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Chapter 10: 1331.

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Harry And Sevie Have A Chat With A Backlash.

Harry moaned softly in Severus' arms as his son slowly crawled his way back from the hell he had just relived.


'It's alright Harry, I'm here.' Severus' voice was unusually subdued.

'Your not mad at me are you?' Harry's voice contained a childlike quality that caused Severus to glance quickly at his son to determine how he was going to respond. He chose to respond in the form of a question.

'Now what would make you think that I would be mad at you?' Harry curled his tiny body tighter to himself (if that was possible).

'Cause I was bad and I... I...'

'No Harry you were not bad, you are... just very sensitive to how people speak to you.'

'B... b... but you sounded angry a... a... and I... I was afraid.' Severus then realised that what Harry was getting at.

AN: *Chuckles* A little slow on the uptake aren't we Sev?

Sev:*Glare 1 "INSTANT DEATH"* Grrrroooowwwwllll

AN: *Pales and raises hands* My give up, my give up, don't want to die and get resurrected again it hurts.

Sev: *Smirks at petrified Author* My you look pale, would you like a potion? You could catch your deathin this weather.

Harry: *Walks to stand between Author and Sev* As interesting as all this is, the readers have got rotten food in their hands, so Madam Author kindly get back to the SODDING STORY!

AN: *Looks appalled and whines* ROTTEN FOOD! But I just had a shower.

Sev and Harry: *Both pull their wands and point at Author* WRITE!!!

AN: *Hands typing on keyboard as fast as possible* Writing.

'Harry, I wasn't angry, I was just frustrated that it was taking you so long to get a simple sentence out that mouth of yours.' Harry had a feeling that, that was as close as his Father would ever get when it came to apologizing. Severus started speaking again, startling Harry out of his inner musings.

'So I will recast my question, why did you come to me on a weekend when I know that you and Draco are good friends and have plenty to do?'

'Draco mentioned something to do with Snapes only being able to fall in love due to a curse or something, he wasn't very clear. Could you tell me what he meant.' Severus shook his head looking Harry in the eye.

'No Harry I can't at least not until the summer before your third year.' Harry pouted.

'No that pout of yours while vaguely reminiscent of your Mother, no, my Father didn't tell me until the summer before my third year. It's a tradition that has gone on for centuries within the Snape Family.' Harry sat up and slid of his Fathers lap and flopped in a highly undignified manner onto an old but never used single-seater next to his Fathers, while Severus tried to think of a way to tell Harry about his name change, then decided to go with the old drop-a-bomb-shell method and wait for the explosion. He wasn't disappointed.

'Professor Dumbledore spoke to me earlier today about announcing our relationship to the school, and about your name change.' Harry was... well forget stunned he was beyond stunned. Harry pulled himself upright in his chair and spluttered.

'Name change? What name change? I never agreed to a name change, who decided on a name change? When? How? Why? HUH? Explain. NOW!' Severus cracked up.

'Oh boy, Harry you definitely are your Mothers son.' Harry by this stage was on the floor hammering his fists into the floor, giving Severus a huge headache by yelling something like this.





Slip, crash... Severus looked amused

'Ouch, Dad?' Harry looked confused.

'Yes Harry?' Severus looked ill used

'I'm glad that I will be taking your name. Just one thing though, what am I doing on the floor and why do my hands hurt?' Harry looked bemused. Severus just walked to his personal stock of ready made potions and found one that was handy with bruises, gently took his sons hands in his own and smeared the paste and with a whispered word activating the potion.

'Leave that to soak into the skin, as for what you doing on the floor and why I had to treat your hands, you decided after I told you what was going to happen tonight to throw what I would call "A Monumental Temper Tantrum." Does that satisfy?' A sheepish boy-who-lived responded.

'Never mind didn't really want to know, anyway I'm starved and dinner is in 15 minutes, drat Draco will be waiting for me. I have to go Dad see you.' Harry gave his Father a hug then tore out of his fathers Quarters, forgetting that he was still dressed in his pyjamas and ran all the way to the Slytherin Common Room to find Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini, forgetting their game of chess, looking at him in astonishment then collapsing in fits of laughter. Harry hands on hips.

'What?' Draco pointed at Harry then Blaise choked out.

'Nice pyjamas.' Harry looked down at himself, blushed, realising that yes he forgot to get changed after he woke up. Sprinted to the boys dorms and was dressed in full school robes and was ready to go to dinner.

Bumblebee Makes An Announcement.

As the last student (a Gryffindor) skipped into the Great Hall Albus Dumbledore stood up and waited for the Students and Professors of Hogwarts to stop greeting each other etc.

'I have an announcement to make, it has come to my attention that one of your Professors has a child here at Hogwarts and due to unfortunate circumstances was unable to acknowledge him. So it without further ado that I present to you Professor Severus Snape and his son Heron (Harry) James Severus Snape aka Harry James Potter.

Now Harry's Mother contrary to popular belief was not a muggle-born, Lily Evans was born pure blood and heir of Jean Louis and Anntionette E'vans, now due to family squabbles and what not, Lillian's parents decided that until their daughter had a son, she would be sent to live with a squib half-brother of Anntionette who was once a servant of the E'vans Family and had earned his freedom and a new name Evans. So please wish the Snape/ E'vans Heir and his Father all the best.' All the Slytherins, who are the authorities on bloodlines, were astounded that the Boy-Who-Lived had such an august Slytherin linage.

'And now to get dinner started of on the right foot. Licky... Licky... Tu... Tu.'

Monday, September 11 1991, Prank... Prank... Prank... Go The Weasley Twins.

Twas a mere 0100 hours and not a creature was stirring, not even Filch, when all of a sudden two people awoke with identical grins and pranks on their minds. They crawled out of bed, tip toed to their trunks, changed their clothes, grabbed an array of potions, dungbombs and the like. Down the stairs and around the corner to a closed portrait of a very heavy Lady.

Pushing her open, she didn't make a peep, slipping out into the corridor and into the shadows, pulling out a piece parchment, ratty and old, whispered a few words, read it's contents and put it away. Down the corridors they swept, down to the bowls of the castle that was Hogwarts. They came upon a blank piece of Dungeon wall, they whispered the password, they did not enter. Using well placed placement spells, their tricks of the trade were set to go.

When the two slipped back into bed with identical grins the Weasley Twins silently congratulated themselves on a job well done.

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