My first toe dipped into High School DxD fanfic was, admittedly, a bit of a poor one. I look back at Fall to Zenith, and find myself cringing a little. Not that it's bad, but it was written before I had much of a handle on the franchise. In a way, this story can be considered a spiritual successor to Fall to Zenith, using, as it does, similar tropes. Hell, even the title, Cambion, was actually my original title for the story that eventually became Fall to Zenith.

It was one of the challenges ('Hogwarts Pieces', for those interested) of whitetigerwolf that inspired me to try another story, but my first attempt, Hermione Bael, got some negative feedback when the first chapters were posted in The Cauldron, and while I tried to persevere, I realised that I didn't know how to continue the story after a certain point. A few elements from Hermione Bael and my second attempt at writing it have been salvaged for Cambion.

I also decided to make this another WBWL fic, and, like two of my other WBWL fics, make it set during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. But, for once, Harry isn't going to get dragged into the TWT, with it being more background to the main story of Cambion. However, there will be some surprises, and this is set a year before High School DxD canon (and the Potterverse characters have been aged up a year, with the setting being 2005).

Anyway, time for the usual disclaimers. Firstly, there will be spoilers for both High School DxD, and the Potterverse.

Secondly, there will be annotations, heavy annotations, and bellyachers will be treated with all due contempt.

Thirdly, for language, violence, and sexual references (the latter is a given, as this IS High School DxD after all), this is an M-rated work.

Finally, the following is a fan-written work. Harry Potter and High School DxD are the properties of their respective owners. Please support the official release. Otherwise, Sairaorg Bael will use you as his new punching bag…