Jamie had just got back from the boxing gym after work and he texted Danny to see if he wanted to grab a beer. While he was waiting for Danny to answer he saw Eddie's name flash up on the screen.

"Hey Janko what's up"

"You got plans tonight Reagan? Cause I need some ice cream and alcohol and I'm probably gonna cry" Eddie said out of breath.

"Eddie where are you? What happened?" Jamie asked trying to put his sneakers on and hold his phone at the same time.

"Scott dumped me" Eddie said in a small voice.

"Aw Janko I'm sorry" Jamie said sincerely. But he really hated to hear her talk about other guys. His conversations with Erin and Renzulli were never far from his head but after his friend's wedding and the incident in the precinct they decided, or rather he decided and Eddie let it go that they should just stay friends.

"Can I come over tonight?" Eddie asked

"Sure, of course. You eat yet?" Jamie asked

"No he dumped me between ordering the food and the appetizers arriving"

"See I told you that it's your loud chewing"

"YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS A HANGUP ABOUT THAT" Eddie yelled into the phone.

"Too soon?" Jamie asked sheepishly



"So about the food?" Eddie asked

"You go to your place get what you need and I'll grab a pizza and extra beer"

"No the hard stuff"

"We have an afternoon tour tomorrow. You really wanna hit the Vodka tonight. I do have some whisky?" Jamie asked

"Fine, get chocolate ice cream and a tub of cookie dough. But the one you bake, I don't know if I want raw cookie dough or actual cookies"

"That sounds like a terrible combination" Jamie said

"No ones making you eat it"

"Fair enough. Meet in 30?"


When he hung up with Eddie he realized he had a missed call and text from Danny.

"Hey Danny"

"Hey kid, I can't make a beer tonight. Some neighborhood parents thing Linda is making me go to. Another night?" Danny asked

"Yea that's fine" Jamie said, happy that he didn't have to tell Danny he was bailing to hang out with Eddie.

He went and got the pizza and everything else Eddie wanted. She however had beaten him back to his apartment.

"Does this also mean chickflicks?" Jamie asked groaning as he jutted his hip out to his jacket pocket so Eddie could get his keys out.

"You're just gonna have to wait and see"

"You could've used your key and went in" Jamie said as they walked into his apartment

"Eh, I wasn't there long" Eddie said. Honestly she wasn't sure when they had gotten this close but going into his empty apartment seemed like a step they shouldn't cross.

"You look nice if that helps" Jamie said

"Thanks" Eddie said, wishing nothing more than to get out her fancy clothes and into something comfortable

"ugh" Eddie said flopping on to the sofa

"You wanna talk about it?" Jamie asked


"Come on, I know you. You'll ignore it for now and then you'll get drunk and cry and then we'll be up all night and you'll talk about how much you hate him. why don't get just get that part over with?" Jamie asked

"Consolation prize" Eddie said

"Eddie you know you never have been and you never will be a consolation prize for me. You're my best friend. I'm always here for you" Jamie said sitting down next to her.

"Dammit Reagan" Eddie said as she felt the tears coming. No matter how into the guy she was, she still cried every time she got dumped.

"You can add, You know Jamie, you were so right" Jamie said smirking

"Never" Eddie said wiping her eyes with the back of her hand

"You wanna hear the details?" Eddie asked

"You're gonna tell me at some point anyway" Jamie said shrugging his shoulders.

"So I actually liked him, we had a good time, he seemed like a decent guy. He worked procurement in one of the big department stores so we usually went fancy which I was fine with. Beer and bar snacks is our thing Reagan" Eddie started to say.

Jamie nodded. He knew that it was his decision to stay friends but it didn't mean he loved hearing about her dates.

"I thought everything was fine but apparently he had hang ups about me being a cop. Apparently he didn't like having to go to some benefit alone last week because we had to work a double. Like I'm sorry, maybe if people weren't so shitty then I wouldn't have to work over time to control the hooligans of New York"

Jamie just smirked.

