Chapter 1

A lone figure strolled down the streets, her face hidden behind a Mandelorian helmet, which was decorated with symbols from the Old Republic. Her blaster, which hung at her belt, hit her leg with every step. The shadowy figure stopped at an alleyway where her new job was supposed to meet her. Looking around, the young bounty hunter saw her new boss was late. Like every other job she had. A sound deeper in the alley caused her gloved hands to reach for the blaster at her side, her gloveless fingertips twitching every so often. With her free hand, the stranger reached up and turned on her night vision option on her helmet. She sighed in relief when she spotted a light blue female Rodian struggling in the dark. Her new job. This woman didn't look rich enough to afford the bounty hunter, but she looked desperate enough.

I wonder what she wants, the bounty hunter thought as she silently offered the Rodian female a hand. The female hesitated before taking the offer. The human female bounty hunter removed her helmet showing how young she was, maybe around twenty-five.

"Are you alright?" the young bounty hunter asked. The concern in her voice seemed to surprise the Rodian.

"Yes," she answered, her voice scratchy. "Are you the White Eagle?" The bounty hunter nodded. "My only daughter was kidnapped by some slavers. I don't have your money. Well not all of it but this is all I have." She held open her hand to reveal approximately twenty Imperial credits. If that was all she had then it didn't matter if she got her daughter back, the Empire would put the mother away for not paying taxes. Gently, White Eagle closed the Rodian mother's hands. The light blue mother looked up, questioning the bounty hunter with her green speckled eyes.

"I can't take this from you," the bounty hunter spoke quietly. "Where did you last see the slavers? What's your daughter's name?"

The Rodian's eyes lit up with joy. "I last saw them at the market. A loth cat distracted my daughter. Her name's Adi."

"Adi," the bounty hunter repeated with a smile. "Okay. I'll see what I can do." The White Eagle removed thirty more imperial credits from her moneybag. The mother looked up with surprise a smile ghosting across her lips. "So, your daughter can have a home to come back to."

"Oh, thank you!" The mother exclaimed as White Eagle walked out of the alley. Immediately the young woman headed straight towards a repair shop taking the back streets and alleys to avoid the many storm troopers that were stationed on the planet. Once she arrived at the shop she went straight to the Mon Calamari that was currently working on her ship. Except he wasn't there, her ship sitting alone in the empty workshop.

"Hello?" the bounty hunter called, her voice echoing throughout the hangar. "Bonga? Are ya here?" A noise from a catwalk had her blaster in hand, finger on the trigger.

"Uh a little help?" the Calamari asked. He was apparently hanging upside down from the catwalk, his legs tangled in some wires. The White Eagle sighed as she holstered her weapon, shaking her head slightly.

As she climbed the stairs, she silently asked the pale pink Calamari, "How do you get yourself into these sort of situations?"

"You'd be surprised." He answered with a mad type of smile. It took a while but the White Eagle got him down.

"Why can't you use that…sun sword or whatever?" The water creature asked rubbing his legs.

The bounty hunter rolled her eyes taking off her helmet before answering. "You know exactly why. Just carrying that thing is a death sentence. Besides, I'm not sure if it even works."

The 'sun sword' her alien friend was referring to was a light saber, the weapon of the Jedi who were the protectors of the galaxy before the Clone Wars, before the massacre. White Eagle had told everyone she came across the ancient weapon on the black market being sold among other trinkets from the War. She bought it, mainly so she could have it just to have it, but any of her friends who knew her during her childhood (who were all dead unfortunately) knew why she really needed it.

White Eagle walked over to her Jedi starfighter, also a trinket she 'bought'. With a cocked eyebrow, she simply asked, "What's the verdict Bonga?"

Bonga took a deep breath as if preparing for a long explanation. "Well for starters, the engine is extremely old, so I had to replace it, which will cost you extra, by the way. The landing gear is unusable and unfortunately for you unrepairable. And the hyper-drive will not take you as far as you would like. Other than that, it's in a good condition for a fifteen-year-old starfighter from the Clone Wars."

'Yeah,' White Eagle said distantly. "It's seen a lot of action."

