Jamie was walking down the street heading into work. He had texted Eddie to see if she wanted a coffee but she never answered. He was at the front steps of the 12th precinct when he saw a car pull up and in the passenger seat someone that looked exactly like his partner. He stifled his eye roll and put on a happy face recognizing the guy as the same one that dropped her off breakfast a few weeks ago. There had been some awkward conversations afterwards but they were able to move past it, despite her kissing him in the middle of his apartment.

"Nice 4-4-2" Jamie called out as the overly tall guy got out of the car. James, John, Jack maybe it was Josh. Honestly he didn't care, for what ever reason just his presence made Jamie uneasy.

"Thanks" Josh said as he walked over to shake Jamie's hand

"Three speed or four?" Jamie asked


"Nice, that's the way to go" Jamie said

"You ?" Josh asked

"I got a hurt SS 396 sitting in my dad's garage. I've been working on it myself the last few years"

"Few years? Jamie that car's been hurt since you were a rookie" Eddie said

"Good morning to you too Janko"

"What are you doing with it?" Josh asked

"My brother left it to me, there was an incident when I was rookie. Fixing it sorta just became a hobby"

"I got a Chevelle guy if you want him" Josh said "Flatbed and everything"

"Really? Good guy?" Jamie asked seriously

"The best, no rip-off"

"Ok thanks" Jamie said

"Get my number from Eddie and just shoot me a text and I'll hook you up"

Eddie had been standing there uncomfortably and figured now was a good time to break up the conversation.

"We uh, we should be getting in. Can't be late for roll call" Eddie said

"It was good seeing you, nice talking to you" Jamie said shaking his hand again

"Hey my sister is coming into town, you wanna go to dinner with Eddie and I. She doesn't really know anyone else in the city" Josh said

"Uh well" Jamie said trying to think of any excuse to get out of dinner with his partner and her boyfriend

"You... um it's on the spot you probably already have plans" Eddie said hoping their silent communication would work

"Who has plans on a Thursday?" Josh asked "Come on it'll be great"

"Uh yea okay" Jamie said reluctantly

"7:00, Blue Smoke" Josh said happily

"Alright see you tomorrow" Jamie said

"Bye" Eddie added

Josh blew Eddie a kiss and Jamie did all he could to resist an eye roll, he thought maybe him and Josh could get along until that gesture.

"Mr. Breakfast Sandwich seems to like me. I can't remember his name, what is it Jack? Joe, Jim? John, Jacob Jinglehimerschmidt?" Jamie asked smirking

"Reagan" Eddie said, uneasy about Jamie coming to dinner

"His name is my name too" Jamie said laughing which only earned him a death glare from his partner

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, or was it because it wasn't your bed?" He asked smirking

"Seriously Jamie, cut it out" Eddie said

"What sorry? I'm just messing with you I know his name is Josh"

As they were walking in he looked at Eddie "I'm sorry. I couldn't think of anything fast enough" "If you don't want me to come" Jamie said putting his hands up in defense

"No of course come" Eddie said sarcastically "Of course" "It'll be great" She added looking away

They both went in and got changed for roll call when Eddie walked into the roll call room Jamie was already standing there.

"Ready partner?" He asked


"What gives Janko?" He asked turning to look at her

"Later" Eddie said and Jamie just nodded

Once they were safely driving in their RMP Eddie spoke up again.

"Look if you don't want to go you can just say that you have an appointment" Eddie said

"At 7:00 on a Thursday?" Jamie asked

"You said earlier you didn't want to go" Eddie said exasperatedly

"I don't" Jamie said softening his tone

"Fake a stomachache, card game with your grandfather, tell him you're being a little too moody" Eddie said throwing her hands up in the air

"Eddie" Jamie said knowing they were getting into dangerous territory

"Would you just come" Eddie said again

"Right because it won't be weird me tagging along on a date with you and your boyfriend" Jamie said

"You and I both decided that we were going to keep our relationship strictly platonic and professional. What are you mad that you didn't get a date first? That I beat you to it?" Eddie said

"We did and what no? No you're being ridiculous" Jamie said

"Then it shouldn't be weird. But honestly Jamie am I being ridiculous?" Eddie said getting frustrated

Jamie knew that she knew that the only reason he was uncomfortable going on a double date is because he wasn't the one to get a date first. He was the one that spearheaded that they should remain friends but here she was moving on like everything was ok. His head told him that he couldn't be mad, that she's too great to not find someone but his heart wants her all to himself even if he can't admit it.

"It wont be" Jamie said tightly

"Good" Eddie said gritting her teeth

"I am surprised you're dating someone like him" Jamie said making a face

"Someone like him? What does that mean?" Eddie asked

"You know. I just thought you would go for someone more like..."

