Sethanon Snape Challenge Response written by Sethanon Snape

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Chapter 1: 2582

Chapter 1: 1842

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Chapter 1: Monday, July 31st 1991: Crime and Punishment.

Mr Vernon Dursley a big, beefy man with hardly any neck, although he had a very large moustache and an extremely mottled red and purple face. This was not his normal colour 'oh no' it wasn't his face only turned this interesting shade when faced with his nephew's freakishness, which according to Vernon was putting HIS lovely wife and son in danger.

'Did you tell HIM anything about your life here? You little scamp.' Spat Vernon, at his target who happened to be his nephew in question, one Harry Potter, who at this moment had just gotten back from Diagon Alley with Hagrid who had introduced him to the simple fact that he, Harry James Potter was a Wizard, and needed his Hogwarts school supplies. Started shaking and back pedaling away from the man whom he had the utmost pleasure of calling Uncle Vernon.

'N n no Sir.' Stuttered Harry, who was small and skinny for his age. He had bright green eyes, shoulder length black hair and a very thin scar on his forehead which was shaped like a bolt of lightning (AN "No glasses"). ' I d d didn't tell Hagrid anything except that I don't like people sh shaking my hands cause I p play piano.'

'CRACK!' Vernon's hand connected with Harry's head, the force of the punch causing Harry to fall to the floor with a thud.

"Thats going to bruise." Thought Harry. Harry's Uncle bent down and dragged the boy to the kitchen by the back of his shirt collar, effectively cutting of the small boys airway, all the while screaming.

'I'll teach you for your impertinence.' Once they walked/slid into the kitchen Vernon flung open a heavy iron door (which had a wooden finish) that led down to the basement, and threw Harry down the flight off stairs, slamming the door shut and shutting home the lock.


Friday, September 1st 1991: Platform 9 and 3/4.

Uncle Vernon had just dropped Harry off at Kings cross station with his school trunk (Harry had asked Hagrid to take care of Hedwig his owl cause it would seem strange to have an owl on Privet Drive) after threatening Harry not to say a word about his home life. Harry pulled out his train ticket and did a double take Platform 9 and 3/4 there had got to be a mistake there was no such platform, he figured that it probably wasn't a usual type of train as wizards are supposed to be unseen to muggles and went in search of platforms 9 and 10. When he got there he almost lost control of the trolley that his trunk was on and ran into a tall well dressed man with long silver blonde hair and silver grey eyes.

'Watch it will you.' The Man stated before he realised who this small urchin was.

'Harry Potter?' The Man questioned. Harry looked up and slowly nodded his head. A friendly smirk on Lucius' his lips.

'I'm Lucius, Lucius Malfoy, and that little scamp over there is my son Draco. Are you looking for platform 9 and 3/4 by any chance?' Harry looked up hopefully.

'Yes, d do you know where it is Mr Malfoy, sir?' Lucius chuckled at this boys earnest behavior.

'You can go through with Draco and myself and just do what we do and you'll be fine. Okay?' Harry afraid of being left behind blurted.

'Y yes, I mean s sure thats okay, s sir.' At this display of nervousness Lucius thought "What is wrong with this boy? I would've thought that James Potters son wold be as arrogant as he was, but Harry's shy and afraid of people." Jerking out of his thoughts Lucius led Harry over to his son Draco who was waiting at the entrance of platform 9 and 3/4 and introduced them, then told the boys to lean casually against the wall and step through it. Once through the entrance they saw the Hogwarts Express, Lucius led them over to a carriage and helped load there trunks onto the train, then he pulled his son aside and said.

'Draco make sure that you take care of Harry don't let anyone too close to him and let your godfather know that he has to treat the boy with velvet gloves okay?' Draco nodded and asked.

'Okay, but why Father?' Lucius looked down at his son who looked like a younger version of himself and said.

'I think that Dumbledore made a mistake leaving our young Mr Potter with those muggles, I think that they may have abused him.' Draco was stunned.

'What? Oh no one will hurt Harry not while I'm around and I'll tell Sev as soon as I get a chance to.' Lucius smiled in relief.

'Thankyou Dragon now have a good term and get on that train.' Draco smiled and said. 'Yes Father, goodbye.' and jumped on the train and went to find Harry who had found an empty compartment and was waiting for Draco.

The Hogwarts Express

Draco walked into the compartment that Harry was in and found that Harry had pulled both of their trunks into the carriage as well.

'Thanks Harry for dragging my trunk in here, but you didn't have to.' Draco said smiling.

