Ch.3: The Bubbler

"You ready for The Bubbler?" asked Haley, looking at Nino.

"Yeah, at least I'll see how I looked like." answered Nino, and Adrien and Marinette barely stopped themselves from laughing. "What's so funny?"

"Let's say that you might wanna get your hands on Hawk Moth." said Adrien.

Why would I want to do that?" Nino asked his friend.

"You'll see. I don't want to spoil it." said Adrien innocently, barely holding a chuckle.

"Very well. Let us begin." said Haley and she pressed play.

Scene: Marinette's room. Marinette is sleeping and then is woken by her cell phone.

Marinette: [wakes up] Huh? Happy birthday- ow! [She jumps down the stairs and hits something.] Happy birthday! [She gets on her computer and pulls up pictures of Adrien.] Ah! Happy birthday, Adrien! [Makes kissing noises towards the screen.]

The class chuckled slightly and Adrein brought Marinette for a hug, without caring that his father can see him.

Scene: Adrien's bathroom. Adrien is brushing his teeth.

Plagg: Happy birthday, Adrien! [Brings a piece of Camembert cheese wrapped with a red bow.]

"Plagg must really like you if he wants to share his camembert with you." smiled Tikki as she sat on Marinette's head.

"Really?" asked Adrien surprised.

"Of course I do." answered the black kwami, who was sitting on Adrien's head.

Adrien: [disgusted] Ugh, Plagg! Get that filthy piece of Camembert out of my face! [Plugs his nose]

Plagg: Huh? [Eats the cheese] Mmm.

"Couldn't you at least take the bow off of it before eating it?" asked Tikki.

"I can't help myself when I see camembert." said Plagg.

Scene: Dupain–Cheng house. Marinette is walking down the stairs with a gift in her hands while her mom is in the kitchen drinking something.

Sabine: Marinette, don't forget to clean your room after school today.

Marinate: Mom! It's Friday, and I'm already doing something with Alya.

Sabine: Fine, I'll go ahead and clean it, but don't blame me if I come across any of your private stuff, like your e-mails, your diary-

Marinette: [makes a nervous face] Okay! I'll do it, I'll do it. [She goes up to her, gives her a kiss, and starts to leave.]

"Your mom sure knows how to make you clean your room." laughed Nino, ignoring Marinette's glare.

"Especially when she can find out all her secrets in that diary." added Tikki.

"Wait! You wrote your biggest secrets in your diary?" Alya asked, shocked.

"Well, they're not much of a secret anymore." said Adrien.

Sabine: Have a nice day, sweetie!

Marinette: [as she closes the door] Happy birthday- I mean, have a nice day!

Sabine: [surprised face] Hm? [shrugs] Hm. [drinks]

Scene: Agreste Mansion. Adrien is eating alone at a big dining table. He looks sad.

Nathalie: [walks in] Your schedule, Adrien. [hands Adrien a tablet]

Adrien: [takes it] Thanks, Nathalie. [Nathalie starts to leave] Hey, um, my father get back to you about my birthday party? [his face lights up]

Nathalie: Well, um- He... doesn't think would be a good idea.

Adrien: [he turns sad again and speaks softly] 'Course not.

Nathalie: Happy birthday, Adrien. [she leaves]

"It's official! We're throwing you a birthday party at school for your next birthday!" saidMarinette firmly as she hugged her boyfriend.

"You'll do that for me?" asked Adrien.

"I'll do anything to make my kitty happy!" said Marinette.

"You can count on us, dude. Your father may stop you from having a party at your place, but he can't stop you from having a party at school." said Nino.

"You guys are the best!" said Adrien happily.

"No problem. You just leave everything to us. My mom can make the food." said Alya.

"Juleka and I can set up the decorations!" said Rose.

"You leave the music to me." said Nino.

"Kim and I can come up with some activities." said Alix.

"And I'll make the cake." said Marinette.

"That's all great, guys, but don't you think we should ask the principle first?" said Adrien and the entire class looked the Mr. Democles.

"I'll allow it only if you clean up the mess after that." said the principle.

"Alright!" the entire class exclaimed.

The adults smiled at how far the entire class would go to throw a party for Adrien. But the only ones that weren't pleased were Gabriel, Nathalie and Gorilla, who just stared.

Scene: Outside of school. Adrien and Nino are talking. Meanwhile, Alya and Marinette are hiding nearby out of sight. Chloé and Sabrina are in the school but near enough to see what's happening.

Nino: [as he blows bubbles] Dude, seriously? Has your dad always been such a downer? You'd think he'd remember what it was like to be young and wanna party a little.