"You?" Eddie finished for him

"No" Jamie said too quickly "A cop"

"Well, in the plus and minuses the fact that he is not a cop is a plus" Eddie said

"Because?" Jamie asked

"Because he doesn't even know what a perp is" Eddie said

"Right. And he likes you because..." Jamie said before being cut off by Eddie again

"Who wouldn't?" She asked cheekily. She knew that Jamie still had feelings for her she just didn't know what was stopping him from acting on those feelings once he told her

"Alright then" Jamie said nodding

After a somewhat awkward tour Jamie and Eddie both went into their respective locker rooms and got changed. They were walking out at the same time when they both spoke simultaneously.

"I don't think..." "I have a..." They both said

"Sorry you first" Jamie said gesturing

"I uh, I have a headache so I don't think I'm gonna grab drinks tonight. But I'll see you tomorrow, don't forget to bring nice clothes for dinner. What were you going to say?" Eddie said

"Yea no problem. I was gonna said I didn't think I could do drinks tonight either, I told Sean I would catch one of his basketball games. But feel better, with the headache and all"

"Yea I will, thanks. Enjoy Sean's game"

"Thanks Janko, see you tomorrow?" Jamie asked

"Yea of course" Eddie said as they each walked to their own cars.

The next morning Jaime walked into the roll call room, surprised to see his partner standing there already"

"How how's the head?" Jamie asked

"All fine this morning, I think I was just tired or dehydrated or something yesterday" Eddie said "Here" She added handing him a coffee cup

"Whoa it's from the place you like, not even the precinct coffee. Did I forget my own birthday?"

"Yea I was getting mine and thought I'd treat you. As a peace offering you know for coming to dinner with us"

"Eddie you don't need to give me a peace offering"

"No I know, I was just trying to..."

"To what"

"Just drink your damn coffee or I'll take it back" Eddie said

Jamie just smirked and felt like they were finally returning to normal

"Thanks" He said taking a sip

Tour was still quieter than usual and Jamie was grateful when it was time for them to call it a day.

"You ready for our double date? Should we get ready together and do each other's hair?" Jamie asked as they headed towards the locker rooms

"Will you stop being weird about this?" Eddie asked him

"What it was a joke, Janko" Jamie said rolling his eyes

"Whatever, just look nice ok?" Eddie asked slightly worried

"I'll put clean underwear on and everything" Jamie said tightly

"Jamie..." Eddie bit

"Janko what stick is up your ass? Huh? I'm doing this as a favor to you and your boyfriend"

"See I knew you didn't want to go, why Jamie it's a freaking dinner. You were gonna eat dinner any way tonight so I don't see the big deal"

Jamie just stood there silent, he couldn't tell Eddie the real reason that he didn't want to go on the date, that he wanted to be on the date with her and not with his boyfriend's sister.

"I'm sorry. I'll behave" Jamie said feeling guilty for stressing Eddie out.

"It's the first time I'm meeting anyone in his family. He already likes you, and I mean he met the closest person to me. I'm just...nervous ok" Eddie said

"Your dad? You're great Eddie, there's no reason for you to be nervous" Jamie said not wanting to upset her more

"No you. You're the closest person to me Jamie, I'm not ready to take him to prison to meet my dad. You know you mean the world to me, you opinion is important."

"I'll be on my best behavior, no jokes. I promise. You can count on me Eddie" Jamie said, feeling conflicted over Eddie saying that he was the most important person to her

"Thank you" Eddie said putting her hand on his forearm

"We better go get dressed" Jamie said

Jamie was leaning against the wall in a dress shirt, jeans and a blazer when Eddie walked out juggling her purse and jacket and fixing her hair. Jamie instinctively held his hand out and took Eddie's purse and jacket until she got herself together.

"Relax will you?" Jamie asked laughing

"Ok how do I look?" Eddie asked. She had on a gold shirt with dark wash jeans and heels, her curls flowing around her.

"You look very nice" Jamie said, even though he wanted to tell her how beautiful she was

"You cleaned up pretty well Reagan" Eddie said giving him a one over. It didn't matter what he was wearing, jeans and a t-shirt, sweaty gym clothes or his uniform, her feelings toward him never faltered, she liked him in all of it. However, him in a blazer, slightly dressed up made her stop slightly to regain her composure while her body was screaming at her to have his babies.

"Ready to go?" Jamie asked helping her into her jacket

"Let's do it" Eddie said

They got whistles and stares and questions as they walked out of the precinct but they just ignored all of them. Most of them knew about Mr. Breakfast sandwich and knew if anything was going on between the two partners that Jamie would never flaunt it and break the rules.

