Glinda woke with a start and with the worst headache she'd ever had. Prior to popular belief, she didn't party like people thought she did. The feeling in her stomach was enough to make her hang her head out the window first and question her surroundings second. When she finally had the energy to wipe her mouth and haul herself back in, she caught her first sober look at Elphie since early the night before. She was curled up on her side of the carriage, fast asleep, the morning light framing her face like the sun mistook her for a majestic tree. Elphie had only become a heavy sleeper a few months prior to their impromptu trip to Oz. Glinda had noticed that Elphie could only really sleep soundly when she was around. If Glinda was out late, Elphie was either up or would wake the second Glinda entered the door. She never woke if Glinda left or thumped around in the middle of the night though.

Glinda slumped back onto her side of the carriage. She barely remembered last night, but she did remember. They were on their way to Oz. Elphie had packed for her. Her stomach turned again, sure nothing Elphie had packed matched in the slightest. It suddenly struck Glinda how thirsty she was as she felt the need to hurl over possible future fashion choices.

"Elphaba?" Glinda coughed, as she tried to regain her voice.


"Elphie?" Glinda said a little more quietly, almost like a prayer.

Elphaba stirred and looked at Glinda, "Oh, good morning."

"Where's the water?" Glinda asked, even though she meant to say good morning too.

Elphaba's brow furrowed together. "Oh, uh," she fumbled through a small bag and pulled out a bottle, "there you go."

Glinda drank and they both traveled in silence, only stopping briefly for bathroom breaks and eventually to find a place to sleep. Glinda wanted nothing more than to speak to Elphie, to clear the tension, but she couldn't find the courage. They pulled up next to the most decrepit roadside inn that Glinda had ever seen. Her stomach turned again, but she thought about sharing the inevitably tiny space with Elphie, and her heart skipped a beat. Maybe it was better inside.