together."

Louise was trying to say something but failed.



Before Saito could finish his question, Louise drew in a sharp breath.

"Y-you said that your people bathed together if they liked each other r-right?" the pinkette asked nervously, "W-well I like my familiar when he's behaving properly. So can I come in with you?"

The familiar's jaw dropped.

'No way, no way, no way this is happening,' Saito thought rapidly, trying to contain his blushing.

"We-well if you want to, you can come in."

The teenager closed his eyes, not believing what she asked.

'As if that- WHA?!'

Saito's train of thought was interrupted by the sound of Louise's cloak and heavy metal button falling to the ground. He opened his eyes and gasped as he saw the pinkette undoing her skirt.

"What are you doing?!" he almost yelled, trying to hide his surprise.

"Id-diot," she whispered softly as she removed her shirt,"My clothes'll get wet if I got in."

"Euh well euh."

Before Saito could say anything else, he heard splashing as Louise climbed into the pot.

"For something that a commoner uses, it's more pleasant than I thought it would be." the girl scoffed as she sat down next to Saito.

"S-so how was your day Louise?"

"Hmmph! Such indiscretion from a familiar! But if you must know, it was a good day."

"Oh how come?"

She was most not enjoying the warm water and company of her familiar.

"G-GET OUT!" Louise screeched, her face matching her hair. Saito quickly bolted from the room. After a few moments, Louise burst out in tears and jumped face first on her bed.

"Why me?!" she lamented through her sobs. The pinkette had unfortunately ingested a love potion that caused her to act rather amorously towards her familiar. With her luck, she remembered every single thing she said while under its effects. And did.

"Urgh why?!" she wailed into her pillow, remembering when she tried to seduce Saito in her sleeping clothes. It was by far the most embarrassing moment of her life. She cursed her luck, Guiche and Montmorency for getting her into her predicament. Hitting her mattress a few more times, she growled angrily.

She hoped that her parents wouldn't hear about how she acted with her familiar. She shuddered at the thought. A noblewoman acting so… so depraved. She also wondered how Saito took it. If anything, he acted properly, refusing to take advantage of her magically induced attraction towards him.

It was magically induced right? Louise wasn't attracted to the strange boy that was her familiar. It wasn't because he was kind, friendly and respectful towards her that she appreciated his company. After all, Saito was a bit dense at moments and lazy.

No she was certainly not attracted to him and his big blue eyes and messy black hair.

A knock on her door caught her attention. Wiping her tears and putting the most serious look she could, Louise walked up towards the door.

"You ok Louise?" a familiar voice rang out, causing the pinkette to freeze up a bit.

"Of course I am you idiot!" she snapped, trying to sound aloof and failing a bit.

"Sooo can I come in?" Saito asked tentatively.

"Of course you can!"

The boy looked rather flustered as he entered and sat down on a chair.

"Listen, euh," he stammered embarrassed, rubbing the back of his head, "Let's just not talk about that again ok?"

"Of course! Do you really think that a proper noble like me would want to remember such an humiliating moment?!" she ranted while blushing, "It is a blight on my honor that must be erased!"

Saito merely blinked at her.

"Sure, it's cool Louise," he finally said flatly, "You don't need to make such a fuss about it."


It stopped her ranting.

"It wasn't really your fault. I mean anyone could have accidentally drank that potion," Saito continued.


Louise was now dreaming of when Saito saved her from the treasonous Wardes. He had been so dashing with Derflinger in his hands as he fought the traitorous count and he saved her from the burning church. She was just about the reach in her dreams when he first kissed her when she was jolted from her peaceful slumber by shaking and the sound of objects crashing.

"SAITO!" she screeched as she tried to push him. Much to her surprise, she realized that he wasn't next to her. She heard light groaning coming from the floor instead followed by alarmed cries.

"Louise! We have to get out now!" he shouted, picking himself from the ground, "I think it's an earthquake!"


Saito meanwhile had dashed to Louise's dresser and tossed her one of her shirts.

"Put that on quickly," he barked as he put on his windbreaker and slipped into his running shoes. He grabbed Derflinger who protested at being awakened at this hour.

Wha-what?" she stammered, still trying to understand what her familiar was telling her.

"Just do it! Earthquakes happen alot in my country so trust me on this!"

Louise put on her shirt but before she could button it, her familiar scooped her up.

"Wha-what are you doing you idiot?! Put me down!"

"It'll be faster this way!" Saito replied as he ran of Louise's room carrying the pinkette in his hands. Dashing down the hallways, the duo saw doors open with the other academy students haphazardly stumbling out of the rooms in confusion with their familiar in tow. Many were trying to understand what had just happened.

"Everyone out! The ground might shake again! We have to get out in case the tower collapses!" he shouted with many students staring at him in surprise.

"What is this commoner talking about?" one of the students grumbled as he lazily walked out of his room, looking at the running familiar, "Doesn't he know that the Academy has been reinforced magically?"

After a few moments of running, Saito and Louise finally made it outside.

"Saito!" Louise whined as he put her on the ground, "That wasn't necessary!"

The boy glared at her.

"I was afraid that the ground might shake again and that the tower would collapse on us."

Louise sighed, annoyance clear across her face. Her arms were crossed.

"The Academy's buildings are reinforced by the best Earth Mages in Tristain. Nothing would have happened to us you idiot."

"Better safe than sorry if you ask me." Saito answered dryly.

"We should get back to my room," the mage ordered imperiously before taking a warmer tone of voice, "Thank you for worrying though," she whispered, lightly blushing.

"No problems," Saito said with a smile, "That's what I'm here for Louise."

As they walked back, they noticed some of the teachers and Old Osmond rushing outside with a sense of urgency.

"Louise! Saito!" Professor Colbert shouted as he ran towards them, "What are you doing outside?"

"Well professor Colbert, in my home country, earthquakes happen alot and so we're trained to always run outside to avoid having a building collapse on us," Saito answered, "Though Louise explained to me that the Academy is magically reinforced."

The older man smiles and nods.

"Your people are wise to do that."

"Are the wards compromised?" Louise asked with worry but Colbert shook his head.

"No, but Madam Chevreuse saw a strange structure appear not far from here as the ground shook," he answered, "A large gate standing in a nearby field."

"What?" Saito asked in surprise.

"We've already sent a message to the Palace reporting what just happened." Colbert explained, "You two get back to your room now."

That same morning, a city awakened by an earthquake was further shocked. A crowd had amassed in one of its parks, surprised by an unusual sight. A large structure, nearly 20 feet in height and twice as wide. No one had dared ventured towards it though, weary of the black void in between its supports. Policemen soon came to lock off the area and established a security perimeter, but by then pictures and videos were already online.

It would be trying times for National Defense Headquarters in Ottawa. In the early hours of that morning, January 24th, a small tremor had shook Montreal. However, what caused the most alarm was the appearance of a gate-like structure in one of the city's parks.

Men observing the inside of the gate saw only pitch darkness. The local emergency services as well as the 34 Canadian Brigade Group had been placed on full alert after the earthquake hit. Calls had also been placed to the United States, warning them about any possible follow quakes as well as the appearance of the structure. The science departments of Montreal's four universities had been mustered as well, with many of their top experts contacting their colleagues elsewhere in the world, trying to comprehend what had just happened.

Reporters around the world booked tickets to cover the event while social media flared to life, bringing word of what had happened to the rest of the world.

Little did anyone know that History was soon being written.