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Summary: Percy Jackson AU. No PJatO/HoO characters other than godly characters or monsters. All wizards are demigods.

Lucy Heartfilia thought that being a wandering demigod looking for her mother's legacy was hard enough. Throw in a fire-wielding demititan, a stripping son of Khione with too many ice puns, a daughter of war that attacks first and rarely asks questions AT ALL, and a bunch of psychopathic deities Tartarus-bent on the world's destruction, and it got a whole lot harder.

Chapter One

Lucy tried to stop from screaming in anger.

Letting out a deep breath, she tried to calm herself.

At least it's real, she thought, looking down at the treasure in her hand. Better than coming all of this way for nothing.

Still, though. She had spent nearly $2,000 getting there, and Lucy had thought it was a stronger one.

At least it was still on her list.

And this was on the way to her final destination.

Lucy sighed, looking around her.

She had finally made it to New York.

Her mother had died when she was ten, and Lucy had been left with Jude Heartfilia, a multibillionaire who owned more than half the airports across the country. And despite her…heritage, Jude had always sort of loved Lucy. But when Layla died, all she was was an unfortunate reminder; a ghost of the woman he loved.

So, after several years (when she was finally old enough) she left. And now, she was moving from place to place, searching for more of her heirlooms and trying to reach her final destination alive.

Yesterday had been her fifthteenth birthday. The charm her mother had given Lucy to help hide her scent wouldn't last much longer.

It was time for her to get to Camp.

As she continued walking, she heard screaming (the excited kind) and began to see a crowd.

Joining them, they all watched as a navy-haired man played with purple fire. The crowd cheered for the performance and several bystanders threw money into the open box on the ground.

Lucy was mesmerized. She couldn't look away from the fire, and she was halfway to her own wallet when a pink haired boy broke through the crowd, and everything came crashing down around her.

She glared at the dark-haired man, now that the spell was broken.

He was obviously a demigod, like her. But just because they didn't have easy lives doesn't mean that it's okay to use their powers like that. They were supposed to protect people, not take advantage of them.

Lucy wasn't quite sure who the godly parent was – though she was guessing it was Aphrodite, Hermes or Hecate, from the array of tricks and magic she'd seen – but she could tell he was up to no good from the way he used his magic.

The interrupting boy, who could either see through the Mist or was a demigod (probably the latter) seemed to get the same idea, and his hands burst into flames.

Lucy's eyes widened.

Yep. Definitely a demigod.

And then the pinkette threw a fireball at the other boy, who dodged and countered.

The audience continued watching in awe, cheers rising up as the two young adults dodged each other's attacks, shooting fire off at each other.

It was only when a fireball got a little too close to the crowd for comfort that they seemed to realize it was a real fight, with actual fire, and screams started to break out as they scattered.

Lucy winced. She wasn't nearly as good at Mist manipulation as she would've liked. It was one thing to trick a handful of people – it's another to trick an entire crowd's worth.

She gave it a try anyway.

If the police sirens were any indication, it wasn't working.

Lucy hesitated for a second, wondering if she should grab the not-dickbag demigod and run, when she saw a monster about to attack, and let her body do the work for her.

That was the good thing about ADHD; she was reacting before she even fully comprehended what was happening, or what she needed to do.

Grabbing the pink haired boy's wrist, she yanked him out of the way of the diving hellhound.

The navy-haired man stared at them, tensing to first, but as the sirens grew louder, he turned, hopped on the hellhound, and ran off.

"Come on!" Lucy didn't get the chance to think through what had just happened. Still holding the boy's wrist, she ran.

They were finally able to rest several blocks away, in the safety of an alley.

"Here," Lucy said, pulling out a hoodie and handing it to the boy. "For a disguise," she elaborated upon seeing his confused look.

His face cleared with understanding and he accepted the hoodie, pulling it over his head and hiding his bright sakura hair.

Lucy wondered if it was natural. You could never really tell with demigods. Especially if they were a kid of Athena, Aphrodite, or Hecate, who were either born with an odd color or could actively change it.

"So," he said as casually as he could. "You, uh…"

"I'm a demigod," Lucy told him bluntly, because he was failing at every semblance of a conversation. "Daughter of Apollo. I'm making my way to Camp."

The pinkette beamed at her, and with the way his face lit up, you could've thought he was one of her siblings.

Please don't be one of my siblings, she thought.

"Are you a son of Hephaestus?" Lucy continued. It would explain the fire, and also explain how he was socially inept. That seemed to be something children of Hephaestus inherited from their father.

The boy's face darkened. "No, I'm not."

But other than Hephaestus, the only other god that had anything to do with fire was…

Please don't be my brother, please don't be my brother.

To be fair, even if they were siblings, they'd technically still be able to have a romantic relationship since there is no godly version of DNA, but the mental stigma attached to an incestual relationship like that would never let it happen and she was feeling icky just thinking about it even though she knew-

Lucy cut off her train of thought.