"Anyway," Bonga sighed, chasing away the thickening silence. "You have a job?"

Eagle nodded. "A single Rodian mother," she answered walking to her spare ship while Bonga hooked up the fuel line. "Her daughter was kidnapped by slavers and I'm going to teach them a lesson about kidnapping little girls on Garrel."

With that she hopped into her starfighter and took off.

A few standard hours later, her starfighter had came out of hyperspace approaching the slavers ship, which hovered over the now empty planet of Genosis. No one exactly knew what happened to the creepy bugs that inhabited the desert planet but for White Eagle, it was fine by her. The ship slowly got closer, White Eagle psyching herself up for the fight that as sure to come. Suddenly a light blinked on her console. When she pressed it a light blue holographic form of a member of the Zygerian Slave Guild appeared.

"And what can I do for the great White Eagle?" The Zygerian male asked.

"I'm looking for you Gyjo," the White Eagle answered. "I heard you have a fresh batch of slaves. Would you mind dearly if I had the fist pick of the litter?"

Gyjo's smile grew until it was one of a sadistic person. Just like he was. "Of course, White Eagle. The pleasure would be all mine. Land in hanger three. I will be there when you arrive." With that he vanished.

White Eagle dropped the happy smile she had plastered on her face. She hated slavers, hated dealing with slavers and absolutely hated talking to slavers. They were the lowest of the low in her book, having to rely on selling people for prophet. It physically made her sick. But she had to do what she had to do survive and make a living. Punching the throttle on her ship White Eagle carefully steered towards Hanger Three, spotting the slime ball next to a bigger, probably better ship she recognized from the Clone Wars. She just might have to steal that if she got the chance. White Eagle carefully sat her old starfighter next to the bucket of bolts, hopping out when all her systems had shut off, discreetly grabbing the light saber and hooking it on her back belt.

"Ah my dear White Eagle," the male greeted with opened arms. The Bounty Hunter had to swallow to keep the large amount of bile from rising.

"Gyjo," White Eagle nodded in greeting. She strolled past him as the slaver quickened his pace and fell in stride with the bounty hunter. "So how many do you have this time?"

"Just one," he answered, his accent quickly getting in his way. "A little Rodian from Garrel. She will fetch a pretty price on the black market." White Eagle's rage reached a boiling point but she forced it down.

Gyjo led her down to the deepest part of the ship, taking all the twists and turns that this ship had to offer. White Eagle knew exactly what the Zygerian male was doing or attempted to do anyway. He was attempting to throw off her sense of direction back to the hanger. Of course, White Eagle took in every detail, marked every exit and even made a mental map back to the hanger using the direction back to the hanger based on the passage they took.

Finally, after hours of walking the Zygerian slaver and human bounty hunter arrived in the detention level. White Eagle noticed a stark absence of other crewmembers, however there was a small number of maintenance droids. Looking past the force fields that separated the free from the imprisoned White Eagle noticed the majority of the cells were empty, except for one in the far back where a medium-blue Rodian was huddled in her cell.

Adi. She looked okay, except for the fact her large bug eyes looked slightly red from crying. When the child looked up the bounty hunter made sure to smile slightly and wink before she turned to Gyjo, her voice serious. "You will release her into my care or else."

"Or else what?" Gyjo smiled his sick smile before pressing a button on his wrist. Suddenly the remaining Zygerian Guild surrounded White Eagle, blasters charging up the only sound. "I hear the Empire is willing to pay a pretty price for Jedi." White Eagle's heart stopped dead in her chest. How did they…no! They're bluffing.

"I don't know what you're talking about." The bounty hunter stated with all she had that the slaver was bluffing.

"Who cares right?" The male asked shrugging "I get rid of the thorn in my side, along with the Rodian. I will be set for life."

"Don't forget Gyjo," White Eagle warned, her hand slowly edging towards her blaster. "The Empire will find out about your little business here, and I heard it doesn't like the competition."

As quick as a flash, White Eagle pulled her blaster out and opened fire, executing a small handful of them before the slavers opened fire on her. White Eagle soon dispatched of the rest of the Zygerians before pressing the button that downed the cell wall. The Rodian immediately latched onto her leg.