The driver over was pretty quiet but once they got to the restaurant Eddie looked at Jamie and he gave her a slight nod.

"In you go" Jamie said holding the door open for her

"Ooo I see them" Eddie said walking over to the table

Eddie gave Josh a quick kiss and Jamie lost any appetite he had. Jamie gave him a firm and warm handshake and tried not to laugh at the fact that he calls him John Jacob Jinglehimerschmidt.

"This is my sister Caroline" Josh said "This is Jamie, Eddie's partner"

"Hi" Jamie said shaking her hand

"Caroline this is Eddie" Josh said happily

"Hi it's so nice to finally meet you" Eddie gushed as she hugged her

"Eddie, you too" Caroline said just has happily

"Why don't we all take a seat" Josh said

"We have apps and drinks coming" Caroline said

"Thanks, great" Eddie said

"So we heard you were in town looking at apartments" Jamie said as they sat down

He looked around and was surprised he was next to Eddie, but he promised her he would behave and that's what he would do.

"Yes. I can't believe how expensive it is. I can rent a whole house for that in Virginia" Caroline said

"Yeah, well where are you looking?" Jamie asked

"Park-Slope and Tribeca"

"Well no wonder, they are some of the priciest areas"

"Ok where should I look then?"

"I live in Brooklyn Heights" Jamie said

Out of the corner of his eye he saw something cross Eddie and she put her drink down.

"That's also like crazy expensive" Eddie said

Jamie didn't say anything but Eddie clearly didn't want Caroline living near Jamie.

"Maybe you should think about Jersey" Eddie said

"Jersey?" Josh asked

"Jersey?" Jamie echoed and gave Eddie a look

Before they could finish relocating Caroline someone walked into the restaurant yelling "Dump the whole register into the bag" and waving a gun

A women followed him in and fired two shots up to the ceiling

"Stay down" She yelled

The four of them got to the ground quickly

The two robbers were yelling and demanding the cash

As they went to the ground Jamie took his gun out of his holster and once they were under the table he saw Eddie reach for her purse.

"Eddie you have your gun?" Jamie asked

"I never leave home without it" She said taking it out

"Ok you go left, I'll go right" Jamie said to her

"Get down Eddie" Josh said

"Go" Jamie said

"Stay down" Eddie said before going left

Jamie got over to the bar where the first robber was with the bag undetected. He intentionally knocked over glasses to get the guy to look in the other direction and give himself time to stand up and point his gun. Someone had come from the bathrooms and the second robber had her gun pointed at her.

Eddie had gotten over and stood up. "police, don't move" Eddie yelled

"Drop the gun right now" Eddie yelled

The first robber looked over at the second robber and it gave Jamie time to get close enough to give him a good kick into the bar and dislodge the gun but it went off when he lost control of it. The first robber than pointed her gun at Jamie and Eddie shot her in the stomach.

"Keep your hands where I can see them" Jamie yelled as he held him against the bar

"Hands behind your back. Don't fight me" Jamie yelled

"Why'd you do that?" The female robber asked Eddie

Jamie got the other guy cuffed and then cuffed him to a chair when he heard Eddie.

"Jamie!" Eddie yelled

Jamie came around, gun still drawn.

"Are you ok?" She asked as soon as she saw him

"You good?" He asked nodding that he was fine

"Yeah" Eddie said exhaling

They cuffed the seconds robber and got them both together while they waited for backup units and EMS. Once the two perps were taken away Jamie and Eddie were standing there talking about how much paperwork this was going to lead to.

"30 innocent civilians in a small area, two armed perps and you two successful apprehended them with no serious injuries. You did everything right" Their captain said

"Thank you sir" Eddie said

"I'm putting you two up for accommodation"

"Just doing our jobs boss" Jamie said

One their captain walked away they turned towards each other and started smiling.

"Yea good" Eddie said happily

"Nice work Eddie" Jamie said as they congratulated each other with a quick handshake hug.

"Wow you guys were amazing, it was beautiful almost. You hardly communicated" Caroline gushed as she walked up to them

"It was nothing, really" Jamie said

"You two took them out like clockwork, I've never seen anything like it"

"Are you guys ok?" Eddie asked putting her hand on Josh's arm

Josh sorta just shrugged her off.