Adrien: No, I'm pretty sure he was a downer back then too. Well, at least I tried.

Nino: [wraps one arm around Adrien] It's your b-day, dude! Insist!

Alya: [encouraging Marinette] You can do it, you can do it!

Marinette: I can do it, I can do it!

Nino: You know what, I'm gonna have a little convo with your pops.

Adrien: Don't waste your time. He's not gonna change his mind.

Marinette: [pops up to look at Adrien while he's not looking] I can't do it, I can't do it!

Alya: [facepalms] Uh, no you don't, girl, you've been stalling all morning. Now's the time. [she pushes Marinette over to where Adrien is]

"A little pushy, aren't we?" Nino asked his girlfriend.

Marinette: Ah! [Stops right in front of Adrien] Um, he- Hey! [seems nervous as she holds her gift behind her back]

Adrien: [surprised] Hey.

Chloé: [as she watches what's happening outside] Wait! Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? Don't tell me it's Adrien's birthday?!

"You didn't remember my birthday?" Adrien asked surprised.

"And you are supposed to be his first friend." said Alya.

"Chloe, is this really true? Did you forget Adrien's birthday?" the mayor asked his daughter.

"Of course I didn't!" exclaimed Chloe.

"The show says otherwise." Andre glared at Chloe, who shivered from the look."

Sabrina: [checks her tablet, is surprised and makes excusing noises while smiling]

Chloé: [facepalms] Ugh, do I have to do everything myself? Seriously, what are you good for? [storms towards Adrien]

Marinette: (nervously) I, uh, I wanted to, umm, gift you a make-– I mean, gift you a give I made- I mean...

Chloé: [yawns while Marinette is talking and then shoves her away] Out of the way. [acts sweet] Happy birthday, Adrien! [Throws herself to him and gives him a kiss on the cheek] Mwah!

Adrien: [surprised] Yeah, thanks Chlo.

Marinette: [on the ground, to herself] Dummy.

[Alya facepalms again.]

Chloé: [to Adrien] Did you get the gift I sent you?

Adrien: Uh, no.

Chloé: [annoyed] What? Oh, those delivery guys. I bet it was too heavy so they had to go back and get another guy to help. Those slackers. [wraps her arms around Adrien's shoulders again] I'll make sure they get it to you by tonight. [gives him another kiss on the cheek] Mwah! [leaves, humming a happy tune to herself]

"You didn't even buy me a present." Adrien mumbled to himself and Marinette heard him.

Nino: [chuckles and playfully punches Adrien's arm]

"Nino, do you actually want Adrien to end up with Chloe?" Alya asked her boyfriend as she glared at him.

"What? No! I didn't even know Marinette liked him at that point and Chloe was literally throwing herself at him!" exclaimed Nino, trying to defend himself.

"No worries, Nino." said Adrien. "Marinette is my girlfriend, and nothing and no one will change that, not my father and especially not Hawkmoth!"

"That's my kitty." whispered Marinette as she blushed and gave Adrien a hug, which he happily returned.

Alya: [to Marinette, still hidden] Get back there! Don't be a pushover, literally!

Marinette: [sounding defeated] Mmm. [Alya looks frustrated.]

"Alya looks like she's gonna kill you." said Kim.

"I was really considering it." said Alya with a smirk.

Marinette looked horrified by what her best friend just said and hid behind Adrien.

Sabrina: [to Chloé] What did you get him?

Chloé: [mad] I didn't, you did. [pointing at her and sounding really angry] And it better be amazing, and it better not be late!

Sabrina: [cowardly] Mhm. [nods]

Chloé: [furiously] Ugh! [leaves]

[Sabrina taps on her tablet quickly while looking scared and following Chloé.]

Alya: C'mon, you can do it.

Marinette: [looking determined] Hm!

Adrien: [a limousine pulls up] [to Nino] Gotta go. Photoshoot. [He gets into the limo and leaves.]

Marinette: [to herself, next to Alya] Why can't I just mean what I say?

Alya: Uh, say what you mean?

Marinette: Exactly.

Nino: [to himself] Looks like I've got some business to take care of with Adrien's old man.

"We know how that turned out." said Adrien.

Scene: Outside Agreste Mansion. Marinette and Alya stand at the gate, and Marinette tries to get the mailbox open.

Marinette: This mailbox won't budge!

Alya: Ring the doorbell. [points to the doorbell]

Marinette: Are you kidding? What if Adrien answers the-

[Alya presses rings the doorbell, and Marinette panics and screams. A hidden compartment on the wall opens and a camera appears.]

