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Alfhiem, floor 22 New Aincrad, 29th of March, 2026

Kirito landed at the front door to his and Asuna's cabin in the woods by the lake with the afternoon sun shining down on him, yesterday he had won the 4th ALO swordsman championship tournament defeating Yuuki with his Excalibur sword, he was invited by his friends to the cabin for a victory party, he opened the door to find Asuna, Yui, Klein, Lizbeth, Silica, Sinon and leafa were waiting for him.

''Kirito!'' Asuna lept into his arms into a loving hug.

''Daddy you won!'' Yui hugged his cheek ''I knew you would!''

''Great job out there Kirito!'' Klein gave him a thumb's up as Asuna let him go.

''You were amazing Kirito!'' exclaimed Lizbeth as Silica beamed at him.

''Just what was that skill Kirito?'' Leafa asked ''I've never seen that one before''

''Yeah, I've never saw another one-handed sword user perform that skill'' Sinon said, Kirito sighed before explaining.

''That was a sword skill I found out about during a quest a while ago, It's only available to the player with the Excalibur: 'The Round Table'' he told them, they looked puzzled.

''No wonder I havn't seen that skill before'' Leafa said ''Because there was only one Excalibur in the game and no one else found it before''

''When active it has the ability to stop any other sword skills as long as the Excalibur make's contact with the weapon, It can even render the most complex and unique existing skill's obsolete'' Kirito explained ''Even Yuuki's'' he added.

''Well I'll be dammed'' Klien said shocked ''That's some sword you've got there!''

''That's not all'' Kirito said ''During the duel, I discovered the Excalibur has some kind of rare area of effect feature, When I slashed Yuuki in the leg and hand, it decreased her speed and attack movement level, I used that to my advantage, making her skill more predictable, because it was slightly slower then the last time she used it on me'' he finished, the crowd stood in awe.

''God'' Lizbeth breathed ''Why didn't you tell us about-'' she was interrupted by Klien.

''I know why he din't tell us'' he said ''It's the same as what happened with Gleam eyes about the duel sword's back in SAO isn't it?'' he asked Kirito, he nodded.

''Look I know they're are player in the game like that but not us!'' Klein said ''Kirito bro, we wouldn't treat you any differently then as we did before''

''Yeah Kirito'' Lizbeth said ''We're you friends, we'll follow you all the way! and don't forget, you have millions if not billions of admirers worldwide''

''Of course, and to think I once looked up to a mass murderer'' Asuna said recalling Heathcliff ''You're a total upgrade!''

''Don't forget, You have more subscribers on Twitch then Pewdiepie!'' Silica exclaimed, Kirito smirked at her comment.

''Now let's see that award'' Klein begged, Kirito pulled out the trophy from his inventory and showed it to them, it's wing glistened in the afternoon sun and on it said at the bottom: 'The Golden Wing's of Destiny, Awarded to Kirito, 1st place in the 4th annual ALO swordsman Championship tournament'.

''Wow, solid Azarith gold'' Leafa examined it ''It's probably worth billion's of credits!''

''We may need to get an expansion done on this cabin for a trophy room to put this-'' Asuna said before a rapid knock on the door disrupted the celebrations, Kirito answered it to find Jun breathing heavily.

''Jun? What are you doing here?'' Kirito asked, Jun faced him with a look of dread.

''It's Master Yuuki'' he said, Kirito's eye's widened.

Kirito flew around across many floors in the sunset sky hoping to find Yuuki, he past across a small island in the sea of floor 31 and saw a glint of purple on it, instinct kicked in and he landed on his feet to find Yuuki facing a single tree back turned to him, she slowly turned around to see him, his black cape flowed in the wind.

''Kirito?'' she asked.

''Hey Yuuki'' he replied ''What are you doing way out here away from your guild?''

''I just need some time to myself'' she said with a sad smile, Kirito looked down.

''Look. If this is about yesterday then I didn't mean anything by-'' Kirito started, she shook her head and smiled.

''No, no, its okay, it's not that it's just...I...I've just been thinking about a few thing's that's all'' she explained, Kirito raised an eyebrow.

''What about?'' he asked.

''Did anyone follow you here?'' she asked. Kirito shrugged.

''Not from what I know'' he replied.

''Anyway'' she said ''I'm kind of glad you found me because I want you to have something''

''What is it?'' he asked.

