Christmas was nearing and as soon as November ended, snow flakes appeared. It was fun to make snowmen at the courtyard with Harry and Ron. Especially snowball fights where she could use levitation charms and expel it to the both of them.

The Yule Ball was the main event they were waiting for, most ardently. Hermione could see girl students in every houses congregating in groups and whispering to themselves all the while giggling and pointing to boys they want to be partnered with.

And there was her. No group of her own. No lady friends. No plans at all.

Well, in truth, actually, she had plans. Not a lot but she had a few in mind. Firsty, she'd buy a dress. Since the Yule Ball was her first ball, she decided that her dress should be beautiful and meticulously chosen. Oh, how she would love to have a dress like that. However, the problem was that she had no preference or idea what it would look like.

Days passed and he, meaning the Trustee a.k.a Daddy Dragon, didn't respond to her letters. For Merlin's sake, he could have just send at least a dirty sock for confirmation. But that would have been an anonymous answer.

Ron, well, seemed to have forgotten his wishes to partner with her. She was relieved and disappointed at the same time. Harry, the shy chap he was, hadn't gotten a partner. Basically, the three of them were hopeless. It wasn't that Harry and Ron were not good looking, because they were, but they were extremely lacking in confidence and charisma to ask a girl. Ron was trembling when he attempted to ask Gabrielle Delacour. A Sixth year who was a Ravenclaw and an one-eight veela. He backed out as soon as her eyes landed on him. Backed out meaning he ran for his life.

Hermione was asked two times but she shyly declined, reasoning that she already had a date. She was flattered that they find her comely enough to be with. Of course, she could have said yes but she had an inkling that there was someone for her out there. Her own Mr. Darcy minus the snobby part. She wished her Daddy Dragon was 20 years younger and her classmate so she could take him as her partner.

Oh bullocks.

She swung her satchel across her shoulders and walked to the courtyard. The air was drafty and she thanked the gods silently that she remembered to wear her favorite muffler. She sat quietly under the tree and looked at the black lake. She opened Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne and started reading.

It was about a minute or two when she was startled to hear voices near her. Their steps deliberate and graceful.

She heaved a sigh and looked up to peer around and spotted Astoria Greengrass and a blond man, whom she suspected was above the age of 20 or something, near the tree. They were talking and she watched as the man smiled casually before nodding. Hermione gripped the spine of her book.

Merlin, she had never seen a man look so ... so heavenly. Godly. She tore her eyes away from the two and huffed. She was eavesdropping. That wasn't a good habit of hers. She looked down and spotted her bookmark lying at the grass and she grunted. Great, now she lost the page where Phileas Fogg and his servant boarded the train.

"Peaceful, isn't it?"

She squeaked and her eyes flew to the blond man staring dow at her. He wore a mask of indifference though his tone was curious. Hermione looked around the courtyard before nodding. "It is."

"You've got a good book there." He said. Hermione smiled.

"Have you read it?" She asked.

As Hermione shyly gazed up at him, she realized she had found the most interesting thing she'd ever seen in her life and that was this stranger's eyes. Who had such beautiful yet haunting eyes?

"A lot of times. I find muggle books much more agreeable than those of wizarding's." He answered.

"How so?" She asked interestedly.

"Muggles tend to be much more imaginative authors. Their works are utterly fascinating." He smirked. "Don't you think?"

"They are." She blinked. "I'm sorry for not introducing myself earlier, I'm Hermione." She held out her hand.

She saw him pause. It took him a second before accepting her hand and shaking it. His silver eyes stared at her oddly. "I'm Draco."

"Mister Draco." She tried the name with her tongue and he chuckled.

"Draco's enough." He said, watching some birds fly afar.

She shook her head. "But I wouldn't want myself to sound rude. We're merely acquaintances."

"It's too formal, trust me." He answered.

"Oh." She paused. "Are you a parent here?"

His head twisted to her and his eyes were scandalized. "What? No! No." He cleared his throat. "I'm a governor here. I'm just visiting my cousin here and checking how Hogwarts is doing." Hermione was fascinated at how his lashes looked as if they were ferns plastered with snow.

"Astoria Greengrass is your cousin?" She politely asked.

"A distant one. My 8th cousin twice removed." He smiled. "But, no. She's not the one I'm visiting. It's Mister Potter."

"Harry's your cousin?" She gaped.

He nodded coolly. "Second cousin." Hermione suddenly felt confused with all this eight and second cousins. "You know him?" She was just about to stand up so she could talk to him perfectly when he sat himself beside her. His posh robes making a soft whoosh as he sat. Hermione shifted to make a room for him and made sure that he was five inches away from her.

"Yes, fortunately, I'm well acquainted with Harry." She replied uncomfortably.

His face formed into what seemed disdain. "Would that mean you are also acquainted with Mister Weasley?"

Messrs Potter and Weasley? Says the one who said it's too formal, Hermione mused.

"Yes." She hugged the book to her chest protectively. "Do you have a problem with that?"

He shrugged. "Not at all."

Hermione was about to ask about his opinions of the book when a feminine voice interrupted her. "Draco? Where are—" Astoria's violet eyes gaped at them.

"What are you doing here?"

The blond man, Draco, stood up and brushed a few grass sticking on his robes. "Getting acquainted with Miss Hermione." He replied vacuously.

"Oh." Astoria glared at her. Hermione raised a brow, daring her to speak something to her. "Well, come on in. I've got to show you something. Plus, it's too windy here —"

"It's actually peaceful here, Astoria." Draco coldly interrupted, suddenly looking irritated.

"Peaceful, yes, but it's boring." She reasoned, still glaring at Hermione. She inwardly rolled her eyes. Silly girl. Getting jealous over nothing. Hermione stood up and nodded to Draco.

"Excuse me." She said before sprinting towards the door to get away from the two. Hermione placed her right hand to her chest and felt her beating heart. Merlin, that man seemed so ... so familiar. Like when you've just moved in to a strange place and you immediately feel like it's home. She shook her head and traipsed to the Gryffindor Common Room.

Her fingers twitched. Eager to write a letter to her Daddy Dragon.