Voice: Yes?

"That's kinda creepy." said Haley.

Marinette: Um, hi. I'm in Adrien's class and I, uh- [she shows her the gift] Heh, did I already say that? Umm, [looks more nervous] Heh. [smiles awkwardly]

Voice: Put it in the box. [mailbox opens]

Marinette: Uh. [puts the gift in the mailbox] Thank you! [The camera retreats and wall compartment closes. Marinette is excited.] Oh! I hope he likes it!

Alya: You signed the note, right? [Marinette makes a surprised face.] Ah, girl, girl, girl.

Marinette: [groans]

"That package looks familiar." said Adrien.

Scene: Agreste Mansion. Nathalie enters her office with Marinette's present in her hands and puts it on her desk while sitting down.

Gabriel: [from intercom] Who was that, Nathalie?

Nathalie: A friend of Adrien's. She was delivering a gift for his birthday.

Gabriel: Did you remember to buy him a present from me?

Nathalie: [surprised] Uh- uh, but you didn't ask me to.

Gabriel: [angrily] Of course I did!

Nathalie: Yes, Mr. Agreste. I- I'll take care of it.

Gabriel: Good. [disconnects]

Nathalie: [covers her mouth, in fear] Uh. [She looks despaired, then her face lights up and she takes Marinette's gift.] Ah. [The doorbell rings and she composes herself] Yes?

"Please tell me she didn't do what I think she did." said Adrien and Marinette tensed a little while sitting in his lap.

"You'll have to wait and see." said Marinette nervously.

Nino: [from the camera outside] Uh, hi.

[Nino and Nathalie are standing in the foyer, waiting.]

"Time for everything to go downhill." sighed Nino and Adrien put a hand on his shoulder for comfort.

Nathalie: He'll be here in a minute.

Gabriel: [as he enters] Adrien's not home yet.

Nino: Uh, I was coming to see you, du- sir.

Gabriel: Me?

Nino: Yeah, that right. Look, I know you don't want Adrien to have a party, but it's his birthday, dude- I mean, sir- it's all he wants.

Gabriel: No. [raises his palm] That's final.

Nino: That's messed up. [Adrien enters without anyone noticing.] He never screws up in class, he always does whatever you tell him. Photoshoots, fencing, Chinese, piano-

Adrien: Nino? You're here.

Nino: [to Adrien] Anything for my best bud. [to Mr. Agreste] Show some awesomeness, du- I mean, sir, please.

[Mr. Agreste looks at him angrily]

Adrien: Forget it, Nino, really, it's fine.

Gabriel: Listen, young man. I decide what's best for my son. In fact, I've just decided that you're a bad influence and you're not welcome in my house ever again. Leave now!

Adrien: Father, he was just trying to do something cool for me. [Mr. Agreste leaves and Nathalie steps in front of the kids]

Nathalie: [steps in front of them as Gabriel leaves] Goodbye.

[Nino starts to leave, but Adrien catches him outside of the doors.]

Adrien: Nino, wait! I'm sorry, my father, he's pretty stubborn. It's just best to stay out of his way. [Nino looks angry]

Nino: It's not fair, Adrien. Harsh, uncool. [Nino crosses his arms and leaves, leaving Adrien looking sad.]

Adrien: Thanks anyway, Nino.

"No offense, Adrien, but I think this is why your father caused some of the akumas." said Kim.

"I would be surprised if he didn't cause akumas with his behavior." said Adrien.

Scene: Park. Nino is sitting in a bench looking angry. He starts blowing bubbles with his bubble wand.

Kid: But, Daddy, please! [a father takes his son by the hand]

Kid's Father: No, it's not playtime, you've got your chores to do. [Kid complains]

Nino: [angrily] Ugh. Adults ruin everything, all the time.

"No offense, Mayor Bourgeois, officer Roger, Nadja, Mr. and Mrs Dupain–Cheng, and Mr. Agreste." The parents, except Gabriel, smiled at Nino knowing he was just upset.

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair. His window screen opens.

Hawk Moth: Desperate to help his friend, but feeling powerless. How frustrating. It won't be long before frustration turns to anger! [He takes a butterfly into his hand and black particles start to flow into it. It turns into an akuma.] Fly away, my little akuma, and evilize him. [Akuma flies out into Paris]

Scene: Park. Nino is blowing bubbles.

[The akuma flies in and is absorbed into Nino's bubble wand. Nino looks up with an angry face and a glowing pink butterfly symbol.]