"My hands, they are still shaking. I was so scared, I didn't know what was going to happen" Caroline said

"Hey trust me, we were scared too" Jamie said

"You would never know" She said and Jamie just smiled back at her

"Well I feel like I could use a drink" Eddie started to say before Josh cut her off

"I actually have to be up early tomorrow for work. We better go" Josh said

"Sorry I didn't mean like right now, we actually have to stay and do interviews and stuff. And policy is that I have to go to the hospital" Eddie said

"Another time. And don't worry I'll take her" Jamie said

"Absolutely" Caroline said looking right at Jamie

"All right" Jamie said nodding

"So I'll be talking to you then" Josh said walking past Jamie and Eddie without so much as looking in Eddie's direction

Jamie saw the hurt look cross Eddie's face and instantly hated Josh for making her feel that way after she just saved the restaurant with him. Josh as acting like Eddie had a contagious plague and couldn't wait to get away from her, no hug, no kiss and Jamie knew immediately she was hurt.

"It was so nice meeting you" Caroline said throwing herself onto Jamie, who was caught off guard since he had been looking at Josh.

"Whoa" Jamie said putting his arms around her

"Thank you, and great job. Be safe Jamie!" Caroline gushed

"Yea you too. Have a good night" Jamie said

"Have a good night" He said putting his hands on his hips

"Huh" Eddie said walking up next to Jamie

"Hm" Jamie asked acting like he didn't know why Eddie huhed.

They finished their interviews and got their things from the table when Jamie walked up to Eddie and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Come on I think Linda's working tonight"

"Great" Eddie said sarcastically

"That was badass tonight" Jamie said

"What? Oh yea, you too" Eddie said looking at her phone

"Anything from Josh?" Jamie asked

"Um no, he said he had to be up early"

"Well I'm starving. Wanna get some dinner and beer. I'll even treat" Jamie said pulling her arm

"I don't know, it's sorta late"

"Come on, we didn't even eat. We don't have to talk about any of this" Jamie encouraged "And you said you needed a drink"

"Alright, just one beer. We have a morning tour" Eddie said

"Come on partner" Jamie said "We'll be in and out and then grab dinner"

They were sitting at one of their usual bars, burgers and beer in front of them when Jamie nudged Eddie.

"Yea" Eddie said not looking up from her phone

"Am I not good enough company?" Jamie teased

"I uh, I texted Josh to see how he was doing"

"Ah" Jamie said stealing one of Eddie's fries

She looked at his hand hovering her plate and didn't slap it away or yell at him.

"Janko you feeling ok? You would usually shoot me when I would go anywhere near your food" Jamie said seriously

"Yea, I'm just...tired. It was a long day"

"You know if you don't eat now you'll wake up starving"

"Can you just stop" Eddie said

"Sure" Jamie said taking a bite of his burger

Eddie finished the rest of her burger and fries and downed the rest of her beer.

"You just wanna crash at my place tonight instead of me taking you home?"

"Can you take me home? Sorry, I'm just really tired"

"Uh yea, I mean you can borrow clothes to sleep in"

"I don't have anything for work tomorrow or a toothbrush or anything. I just get a cab or uber or something"

"No of course I'll take you home, I just thought that would be easier"

"Thank you but I just want my own bed. And this way you don't have to sleep on the sofa"

"Ok" Jamie said nodding and paying their bar tab.

They were almost back to Eddie's when she spoke up.

"Thanks for coming tonight, even if it ended with us working. And thanks for dinner" Eddie said

"Of course. We make a pretty good team" He said

"You uh hear from Josh yet?" Jamie asked

"Nope" Eddie said checking her phone again

She didn't want to know if he had heard from Caroline. They finished the rest of the drive in silence. Eddie knew that Jamie picked up on the fact that Josh went all weird after the takedown and was grateful that he hadn't brought it up.

"Alright partner, I'll see you tomorrow. Good night" Jamie said as he parked in front of Eddie's building

"Good night Jamie" Eddie said getting out of the car

She went up to her apartment, took all her makeup off and got into the comfiest pajamas she owned. She didn't know if she wanted to watch The Little Mermaid or if she needed a good cry and put on Remember the Titans. She ended up with the Little Mermaid. She was half asleep on the couch when her phone went off.

"You good partner? You were quiet at dinner" Jamie texted

"Yea, just tired. I'm glad you texted. I accidently fell asleep on the couch" Eddie wrote back

"Well you made me drive you home so you better go get in bed" Jamie sent with a smiley face

"I'm going now. Night Reagan" Eddie said before she set the alarm on her phone

The next morning Jamie gave her some distance. They had to finish some paperwork from the night before and get cleared since Eddie fired her weapon.

"Who keeps texting you?" Eddie asked not even bothering to hide her annoyance when she walked up to their desks

"Uh, Caroline" Jamie said as he silenced it

"Oh…" Eddie said "She interested in you?" Eddie asked with a sickingly sweet voice

"I don't know I haven't known her that long yet" Jamie said putting his pen down "But I think the takedown last night really freaked her out"

"Got to her how?" Eddie asked

"Me, you, we're used to it. It's our job. We deal with it all the time but people like Josh and Caroline don't and they can be shocked and scared when they see someone pull out a gun and threaten people" Jamie explained

"They didn't see anything, they were too busy cowering under the table" Eddie shot back

"What did Josh say about it?" Jamie asked

"I uh, I've gotten radio silence from him since it happened" Eddie said looking right at Jamie

"Did you reach out to him?"