"Ah okay time to let go little one," she gently tried to pry the child off. "Adi get off!"

"But you're like me!" she whined, looking up at the bounty hunter with large innocent eyes. "I can feel it."

Eagle's heart was pounding in her chest a cold sweat breaking out. This child…she could be force sensitive but of course Eagle couldn't be sure until she got back to her ship. Not knowing if there were more slavers on the ship, White Eagle took off towards the hanger with Adi clutching her leg with a vice grip. Practically limping, White Eagle arrived at her ship and the bucket of bolts after planting charges all over the ship. Quickly and with smooth movements, White Eagle moved her starfighter into the hanger of the Twilight turning on the gravity locks. Adi had taken her place in the co-pilot's seat her skinny legs swinging back and forth. White Eagle took the pilot's seat and quickly turned the ship on thanking whoever was watching over her that there was enough fuel to get her and her passenger back to Garrel.

They took off, stopping a safe distance to witness the destruction and final annihilation of the Zygerian Guild. The explosion was so beautiful, the destruction so complete it drew a tear from White Eagle's eye. The Zygerian Guild split many families up, took many children away from their homes and wiped out many species. They deserved the fates and punishment they received from the Empire during and after the Great Purge. Shaking her head White Eagle turned the ship around and plunged into hyperspace.

A few standard minutes later, Adi had come to the barracks on the order of the bounty hunter that rescued her from those evil men. In the bounty hunter's hand, she held some sort of rusty and strange device that the Rodian had never seen before. A strange pull was suddenly felt, towards the human almost like a string was attached at Adi's waist and pulled her towards the strange and mysterious bounty hunter. The human glanced at Adi before returning to fiddling with the device. Unsure of what to do Adi took a seat facing the bounty hunter.

"Give me your hand," the bounty hunter ordered. Aid hesitantly extended her hand, which the hunter swabbed and pricked causing the child to wince slightly at. The bounty hunter put the child's finger on the device before wiping away the blood. The machine beeped and Adi was about to leave due to being bored before the bounty hunter yelled in shock and happiness.

"You're…. you're a…" Her words seemed to stick in her throat in excitement and shock. Finally, she seemed to get the words out, "you're a youngling."

The woman immediately stood up and walked out.

"Are you sure?" Hera Syndulla asked. She was part of a rebel cell on Lothal, a lime green Twi'lek pilot. White Eagle had been aware of the fledgling rebellion and offered any intel she got her hands on but refused to fight on the front lines. After the bounty hunter had taken Adi's midichlorian count, White Eagle had made sure to contact the only person who could possibly help Adi and her mother.

"Positive. She is strong enough to be trained. As a Jedi or…. a Sith."

"Should I send Specter 1 and 6?" The Twi'leck asked.

"I would probably advise against that," the bounty hunter answered. "If you can, get in touch with Fulcrum. I'll arrange a meeting place between them. Hopefully Fulcrum can get them somewhere safe. White Eagle out." The bounty hunter switched the COM off right as Adi walked in. "We are approaching Garrel. I'd buckle up if I were you."

The young Rodian followed orders, taking a seat next to White Eagle. While soon the only sounds were the controls, White Eagle sensed the Adi's eyes were on her, wanting to ask something but probably too afraid to ask. So, the human tried to strike up a conversation.

"So 'Adi' is an interesting name," White Eagle kept her eyes on the controls.

"My mommy says that I was named after the Jedi Master," the little Rodian explained. "But I heard all Jedi were evil."

"Not all of them," White Eagle muttered under her breath. "They were the protectors of the galaxy for a thousand years, keeping the balance and peace. Before they were massacred."

"Did you know any Jedi?" the small girl asked. When White Eagle glanced her way, she saw the small Rodian looking up at her.

"Yes," White Eagle answered quietly. "I knew many Jedi." Silence returned and stayed in the ship until the ship touched down on Garrel and the two made their way to Adi's home. As soon as the little girl spotted her home she gasped in happiness and she broke out in a grin. Adi let go of White Eagle's hand and ran towards her home shouting at the top of her lungs, "Mama! I'm home, I'm home!"

