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My future in your eyes

First chapter

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Note: Hi you all! This is my short story, and is set in an alternate universe.

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With limited chapters, I'll try to make you feel for our beloved main characters. In this one, Ana is a Police Detective (homicide). Christian also has another profession. Which one? Well, let us find out. Shall we?

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Ana walked into her apartment, feeling horrible. She grabbed a bowl of ice cream and went to her bedroom. She kicked off of her dark brown leather boots and sat on her bed, eating the sweet stuff. Sighing deeply, her mind drifted off to Christian.

Even though she desperately fought the tears, they eventually rolled down her cheeks. He had rejected her! After all that they've been through, he rejected her. It took so much from her to open up and tell him that she wanted to be with him. And what does he do? He rejects her…

Frustrated, she put the bowl away and decided to freshen up. With a towel wrapped around her body, Ana walked out the bathroom, after the warm shower. Guess it all became too much for her heart to take, cause just as she was about to reach her closet, she sank to the floor and broke down.

Christian... She couldn't believe that they ended up this way. A gut wrenching pain gnawed at her heart and soul. She wanted to hate him! But… but she couldn't… she couldn't, because she truly and deeply loved the man...

Her heart wanted him and only him.

It didn't matter to her that he was a selfish prick who only contacted her, if he needed her. It didn't matter that his mom disliked her, because Ana was a simple girl who didn't have wealthy parents.

Christian came from old money, his great grandparents started their business a long time ago.

From the very start, he had told Ana that his job was the most important thing in his life, and that he wasn't the kind of man to give her the house with the white picket fence or kids... No, most definitely not the kids! Absolutely not...

However, all of that didn't matter to her.

She didn't care about all that, all she cared and wanted was him… just him.

Ana just wanted to be with Christian. Nothing more, and nothing less...

And there she was, confessing her love to him and he just… rejected her like everything they went through meant nothing!

Like she meant nothing to him. Jerk!

And the worst thing of all of this was that Christian picked his ex-girlfriend over her.

How could he?! That woman was the main reason Christian had thrown himself at his work five years ago! She was such a bitch, and yet as brilliant as Christian was, he was unable to see that.

If he wasn't so fucking successful in his profession, would she still want him? Would she still love him, if his family wasn't filthy rich?

"I doubt that" Ana remarked, the tone of her voice filled with venom and disgust.

She just was unable to understand Christian anymore...

At one point Ana let out a deep breath, and decided to stop torturing herself like this.

With much difficulty, she got on her feet and walked to her bed. She sank on it and closed her eyes tightly, not able to erase the words he said. They were like a dagger through her heart.

Christian had told her that he hadn't made a choice, and that he needed time to think. He had been very vague about who he wanted to be with.

Well, she wasn't stupid!

That can only mean one thing… Christian already had made a choice and it was not her…



The next morning, Ana woke up with a splitting head ache. She had been crying the whole night, getting only a few hours of rest.

The night before, she eventually fell asleep around 3:38 AM with her towel still wrapped around her body. While lying on the bed, she did feel the cold, so she just used her blanket to cover herself up instead of getting up to wear her pajamas.

Her alarm went off once more, so with a heavy heart, Ana got out of bed and went straight to the shower. All she wanted to do was wallow in her own misery and stay at home, hide away from people. However, her head told her to suck it up and get on with her life. She knew that it wasn't going to be easy, but she was tough enough to do so.

Yes she was... come on! She was Detective Anastasia Steele, one of Seattle PD's finest...

After she had freshened up, Ana walked to the kitchen and made some coffee for herself.

"Dang it!" she cursed, as she remembered that she had to go to the bank to do some transactions.

Ughh! She had been postponing it for almost two weeks now. "Gotta do it today... I've got no choice"

Ana texted her partner, and told him that she was running late for work, cause she had to go to the bank first.

Ana: Cover for me, partner.'

Sawyer: Of course I will. I'll text you the address of our next case as soon as I'm in.'

Ana: Seriously? You seem to be in a happy mood.'

Sawyer: Yes, I am, sidekick'

Ana: What? Did you get some last night? Who is she? Do I know her? Oh my God, it's the redhead, isn't it?'

Sawyer: Yes, no, no not the redhead... her best friend'

Ana: Oooh, nice... good choice'

Sawyer: Later, sidekick'

Ana: Later, partner'



When she was done with breakfast, Ana grabbed her bag and keys. And just as she was about to walk out the door, her phone rang.

Ana grabbed it and saw his name on the display… Christian! Again, she felt that unbearable pain gnawing at her heart and soul...

The need to answer the phone was so evident and her need to hear his voice was very clear. Before last night, she would've picked it up without hesitation. She wouldn't be torn like now. Her heart begged her to just answer the phone… What if he needed her? What if he was in trouble? What if…

"Aaargh! He's a big boy, he can take care of himself." she muttered under her breath, and wanted to clobber herself.

'Stop being a doormat to him, Ana!' were the words that swirled around her head at that moment.

All the what ifs were driving her mad! Her heart told her to answer the call, but her head told her not to.

He had Leila now… he didn't need her anymore.


So even though it took all of her self control and all of her strength to ignore him, Ana decided to keep her dignity and let the phone ring, while a tear rolled down her cheek…




Christian tried calling her ten more times or so, but Ana ignored the calls, so eventually he stopped.

The drive to the bank was pretty eventful. A man drove through a red light, while another driver almost caused an accident because she was texting while driving. The younger woman drove away without even looking back.

Fortunately there was a traffic officer who saw it, and pulled the woman over to the side.

"Good, man" Ana uttered, and waved at the officer.

She got out of her car anyway to ask the old couple who was almost involved in the accident if they were hurt, but they were fine and just wanted to go their way. So, Ana got back into her car and drove further. She finally arrived at the bank and parked her car in the parking lot.

After grabbing her bag from the passenger's seat, Ana stepped out and locked her car. While walking in the direction of the bank, she put her phone on silent.

When she entered the bank, she saw that there were already a lot of people inside. As a sigh escaped her lips, Ana took a seat and waited for her turn.

While she waited, Ana's mind automatically drifted off to the events of the evening before.

Ana had finally taken a chance, a risk… a huge risk and the result was her feeling rejected by the only one she loved.

Christian had told Ana that his ex was back, after spending years abroad.

"I've never told you this before, but I love you, Christian" She had told him with pleading eyes.

He responded by pulling his hand back, and then got up from his seat.

As he looked her straight in the eyes, he said." I need some time to think, Ana... I uhmm... My choice isn't clear. Sorry"

He threw her one last sad glance, and left Ana at the restaurant alone.

Christian left her with her heart broken, and didn't even look back.

As she sat in the bank, thinking about him, Ana gasped for air, the gnawing pain inside her heart too unbearable at one point.

But it was then, when she looked around the bank and realized that something wasn't right. Her eyes landed on three suspicious looking men, so Ana was instantly on high alert!

Something is most definitely wrong...

One was wearing a cap, while the second one took off his sunglasses. Something told her that she had to act immediately, but it was too late!

From that point on, everything turned into chaos…

The third man grabbed an automatic weapon out of his bag and began to shoot in the air, scaring the hell out of everyone. The two other men also pointed guns at the security guards. The third man, apparently the leader, grabbed a bank employee, and glared at him.

"Can I get everyone's attention! Two rules, OK? Number one: Do not fucking cross me and number two: everyone get down on the floor and don't you fucking dare look us in the eyes! Now!" he shouted, and then the thug hit the bank employee hard on his head with a gun.

Ana watched in horror, as the man sank to the floor, while everyone screamed, terrified that they'll be next...

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