"Last night and then twice this morning" Eddie said looking away

"Oh" Jamie said trying to deflect

"Oh?" Eddie asked "What does that mean?"

"Just um that he was probably busy in work or maybe he … he just needs time to process everything"

"Caroline doesn't seem to have a problem processing" Eddie said bitterly "You're her hero"

"I'm sure Josh thinks you're a hero too" Jamie said silencing his phone again

"Then why haven't I heard from him?" Eddie asked sadly

Jamie pushed his papers aside and leaned back in his chair and took a breath. He knew there was no way to tell this to Eddie without hurting her feelings.

"Because he's a guy" Jamie said gently

Eddie just gave him a confused look.

"As a guy, it's, it can be intimidating to see your date pull out a gun, shoot someone and take down two armed perps" Jamie said

"It's not like he was trying to help"

"What did you want him to do? He had no gun, no training"

"Swoon over me, like Caroline seems to be doing with you" Eddie said sadly

"I'm sorry" Jamie said quietly, giving her a sympathetic look

They finished their long day of paperwork and were walking out of the precinct at the end of their tour.

"Well I found out what the smell was in the car" Eddie said laughing "Turns out Maldonado picked up a drunk last night"

"Nope I don't wanna know" Jamie said laughing

They were walking over to their cars when Jamie spotted Josh.

"Uh hey" He said quietly to Eddie

He saw Eddie give him a slight nod.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" Eddie asked

"Yeah" Jamie said nodding

"See ya" Jamie said walking to his car

"Hey, where've you been?" Eddie asked happily to Josh "Haven't answered any calls and texts"

"I uh, I didn't know what to say" Josh said stuffing his hands in his pockets

"About last night?" Eddie asked

"Yea it really rocked me"

"Yea me too, but it didn't make me want to break off all communication"

"I didn't mean to break off all communication, I just needed to figure out how I was feeling"

"Feeling … about what?" Eddie asked looking up at him

Josh didn't say anything he just shook his head.

"Josh, this is my job"

"But you shot someone and you could've been shot" Josh said

"Yea, you make peace with that when you enter the academy" Eddie said "Did you want me to do a little duck and cover?"

"You mean like me?" Josh asked angerly

"Whoa, no that's not what I meant at all" Eddie said defensively

"But it's what you were thinking"

"I didn't expect anything"

"I haven't been able to sleep" Josh said looking away

"That's... normal" Eddie said

"Nothing about it was normal, come on Eddie, stop acting like it was"

"Josh you knew I was a cop when we started dating" Eddie said

"Yea, I knew. I guess I just didn't realize what that meant"

"What does that mean?" Eddie asked

"This isn't for me, Eddie"

"I don't understand"

"I, uh, I don't want to go out with you anymore" Josh said "I'm sorry"

"Oh" Eddie said, she wasn't actually sure if she formed any words. She tried to blink away her tears and just like that Josh walked off. When she turned back she was half expecting Jamie to still be there but he had driven off.

She brushed a few tears away and got in her car. On her way home she picked up a pizza, some ice cream and wine. As soon as she got home she changed and put on Remember The Titians. She was halfway through her pint of ice cream when her phone went off.

"Hey, everything good with you and Josh?" Jamie texted "Caroline won't leave me alone" He added with a rolling eyes emoji

Eddie didn't answer him, she just pulled the blanket up around her tighter and turned the volume up. She had sufficiently cried her eyes out to her favorite movie and decided it would be better to go lay in bed with some Netflix. An hour later Jamie texted her again.

"It either went good or bad, come on. I'm dying to know" He sent with the beggy face and a crying laughing emoji

She set her alarms and put it on do not disturb, turned her laptop off and tried to go to bed.

The next morning she went right in to the women's locker room and got changed.

She was getting a coffee when Jamie walked into the break room.

"Hey you never answered last night"

"Yea, I was busy" Eddie said walking past him

"Uh-huh" Jamie said

They went out on tour and were on foot-patrol when they saw two guys beating each other up.

Jamie apprehended the one guy and Eddie took down the other who was double her size. They got them into the RMP and took them back to the precinct.

"Hey Sarge, we walked up on these two slugging it out" Jamie said as they led their perps in

"This one pulled a knife, but he didn't use it" Eddie said putting the knife on the desk

"Whoa-ho, dynamic duo are at it again" Maldonado said walking over to them

"We have minor injuries to both parties" Jamie said emptying the guys pockets.