''Hang on, I've still got to make it first, one second'' she said unsheathing her sword and turning to the tree, she charged her sword up so that it glowed purple.

''One last time'' she thought before activating her 11 hit sword skill, she caused a shock wave when she finished, Kirito covered his eyes as debris flew past him, the smoke cleared revealing Yuuki's carving on the tree, she pressed a button, turning the art into a scroll, she grabbed it before she collapsed.

''Yuuki!'' Kirito yelled, he ran to her and caught her in his arm's before she fell to the ground, his cape trailed on the ground behind him, Yuuki looked weak and frail as she rested in Kirito's arms, she opened her eyes again to look at Kirito.

''That's weird'' she croaked ''I feel so weak all of a sudden, I mean I'm not in pain or anything''

''You're probably just exhausted'' Kirito said ''Come on, I'll take you back to your Guild'' he started to get up to leave but Yuuki stopped him, she shook her head.

''No...It's too late for that'' she said, Kirito looked confused.

''Didn't Asuna tell you?'' she asked ''My real body is dying, just about to I think, once that happens, my avatar will delete itself from the system'' she revealed making Kirito gasp in shock.

''No, no Yuuki, please don't die, live please!'' Kirito started sobbing ''Please live!'' Yuuki just sighted and smiled weakly.

''Listen Kirito, take this, It's my original sword skill, I want you to have it'' she said opening her inventory and sending a transfer request to him.

''What?! No, I...I...I can't take it...I just can't!'' he said.

''Please Kirito...Just take it...It's my dying wish...Please'' she weakly begged him, Kirito nodded sadly and pressed accept, Yuuki put the scroll in his inventory window before it closed, She smiled.

''I gave it a cool name: 'Mother's Rosario', It'll keep you safe, when you need it'' she said, a teardrop fell on her, she looked up to face Kirito, eye's red with tears.

''I'm sorry Yuuki... Oh god, If I'd known I...I would have let you win the tournament!'' he sobbed before sniffing ''But I promise to take care of it, and one day when I pass, I'll give it to someone else, your sword shall live on, through me...til the very end'' he assured her, She smiled.

''Thank you, so much Kirito'' she said before tears flowed out of her eyes, Kirito heard flying nearby, he looked to see five players flying toward them, Jun,Nori,Talken,Tecchi and Siune landed by them and ran to their dying leader.

''Oh come on guys'' Yuuki frowned ''We've talked about this, we made a promise, no goodbyes'' she finished before Jun grabbed her hand.

''No master, you've got it all wrong, we're here to cheer you up!'' Jun corrected her ''Wait for us when you get to the other side okay master? we won't be too long''

''What do you mean?'' asked yuuki ''I'll be pissed if you get there to soon'' she warned, Nori tutted.

''You know the deal master'' she said ''You'll be lost without us, so you have no say on the matter! You just have to sit tight and wait 'sniff' f-for us master!'' she sobbed.

''Oh please Nori, don't cry'' Yuuki said ''The Sleeping Knight's are supposed to be strong'' but all the other members were tearing up as well so she saw no point in trying to comfort them.

''Okay, you win'' she admitted ''I'll wait, but stay alive for as long as you can, got that?'' she asked, they all grabbed her hand.

''But master-'' Tecchi said.

''That's my last order Tecchi'' Yuuki warned weakly, Tecchi silenced.

Then more players arrived, Klein, Silica, Lisbeth, Sinon, Leafa, Yui and Asuna, she walked to Kirito and Yuuki.

''Asuna, I'm sorry I-'' Kirito apologized to her, she held her hand up and smiled.

''It's okay Kirito, It isn't your fault'' she teared up, they all paid their respect's to her one at a time before Kirito felt the wind pick up, they all looked out to see hundred's of thousands of fairies approaching the Island, everyone, from every race, the group stared in awe.

''Wow'' said Yuuki ''Just look at all those fairies!'' Asuna looked to her.

''I'm sorry yuuki, I had to let them know, please don't be mad at me'' she pleaded, Yuuki smiled.

''What? Why should I be mad?" She asked "There's so many of them, It's like a dream'' she awed as all the fairies landed in sequence and ran to join the tribute, all the race's arrived with they're lords including Sakuya, Alicia Rue, Recon arrived with Sakuya, Gonishi stood with the Pooka lord with a smaller boy with gold robes and hair on his shoulders, It was his little brother Sora and even commander Eugene turned up with the salamanders, Yuuki gazed in awe at the send off.