The door opened up and Adi's mother walked out, her face brightening when she saw her daughter. They collapsed in a hug, the mother sobbing with delight. Once Adi had run back in the house, the mother turned towards the bounty hunter with a small smile on her face.

"Thank you," the mother chocked. "Thank you so much for finding her."

"You're very welcome," White Eagle took the mother's hands in her own. "Your daughter is strong in the Force. The Emperor will be after her and once he sends his assassins to take her, she will never be heard from again. To protect both you and your daughter I have called my associates from the Rebellion to pick you and your daughter up at these coordinates." She handed the Rodian mother a coded datapad, "and take you somewhere the Emperor won't feel Adi's presence. And maybe just maybe after the Empire's fall, she can train properly."

The Rodian female looked over the coordinates, her brow ridge furrowing. "But…this is in the Outer Rim."

"Yes. You can choose any planet in the Outer Rim and stay there until the Empire falls."

"Thank you so much for your help," The mother thanked. "There must be something we can do to repay you? Perhaps a hot meal before you go?"

White Eagle had to admit that it did sound tempting. She hadn't had a hot meal in fifteen years but she couldn't stay.

"I'm afraid that I cannot stay but thank you for your offer." And with that Eagle walked off into the darkness, unaware of the following shadows.

"So, you just walked off?" Bonga asked his face buried in the hood of the Twilight. "Without payment or anything?"

"Yep," Eagle answered simply, fiddling with a power coupling.

"How are you going to pay off your debts?"

Eagle shrugged, getting more and more frustrated. "I'll find another way out of them. I just couldn't take everything they had. It's not-"

"Not the Jedi way," Bonga cut in. He sighed pulling himself out of the hood, wiping off his oily hands. "Why must you follow the way of traitors? They were going to take over the galaxy!" White Eagle rolled her eyes letting her anger simmer down.

"Never mind. Just finish what you have to do." White Eagle muttered. A feeling of darkness suddenly sent shivered down her spine. The bounty hunter stood guard at the window, eyes following the storm troopers that were on patrol. The feeling of darkness suddenly intensified, causing the young human to casually rest her hand on her light saber and her spine to straighten. The garage was strangely silent, not even Bonga could be heard. That's when her ears caught the sound of a light saber behind her.

"I do not think we have had the pleasure of meeting Grand Inquisitor." Eagle turned around and faced the male Pau'an. She unclipped her own saber and igniting it, the emerald green blade casting a shadow over the wall. "Funny how I thought Vader would be the one to find me."

"Lord Vader has more important things to do than deal with lowly Jedi." The evil Sith said, preparing himself for battle.

"Like what?" White Eagle quipped. "Being the Emperor's pupped? Vader is as weak and as cowardly as is Sidious. As are you."

"So much talk for such a young and pretty woman." The Inquisitor stated. "Let's see if you can wield that weapon as well as your mouth."

Without hesitation the male Pau'un jumped into battle. White Eagle immediately blocked a blow that was definitely meant for her head. All her old training was coming back to her, her muscles complying and moving like a well-oiled machine.

The bounty hunter spotted an out, so she quickly took it before her window of opportunity closed. Using the force, the young woman pushed the Sith to the wall and bolted to the starfighter. White Eagle had just made it to her ship when the blasters started to fire behind her. She looked around the garage for Bonga and just when she gave up hope, White Eagle spotted him in the Twilight trying to get it started it up.

The two made eye contact and White Eagle nodded, hopping in the cockpit, quickly starting it up. Thankfully Bonga was the best mechanic on Garrel. Her ship started up immediately and once she was off the ground, she followed Bonga and shooting at storm troopers.

Once White Eagle was off Garrel she initiated a hologram of Bonga, but now before a pull in the force had her hesitated over the COM button. A strange feeling came over her but she shook it off as she pressed the COM button.

"White Eagle to Bonga, come in Bonga!" A blue hologram of the Mon Calamari appeared much to the relief to the Bounty hunter.

"Hey you okay?"

"Yeah just a little shaken up," Bonga admitted, scratching the back of his neck. "So what do we do now?"

"You will head to Alderaan. When you get there, contact Senator Organa and tell him you're a friend of White Eagle's."

