096. Writer's Choice — Bloody



Momma taught her it was very naughty to play with your food, so Lucy ends the orphan boy's suffering, draining him until his pulse thins.

He dies in the alleyway a couple moments later, thrown brutally onto the cobblestones, his glassy, dark eyes staring widely up at her. She feels… not remorse, but a touch of curiosity and intrigue.

Death has never seemed so fascinating before.

Lucy has tried to die, to her credit — slashing open her wrists, hours after consuming her own mother. The wounds repair themselves.

Mina discovers her just like this, mouth smudged with blood, her hands and arms, and her beautiful, lily-white nightdress. She weeps, grasping Lucy's hands, begging to help her.

(And how canLucy ever say no to her love?)

"Your molars are unusually large," Mina says enraptured, poking her fingers into Lucy's mouth as the other woman groans, muffling out a protest. "They don't hurt you? You haven't cut yourself?"

Lucy bats her hands away, mocking a frown.

"For the last time, I feel fine," she insists. "You worry."

"Of course I do," Mina says, tutting and combing Lucy's golden-brown curls out of her bloodshot eyes. "And where on earth did you sneak off to…?"

The entirety of London has been heard of the alarming pattern of killings going on for a week or so, from the elderly to lost, filthy children, and all of them with no homes or families to grieve them.

"I needed some fresh air, dearest Mina," Lucy says, giggling with her teeth and gums flashing exposed. "Do not fret so. It's poor for your health."

Mina offers a tired, slow smile, walking away.

She can hear Mina's pulse, steady and sure, from across the parlor-room, and Lucy's grin widens.

One day… one day soon. Mina is hers.



NBC's Dracula isn't mine. I WAS ROBBED OF LESBIAN VAMPIRE KATIE MCGRATH AND I WILL BE FOREVER BITTER. GUHHHH. Anyway I hope you enjoyed the read (and my lesbian vampire goddess) and any thoughts/comments appreciated! :)