"I mean I really did like him. He didn't try anything in the beginning and I liked that he was respectful and kind and understanding"

"But" Jamie said

"But then he didn't like the fact that I spent all day with you. Hello you're my partner. And honestly Jamie, at least right now in my relationships you come first"


"Let me finish"

"Ok" Jamie said nodding

"Like he would ask about work and about our arrests and I would tell him and all I would literally say was oh I got the one guy and Jamie took down the other. And he'd get all weird. The one day I went to lunch with him in uniform he kept staring. I don't think he would admit it but he was intimidated by it"

"He should never have made you feel bad about your job Eddie" Jamie said gently

"He also told me earlier tonight that he wished I was calmer. Like what the hell does that even mean. I think he also meant girlier too. I'm Serbian and Hungarian, we have a temper. Sure I hit back straight Vodka and now that's to you Whiskey, Every time we went out I always looked nice, but once he saw me in uniform the other day it changed everything"

"I'm sorry Eddie that really sucks" Jamie said "And has he not seen your apartment. Aside from a picture of us in uniform and the NYPD flag you would never know you're a cop. Plus your apartment is pink and yellow"

"He's never been "

"Never?" Jamie asked surprised

"No, I mean yea his is bigger but we always went there instead" Eddies said looking down at her hands

"He didn't deserve you Eddie"

"I just want a guy to like me for me, you know. Someone that can handle the fact that I'm a cop and carry a gun that my partner is a guy and my best friend. Someone that likes me for me, flaws and all. I know I'm not perfect Jamie, but who is? Sure I have a healthy appitite but I also work hard in the gym. Scott also didn't like the fact that I could outrun him, and then I told him its because me and you work out together you would have thought I kicked a puppy"

"Janko, you shouldn't have to settle. You're pretty amazing don't let anyone tell you otherwise" Jamie said

"Thanks Jamie" Eddie said, letting a few tears fall.

"Come here" Jamie said sliding closer to her on the sofa to give her a hug.

Jamie had one arm snaked around her waist and the other on her shoulder. Eddie had wrapped both arms around his stomach and put her head on his chest.

"Jamie, I mean it. I won't let anyone come between us. You're too important to me" Eddie said sniffling.

Jamie didn't say anything he just nodded his head that was leaning on Eddies.

"See don't you feel better now that you got the crying over with?" Jamie asked

"You really have gotten better at handling it" Eddie said

"Somebody has to" Jamie said with a smirk

"Oh whatever" Eddie said giving him a small smile

"We should eat the pizza now, I'll warm it in the oven since it's probably cold"

"Thank you" Eddie said more behind her thanks than just pizza

"Always" Jamie said

"I'm gonna go change" Eddie said nodding to the bag by the door

She walked off to the bathroom and he got out plates for their pizza and threw a few slices in the oven.

"Um, there's a problem. See when I was throwing stuff in my bag, I had a comfy shirt in my hand and then my phone beeped and it was Scott asking if I would still want to have sex tonight, you know to celebrate one last time together and I threw the shirt and forgot about it" Eddie said walking into Jamie's living room in her flower printed pj pants and sports bra.

Jamie looked up and swallowed, somehow, he still thought Eddie was beautiful even after she piled her hair on top of her head, wiped all her makeup off and was standing half-naked in his living room.

"Need a shirt?" Jamie asked, his voice an octave higher than he was expecting

"Yes please" Eddie said nodding

He walked into his bedroom and Eddie padded in right behind him. He opened two different draws and turned back to face her.

"Long or short?"

"Long please"

He pulled one from the bottom of his drawer. It was a thin, cream thermal that he was pretty sure he had since high school but it was practically threadbare and one of his favorites to lay around the house in.

"I think you did this on purpose" Jamie said poking her in the stomach

"Don't do that" Eddie said swatting his hand away as she took the shirt.

"Some of us look at a pizza and go soft" Eddie said putting on the shirt.

Jamie didn't know what to say, he usually didn't when she started talking about her body because it took all of his willpower to control his own body.