"Alright hit em with cross complaints for the assault and Janko's guy with additional menacing and unlawful criminal possession of a weapon" The Sarge said

"Wow. Two felony collars in the past two days. Look at you Janko, you're a man-eater" Maldonado said

Jamie swore if looks could kill Maldonado would be dead.

"Just shut your face, Maldonado" Eddie said slamming her pen down

"I'm just kidding"

"Yea well don't" Eddie shot back

"Take it easy"

"Take it easy, Maldonado" Jamie said

"I don't need your help" Eddie said to him

"Would you back off" Eddie yelled

He just laughed

"Back off" Eddie yelled again

Jamie shot her a look that he was surprised she lost her cool.

After they finished the processing, Eddie said she needed to go to the bathroom and she'd meet him later. Jamie walked into the break room and saw Eddie having a fight with the coffee machine.

"Gonna tell me what's going on?" Jamie asked

"Nothing's going on" Eddie said

"Usually when Maldonado mouths off you put him in his place with a wink and smile" Jamie said

"Is that what women are supposed to do Jamie, wink and smile?" Eddie asked

"No it's an expression. Usually you defuse the situation without..."

"Without what Jamie? Getting emotional? Is that what you were going to say?" Eddie asked angerly

"I was gonna say without getting all bent out of shape. Eddie I'm just trying to find a way to help" Jamie conceded

"And what do you want to help with, Jamie?"

"Whatever's bothering you"

"Well you can't, because the problem is that I don't have a penis" Eddie said, still angry

"Wha" Jamie asked smirking and laughing lightly

"Is that funny?" Eddie asked

"No" Jamie said, getting serious again. He eased up on the jokes since he knew Eddie was hurting

"Because it I had a penis it would be ok that I took out two armed perps. No. No. No. It would be more than alright, it would be applauded and I would be getting calls and texts from Josh looking to hook up because he was so turned on by how brave and heroic and awesome I was. But I don't have a penis, so when I take out two armed perps it's an assault on my date's manhood" Eddie said borderline yelling

Jamie looked down because he knew she was right, he knew there wouldn't be anything he could say or do to make her feel better.

Eddie looked away because she knew she had just lost her shit and she really didn't know what Jamie was gonna say.

"If it's any consolation, I think what you did was brave and heroic and awesome" Jamie said taking a small step towards Eddie and giving her a small smile.

"Yeah, because you're my partner. Not by Boyfriend" Eddie said sadly "But if you were my boyfriend, you would feel emasculated, because chicks, we're not supposed to be the heroes. We're supposed to be the damsels in distress waiting for guys like you to come save us, we're not supposed to do the rescuing" Eddie said

"I think some guys would be turned on by what you did" Jamie said, knowing he was one of them

"Josh wasn't, he broke up with me" Eddie said sadly

"Aw I'm sorry Janko" Jamie said sympathetically

Something crossed over Eddie's face and he knew they were gonna head back down a slippery slope.

"Hey, come on let's go drink beers and throw darts at his picture" Jamie said throwing a fake dart and laughing "And we'll move on. What'dya say?"

"No thanks" Eddie said picking up her coffee cup

Jamie stepped back, like he was punched in the stomach.

"We can't keep being each other's consolation prize, Jamie" Eddie said sadly

"Ok" Jamie said nodding, trying to hide the hurt expression

"I think, I think I just need to be alone tonight" Eddie said walking out. She knew she needed to get out of there before she started crying and took Jamie up on his offer.

Jamie exhaled as she walked out and gave her a sad smile. "See you on Monday" Jamie said, not sure what he should do since they had Sunday off tomorrow.

Jamie was sitting at family dinner quietly eating.

"So kid how was the date despite the whole takedown of two armed robbers?" Danny asked

"What you don't want to get yelled at about quiche anymore?" Jamie asked

"Uncle Jamie you went on a date?" Jack asked

"Uh yea" Jamie said hoping he didn't turn bright red

"Who with?" Erin asked

"It wasn't really a date, more of a favor to Eddie" Jamie said, blush deepening

"You went out with your partner?" Henry asked

"No Pop that's not allowed. I went out with her boyfriend's sister. Double date thing"

"Some takedown, you and Officer Janko did a great job"

"She's a great partner" Jamie said lightly smiling

"Uh huh" Danny said smirking

"Danny's aversion to quiche or the title of the book well it's still alive and well"

"I like the quiche!" Danny said

"Bacon, egg and cheese pie" Nicky said to him

"Whatever" Danny said shaking his head

"What do you mean Jamie?" Frank asked

"Well those stereotypes are still alive and well, even today" Jamie said

"How's that?" Henry asked

"Well Eddie's boyfriend broke up with her after the whole takedown at dinner. He couldn't handle the fact she was a cop"