''Why are they all here?'' she asked.

''Because of you'' Kirito replied.

''You're the strongest, most powerful swords-woman this world's ever seen'' Asuna said ''There will be no one else like you ever again, we couldn't just leave you here to go without a proper goodbye! That's just not right!'' she added, Kirito nodded.

''Shes right. We are all praying for you, that in the next world, your life will be just as if not even wonderful as this one'' he said, Yuuki smiled weakly and teared up.

''I'm happy, so happy'' she said resting her head in Kirito's hand, she breathed ''You know, I always thought that If I was born to die, what the heck was even the point of me being born the first place?'' she begun ''I've never made anything or gave anything to anyone...all I ever did in my life was waste drugs and horde that machine and be a vegetable IRL...If all I got to do was suffer only to disappear in the end...then It would have been better to just disappear right now!'' she sobbed "I used to think; why am I alive? Why did I stick around for as long as I did?!" Kirito could not take it anymore.

''No!'' he yelled tear's in his eyes ''Don't think that, for one second'' he started ''I know how you feel in a sense, all my life I used to think I had no purpose, everyone around me was all against me even at the start of SAO, I was beaten, I was bullied in school'' Gonishi looked awful at that comment, Kirito continued ''That's the reason I wanted to escaped to the virtual world, because the real world was a dark, cruel and sadistic place, I thought that If I died in SAO, I would have ended my suffering but I was wrong, In the end, I became a hero, people treated me like I wasn't a waste of space, old enemies became new friends...I found love'' he said holding Asuna's hand, she smiled a loving smile before her continued.

''But you Yuuki, your different'' he looked down at her ''You may not have done much IRL, but you lived the best life here, in ALO, you've accomplished so much in your life; building your own guild, beating me once in a duel, getting second place in the tournament. You gave it your all even though you were dying little by little everyday. You've made some many friends and got close to so many people! A life with love is a life that's been lived'' the crowd stared in awe at his monologue, Yuuki frowned.

''That last part was a stolen lyric from Ed Sheerens 'Supermarket flowers' wasn't that?'' she asked, Kirito rolled his eyes.

''Whatever, It's still true'' he said, Yuuki smiled.

''Your right, I am grateful to have spent the last moment's of my life here'' she said ''I'm surrounded by all my friend's'' she looked in Kirito's eyes ''And I got to end my journey...In the arms of someone I loved'' she finished and closed her eyes, Kirito's eyes widened and he grabbed her hand.

''Yuuki, I promise you'll see us all again someday'' he assured, eyes red with tears ''And when you do we'll all be together, forever, and we'll share our stories with each other and laugh with joy and I'll introduce you to my real parents!'' Kirito promised her before putting his hand on her cheek, she opened her eyes and did the same with his cheek.

''Tell Sachi I said 'hi' when you meet her okay?'' Kirito asked her in a whisper, she smiled.

''Okay'' she promised before they stared at each other for a moment, she looked to Asuna only to see her as her older sister smiling down at her.

Yuuki's skin turned pale and her eyes faded from red to gray, Kirito could feel her warmth turn to cold, she really was dying, Yuuki smiled weakly.

''I gave this life everything I had, I was alive'' she thought as she slowly closed her eyes and went limp in Kirito's arms, he held her head to his own and sobbed.

''She's gone'' he said, everyone wept for her, Asuna put her hand on his shoulder, Yuuki's body then began to disintegrate, little bit of purple dust lifted into the sky.

''What's happening?'' Asked Silica.

''Her IRL self has stopped it's vital sign's to transmit to her avatar'' Yui revealed ''Without it, the system is set to automatically delete her Avatar from the game, a method of burial'' she added.

Kirito watched in sorrow as Yuuki faded away into purple particles in his arms, he wept and turned to the tree away from the crowd.

''Kirito?'' Asuna asked.

''You should have told me'' he quietly said.

''Kirito I'm sorry I-'' she pleaded with him until-

''You should have told me!'' he yelled before flying away in a cloud of black smoke at top speed away from the Island.

''Kirito wait!'' Asuna tried flying after him but he teleported out before she could get to him.

''We're did he go?'' Lisbeth asked Klien.

''Beat's me'' he shrugged.

''Hang on'' Leafa said opening her menu ''Let me speak to him'' she said before logging out.

End of chapter 2 everyone, hope you enjoyed it, stand by for chapter 3, Cheerio!xxxooo