Chapter 1

"Is everything set?" Ben asked Fairy Godmother. It was big, everything he wanted for this graduation had to be perfect. These were his friends, the people who had saved him more times than necessary. He owed them a perfect graduation.

She frowned at him. This decision was made without her input and she wasn't too sure the families would appreciate it. Much less the kids. It was one thing to bring the villain kids over. The kids they had brought were good kids. But to bring the parents for Family Day, was not the best idea Ben had made.

"They deserve to show their parents what they have done, just like the rest of the kids." Ben looked at her expression, which said the opposite. "The three we're talking about, it's not like they'll be able to use magic. You'll bind the powers of Jafar and The Evil Queen."

She only shook her head. "Ben, I went along with the kids coming over. It was a good idea, it was right, but this," Fairy Godmother hesitated. She remembered what happened on the video chat. It was horrible for the kids. "I really think this is a mistake."

"We need to give them a chance to show their parents what they've accomplished." Ben had made his decision, he wasn't changing his mind. "It's not like Maleficent is coming, she's in a tank in Mal's room."

Ben had more plans for them. He had already talked to Carlos and Jay, he asked them to stay as staff, each in their own areas. Carlos working on technology and security for the school and Jay as coach and training those who want to help protect them from the villains. Bringing more kids over meant more anger and more parents wanting revenge, he knew he had to keep everyone safe.

Evie had her business and agreed to help with bringing more kids from the Isle over. She was thrilled with what she had to look forward to and Dizzy would be helping her. Mal, they were still working on that. She was his girlfriend, in line to be Queen, but she was still having a hard time adjusting to the limelight. It wasn't easy, and she hated it. Ben still wasn't sure if she was going to stay.

The changes coming were big for all of them. He was moving Jay and Carlos into a cottage off campus so they wouldn't have any expenses. Ben had arranged to take care of everything for them, and help Evie but it just didn't seem like enough.

He had so much more to do, plans to expand, move forward, bring over more kids. Jay making Lonnie captain had been a huge step. One not everyone supported, but it worked. Jay coming in as coach with a more open mind, will allow for more girls to participate. It would make a whole new set of teams for the girls. Not just for swords but tourney too. Ben just wasn't sure Jay coaching that many girls was a good idea. It seemed every female that got near him fell for the guy. He had another decision to make that might just take care of that though.

Jane was already up and on her phone working out the details for Sunday. It was that time of the year where it was one event after another. Jane had her work cut out for her. Helping her mom was becoming a full time job for Jane. Which was good, she was going to need one after graduation. Carlos sat on his bed working on his last paper, while she paced the room giving instructions.

Jay walked in after practice, looking at Carlos then Jane and nodded. Tossing his bag on the bed he waited for Jane to finish on the phone. As soon as she hung up, she looked back and forth and realized they wanted to talk.

"Sorry, I've got to help my mom. I'll see you later, okay?" Jane smiled and waved as she walked out.

Jay looked at Carlos, raising his eyebrows at him. "Well, did you talk to Jane?"

Carlos shook his head. He still didn't have his confidence in the relationship area. They were together but Carlos really wanted more, he just didn't know how to do that. "She was busy planning Sunday. What? It's a lot of work to plan Family Day."

Jay knew it was important, but so was this. He knew he had a job coaching, but he wanted Lonnie working with him. They had become good friends and worked well together. This waiting for an answer was agony. Jay wanted to tell her before Family Day, so she can tell her mom. Lonnie had worked hard on the team, she proved herself and deserved a place.

"I just want Lonnie to be able to tell her mom on Family Day." Jay said sitting down across from Carlos. "She's worked hard for this."

"I know. Why don't you just talk to Ben about it?" Carlos suggested.

"I did, he just hasn't gotten back to me." Jay was disappointed with that. Ben had been very preoccupied lately and getting his attention has been hard to say the least. "I just want her to stay."

Lonnie sat on her bed staring at the envelope. She had done her share of applications, she had done everything her parents wanted her to do and in this envelope was her future. She was afraid to open it. What if she wasn't accepted, what if she was?

Jane and Evie walked in and smiled at her, but quickly stopped. "Are you okay?" Jane saw the look, she knew that look. "I know that look, what happened?"

Lonnie held up the envelope. Evie and Jane sat down on the bed next to her. They knew what it was, she had applied to several colleges this was the one she wanted. She wanted to stay in Auradon and not go back to the Northern Wei. "I haven't opened it."

"You want me to get everyone?" Evie asked knowing it wasn't everyone she wanted, more it was Jay. They had become good friends in the last six months since the Cotillion.

Lonnie shook her head, things were changing, she was going to need to get used to not having her friends around for her. Lonnie took a deep breath and opened the envelope. She read the letter in silence. The girls couldn't read her face.

"Well? Did you get in?" Jane asked. She was just as eager to find out as Lonnie was.

Lonnie didn't answer, but grabbed her purse and ran out. She had borrowed a car from Ben earlier and still had the keys. Running down the stairs, she went right past the boys room and out the front door. Jay and Carlos saw her run past the door. She hurried to the car got in and drove. She needed to get there before they closed. She had to get this.

Jane and Evie watched her run out. This was either really good or really bad. They looked at each other trying to figure out what to do. Evie knee Lonnie needed all of them. "I'm getting the boys, we wait together for her to get back." Jane nodded, hoping everything was okay.