"Didn't he already know she was a cop?" Danny asked

"He knew but it was more she's a women who carries a gun and knows what to do with it" Jamie explained "And once he saw it in action, it made him … shrivel up" Jamie said, face getting redder

"Ah" Frank said

"Hm" Henry said

"Copy that" Danny answered

"But that wouldn't bother you" Nicky asked

"Nope" Jamie said

"So there is no line of work that a women could do that would turn you off?" Nicky asked

"Cess pool cleaner or undertaker" Jamie said which got him laughs from everyone


"I am being serious" Jamie said

"Dentist" Sean said

"Why's that?" Linda asked him

"Cause I hate the dentist" Sean said like it was the most matter of fact answer

"Eye doctor. Anyone that likes shoving people's eyes around is messed up" Jack said

"Ok, that's enough" Linda said laughing

"This happened in revverse to Uncle Jamie you know" Danny said

"It did?" Jamie asked

"Yea, what's her name?..." Danny asked snapping his fingers

"Sydney" Linda said

"You ex-fiancé" Henry said

"Yea I know who she is thanks Pop" Jamie said rolling his eyes

"Yeah" Frank said nodding

"I never said that" Jamie said

"Yeah you did after about five scotches at PJ Clark's. You spilled all the problems you two had been having"

"ok can we just move on, that was years ago" Jamie said exasperatedly

"But it goes to your point"

"Alright" Jamie conceded

Jamie was at home, he had finished a run and texted Eddie to see how she was doing.

J: You can't avoid me forever Janko, you'll be back in a car with me in like 10 hours

E: I'm not ignoring you

J: I snuck you a piece of chocolate cake from family dinner, it's all wrapped up for you to devour tomorrow

E: You didn't have to do that. Thank you

J: How you doing?

E: I'm ok

J: You have Remember the Titians on all weekend?

E: No

Jamie was about to type when he saw the three dots appear and waited for Eddie

E: I mixed it up with other movies

J: The offer for beers and darts at his picture still stands whenever you want

E: I know, thanks Jamie. And thanks for giving me space

J: Of Course

E: Get some sleep, I'll see you in the morning. I hear coffee goes from the Witch's Brew goes really well with chocolate cake

Jamie smirked as he read it

J: Does it now?

E: It's a proven fact

J: You sure it's not cause you get a little witchy

E: Ouch Eddie sent with the crying emoji

J: You're gonna have to wait and see. Night partner

E: Good night Jamie

The next morning Jamie stopped at the coffee place Eddie wanted and got them their usual's. She was already changed and sitting at her desk when he walked in.

"Go ahead, say how amazing your partner is" Jamie said putting the coffee and piece of cake in front of her

"You know how to keep a girl happy Reagan" Eddie said

"Yea well better than you getting all bent out of shape on me"

"or emotional" Eddie said sipping her coffee

"Yea that too" Jamie said smirking

"I'm gonna go change. I'll meet you at roll call" Jamie said slapping her desk as he stood up

Eddie was still quieter than usual during tour so Jamie changed quickly and went over to the women's locker room.

He stood at the door and knocked

"Yea" He heard Eddie mumble

"Hey" Jamie said walking in, making sure no one else was around

"Whoa, this is a first" Eddie said shocked

"I knocked first" Jamie said pointing to the door

"Noted" Eddie said turning back to the mirror to finish her lip gloss

Jamie didn't know who was the bigger idiot, him or Josh. Eddie was perfect to him and he still couldn't get tell her how he really feels to break up their partnership.

"Not as nice as the men's locker room, is it?"

"Didn't this use to the be broom closet?" Jamie asked

"Figures" Eddie said rolling her eyes

"It smells better though" Jamie said

"I would hope so" Eddie said walking over to her bag

"I've been thinking Eddie, you've never been a consolation prize" Jamie said "Certainly not for me"

Eddie stopped what she was doing and looked up at Jamie. She didn't realize that comment would hurt him.

"I know, I'm sorry. I was just pissed and hurt and I know" Eddie said nodding

"I think you're reading this whole thing wrong" Jamie said

"Me? I'm reading it wrong?"

"Josh and Caroline aren't the crazy ones. We are" Jamie said and Eddie gave him a confused look

"Most people, when they see danger they run the other direction. React like Josh and Caroline. But us, we run towards danger"

Eddie gave him a small nod and he continued.