Hawk Moth: [speaks from his lair, he too has the same pink symbol in front of his face] Hawk Moth is my name and Bubbler is now yours. I will help you with these horrid adults and all you have to do in return is help me get something from Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Nino: Yes, Hawk Moth. [Nino stands up and purple-black smoke starts is released from the bubble wand and covers his body.]

[Cut to a rooftop, where the Bubbler flies in and crouches]

"What the heck is that!" shouted Nino. "I look like a bath toy for 3–year–olds!"

"You know, last week I think I saw a Bubbler toy in a kids' menu in McDonalds'." chuckled Adrien and everyone laughed harder.

Nino looked at Adrien and Marinette and said "When you two get your hands on Hawk Moth, I want to have a word with him about this! I mean, seriously? I look like a clown!"

Adrien and Marinette nodded, not looking at him, so he didn't see their attempts to hide their laugher.

Meanwhile, Gabriel was trying his best to stop his blood from boiling in anger.

Bubbler: No more adults means total freedom! This is SOOO sweet! Off the hook! (He takes out his bubble sword and flies over Paris, leaving a trail of purple bubbles behind him.)

[The bubbles start capturing adults, then turning green and flying away while citizens scream.]

Woman: Help!

Man: Look out!

Children: [crying]

Hawk Moth: [from his lair] Perfect.

Scene: Dupain–Cheng House. Marinette is eating lunch.

Marinette: (to herself) Adrien must have gotten his gift by now. (Her mom opens the window.)

Sabine: What's that you said?

Marinette: (looks surprised) Um, I can't wait to get back to school this afternoon, hehe.

(Her mother chuckles and then a purple bubble flies in through the window and captures her from behind. Marinette looks scared. Sabine starts screaming.)

Marinette: Mom! MOM! (sees her father also in a bubble) Dad? Dad!

Tikki: Your parents! Hawk Moth must've released another akuma.

Marinette: I've got to find his newest villain ASAP.

[Transformation Sequence]

Marinette: Tikki, spots on! Ha! [Marinette transforms into Ladybug.]

(Cut to The Bubbler on a rooftop.)

Bubbler: And now, party time!

[Kids cry.]

[Ladybug runs out of the bakery. Purple bubbles appear in the sky, broadcasting a message from the Bubbler.]

Bubbler: Today is your lucky day, little dudes. The adults have taken the day off, so make the most of it. No chores, no homework, no more nagging, just fun, fun, fun, fun. This is the Bubbler's gift to you.

Ladybug: [to the kids] Don't worry, your parents will come back. I'll see to it. [to the teenager] You take care of them in the meantime. [runs off]

Kids and Teen: [cheering] Yay! Go, Ladybug!

Scene: Agreste Mansion. Adrien eats lunch alone in the mansion's dining room.

[Adrien finishes his meal and gets up.]

Adrien: [sarcastic] Wow. That was a birthday lunch break to remember. Yay! [He walks into the foyer and stops.]

"I don't like seeing you sad," said Marinette as she kissed Adrien on the cheek.

"Thank you, my lady. You know what to say to cheer me up," said Adrien with a smile.

"Don't forget that you've got Marinette, me and your friends, kid. Your father can't always tell you what to do. You're 14! With how fast time flies, you'll be married to Marinette and have kids before you even realize it," said Plagg without even noticing the deep blushes on Adrien and Marinette.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but Plagg's right," said Tikki.

"Of course I am," said Plagg.

"I don't know what to say," muttered Adrien and looked at the black kwami. "Plagg, when we get back I promise I'll give you as much cheese as you want!"

"Really," asked Plagg, surprised and Adrien nodded. "You're my life–saver! I'd hug you, but I don't want to make your girlfriend jealous."

"I don't get jealous," said Marinette, defending herself.

"I find that hard to believe," laughed Alya.

Adrien: Nathalie? Father? [He shrugs sadly, then walks outside to a crowd of his classmates cheering.]

Teenagers: Yay! Woo! Happy birthday!

Bubbler: [standing on top of a bubble] Hey, hey, hey, birthday boy. Guess what? Daddy's gone. While the cat's away, the mice will play. [Adrien looks at the Bubbler with a strange expression until he realizes who he is.]

Adrien: Nino?!

Bubbler: The Bubbler's brought all yo homies together for one single-sole purpose, to ce-le-brate!

Teenagers: YEAH! [The Bubbler jumps down from the bubble into a DJ booth]

Bubbler: Let's get this party started! [Everyone cheers. The Bubbler plays party music, and people start to dance. Adrien looks surprised and runs back into his house.]

