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Severus Snape and the Boy-Who-Is-Missing


Many centuries later, the Earth as a whole fell back on itself. It was like the Dark Ages all over again. Muggles and wizards alike fought to survive. They raised families, and despite the harsh conditions lead normal, happy lives.

New Dark Lords came and went, but none were as powerful or resourceful as Lord Voldemort had been. Many heroes came and went as well, but they were no match for the once legend, now myth, that was Harry Potter. No one even believed the two actually existed. Harry Potter was just a story to give children hope for the future.

But one child refused to believe he was just a story. Harry Potter was real and he was going to prove it. Even if it meant he had to knock some sense into his friends who, at the moment, were laughing their heads off at him.

"Fade Black, you can't possibly believe those old myths are true." A bronzed skin wizard laughed, filling the dark pub with the sound.

"What if they were?" He snapped back, crossing his arms over his chest. "You have no idea of the things I have found to prove he was alive!'

"Like what?" A pale redheaded wizard asked, "And what if it was true, do you think he'll be able to fix our school? Get a grip! Hogwarts is beyond help. We should all just move to a different school."

"Don't say such a thing, Weasley!" Fade yelled. "Hogwarts is a good school." All his friends around the table snorted into their drinks. "Fine! I'll show you. I'll show all of you!" In a fit of inherited Black temper, Fade stormed out of the pub, tracking his way back to school.

Growling, Fade ruffled his long black hair as he walked, not really paying any attention to where he was going. His thoughts ran dark as he listened to all the voices telling him to give up. He'd heard them all before, but this time it was almost the last straw.

So lost in his thoughts, the boy didn't realize he strayed off the path and in deep into the Dark Forest. He didn't notice that it grew dark very quickly. Snapping out of his thoughts, he looked around in despair when he noticed where he was; so deep no sun light leaked through. "Can nothing ever go right?" He whined to no one.

Turning in every direction, he decided that he was definitely lost. He didn't know which way to go, but something in the air, something was pulling him to his left. Taking in a deep breath, he figured his best bet was to follow his instincts. Unfortunately, his instincts were not with him that day. He wandered for hours, he felt scared and alone and jumped at every little nose. He didn't stop until, whatever it was, stopped pulling him.

Taking out his wand, he scolded himself; "Why didn't I do this before?" He whispered; "Lumos." A soft light illuminated the tip of his wand, showing the boy his surroundings in more detail. The forest was all around him. Lost in hopelessness, the boy threw his wand at a tree, only regretting his action when his light snuffed out. "Great."

Pushing his hands out in front of him, Fade walked slowly in the direction of the tree. When his hands bumped into the tree, he felt his way to the ground then found his wand. "Lumos," he said again and shielded his eyes against the light.

Sighing, he looked at the tree in front if hem and noticed something was etched on the tree's bark. Peering closer, the boy almost fainted. There, carved into the tree, was the Potter and Snape family crest. He reached out a shaking hand and brushed his fingers over the crests.

When he did so, the tree in front of him faded, as did several others, revealing a nice little cottage. The cabin looked like it had not been used in years. The garden outside looked overrun with weeds and moss covered the stone walkway. Vines grew up the sides of the house, but it gave it a homely feel to it.

Walking closer, Fade tried to look through the windows but found them to be to dirty. Mustering up his courage, he tried opening the door and smirked with glee when it opened with ease. He quickly went inside, not even bothering to say Hello.

Black worked his way through the small cottage, room by room. There wasn't a soul there. Making his way to the back of the house, where the Master bedroom lay, Fade opened the door and courageously walked in, not expecting to see anything.

However, what he saw shocked him to his very core. He found two bodies. One was lying on the bed as if asleep and the other sat in a chair, book open in lap, near an empty fireplace. What shocked the boy the most was the fact both men looked young, but their hair grew overly long. The man sitting in the chair had dark hair falling to the floor in waves with dust covering every inch, as if he hadn't moved in a very long time. The man on the bed was in a similar state.

Fade didn't know what possessed him, but he moved closer to the one in the chair and looked more attentively. He studied the young man for a minute, deciding if he should check to see if he had a lightning bolt scar. As his hand reached out, the man's eyes snapped opened.

Black gasped and scrambled back, falling to the floor and dropping his wand. As the light went out, Fade whimpered. For in the dark he could clearly see the glowing green eyes blink and stare back at him, into his very being. The eyes narrowed and turned a violent shade of red.

The boy screamed when suddenly the man's face was right in front of his. Fade could clearly see the sharp dreadful smile under the man's long black beard before he passed out.

The End