Author's Note: Hello everyone, sorry this is not a chapter, but it is a very important announcement I want to make for not just this story, but all of the stories/fanfics I have written these past years. I have decided to go into a long state of hiatus for a while for many reasons:

1) Writer's block.

2) I'm lacking the motivation to write fanfictions.

3) This is the most important reason, there is going to be a huge transaction going on in my life now and I can't afford to have to many distractions to steer myself away from it. I won't go into specific details because it is a very personal thing, but let's just simply put as it would determine my whole career and my residency.

I greatly apologies for this and I understand the frustrations that all of you may have now, but rest assured this doesn't mean that I won't come back and find the time to continue this if I ever have the chance to. Though I could try to correct some of the grammar mistakes I made in previous publish chapters, but it would be a long wait before any new chapters to be released. So bear with me here, please and thank you.