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Ash sighed, walking over to his Pikachu; his fainted Pokemon. He was battling in the Unova league, the fifth league he was attempting to win. However, he had just lost his battle against his rival, Trip.

"Pikachu is unable to battle! Trip is the winner!" The voice boomed throughout the stadium, causing the crowd to become a mix of people cheering and booing.

Ash walked over to Trip, cradling his Pikachu in his arm, leaving one outstretched, expecting a handshake, therefore, he was confused and annoyed when Trip merely turned around and walked out of the stadium.

Sighing again, Ash turned around and walked over to his side of the stadium again, leaving through his side, as, for some reason, there was a rule stating you had to do that.

"That was a close battle, Ash!"

Ash looked to the side, watching as his two travelling companions ran up to him; Iris and Cilan.

"You made it so far, too!" Cilan exclaimed, placing a hand on Ash's shoulder, trying to comfort him.

Ash shrugged, leaning back against a bench, watching as Pikachu jumped off his shoulder and onto the top of the bench.

"Yeah, I know," Ash muttered, honestly not caring too much. He had lost the previous four leagues as well, therefore, he was used to the losses.

"What are you going to do now?" Iris asked him, to which Ash shrugged.

I think I'm going to take a little break," Ash said, shocking the group, including Pikachu.

"What? Why?" Cilan asked him, slightly taken aback.

"Pika!" Pikachu exclaimed, reciprocating Cilan's questions.

"Well, I've been at it for a while. Five whole regions, forty gym-badges. I haven't taken a single break in between," Ash told them, to which they nodded, understanding his point.

"Well, I'm guessing you're going to go back to Kanto?" Cilan asked him, to which Ash nodded. "When?"

"Tomorrow," Ash told them, again, shocking them.

"Why so soon?" Iris asked him, starting to wonder about whether or not Ash was starting to give up on his dream.

As if Ash was reading her thoughts, he immediately shook his head.

"I'm not losing any enthusiasm for Pokemon-battling, by the way. I just need a break for a little while," Ash told her, also addressing Cilan, giving him a little nod while he spoke, knowing that Cilan was thinking the same thing.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye, then," Cilan muttered, looking behind him towards the train station.

"What do you mean?" Iris asked him, looking confused.

"I need to go back to Straiton City," Cilan said, looking between Ash and Iris.

"Well, now that you've said that, I need to go back to the Village of Dragons, so I'd better take the train to Opolucid," Iris said, looking over to the train station.

Ash straightened himself up from leaning against the bench, straightening his sleeves and re-adjusting his gloves.

"We'll stay in contact, right?" Ash asked the two, starting to worry about whether he would see his two Unavon friends again.

"Of course," They both said in unison, nodding before Cilan held out his hand towards Ash.

Ash grabbed his hand, giving him a handshake and a hug to say goodbye before doing the same with Iris.

"We'll see you soon, Ash!" Iris said before turning around and running over to the train station, Cilan giving him a quick nod before he followed her.

Feeling a vibration in his pocket, Ash pulled out his phone, seeing that he had a few texts.

Ash took a quick glance over them, seeing that most of them were from his friends who saw the match, and were congratulating him on how far he got before his loss.

A few of the texts were from his past travelling companions, Brock, Dawn, Max and Misty, with the others from two other people, his mother and his childhood friend.

Ash read them properly, noticing that they all had the exact same progression: Congratulating him on how far he got, pitying him for his loss, saying something else about how long it's been since they last talked in person, and then finally saying that it would be nice if they met up soon to catch up.

However, only two texts stood out to Ash, the ones from his mother and his childhood friend.

Ash opened his mother's text, noticing that Pikachu was glancing at Ash and the phone from the bench, curious as to what it said.

Ash looked over at Pikachu, smirking a bit before reading it out loud to the yellow Pokemon.

"Hey, honey! I'm so proud of how far you got, and I'm so sorry that you lost. There's always next time! Tell me when you're coming back. I expect that you're going to go off to another region straight away. It would be nice if you could stay back for a while!"

"It's like she read my mind," Ash told Pikachu.

Pikachu nodded, jumping up onto Ash's shoulder, laughing lightly.

Ash opened up the other text, reading it out loud for Pikachu.

"Hey, Ash! I'm so proud of you! You came so far since you helped me that day. I'll never forget that, by the way. I'm sorry you lost, but I think it's for the better. Losses make you stronger! Plus, you probably would have died if you ended up going against the girl with the Lugia. Sorry, but it's true! If you want, come to Kalos to see me! I've heard the league is decent, so if you want a challenge, you'll be given one! I'll talk to you later, and you should tell me if you're coming."

Ash smiled reading that. Trust Serena to say that he would have lost anyway. However, she did have a point. That girl with the Lugia swept through her opponents, so he might of actually dies if he went up against her.

"Pika?" Pikachu asked Ash, looking at the text.

"Yeah, let's go to Kalos and see her," Ash told Pikachu who nodded, agreeing with Ash's choice.

Ash slid his phone back into his pocket before pulling out a Pokeball, throwing it and sending out his Unfezant.

"Take us to the airport," Ash told his Pokemon, throwing himself onto her back, Pikachu jumping onto Ash's shoulder.

Unfezant nodded before taking off, flying as fast as she could towards the airport with Ash and Pikachu clinging to her.

They landed at the airport. Ash thanked his Unfezant, returning her to her Pokeball before entering the airport, buying a ticket to Kanto, waiting for the plane, and eventually getting on the plane.

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