"And you shouldn't need to make apologies for who you are and what you do for a living because who you are, is really great. And if Josh doesn't see that, then he doesn't deserve you" Jamie said seriously

"You're right, he doesn't" Eddie said, standing up a little straighter

"Nope. I didn't like his car anyway"

"I didn't like his beard" Eddie said making a face

"Hipster written all over it" Jamie said gesturing

"Who wants a hot hipster with cool wheels?" Eddie said

"Not you" Jamie said smiling

"No" Eddie said

"So I got you a real consolation prize" Jamie said unzipping his duffle

He tossed a pink item at Eddie

"Whoa" She said catching it

"I kick ass?" Eddie asked as she held up the pink shirt to her

"You do" Jamie smirked "and you should be proud that you do. Any guy lucky enough to be your boyfriend should think so too" Jamie said

"Wow" Eddie said looking the shirt over

"You're never gonna wear that are you?" Jamie asked her laughing

"No" Eddie said shaking her head and smiling

"Do you want to go to the Fireside?" Jamie asked

"It's ladies night" Eddie said putting the t-shirt in her bag

She would most definitely wear it to bed. It was a really soft material and Jamie still look the time to get her a gag gift to make her feel better.

"Would the lady like some company?" Jamie asked her, holding his arm out

"She would" Eddie said happily

Eddie linked her arm though Jamie's and before they walked out of the locker room she put her hand up to stop him.

"Hey, thank you" Eddie said seriously

"Ah don't get all girly on me" Jamie said smirking

"Oh tough guy" Eddie said laughing

"Alright first one's on me and then I'm done feeding you for the week" Jamie said

"It's Monday" Eddie stated

"Yea I know" Jamie said

"You're gonna be in for a long week then" Eddie said smirking

Jamie just rolled his eyes.

They got their beers and food and went and sat at one of the high-top tables that had a firepit attached to it.

"Jamie, I just wanted to thank you for giving me some space for this. I love my job, I just never thought that it would make guys feel so emasculated. Aside from the one domestic, you've never made me feel weak on the job, or incompetent for having a vagina instead of a penis. I was just hurt, especially since you picked up on it so easily"

"I'm sorry Josh was too tiny to handle how badass you are" Jamie said laughing

"Ugh, yea. Who would've thought" Eddie said rolling her eyes

"I'm glad I never made you feel that way, we were talking about it at family dinner. How Josh shriveled up and couldn't handle you were a cop. My dad reminded me that Sydney felt the same way and couldn't handle it"

"You talk about me at dinner?" Eddie asked, surprised

"Well Pop made quiche so then there was a whole discussion on men eating quiche and then they brought up the takedown while we were on our double date"

"Speaking of which what did you tell Caroline"

"Well I kinda knew Josh broke up with you before you told me, she said that shouldn't be a reason for her and I to not go out again. I just told her that I didn't think it was going to work between us. But I really thought she was too young for me and there was no way she would handle me being a cop"

"Guess we're each other's consolation prizes" Eddie said, internally happy that Jamie wasn't dating Caroline

"Eddie" Jamie said giving her a look

"I'm kidding, you're not a consolation prize Jamie. You're my best friend" Eddie said

"Well I guess we're back to finding dates again" Jamie said

"Yea" Eddie said trailing off

"Oh come on Ed, we agreed" Jamie said

"Yea, sorta. But was it the right agreement?" Eddie asked

"I don't know" Jamie said shrugging

"Neither do I" Eddie said

"I like being your partner Eddie, I like riding with you everyday"

"I know" Eddie said nodding

"So what do you say we go play some giant jenga"

"We both know you'll knock it down" Eddie said laughing

"You wish" Jamie said laughing with her

"You feel better about everything?" Jamie asked her

"Yea I do, I just needed to process myself. I didn't mean to blow you off the other night. I just needed some time alone" Eddie said

"That's fine. I was just trying to help" Jamie said

"I know and I appreciate that, Reagan. But you couldn't change stereotypes in one night so there wasn't really anything you could do. I've never cared about intruding on the boy's club before. I guess it just got to me. I mean policing is still more of a penis having environment"

"You've said the word penis more times in the last few days than I've heard you say in the last few years"

"Yea well that's the problem" Eddie said

"Yea you need one? Gotta get laid?" Jamie asked her smirking

"Shut up, get outta here" Eddie said laughing as she pushed the giant jenga onto Jamie

"You're doing down Janko" Jamie said tossing a block at her

I hope you all like my take on The One That Got Away! I still have a lot of thoughts on how Jamie just left hid duffle bag in the women's locker room. So what are your thoughts on that situation. I highly doubt he would actually do it so that's why I didn't put it in. I think this was an important chapter showing how there is still a discrepancy in anything boys can do girls can do too. I trained with our men's team sometimes in college and it was only two years ago but sometimes they couldn't handle the fact that someone the women's team were just as good as them. Don't forget to review!