"This is see through Reagan" Eddie said smirking

"You want a different one?" Jamie asked cocking an eyebrow

"No, I mean its not like you didn't already see"

Jamie just rolled his eyes and pushed her out of the bedroom.

"See now we can be even. I walk in on you changing and I walk out on you while I'm half-naked"

"See I'm just an innocent victim" Jamie said putting his hands up in self-defense

"Anything but mister"

Once they were back in the kitchen and fully clothed, Jamie slid her plate over to her. She was about to place her feet under her when she spotted the bottle of whiskey on the counter. Jamie's eyes tracked her and when she picked it up she looked at him for confirmation. He nodded and she grabbed two glasses.

"Go easy you lush" Jamie said as Eddie handed him his glass.

"Whatever" Eddie said chugging her glass right away.

"Alright then, drinking to forget" Jamie said laughing as he sipped his glass. He knew Eddie was vulnerable, especially after he once again decided they should just stay partners so he wanted to make sure that one of them stayed sober since the time they kissed in his apartment they were both stone cold sober. So he really couldn't blame the first time on alcohol.

Eddie had downed her third-glass when Jamie pulled the bottle away from her. She didn't say anything but shot him a pouty face.

"You need to eat more" Jamie said

"Wow, never thought those words would come out of your mouth"

"Yea well just put some pizza in yours" Jamie said handing her another slice

They finished eating and he had had two glasses of whiskey and two beers. He wouldn't drive but he was feeling fine. Eddie on the other hand then then polished off the half bottle of whiskey that he had as well as a few beers and was now onto the tub of cookie dough.

"That's repulsive Janko" Jamie said pointing to the little bowl that she had put the cookies dough into. He himself had a small bowl of ice cream.

"It's like cough medicine for the heart"

"What?!" Jamie asked bursting out laughing

"Ok, next time you decide that you are gonna stop living like a priest and go on a date and then maybe even get a girlfriend and you get dumped. I will bring the cookie dough and you will see its magical powers"

"How do you know that I won't dump her?"

"Humility is not your strongest point"

"So I've been told" Jamie said smirking as they walked over to the couch.

Eddie's alcohol had hit her a little harder than expected and she wobbled.

"D1 football playing frat boy?" Jamie asked as he put a hand on her shoulder to steady her.

"What ever" Eddie said sitting down and taking a swig of beer.

"Yea I'm cutting you off. You can't even come up with a good comeback" Jamie said sitting down next to her.

"Just pick a movie" Eddie said

"I get to pick?" Jamie asked surprised

"No you'll pick some weird documentary about prison practices in Antarctica" Eddie said taking the remote from him

"There's no people there, what do they do, put penguins in prison?" Jamie asked smirking

"Shut it" Eddie said

Before they got too comfy he figured he should at least get some water in her too.

He grabbed a few bottles and put them on the coffee table before he sat back down.

"Jamie" Eddie slurred

"Yes Janko"

"You are the bestest friend I've ever had. But don't tell Hayley" Eddie said louder than necessary since she was feeling more than good.

"Ok, you're done" Jamie said laughing moving the remaining beer bottle out of her reach

"Jamie" Eddie whined

"I'm you're best friend remember? You'll thank me later" Jamie said laughing

Eddie just stuck her tongue out at him and grabbed one of the waters that was on the table.


Eddie just looked over to Jamie.

"You're my best friend too Janko" Jamie said with a smile.

"Wanna do be a favor?" Eddie asked

Jamie didn't say anything but just cocked an eyebrow and gave her a look that he didn't like where this was going.

"Go beat up Scott. Now. Reagan"

"Let's not go assault anyone tonight Eddie ok? Next day tour we'll go the bar and through darts at his picture, ok?"


"I'm sorry he was shitty. These guys you date, give all us guys a bad rap" Jamie said laughing

"Or maybe they just aren't boy scouts like you"

"Here we go" Jamie said rolling his eyes.

"Jamie would you ever actually you know suggest to a girl that you just dumped that she should still come over and rock your world?" Eddie said now sitting on her heels facing Jamie.