Bubbler: Come on, everybody, I brought you here to party! [Pan over the teens dancing, but looking sad.] So dance or you'll join the adults up in the sky! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

"Now that's just creepy," said Rose and everyone nodded in agreement.

[Fireworks are shot.]

Hawk Moth: [from his lair] It won't be long before Ladybug and Cat Noir show up to meet their doom! Mwahahahahahahaha!

"That guy needs a psychologist," said Kim, which made everyone bu Gabriel, Nathalie and Gorilla to laugh.

Scene: Adrien's room. Adrien looks at his ring. Plagg climbs up to his shoulder.

Plagg: What's your problem? Relax! You're getting the party you've always wanted.

"Plagg, are you crazy? He needs to transform to safe Nino," scolded Tikki.

"Hey, don't blame me. It's not my fault his father is a control freak," replied Plagg. "I'm trying to do what's best for the kid."

Adrien: But Nino's been akumatized! I've gotta help him!

Plagg: You may never get this chance again! C'mon, let's have a little fun while your father's away! Then we'll save Nino, trap his akuma, and all will be good. [Adrien turns and looks sad.]

Adrien: Okay, you're right. This might be the first day in my life that I actually get to do what I want for once.

"Yeah, that wasn't one of my brightest moments," sighed Adrien.

"Dude, no one blames you. At least I don't," said Nino, trying to comfort his best friend.

Scene: Rooftops. Ladybug is running towards the fireworks.

Ladybug: [to herself] It's you and me, Bubbler. [Cut to the Agreste Mansion. Everyone is dancing and Adrien is enjoying himself.]

Adrien: Yeah! [walks over to a sad-looking Rose] Hey, nice party, I guess, since it's my first one. [Rose smiles and gives him two thumbs up, then keeps dancing and looking sad. Adrien turns around and sees everyone dancing but with a grim expression.]

[Cut to Chloé motioning Sabrina to do something near the DJ booth.]

Sabrina: [frightened] I'm requesting a slow dance.

Bubbler: It's a bit early for that, isn't it?

Chloé: Ugh. [She shoves Sabrina down and puts on an innocent face.] It's for Adrien. His first slow dance. Mm? [makes a sweet face]

Bubbler: OH! You know it, girl. [He changes the music to a slow dance. People pair up and keep dancing and looking sad. Chloé walks up to Adrien.]

"NINO, I thought you were my friend," said Adrien angrily at his best friend.

"It wasn't my fault! I didn't know what I was doing," said Nino, defending himself.

Adrien: Is it me, or does everyone seem a bit weird?

Chloé: Forget about them, let's go dance! C'mon! [Cut to the balcony. Ladybug watches the Bubbler going to change a record and at Chloé and Adrien dancing. Chloé tries to kiss him, but Adrien looks uncomfortable. Ladybug looks aghast.]

Ladybug: There is no way this is happening. LUCKY CHARM! [The Lucky Charm superpower gives her a record.] A record?

[Ladybug looks out and her thinking vision shows her the empty record spot in the DJ mixer, the volume modifier and a ledge on the building across the street. Ladybug chuckles, then throws the record. It hits the ledge, bounces over to the DJ booth, hits the volume all the way up, lands on the empty spot and begins to play dance music again. Everyone breaks their pairs and keeps dancing. Adrien moves away from Chloé. The Bubbler realizes that the music changed.]

Bubbler: Dude! Who just hijacked my mix?

Ladybug: Yours truly. [Ladybug's alarm sounds.] Better bug out quick before I change back to normal. [She jumps out of the balcony to the outside of Agreste Mansion.] Spots off. [She changes back to normal. Tikki comes out of the earrings and lands on her hands.]

Tikki: Marinette!

Marinette: It was an emergency.

"Jealousy is emergency," asked Alya teasingly, which made Marinette to blush.

"I wasn't jealous," said Marinette, trying to defend herself.

"I find that hard to believe, princess," said Adrien as he pulled Marinette into a hug, which caused to feel on cloud 9.

"Okay, I was a little jealous," admitted Marinette dreamily as she rested her head on Adrien's shoulder.

Tikki: Yeah, if by emergency you mean jealousy. You know what happens once you use your Lucky Charm. You only have minutes before-–

Marinette: I turn back, I know. But I figured, the Bubbler, he's not going anywhere, we have time to get you some food to get your energy back up. Then, we'll get right back out there, I promise. [She puts Tikki in her purse, enters the party and starts looking around. She heads to the food table, grabs some cookies, and puts them in her purse for Tikki.] I've got to find a place where I can transform, fast.

