Daddy Dearest: A Gifted Fanfic


Movie night began as an unusually calm affair. Lorna, Marcos, Clarice, Johnny and Sonya were chilling on the couch watching Wall-E when the TV shorted out. Suddenly, the building seemed to shake on its foundation. Electronics started floating in the air, and keys flew out of unsuspecting mutants' pockets.

"Lorna…" Marcos sighed, not ready to get into it again with his girlfriend. But she just shook her head.

"It's not me."

The words were enough to push John into action. He leapt off the couch and stared intently to the side. "There is someone here who doesn't belong," he declared ominously. He sniffed the air. "And they're getting closer."

As the mutants got into fighting position, pieces of metal started vibrating even more intensely, creating a sound almost like music.

And then, every piece of metal in the base flew together and formed an archway. In that archway stood a man with a decidedly purple costume complete with a cape and a decidedly purple-and-pink (possibly magenta?) helmet. Magneto.

Marcos was the first to react, falling back onto the couch. "Holy shit."

"OMG, that's Magneto." Clarice couldn't believe it.

"Lorna, Marcos, attack. Clarice, start evacuating everyone," John ordered.

Lorna stepped forward as everyone stood defensively, anticipating a violent battle involving quite a few shards of metal. She glanced at her friends, and then looked Magneto and sighed. "Dad, what happened to calling first?"