Jamie knew this was the alcohol talking at this point but he still thought it was funny.

"No I can't say that I would"

"I mean I get I ruined him for life, like he'll never find someone better than me but I'm a hell of a lot more than just my body"

Jamie nodded, Eddie was pretty funny when she was drunk, especially if she was mad about something.

"I mean, I'm also made up of water"

"What?" Jamie asked just laughing.

Eddie was now standing on his couch and he really didn't want to have to explain to Renzulli how his partner took a drunk header into the coffee table so he wrapped his arm behind both her knees bringing her butt back to the couch.

"Hey not cool" Eddie pouted

"I didn't think you wanted to get a concussion when you were inevitable going to fall" Jamie said

Eddie brought her feet back up under her and gave Jamie a look.

"I always have your back. And you're right. You are more than your body, you also have a demanding wise ass attitude" He said smiling

"Then why do you put up with it?" Eddie asked

"I don't like to be bored" Jamie said

Eddie just shook her head and went back to her end of the couch and flipped the blanket over herself. Jamie had wiggled his feet under the blanket.

"No fair you feet take up more of my space"

"My couch shorty"

Instead of sitting, Eddie decided to lay down to take up more of his space. Jamie honestly lived these kid of nights were there were no walls between them, even he had to admit being the do-gooder boy scout could be exhausting and he liked the way Eddie and him teased each other.

They were only half way though the movie when they both started to fall asleep. Eddies legs had gotten slightly wrapped up in Jamie's when she woke up startled.

She knew this feeling and she knew she had to leave.

"Jam" Eddie said as she tried to untangle her feet from his and the blanket.

"Huh, Eddie?" Jamie asked waking up at her commotion.

Eddie did say anything but she was trying to get up and had a hand over her mouth.

Jamie quickly took notice of her green she looked and quickly pulled his feet back.

"Bathroom, go"

Eddie started shaking her head trying to get to the door.

"Go. I'm right behind you" Jamie said as he pushed her towards the bathroom.

They made it just in time and Jamie grabbed her hair out of her face that had fallen out of her messy bun.

"It's ok I got you " Jamie said quietly as he rubbed circles on her back

Eddie had stopped throwing up and Jamie went from his knees to his butt to sit down. Eddie then leaned herself against him.

"I won't say it" Jamie said smirking

"You better not if you value your life Reagan" Eddie said

"You wanna go get in bed. I can take the couch?" Jamie asked

Eddie didn't have time to say anything before she started to get sick again. Jamie instantly was back on his knees holding her hair. They hadn't even turned the light on, but there was enough from the living room that they could still see.

"Not a good combo, I'm sorry" Eddie said sitting back down.

Jamie stood up and opened the window.

"You don't have to stay in here you know" Eddie said leaning against the tub.

Jamie didn't say anything but he went back to the living room to get a bottle of water, he went to the closet and grabbed two washcloths and went into his room to change from his jeans into his plaid pj pants, and went back into the bathroom.

"I always have your back Eddie"

Eddie knew that smells always got to him and she could see that he was struggling to not gag himself.

"Honestly Jamie, I know you're not good with this stuff" Eddie said apologetically.

"Hold on" Jamie said

He moved Eddie's feet out of his way so he could open the bathroom cabinet. He pulled out a small bottle, opened it and put some on his finger and then swiped it across under his nose.

"Life your shirt" He told Eddie as he went and sat back down next to her.

Eddie looked at him confused but did as she was told.

"Peppermint" Jamie said showing her the oil bottle.

"And you call me a granola cruncher?" Eddie asked genuinely shocked he would have any essential oils.

"Erin's gotten into it, she gave me what she thought were necessary. I will admit the peppermint and lavender work pretty well when I get a headache"

"And this does..." Eddie asked

"Putting it on your stomach is supposed to calm it down, and reduce nausea. Plus now my bathroom won't smell of your puke" Jamie said

"Sorry" Eddie said swiping a finger of the peppermint under her own nose. She was handing Jamie the bottle back when he stopped her.