Alya: Where have you been, girl? I was so scared something had happened to you.

Marinette: Me too! [they hug]

Alya: I'm sure Ladybug and Cat Noir will show up in a minute to save us all. They never failed us. Meanwhile, come with me, I've got something for you.

Marinette: Uh, there's something I've got to do first.

Alya: It's about Adrien.

Marinette: Okay.

"I like it when she puts Adrien above everything else," said Haley and everyone laughed.

Tikki: (urgent) Marinette, the Bubbler.

Marinette: Okay, okay, in a sec. [she runs after Alya. Cut to Nathalie Sancoeur's office. Alya and Marinette sneak in. They see Marinette's gift on Nathalie's desk.]

Alya: Look! Now you can sign your gift. [Marinette gasps]

Marinette: Ah, yes!

[Cut back outside. Ivan is not dancing, and the Bubbler confronts him.]

Bubbler: Hey, you. Why aren't you having fun?

Ivan: None of your business.

Bubbler: Then I'm going to make it my business. [He chuckles and takes out his bubble sword.]

[Cut back to Nathalie's office. Marinette is signing a post-it.]

Marinette: "Love, Marinette". There. [She sticks it to the present and gives the present a kiss.]

Tikki: Right, we're good. Spots on, Marinette.

Marinette: I can't do it now, Alya's here.

Alya: What'd you say?

Marinette: Go ahead! I'll meet you in the yard. [Alya leaves and Marinette lets out a sigh of relief. Behind her, Ivan can be seen in a green bubble through the window] NO! You were right, Tikki, I never should've waited this long.

"How did I fall for that," groaned Alya.

"Don't worry," said Marinette, still being hugged by Adrien, and looked at Alya with a smirk. "I tricked you a lot more times than this."

[Cut back to outside. Adrien is on top of the DJ booth and has a mike]

Adrien: Hey, Paris, how you doing?

[He raises the mike in excitement, but the people don't respond. The Bubbler, behind Adrien, threatens everyone with his bubble sword, and they cheer. Adrien jumps out and Ladybug can be seen on the roof.]

Adrien: Ladybug?

[Ladybug throws her yo-yo. It hits the power strip and unplugs everything. Ladybug retracts her yo-yo.]

Ladybug: Sorry, Bubbler, but the party is over.

Bubbler: Why you gotta be like that?

Ladybug: You made all the adults disappear, that's why! And now you're imprisoning anyone who isn't having fun. [Adrien runs into his house.]

Bubbler: You are not going to bust on my party! [He takes out his bubble sword and casts two bubbles at her, which she deflects. The crowd scatters. Cut to Adrien in his room.]

Adrien: I think I've been a complete idiot.

"Don't judge yourself, kitty, even though you're right," said Marinette as she petted Adrien on the head, which caused him to purr.

"Did you just purr," asked Marinette.

"Only for you, Princess," said Adrien and kissed Marinette on the cheek.

[Transformation Sequence]

Adrien: Plagg, claws out! [Adrien transforms into Cat Noir]

"I still can't believe that Adrien is that mangy cat," groaned Chloe.

"HOW'D YOU CALL MY BOYFRIEND," roared Marinette in anger, much to everyone's shock.

"Nothing, nothing," replied Chloe quickly.

"Cat Noir risks his life for you every day so don't you dare call him a mangy cat," said Marinette and Chloe shrank away from her glare.

"Thank you, bugaboo," smiled Adrien.

"You're welcome," replied Marinette and they shared a quick kiss.

[Cut to Ladybug and The Bubbler fighting. Ladybug throws her yo-yo at one of his bubbles, but it just bounces back toward her. Cat Noir enters and hits the yo-yo with his staff, and the yo-yo goes up in the air]

Cat Noir: Looks like I made it just in time.

Ladybug: I had it under control, [the yo-yo falls on Cat Noir's head], but thanks.

"I'm sure your yo–yo hates me," said Adrien and everyone laughed at his comment.

Hawk Moth: [from his lair; to The Bubbler] Get the Miraculouses. I want those powers, NOW!

[The Bubbler throws a stream of small red bubbles to Ladybug and Cat Noir, and they fight them. The Bubbler snaps his fingers, and the bubbles turn green and start circling around them, some sticking to them until they are both captured in one big bubble. Ladybug struggles against the bubble as the Bubbler laughs.]

Bubbler: Give me your Miraculouses before you run out of air.

Ladybug: Dream on, Bubbler.