And as for why she was hoping she wasn't related to this guy…huh.

Why was she hoping that?

She decided she'd burn some additional offerings for Aphrodite during her next meal (maybe ask her not to meddle) and continued her line of questioning.

"Are you one of my siblings then?" Lucy asked.

"No." His mouth opened and closed several times, before he sighed and said. "I'll tell you on the way to Camp." Then he let out a piercing whistle.

Lucy nodded. "Alright, cool. I'm Lucy, by the way. Lucy Heartfilia. I'm fifteen."

"Natsu, Natsu Dragneel," the boy said, shaking her outstretched hand. "Same age."

A flutter of wings and a clacking noise came as a blue pegasus landed next to them.

"Beautiful," Lucy murmured, staring at it. She'd never seen that color before.

The pegasus whinnied. "Why, thank you."

She'll admit it. She screamed.

"Happy!" Natsu scolded the winged-horse.

"What?" the pegasus asked. "You know I love doing that."

"…it can talk!" Lucy asked, still sort of shell-shocked.

Natsu nodded. "Yeah. Happy's not exactly a normal pegasus. He…well, I'll explain that on the way, too, I guess."

Lucy sighed, scratching her head. "Alright. Let's get going."

Natsu gestured for her to sit ahead of him, and she scowled and crossed her arms. "Absolutely not. You're sitting in front."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I don't really know you and I have no idea whether or not you're leading me into a trap," Lucy pointed out. When you were a demigod, you needed to be careful.

Understanding dawned on the boys' face. "Alright, then. I'll sit in front. I'd give you my weapon, but…"

"But what?" Lucy asked, watching as he climbed upon 'Happy'.

"I don't use one."

"You don't use one?" Lucy asked, shocked. She used two weapons.

"My fire works just as well as Celestial Bronze," Natsu said, shrugging. "And I'm a melee fighter. So yeah. I don't use one."


"Well then," Lucy said, rolling her eyes as she climbed behind him on the flying horse. "Let's get this journey rolling, alright?"

Lucy Heartfilia didn't leave her family's grounds until she was seven years old, and she didn't know what was wrong about that until that time either.

She had grown up secluded, cut off from the world; interacting only with her family, the servants, and her private tutors.

In addition to her regular schoolwork, she had instructors surrounding the arts (music in particular), archery, healing, and magic.

She didn't remember a time when she didn't know about her keys. No, she had always known about magic.

But it wasn't until then, when she was seven, that she learned about the gods.

She'd been attacked by a creature larger than her, a dark dog with piercing red eyes, and if it wasn't for Sagittarius opening his gate on his own, she would be ripped apart.

When she returned home, her mother had brought her aside and explained everything to her.

Her father wasn't Jude Heartfilia; it was Apollo, the Greek God, which is why her mother also had her study archery and medicine, even though Lucy didn't want to at first.

Lucy felt comfortable with the whip she had found (she didn't need another weapon), and she was also more than a little squeamish. It wasn't the fact that someone was hurt; it was that she'd usually have to hurt them more in order to fix them.

But when Layla told her who her father was, about how she should be able to heal others, magically, Lucy didn't have much problem with learning medicine anymore; because it could actually be helpful in the future (especially if she ran into usual demigod problems), and it wouldn't hurt them this time.

Her mother explained Celestial Bronze to her and showed her how her arrows were tipped in it and parts of her whip were even coated in it. Both Sagittarius's arrows and Taurus's ax were made of Celestial Bronze, as were Cancer's scissors, and Aquarius's magic-imbued water had the same effect.

And then Layla Heartfilia had given her a pendant and made her promise to never, ever take it off, saying that it would protect her until she turned fifteen, because it would help block her scent from monsters.

And then the real training began. If anyone got hurt around their estate, Lucy would heal them. She would summon Sagittarius for over an hour as he taught her archery, and she worked on increasing her magical stamina. She'd summon Lyra, who taught her the many, many ways that music can be used to the advantage, and Lucy threw herself into learning about her new world and her spirits.

As she sat on Happy with Natsu, she felt her pocket start warming. Slipping her hand in, she wrapped it around her newest key; Leo, the Lion. Or Loke, as he went by. Makarov, the head of Camp Half Blood and the oldest known legacy alive, had sent her the key a few months ago, telling her Loke's story (about how he posed as a sibling of hers in camp to get by). With the key also came an invitation to join her siblings and the other demigods at camp.

In her mind, Loke's voice whispered to her. Lucy, we need to have a talk when we reach camp.

Lucy sent a spark of power through the key to tell him she received his message. But as she leaned closer to Natsu for a better grip, she still felt the key continue to warm.

A frown appeared on her face. If Natsu wasn't a child of Hephaestus or Apollo, and Loke's key acted like this…

An idea started forming in her mind, and she had a hunch on just who Natsu's parent could be…

But she didn't ask. Natsu would tell her when he was ready. She couldn't exactly force him to explain.

After all...she had her own secrets, too.

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