pChapter IV

pMordor and the Heartsnatchers Part One

p I finally decided to write my fourth chapter, and yes I've finally decided to stick with my original plan for using the S series of Sailor Moon, PS this story's first chapters take place at the end of the Nega-moon war. I've also decided on couples, please don't be shocked: Rohan "Rhone"/Lita (Sailor Jupiter, Gandalf/ Mina (Sailor Venus) Legolas/Amy (Sailor Mercury), Faramir/ Raye (Sailor Mars)

Location: Isengard Caverns, Middle-earth

p X1, gazed upon the ruins of the caverns. He turned to the two Orcs at his side.

p "You know how the Orcs were created," he asked in a cold tone. The two Orcs looked at him dumbly

p "No my lord," the first Orc replied

p "Once," X1 replied, "they were Elves, fairest, and purest of all the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, till they were taken by the Dark Lord, tortured and mutilated till they were changed from the fairest of all peoples, to a twisted new form of life." X1 placed his steel hand upon the damp walls of the caverns, "it was here that the process was completed, and lead to the birth of the pure Orcs, the Urak-hai."

p X1 looked over the old cavern, which was littered with the bodies of fallen Urak-hai, Orcs, and the occasional Ent. Memories came flooding back to the dark warrior, memories of the Battle of Pelenor Fields, and of the Elven warrior that took his hand. But it wasn't long till two Urak-hai came rushing into the caves.

p "Master," the first Urak-hai said, kneeling before the Dark Lord, "we've found it."

p "Take me to it," X1 replied, he followed the two foreboding Urak-hai down the passage. After a few minutes the passage entered a large cavern. The cavern itself was not that dissimilar from the rest of the caverns, with the exception of a large circular shaped object that stood in the center of the room. But this was no ordinary object; it was a large pool of swirling black energy.

p "The Pool of Saruman," X1 said to himself, "Created by Saruman of Many Colors during the war of the Ring, and gateway to the worlds beyond Arda."

p I apologize for this brief chapter, but I've been hard at on other Fanfics and I hope to get Part II of this chaper up as soon as I can, PS let me know what you think of the couples I've decided on as well as the series I've chosen