After watching Rampage, I combed the sight for a crossover like this. How has it not happened yet. Well as always enjoy it.

Casper, Wyoming

Ralph's day had been pretty good up until he'd found the mysterious canister while camping. He'd watched all kinds of wildlife. Found the prettiest stream to swim in. He hadn't even been bitten by a single insect.

Now he faced a thing that looked totally insane. He was having a crisis as to whether or not to touch it. "Ah well, YOLO" he shouted. Holding up a pair of middle fingers and picking up the canister. Suddenly a blast of green mist went into his face.

Ralph coughed loudly. Trying to waft it away. Unfortunately, it was already too late. The man screamed as he fell onto all fours. Body grotesquely changing. A giant howl resonated throughout the wooded mountainside.

Undisclosed Government facility

A group of US army men stood around a table. Being briefed by General Monger. "Three days ago, a man by the name of Ralph Walters went missing. Yesterday a monster sighting was reported. A giant wolf. You know what to do men" said Monger.

The man who'd been sent to lead lifted a rifle filled with tranqs. "Bring'em back alive" he said. A helicopter was loaded and they eventually made it to Wyoming.

A nervous soldier asked. "Uh, commander how big is this monster". Shaking a little. Looking like he was about to be sick. He'd obviously heard horror stories, and it was probably his first time on a monster hunt.

"Well if this file's right" said the commander. Who was wearing armor comparable to the Halo game franchise. While the others were wearing normal army uniforms. "Smaller than Ginormica, but a lot bigger than the other three smaller ones". He showed the nervous soldier a video of a giant wolf like beast with quills going down its back tearing apart a moose.

The soldier squeaked, ran away and was sick. The commander laughed. Monsters were usually more confused than scary. Never really hard to catch. Except insectasaurus. That one had taken a good while until they figured out it was stunned by light.

The helicopter landed, and the army men went through the forest rifles at the ready.

Ralph had seen an endless sea of red since the canister. He was barely aware of what he was doing. Terrorizing the wildlife of Casper park. Even chasing a van full of campers to satisfy his great metabolism.

The monstrous wolf lifted his nose. Was that prey. Lots of it really close together. Just waiting to be eaten. Ralph lifted his head and let out an eerie howl. Charging through the fog filled forest. Growling loudly.

The nervous soldier jumped. At the howl. "What was that" he asked. Quickly scanning the surrounding area.

The commander smirked. "That's our guy. Don't worry it sounded really far awa-" he stopped as a mass of brown sprinted by. Taking a soldier in its mouth. The man screamed as he was ripped apart by the giant predator. "FIRE" shouted the commander.

Darts started to fire into the forest. All of them missing their target who seemed to be just gone. "Watch your six" said the commander. Well this one was a little more vicious than the others. Must've had some time to get over its confusion. Or it wasn't a human, and the man had gone missing by being eaten.

Suddenly Ralph dropped from the sky. Folds of skin between his legs like a sugar glider. The wolf was simply death. Clawing and chomping up soldiers everywhere. The darts weren't able to bring down the enhanced metabolism quickly enough. The commander grabbed the closest soldier. The nervous one and leapt behind a fallen log.

After minutes of stunned silence the two thought they were safe. When a drop of blood fell onto their foreheads. They looked up terrified to see the giant wolf growling menacingly. Staring them down. Suddenly the wolf stopped looking at them. Shaking its head, and snarling. The darts were starting to take effect.

The monster eventually crashed into a tree and fell onto its side. Snoring while it growled. "The commander called the general. "It's down" he simply said before going to collect the other soldier's dogtags.