Bubbler: Total party poopers, just like adults.

Ladybug: Kids need adults.

Bubbler: False! Kids need freedom, fun, let loose and live it up. Adults are controlling and bossy.

Ladybug: But adults keep children safe and protected. They care for their kids, they love them!

Cat Noir: [to himself] Most adults do anyhow. [to Bubbler] You must bring the adults back!

"My poor kitty," said Marinette as she hugged Adrien and glared at Gabriel.

It was at that moment that Gabriel knew that he wouldn't win an award 'Father of the Year'.

"Adrien, I want you to know that you're always welcome in our family," said Tom and Adrien smiled.

"Thank you Mr. Dupain–Cheng."

"Please, call me Tom. Besides, you're future son–in–law," said Tom with a wink at Marinette and Adrien, causing both of them to blush.

Bubbler: Nope, never. Know what, since you care so much about these adults, why don't you go float with them for a while? [He runs at them and kicks the bubble high up into the sky. Ladybug and Cat Noir scream and the teenagers gasp.]

Hawk Moth: [from his lair; to The Bubbler] What do you think you're doing Bubbler? You're supposed to seize their Miraculouses!

Ladybug and Cat Noir are trying to burst the bubble.

Ladybug: Use your Cataclysm!

Cat Noir: Couldn't you have said that five hundred feet ago?

Ladybug: We can't stay stuck in this bubble together forever. (Cat Noir smirks, Ladybug facepalms)

"If you two are gonna do it, at least get a private room," teased Haley, Adrien and Marinette blushed deeply while everyone else, even some of the adults laughed.

Cat Noir: CATACLYSM! [He touches the bubble and it bursts. They start falling]

Ladybug: Should we see if you land on your feet this time?

Cat Noir: No, thanks!

Ladybug: Your stick, there! [She points to the Eiffel Tower]

Cat Noir: Got it! [He throws his staff so hard it gets stuck in the Eiffel Tower. Ladybug takes his hand.]

"That shouldn't have worked," said Max.

"You question that, but not everything else they can do," asked Kim.

Ladybug: Hang on! [She throws her yo-yo. It catches around the Cat Noir's staff, and they swing and land safely.]

Cat Noir: Good thing cats aren't afraid of heights.

Ladybug: We've got to get to his bubble sword, that's got to be where the akuma is. [Cat Noir's ring alert sounds.]

Cat Noir: Better hurry.

The Bubbler tries to get the party going again.

Bubbler: Where is everybody? Get out here and party!

Ladybug: Sorry to burst your bubble.

"It's official! Those two are made for one another," said Plagg.

"Yeah, first Adrien, and now Marinette. Let's hope their kids won't be saying puns all the time," said Tikki.

Alya: [from the crowd] Ladybug! [All the teens start to cheer her on.]

Ladybug: No one wants to party with you anymore, Bubbler.

Bubbler: What's wrong with all you guys!? Why you gotta be such haters!? [He grunts, takes out his bubble sword and captures all the teens in bubbles.]

Ladybug and Cat Noir: NOOO!

Bubbler: Outer space is the next stop for your precious peeps, and they're never coming back!

"Sorry, everyone," muttered Nino and Alya placed a hand on his shoulder.

[The Bubbler jumps from roof to roof and Ladybug and Cat Noir pursue him. The Bubbler flies to the Eiffel Tower. Ladybug and Cat Noir start climbing it while he throws explosive bubbles at them. Cat Noir's ring alert sounds again. His icon shows that he is very close to switching back.]

Cat Noir: I'm gonna switch back soon, hurry.

Ladybug: LUCKY CHARM! [The Lucky Charm superpower gives her a big wrench].

"Does it always give you random things," asked Manon, but got no reply.

"Yeah, pretty much," nodded Marinette.

Cat Noir: Your... plumbing skill is gonna help us out? [Ladybug shrugs and The Bubbler throws more explosive bubbles at Cat Noir. He dodges them, ending up atop a beam.] Could use a little work! Is that all you got? [Ladybug begins thinking and her thinking vision shows her a vent, a vent pipe, the screw connecting them, and the wrench]

Ladybug: Got it! [She runs towards the pipe while Cat Noir is still dodging bubbles. She loosens the screw and the pipe comes off. It goes up to where Cat Noir is standing.] Cat Noir, cover me! [Cat Noir takes the pipe]

Cat Noir: Go on! [The Bubbler throws more bubbles at him, but the air flowing from the pipe deflects them. The Bubbler raises his bubble sword once again, but Ladybug throws her yo-yo and snatches the sword, bringing it to her. She breaks the sword in half with her knees. The akuma flies out of the sword.]

