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Chapter 13

Shang left Mulan in the kitchen talking to Grandma and headed upstairs. Finding Jay watching tv, he knocked on the door. "No big plans tonight, huh?"

Jay shook his head. "No, Lonnie had her date with Tyler and… I just didn't feel like going out."

"She's not interested in him." Shang said. Jay only shrugged, with this curse she wasn't interested in anyone. "I think if you two try, I bet you can break the curse."

"How? Fairy Godmother said even true love's kiss won't work." Jay wasn't feeling much confidence in it.

"She had feelings for you before. You care about her, maybe you can teach each other how to love." Shang saw Jay start to think about that.

"Maybe." Jay frowned as he considered it.

"I hope you plan on waiting up for her. I'm tired." Shang smiled then, he knew Jay wouldn't go to bed, until Lonnie returned safe.

Jay watched her dad head down the hall. He could hear Mulan's faint voice downstairs still. She had been talking to her mom for a while. Lonnie had a really close family. They cared about each other, watched out for each other in a way that was foreign to him. Maybe Shang had an idea. Maybe it was something she could teach him.

It was later than she had expected to get home, but between Carlos, Doug and Chad she also had a much better time than she expected. They laughed, cracked jokes and unfortunately for Tyler, ruined his plan for the date. There was no moment alone and if Lonnie was to be honest, she didn't want one. Tyler was a nice guy, but not for her. That, she knew wouldn't change with or without the curse.

As they returned, the boys including Tyler, stayed down stairs to play video games. They invited Lonnie to play, but she declined and went on up to her room. As she reached her door, she noticed that Jay's door was open and the TV was on. Going to the door, she looked in at him. Laying on his bed, a bowl of popcorn in his lap and the only light was the tv.

"Have fun?" Jay asked with a bit of humor in his eyes. If he knew his friends they made sure she had fun, but definitely not the kind Tyler had in mind for the night.

"Yes, thanks to the others. Did you send them?" Lonnie asked leaning against the door jam. Jay shook his head, he didn't send them. He only knew what they had planned and didn't stop them.

"Why don't you come in, watch the movie with me." Jay offered. "I even got some of your mom's cookies I can share."

She smiled and nodded. "Let me change. Okay?" Jay nodded and stopped the movie. He'd restart it so they could watch the whole thing together. It would give him more time with her.

Mulan stopped at jay's door before heading in to bed. She saw he was up and watching the door. "Did Lonnie go to bed already?"

"No, she's changing. We're gonna watch a movie." Jay let her know so she wouldn't worry.

Mulan nodded. Smiling, she said her good night and headed into their room at the end of the hall. Shang was laying on the bed reading when she came in. Looking at the smile on her face, he knew something had happened.

"Lonnie back?" He asked watching her as she got ready for bed.

"Yes, although from what I heard, the boys crashed her date with Tyler. I guess they were doing Jay a favor." Mulan laughed. "I got the feeling Lonnie didn't mind."

"You think he can break the curse?" Shang was wondering all night about it.

"I think Jay is her best chance." Mulan stated.

Jay waited patiently for her. He would get his alone time with her despite the date with Tyler. As good of a guy as he was, Jay wasn't going to share Lonnie. Somehow, he was going to break this curse. When he did, she would be in love with him.

Lonnie walked into his room in her pajamas. Jay smiled up at her then scooted over so she could join him. He stopped her before she got too far in. "Lonnie, close the door."

"Why?" Lonnie looked at him, wondering what he had in mind.

"So we don't make Tyler jealous. I don't feel like sharing you right now." He said softly.

Lonnie blushed and smiled. She liked the idea of being alone with him. Closing the door, she walked over and sat down next to him. Jay reached out and wrapped his arm around her. Somehow they would break this curse. Then, Jay thought about what Shang had suggested as Lonnie rested her head against his shoulder and he turned the movie back on.

"Your Dad had an idea." Jay said softly, "What if we taught each other how to love?"

Lonnie looked up at him, he knew less about love than she did. "You think this will help?"

Jay shrugged, "It couldn't hurt." At this point he would do whatever he could to break the curse. "Nobody loved us on the Isle. It's not like I know what it feels like, what to do about it. You could show me."

"I can't feel it, Jay." Lonnie didn't want to disappoint him. "I wish I could. If I could, you would be the one I… I would be happy to help you but…"

"Just because you can't feel it now doesn't mean you won't. I can't feel it right now either, that's doesn't mean with your help I won't. We could teach each other." Jay leaned his head against hers. "Give us a chance."

Lonnie nodded, it was worth a shot and she would be able to spend more time with Jay. If anyone could help her love again, it would be him.

They watched the movie, laughed, commented to each other quietly in the dark and when she got quiet Jay knew she had fallen asleep in his arms. Jay turned off the tv, shifted her down on the bed, and keeping her in his arms went to sleep. He refused to wake her, didn't want to move her to her room and with his own door closed, decided it was best to let her sleep.

As he moved to get comfortable, she shifted rolled into further and snuggled against him. Jay smiled and kissed her cheek softly. Not pulling away, he kissed her nose, forehead. He would keep kissing her until she fell for him, Jay vowed. Lonnie smiled softly, as he kissed her cheek, her heart skipped a beat at the touch of his lips.