"Keep smelling it too" He said holding it up to her nose.

He then got up and wet the two clothes and put one on Eddie's forehead and one on her neck.

"You don't have to take care of me you. I can go home"

"Yea and what do you think your BAC is still?" Jamie asked shooting her a look, letting her knew she wasn't going anywhere.

"You're gonna hold this one over my head aren't you Reagan?"

"No, just about the fact that you had pizza, ice cream, raw cookie dough, whisky and beer"

Hearing that combination was enough to turn her stomach again. She pushed off Jamie and rolled over to the toilet.

"See even you agree" Jamie said rubbing her back again.

Eddie didn't say anything, she just groaned.

"You know you'll feel better the quicker you get it out of your system"

Eddie finished and leaned back against Jamie again. He handed her the bottle of water and she took small sips.

"I hate throwing up. Like actually terrified of it" Eddie said with glassy eyes.

"You seem pretty calm now" Jamie said wiping away a tear with the pad of his thumb.

"Well I don't usually have someone taking care of me when I'm puking my guts up" Eddie said

Jamie didn't say anything but he made a face and shook his head.

"If you were puking from the stomach flu, I'd probably have on a hazmat suit and be in another room. But this is just from the terrible combination you decided to put into your stomach tonight"

Eddie grabbed the peppermint and continued to smell it.

"You think you're done? Wanna go get in bed?"

"Yea I think so" Eddie said

Jamie got up and then held out a hand for Eddie to get up. She pushed his hand away and got up but swayed a little.

"Easy Janko"

"I'm gonna brush my teeth, do you have mouthwash? I forgot mine" Eddie said opening her toiletry bag on the counter.

"Yea let me go get you a cup" Jamie said

They got ready for bed. With Eddie only stumbling around a few times.

"You can stay in your bed you know. We're both adults" Eddie said

"Ok" Jamie said placing a towel under her side of the bed and one on the bed. He grabbed the trashcan and placed it next to the bed.

"I think I'm ok, this peppermint helped" Eddie said

"Just in case" Jamie said pulling back the covers.

"Come on get in" Jamie said. He still hoped that at some point he would be saying those words to her, but not just as partners.

Jamie popped his t-shirt off and put it in his hamper before he climbed in on his side of the bed. He set his alarm and turned on the bed side light.

"Shirtless?" Eddie asked

"It's still warm out, and you are a human space heater" Jamie said

"I don't need a nightlight Reagan"

"Well I'd rather you be able to see where your puking so it's not on me" Jamie said

"I told you I think I'm ok now" Eddie said feeling guilty.

"Ok" Jamie said putting the cool clothes back on Eddie's forehead.

"I'm sorry for dumping on you and then not listening to you when you said that was a bad combo and for puking" Eddie said

"I would've been concerned if you actually listened to me" He said laughing

"Reagan" Eddie said swatting his abs with her hand.

"Go to sleep Eddie, wake me if you need me" Jamie was laying on his side of the bed as close to the edge as he could without falling off but he was still facing Eddie. He comfortingly ran his hand on her arm and played with the hem of the sleeve. It was his favorite shirt to lay around in and the way Eddie was cuddled up in it, he really didn't think he'd ever get it back.

"Goodnight Eddie" Jamie said turning off the lamp.

Jamie knew she was already falling asleep since she mumbled something incoherent back to him.

So this is apart of my Partners series. It is more of a prequel to Partners and Friends. I wrote that a while ago and I wished I had written more about their friendship too before being a couple and there's been some ideas I've had that I want to tackle as them being partners but I didn't want to write the new Partners stories and half of it be in flashbacks. So this story is kind of a reference to somethings I will make in the new story. The title for my new story will be Partners and Family! A lot of people suggested Partners and Babies and I heavily considered it, but I have a lot of good plots lined up for them and it won't just be one big happy family with a baby. It's about them becoming a family and Eddie becoming a Reagan. I have half of the first chapter written and it will started with them on their honeymoon, I am hoping to get it out soon!

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