"Jounouchi-kun… Aishiteru" Is what you said to me.

You say you love me just before you allow the attack to destroy you.

Your life points are depleted and the box opens under me

Allowing me to be free.

I can not believe how much you care about me

You are willing to let yourself be killed just to save me

As I witness you fall from exhaustion, I turn to my dragon.

Though he is on your side, he still respects me as master

When I order him to attack me, he shows no hesitation.

I watch in glee as the box that holds your escape opens

But you do not move.

I yell at you to take the key.

But you can't hear me within the depths of unconsciousness.

With desperation giving me strength, I grab the chains that will bring about our deaths

I swing across the water and fall before you.

I have merely a moment to grab the key before the anchor crashes into the sea -

Dragging us along.

As we sink, I clutch the key tightly.

Pulling against the heavy chain, I swim to you and free you

Free you from having to become one with the sea.

As I watch you float to the surface, I thank every deity that I can think of

My mind is foggy.

I cannot think straight.

The cold water freezes me to the bone and I look to the surface

It is oh, so far away…

Vaguely, I can remember holding something…

The key!

The key that allowed you to live!

Maybe it will grant me the same miracle…

No such luck.

The fuzziness around my vision is starting to annoy me.

Faintly, I hear a soft splash.

I look up and see someone coming for me.

But they are too late.

I am already at Death's door and knocking to come in.

"Jounouchi-kun… Aishiteru" you say.

You love me in a brotherly way -

I know that.

Well, guess what Yuugi?

Aishiteru, as well…


I love you more than a brother.

I just wish you felt the same for me…


Waaa! Is so sad!

Kura : *rolls eyes* You and poetry just don't mix.

Angel: Quiet you! *smacks him* I can't resist writing what you guys tell me to!

Yami: Yes you can… You can easily ignore us.

Angel: *glomps Yami* Not you I can't.

Yami and Kura : *roll eyes*

Angel: *still snuggles up to Yami* Do I gotta say it?

Yami and Kura : Yes!

Angel: *grumble grumble* Fine… I don't own Yuugiou nor anything related to it in the least aside from my deck and all pictures on my Hottie Corkboard. *yawn* Nightty… zzz…