For Glinda, it all started with that orange and yellow hat. Her breath had caught as the hat graced Elphaba's head, and when she did manage to say anything, she veiled her compliment with weak insults. She had called Elphaba a terrible and mean thing before letting the word pretty slide off her tongue with a wispy sigh. Glinda felt a knot in her stomach as she remembered going out the next day and saying that Elphaba had looked awful in the hat. The knot tightened further in her stomach when she realized that this time, there were no "friends" to joke to, to escape to, now that they were traveling together. There was only Glinda, Elphaba, and Glinda's ever-growing feelings for her mean, terrible, and pretty Miss Elphie.

Glinda stared as Elphaba draped her coat over Glinda, tucking her in. Miss Elphie then asked the driver if he could take the first night as easy as possible. "Miss Glinda is in quite the state," Elphaba added, as if to assert that she only asked so she would not have to babysit. Elphaba must have assumed that Glinda wouldn't remember this act of kindness because she'd had so much to drink, but Glinda would always remember gently clutching Elphaba's jacket, taking in the way she smelled, and the carriage tenderly rocking her to sleep.