"You're not coming?" White Eagle shook her head.

"I've got some investigating to do. Tell the esteemed senator that I will rendezvous with the fleet when I am done."

"Okay be safe," Bonga said before they cut communications and flew separate ways. White Eagle nodded her thanks before shutting all communications and redirecting all power to the main engine and hyper-drive. Once she was cleared for hyper-jump, White Eagle made the jump following the feeling that she hadn't had in a long time.

It took her several jumps to arrive at the destination, as the planet was several kliks outside the Unexplored Region, but things almost immediately went wrong as soon as she was pulled out of hyperspace.

I guess I should've paid extra for the repairs, she thought as the engine failed. As soon as she passed the atmosphere White Eagle attempted to control her ship but everything was overheating. Red light flashed continuously, alarms band warning sounds blared making it harder and harder to concentrate.

The landing gear is unusable…. Bonga's voice suddenly echoed through her mind. Cursing herself for not remembering, White Eagle aimed her ship far away from any type of civilization as she could, assuming this planet had life. Plunging into a field of trees, White Eagle's starfighter continued to move forward until it came to a sudden stop, causing the bounty hunter's head to slam right into the console. Pain erupted throughout her head as she closed her eyes and slid into unconsciousness.

-Line break-

Location: Stalag 13, Planet Earth

Country: Germany

Year: 1944

Colonel Robert E. Hogan paced around his barracks, bored out of his mind. So far, his team had received no new mission, as apparently the Germans weren't planning anything at the moment. Currently Hogan's team was doing what they normally do when nothing exciting was happening.

Kincheloe was monitoring radio communications, listening for any signs of German activity. Carter and Newkirk were playing a game of gin, with Carter watching Newkirk like a hawk and Lebeau was at the kitchen stove, cooking something up that smelled suspiciously like cooked dirt. All four members of Hogan's team were there and accounted for. It wasn't until nighttime had fallen and roll call about to start that the fun had started. Schultz was walking around counting the POWs when a bright streak in the sky pulled the German Sergeant's attention.

"Reeeport!" A firm but nasally voice called out.

"All prisoners present and accounted for Commandant Klink!" Schultz reported saluting to the thin old man standing at the doorway. Ah Commandant Klink. Overseer of Stalag 13, the only German prison camp that had the record of no successful escapes and the center of the most successful Allied espionage campaign right in the heart of Germany.

The Commandant smiled, his monocle glinting the light of the searchlights on the guard towers.

"Excellent. Now listen up everyone. I will have special visitors front the Gestapo over in a few days so I want you be on your best behavior. And no escaping."

"What's the special occasion Commandant?" Hogan asked hoping to glean information.

"Inspection Colonel Hogan," Klink answered sharply. The small Commandant was about to continue when an explosion suddenly rocked the small POW camp and several trees could be heard splintering. Everyone was silent, no one moving a muscle until all of the sudden an air raid siren started to sound. Calmly and orderly Hogan and his team walked back to their barracks. When the door slammed shut Hogan ordered Carter and Newkirk to see what that crash was.

"You go' it Colonel," Newkirk saluted, climbing down the ladder that led to the secret tunnel.

"We'll be back," Carter informed following the pilot. The two POWs made it to the crater long before the guards from Stalag 13 did. What they found however shocked them. It was a small aircraft of some sort, with blue and grey design and strange faded symbols. There was a clouded little bubble smack dab in the middle of the ship, where the two POW saboteurs presumed the pilot would be. Though the two had no idea what type of person would pilot this type of ship.

Climbing over the ship Carter rapped his knuckles on the opaque glass. The young American could vaguely see a figure but it was difficult to be sure. Newkirk picked up a rock to destroy the glass but Carter stopped him. He spotted a place where the metal met the glass. Carter placed his finger underneath the glass and started to lift the glass up. It worked. The glass bubble lifted up slowly, letting a bunch of smoke filter off. There in the cockpit was a young woman around the age of twenty or so. She had dark brown hair, and tanned skin. The woman was strapped to a chair, her chest falling and rising, giving the illusion of sleeping peacefully however a gash right above her left eye and the half-dried blood that ran down her face told the prisoners of war otherwise.

