These new Dreams of mine


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This is a combination of the first three chapters of Brystel Memories. I decided to take them down since they were intended to be a troll from the start! I apologize to anyone who thought that those chapters were meant seriously! This is the actual true first chapter.

The second one is indeed Knowing what to do. It has an alt plus version as I called it in Everdark chapter 19 ( s/11052304/19/Everdark) with more content than the second chapter of this story. The reasons for that are posted there.

One more thing: The title has been changed to Dream Memories. Only if you read my infinitely long note will you know that it was Brystel Memories before!


Where are you?

A weird question I know

Because she isn't our world anymore

We all know she left us

Without a doubt

But flashes in my dream appear,

they show me an image of you

Not that this should be anything special

Everyone has dreams

But this is more

I can see her

I can hear her

It is even more than before those seven days

Shortly after she died that day I have been sensing her presence

It is like she was born

It all started with a fleeting presence

It appeared out of nowhere

Then it had to get a physical form


What if she didn't die but simply went somewhere else

If her Angel didn't kill her


This is still a chaos

Fact is that she appears I can sense her in my dreams

If it is like last time...

I will need everyones help to manifest her

But I need a way to stabilize her form

But can I myself really do that?

And after all how is it even possible that she still exists in my sleep?

Questions over Questions...

Who knows answers?

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A/N: Once again sorry if you thought that I was just fucking with you with what I wrote in the first version of this story! The first 3 chapters were just trolls^^ I like doing that!