Ladybug: Get out of there, you nasty bug. No more evil-doing for you, little akuma. [She opens her yo-yo and it glows pink.] Time to de-evilize! [She swings it around, captures the akuma and closes it.] Gotcha! [She opens the yo-yo again and the akuma is purified.] Bye-bye, little butterfly. MIRACULOUS LADYBUG! [She throws the wrench up in the sky, and the Miraculous cleansing light returns every adult to safety. The Bubbler falls on his knees, the black smoke covers him and he turns back to Nino.]

"That was pretty cool," said Alix.

Nino: Who? Dude.[Ladybug and Cat Noir bump their fists]

Ladybug and Cat Noir: Pound it!

Scene: Hawkmoth's lair

Hawk Moth: You can't run forever Ladybug, and when I catch you, I will crush you! I will DESTROY YOU BOTH!

[His window screen closes]

"If you want to get to my Princess, you'll have to go through me first," hissed Adrien like an actual cat would.

"As much as I like you being protective over me, I don't want to see you get hurt," said Marinette softly as she kissed Adrien on the cheek, which caused him to purr.

Tom and Sabine looked at the two and knew that Adrien would do anything to make sure Marinette is safe.

Scene: Nathalie Sancoeur's Office

Gabriel: [on the intercom] Nathalie? Did my son like his gift?

Nathalie: Actually, I was going to check right away sir.

Gabriel: Good. [He disconnects]

Nathalie: [She despairs, looks around, and takes Marinette's gift. She sighs, and crumples and throws Marinette's post-it note in the garbage. She goes to the dining room where Adrien is eating.] A birthday present, from your father.

"I can't believe she would something like that," said Alya and Gabriel glared at his assistant.

"And I was starting to feel sorry for her," said Kim.

Adrien: Thank you. I mean, please say thank you to my father for me. [Nathalie nods. Adrien looks happily at the gift.]

Scene: Outside School

Chloe: [Screaming at Sabrina] What do you mean not for a week?

Sabrina: [scared] There were no adults yesterday to deliver it.

Chloé: So what? Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous! [She storms inside, followed by Sabrina.]

Alya: [to Marinette] Ha ha! Serves Chloé right.

"How dare you? I don't think my daddy will approve of that," smirked Chloe.

"Unfortunately, Chloe, they do have a point. How could you forget Adrien's birthday? You've known each other since you were kids," said the mayor, much to everyone's shock.

But, daddy –," started Chloe, but stopped when she saw the glare her father was sending her.

Adrien: Hey girls! [He gets out of the limousine, wearing a scarf]

Marinette: [to Alya] Hey, that's my scarf! He's wearing my scarf.

Adrien: [to Nino] Hey, dude.

Alya: Yo, nice scarf, Adrien. Off the chain.

Adrien: Yeah, can you believe my dad got this for me? [Marinette looks surprised] He's so awesome. He's been giving me the same lame pen for three years in a row.

Nino: Wow, I guess anyone can change. Adults can be cool when you least expect it.

"Except for my father," said Adrien so only Marinette could hear him.

Adrien: Speaking of adults, I know my father said you were a bad influence, but-

Nino: We're good, Adrien, don't sweat it. We're buds. Always and forever.

Alya: [to Marinette] You gotta tell him you were the one who knitted the scarf.

Marinette: But he seems so happy about his dad. I don't want to spoil it for him.

Alya: Aw, Marinette. [They hug.] You're amazing, girl. You know that, right? And some day Adrien will figure it out too. Promise. [the bell rings and everyone walks in.]

"I already have," said Adrien happily and kissed Marinette on the lips, which everyone saw and cheered.

"Get a room," said Alix loudly and everyone, including Adrien's bodyguard, laughed.

"Settle down, guys," said Haley. We have more than twenty episode from Season 1 to watch, and then it's Season 2, so let's get onto the next episode, which is… Timebreaker!"

"I guess that's me," said Alix and Marinette and Adrien nodded.

"We don't have to watch if you don't want to," said Marinette as she remembered what happened when she and Cat Noir faced Timebreaker, and trembled at the thought.


Hey, guys, I'm really sorry for making you wait for so long, but a lot of unexpected things happened in the past 2 months, like my little sister breaking her arm while our parents were away on a business trip for 3 weeks. Anyway, here's the third chapter. I hope you liked it. I'm not sure when the next update will be, but I'll try to post it by the end of October. I'll see you all next time. Until then, have a nice day.