"She must 'ave 'it her 'ead," Newkirk stated as he opened the girl's eyes. "Give me a 'and Carter." The young American assisted in pulling the woman out of the ship. The woman appeared to be wearing a tight-fitting crème colored shirt with dirt colored leggings and boots completely the ensemble.

"Well at least she's breathing," Carter stated optimistically. The flashing lights and shouting in German told the two they needed to make like a tree and leave but the two POWs covered up the strange aircraft. Newkirk and Carter dashed behind a large bush and watched the krauts run right past them and the ship.

The two made it back to camp, which had calmed down slightly from the excitement. Hogan immediately called on the Wilson as soon as the two men carefully lowered the still unconscious woman down. Currently she lay in Colonel's office with the medic checking her over while Hogan drilled Carter and Newkirk on information.

"There's really nothing to tell you Colonel," Carter stated.

"Yeah," Newkirk agreed. "I mean the only thing to talk about was the ship Gov'ner." That caught the American Colonel's attention.

"What do you mean?"

"Well it was real small like," Newkirk explained drawing a rough sketch on a napkin. "With large wings and small place 'or the pilot."

"Yeah and we also found these in the ship," Carter added laying down the strange objects.

One was a gold and blue cube with weird and unfamiliar runes all over it. A small light source flickered at the middle. Hogan picked it up, trying to see if he could open it but it wouldn't budge. Setting the cube down, Hogan moved on to the next object. It was a silver cylinder with one button. According to Carter the woman had been clutching it so hard they had to pry her hands opened to get it. Hogan handed it to Kinch, who studied it with interest. The African American sergeant must've pressed something, causing an emerald green blade appears, humming slightly. It startled Kinch so much he dropped the weapon. However, when the weapon made impact with the ground, the blade disappeared. The entire room was eerily silent as Lebeau gingerly picked it up as though it was grenade that's pin had been pulled and set it back on the table. The last item on the table seemed to be some type of pistol however they were too afraid to touch it after what happened with the other weapon they weren't quite ready to see what that did.

"So, what do we do now mon Colonel?" Lebeau asked. Hogan was about to answer but soon the medic exited the office, medical supplies in hand.

"Well, how is she?" Hogan asked.

"She has a mild concussion but other than that, she'll be fine," the medic stated kind of casually. "I gave her some pain medicine that'll help her sleep."

"When will she wake up?" Carter asked before Hogan could continue.

The medic shrugged. "Hard to say really. Two to three days maybe at the most."

Hogan nodded, taking in the information before yawning. They still had several hours before early morning roll call and who knew when they would get this much peace and quiet.

"Alright everyone let's get to bed,' Hogan ordered which was answered with groans. "I know but we have a long week ahead."

Soon everyone in Hogan's barracks was sound asleep, except Carter, who lay wide-awake. The young American heard a slight whimpering noise coming from Hogan's room. Silently Carter slipped out of his bunk and into the colonel's office. There the strange woman was tossing and turning with tears streaming down her cheeks as she whimpered something Carter couldn't make out. The young woman's blanket was on the ground and she shivered uncontrollably. The young American picked up the old, patched up quilt and draped it back over the woman, who calmed down almost immediately. Smiling himself Carter turned to leave when he heard something clatter to the floor. Carter turned, spotting the Colonel's favorite (and only) tin metal coffee cup in the middle of the ground, despite it being on the table the last time he saw it. Shrugging Carter carefully made his way back to his bunk closing the door silently.

"What ya up to?" A voice asked causing Carter's heart to jump out of his skin.

"Oh Colonel Hogan," the young American sighed as he spotted the brown leather bomber's jacket. "I was-uh…." Hogan held up an effectively silencing the private.

"It's alright," He said. "Come on let's get back to bed before the two dumkompfs come and do a surprise roll call."

With a nod Sergeant Andrew Carter followed Hogan back to the bunks where they soon fell asleep. White Eagle continued to toss and turn, the nightmare refusing to let her go. As the terrifying dream replayed the bounty hunter didn't noticed that the Force was trying to tell her something….