'I wanted to and it saved time.' whispered Harry looking down at his lap not seeing Draco's smile he thought that Draco would be mad at him.

'Harry it's all right I'm not mad at you.' Draco softly said when he saw the boy start to shake and look as if he was about to cry. Harry looked up and gave Draco a watery smile. Just then the train jolted and Harry gasped in pain from his injuries that uncle Vernon gave him last night.

'Harry, are you all right?' Draco asked eyes wide looking at Harry who had curled up on himself trying to stop the pain and crying.

'It hurts it hurts please make it stop, I'm sorry I'm sorry Uncle Vernon I'm sorry please stop I'm sorry.' Harry was crying over and over again. Draco leapt up saying, 'Hold on Harry I'll get someone, just hold on.' as he ran out the door and didn't stop running until he got to the teachers compartment and banged on the door frantically until a peeved off Professor McGonagall answered the door.

'Yes, What can I do for you?' She snapped looking down her horn rimmed glasses at this boy. Draco frantic with worry asked.

'Can you get Professor Snape please it's an emergency?' McGonagall noticed the boy's state and said.

'Wait here I'll go get him.' Seconds later Professor Snape a tall dark greasy haired man with a large hooked nose, sallow skin and black eyes stepped out of the teachers compartment and looked at his Godson in astonishment, for he had never seen young Draco Malfoy in a panic before.

'Draco?' He said looking down, 'Whats wrong?' Draco just grabbed his Godfathers hand and said.

'Come on it's Harry I don't know how to explain it but come we've got to hurry something is wrong with him, please hurry. Draco begged. Now this had Severus' attention Draco Malfoy never begged, so he allowed Draco to set the pace in getting to his compartment and Harry. When Severus stepped into the compartment he was met with a sight that froze his heart. Young Harry Potter The Boy Who Lived curled up in tears moaning.

'Please stop Uncle Vernon I didn't mean to do it I don't know how it happened I'll never do it again, please stop it hurts it hurts please.' Severus immediately kneeled down next to the boy and pulled a calming potion from his black robes and slipped it into the small boy's mouth while casting a swallowing charm. The boy's pleas were silenced as he calmed down and the flash back receded into the depths of his mind.

'Harry' Severus whispered, 'Are you all right?' Harry shook his head

'Better but not all right.' He answered pain clear in his voice. Severus reached out and touched Harry's shoulder and got the shock of his life as Harry screeched in pain and tried to get away from his hand.

'It's all right I'm not going to hurt you Harry.' Severus stated. Harry looked at Severus with hope in his eyes and asked in a small voice.

'Please sir it hurts, make it stop?.' Severus nodded his head and said as he reached into his robes pulling out a pain numbing potion.

'Here drink this it will stop the pain.' Harry slowly reached out and took the potion and drank it an expression of relief crossed his features and he said.

'Thank you sir.' Severus smiled.

'Thats okay Harry and call me Severus or Sev when we are on our own otherwise it's Professor Snape.' He said as he gathered Harry into his arms. Harry started to shake and Severus said.

'It's okay I'm just taking you to the teachers compartment so I can keep an eye on you, okay?' Harry nodded.

'Okay Sev.' Severus smiled as he stood carefully and walked out of the boys compartment as Draco said.

'I'll stay here Sev I want to do some reading, Harry I hope to see you in Slytherin at Hogwarts.' Harry nodded sleepily.

'Same here Draco.' Harry whispered as he fell asleep in his trusted Professors arms.

The Teachers Compartment.

Professor Severus Snape carried his young charge to the Teachers Compartment and knocked on the door with his boot, Professor Minerva McGonagall answered the door ready for a student prank, took one look at who was waiting and who he was carrying and gasped.

'Merlin, Severus come in and set him down over here.' Severus nodded and said. 'Thank you Minerva.' as he strode in and lay the poor boy on a seat and sat himself on the floor while stroking the boy's forehead in a comforting manner, a look of concern upon his face. Minerva took a closer look at this small child who looked no more than 8 yrs of age and noticed a certain scar.

'Merlins blood, thats Harry Potter. Severus what happened to him?' Minerva exclaimed. Severus answered in the softest voice Minerva had ever heard the usually harsh man use.

'I don't know Minerva, I think, I'm not definite on this, that he has been raped and abused. We will have to wait until we get to Hogwarts to find out for sure, but I think I'm right. I hope I'm wrong.' Severus bowed his head in emotional pain wishing to all the Gods that he was wrong but knowing in his heart that he was right.